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  1. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Yes between spring rolls and burritos the rolling is in my neural pathway.
  2. I was just thinkin if you did not want to over indulge yet satisfy an itch
  3. I find that if people are not green bell pepper fans that jalapenos don't st well either. Chemistry at work. At some point ya feed the compost
  4. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    I am fairly flexible (stop laughing y'all) but never considered squid as the seafood. On of my favorite seafoods. Thanks for that. As to rolling technique - yours look really good.
  5. They must be really small to be edible - before the afore noted bristles emerge. So much is edible that we do not use. There are lots of sites and books. Linda Ly has a new one https://www.gardenbetty.com/the-no-waste-vegetable-cookbook/
  6. Right - often the "lower calorie" latke alternative as well.
  7. heidih

    Salad 2016 –

    And if so how finely chopped? People use raw on those crudite platters with dip at parties but .
  8. Someone asked why not give away the babes. In my experience those big bristly leaves hide them well. I turned the over gigantors into the Halloween decorations just like Jack O' Lanterns. I tried strudel with an oversize one and regretted it - flavorless. Actually that was a pattypan but same flavor profile though zukes are sweeter maybe?
  9. @Shelby posted a squash carpacci earlier today - looks SO appealing if it ever gets hot here. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160121-dinner-2020/?do=findComment&comment=2254651 David Lebovitz posted a zuke cake with crackly lemon frosting which I almost ignored as a child of the 70's - no no no more zucchini bread. His looks good with the nuts and spices (recipe from the late great Gina dePalma) https://www.davidlebovitz.com/zucchini-cake-with-crunchy-lemon/
  10. Also perhaps remembering that a hybrid is not a clone - your results may vary
  11. They make snack bags of it for smaller cravings.
  12. My experience with California bays incl fresh is smoother edges v. sawtooth and lighter brighter - some say almost citrusy.
  13. This reminds me of SpaghettiOs Great grandma made beautiful egg noodles every week but somehow those advertising peep reeled us in https://www.mashed.com/163209/the-untold-truth-of-spaghettios/ I can hear the jingle right now!
  14. Wow quite a an interesting loaf. You may have inspired me to expand my horizons
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