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  1. Well it was at least fodder for their later conversation - better than rehashing old episdes of Raymond.....
  2. Farmers Markets 2018

    Stopped briefly at farmers market this morning. A plethora of greens and really good cherries. I got white nectarines, apricots, cherries, lacinto kale, red amaranth, fresh sweet onions with tops, young zuke, tiny super juicy Persian cukes, and a few teeny brussels sprouts.
  3. Yes I think a sort of Middle Eastern mezze table with "Israeli salad", olives, fresh cheeses, good bread, pickly things, and fresh cheeses could be a lovely leisurely summer meal incorporating herby grilled shrimp. Along the lines of what member Shain often posts.
  4. Here in Los Angeles the seafood of the Nayarit region of Mexico has a cult following and there is cheese involved. See for example Jonathan Gold's reviewn of Coni's. http://www.laweekly.com/retaurants/jonathan-gold-reviews-coniseafood-2173283
  5. @Smithy We grew lovage briefly for sale at our Botanic Garden. We gave it the nickname "Bloody Mary plant" as the thick hollow stems add a celery flavor to the drink when used as the sipping straw. I used it in salads and as a finishing herb in dishes that benefit from that celery flavor.
  6. @Shelby Great bench! Oh my Ruffles & onion dip - please tell me it was made with sour cream and Lipton onion soup mix?!?
  7. @Shelby Quite a plot you tend! Your soil looks kinda sandy? At least the weeds are easily pullable? How do you water all that?
  8. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Out here Trader Joes has fabulous IQF frozen artichoke hearts. On my TJ list.
  9. Nice seaonal local highlighter dish David. I have not been able to get to Farmers Market but will see if I can on Sunday and check out the asparagus and fava situation. The asparagus can be tailing off mid May in my region. As for the morels! - ha the only time I gathered any locals was when a load of mulch in the rose garden brought in some spores that found the right condition! Just a few handfuls I shared with the identifier; but it was a fun treat.
  10. I'm watching one of those goofy Hallmark movies and one of the characters is a Southern cook and served up fried asparagus with Creole mustard sauce. Looks good. Anyone fry it?
  11. Great memory David. I can see your look of wonder in my mind's eye. I didn't grow up with asparagus and honestly can't remember my first taste. Once I had it I was hooked. For some reason I associate it with artichokes. so maybe it was during mom's experimental phase Before the roasted vegetable craze swept the nation I always enjoyed it simply steamed or cooked with minimal water/tight fitting pan lid and dipped in a sharp mustard sauce or mustardy, garlicky mayo. I do enjoy the thicker spears roasted. I served it as an appetizer at a recent dinner gathering to roasted asparagus virgins. They devoured the spears with oohs and aahs. I coat lightly with olive oil, soy sauce, and a touch of honey.
  12. So glad you made it to Cochon. I sat on that side of the room next to a couple who are wine distributors and had just been to an extensive tasting. They were feeling quite social and we shared tastes of all our dishes. I enjoyed each one, but the "lodged in my taste brain" are the fried duck livers with pepper jelly. I see it just says livers on the menu now, not duck. Great reporting!
  13. Well I've eaten and made enough of them with rice paper to think it was something else. Some digging found a unique Hue style that wras the filling in very thin rice noodles and then fries. The images look like yours. What do you think?
  14. The spring roll with the lacy roiugher wrapper is interesting. Do you know what wrapper was?
  15. Not really. The Vietnamese baguettes don't survive the day - you could injure someone with a bonk over the head by next morning. They are baked for same day consumption.