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  1. heidih

    Lunch 2021

    I was thinking back to @ChefCrash here https://forums.egullet.org/topic/90336-saaj-cooking/?tab=comments#comment-1232477
  2. heidih

    Lunch 2021

    @shain Can we see your saj ?
  3. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    Maybe too hydration but I'll bet the flavor went well with the lovely beans
  4. Big deal here too plus I love the traditional glass jar. My favorites are cantaloupe and watermelon. Linked books look pretty good.
  5. And you are probably using quite flavorful apples not grocery store blah
  6. Eater talks about the EMP move may bring focus on vegan dining in general https://la.eater.com/2021/5/7/22423381/five-vegan-dishes-los-angeles-innovation-plant-based-food-restaurants-daniel-humm
  7. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    @Duvel Intrigued by your son's chopsticks. I've never seen that style for kids or inexperienced chopstick users.
  8. There is the niche of high end organic/natural wines. I lunched once with distributors of that product and they were trying to enter the fine dining scene versus the hippy-dippy scene which vegans are sometimes pigeon-holed into.
  9. heidih


    @chromedome Actually I think it makes sense as a broth/thinner in general. Water is great but the extra flavor jab in that cute little can... see now I have to add a six pack to the pantry
  10. I did not do my usual holiday Christmas baking and gifting this past year. Picked up mail yesterday and guy said he'd bring it to me for cookies. Teasing/hinting. So I dug up my mom's baklava (via Jordan), am re-reading our topic, and going to pick lemons. I've been making it since I was a teen but I get anxious every time.. Never a fail and I am not an anxious person - wish me well https://forums.egullet.org/topic/105592-baklava-baklawa/
  11. heidih

    Ramps: The Topic

    On the lack of flavor in the dried - I noticed a similar thing with the Trader Joes Onion Salt my stepmother picked up. The description is of various alliums and it smells oniony but taste - nope.
  12. heidih


    That is why I said I was ED (eating disorder) scarred re celery
  13. Have not been in some time. Season matters - you want to avoid the college nutters during spring & winter break. So built up now. Best meal I had (honeymoon) was tuna I caught and conch the boat guys dove for We'd rented a little boat to fish. All of us shared grilled tuna and conch ceviche back at hotel where chef was very happy to prep & cook our catch.
  14. Bugs truly rule and will outlive the human race I think Locally the skunks are the grub lovers and get rid of the lawn grubs - not that I support lawns in a drought state like California.
  15. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    Nice finish on the pork and I am a huge fan of mint and garlic with zukes.
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