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  1. Can we talk nasturtiums? The seed capsules pickled like capers, the leaves as a spicy green, and the flowers in salad. No work - just a bit of seasonal rain Even though the gardeners ripped mine out the seeds fell and with the bit of rain we had they are thriving. Had some tender young leaves in soup the other day.
  2. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    @HungryChris the conch fritters will require images! Not a cheap item here.
  3. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    @liuzhou there has been tea discussion. Perhaps already mentioned but I've been away. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/120142-cooking-with-tea/
  4. What strikes me about the cups is that they have that heavy feel that retains heat and comforts the hand.
  5. heidih

    Click and Grow

    There is a timing issue with indoor starts. I highly suggest Margaret's tutorial https://awaytogarden.com/seed-starting-supplies/
  6. heidih

    Dungeness crab

    The season opened in November and this year was not great. Right now my local bestie Quality Seafood says they are at $16.99/lb, At season opening they were as low as $7.99. Your cheap guys may be previously frozen? Still taste good but interesting to know.
  7. heidih


    @lindag The slimey thing is not an issue with me as I grew up with Cream of Wheat (Nestle's Quick was fave add in). As mentioned above you can bake, The overnight oats craze is huge. Much more chewy and low on slime. My problem is that oatmeal makes me hungry. Protein in the morning works for me or even dal.
  8. heidih

    Corn Pone

    I think immigrants from Europe were scale users. I spent a long time as a child converting our recipes to cup/TB/tsp. Used an old scale brought from Europe that used the sliding weights.
  9. In the era of Costco I think not. https://www.costco.com.au/cake-order-form
  10. heidih

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    And its Kosher! Yes they had this problem in 2017 https://www.eater.com/2017/9/1/16239946/sriracha-huy-fong-foods-suing-chile-pepper-producer
  11. I always leave the seeds for the soak. Quick and dirty if I have no muslin is into a coffee filter with a twist. Seems to add pectin.
  12. heidih

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    @kayb well you are thinking way ahead. If Lent starts March 6 then the 5th would be the crazy day I think, Do you put figurines in and what types
  13. heidih

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    Really? We get all types in our Asian markets. I have had discussions with folks in the market and depending on cultural background they have preferences. Of course Los Angeles is an Asian food hub though I think NYC is as well. (hell only magazine I subscribe to is New Yorker...)
  14. Attractive jars. I think the adding sugar and letting it sit is quite common. i remeber the experienced women Vivian Howard interviewed on her series did it,
  15. heidih

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    Well politics. Luckiliy it is back in production. There are more complex and interesting sauces but I like that average Joe has embraced it. A local mens recovery home buys it by the case to flavor up their often boring food.