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  1. Darienne - I think its kind of like Peeps - more visual than taste appeal. There are Halloween Peeps now too....
  2. i'm seeing hard boiled eggs in posted salads like it is a constant. Curious if it is regional? I've only ever lived in Los Angeles so maybe we are different?
  3. I roasted the surprisingly large seeds from the delicata squash I did yesterday. Just a 20 minute soak in super salty water, dried off and roasted till well done.
  4. I said it way up thread but will repeat. If you are not making your own I love Trader Joe's Organiic. Not because it is organic, but for taste and strong eggy note- not just a filller item.
  5. If you want a serious reality check about food and farming I suggest this article on seed technology as a weapon https://newrepublic.com/article/122441/corn-wars
  6. Pumpkin

    I've mostly seen those pre-cuts of big hard squashes online in images from Europe. i have seen it locally in big Latin American focused markets.
  7. Pumpkin

    I forgot to mention a recipe I've wanted to try since I read a version in a Marlena de Blasi book. Here is a link to Ruth Reichl's version. Rich creamy baked in the pumpkin thing http://ruthreichl.com/2016/10/how-to-stuff-a-pumpkin.html/
  8. Pumpkin

    I abhor the fake pumpkin spice smell - think I saw something on the internet the other day about a place being evacuated for noxious odor - yup! An office I visited frequently last year had one pugged in - smelled like bad curry all day... But winter squashes are on my favorite list. Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), aside from being beautiful, is a nice dry flavorful beast. I put it into microwave without even poking for a few minutes. After resting it is easy to clean out seeds and roast or otherwise use. I like it in a soup with coconut milk and Thai flavors. As a singleton I am partial to the personal size Delicata squash - halved lenghwise, cleaned, sliced to half moons , tossed with olive oil, miso, and hot pepper paste - roasted = heaven - I eat the whole sheet pan as a meal.
  9. I really enjoyed Amy Thielen's memoir "Give a Girl a Knife" Picked it up at the library and will be purchasing. She writes in a unique and colorful and engaging passionate way about her food journey from growing up in a remote northern Minnesota to culinary school in NYC to interning & cooking on the line with chefs like Bouley and at restos like Cru, living off the grid at times and returning to her roots. https://www.amazon.com/Give-Girl-Knife-Amy-Thielen/dp/0307954900 Plus I LOVE that her mom taught her to cut with a paring knife towards her thumb as my female elders did.
  10. not sure if I have shouted it out before but their Dijon mustard is excellent and inexpensive. Also very fond of their staple froazen artichocke heats and frozen pesticide free spinach and store brand corn tortillas
  11. The squeeze bottle must be regional. Around here I often see wait staff at diners refilling the glass bottles and that initial air gap plop on a full one is common.
  12. "The Jesuits I was raised with" - my very favorite place in NOLA is the Jesuit Church - talk about inclusive of all faiths beautiful and embracing oops wrong cut & paste but a good TE D talk



  13. Great stuff - thank you! One of our local treasures is Bernard Ibarra - of Basque origin, classically trained, and very very passionate about ingredients. http://tastewiththeeyes.com/2014/03/meet-terranea-resorts-executive-chef-bernard-ibarra/ He started a sea salt process at Terranea. I am sure he would be receptive if you reached out to him about the salt
  14. Urban honey

    Ya needd to read this book: The SECRET GARDEN: Talking Beetles & Signalling Trees: Hidden Ways that Gardens Communicate
  15. Walked out to my 2 potted tomatoes this morning....2 days ago there were lots of blooms and greenies....today completely decimated by ginormous tomato worms. I pulled them out. Despite the grasshopper invasion a bit ago and now the voracious caterpillars - it was worth it to get some delicious totally tasty 'maters. No images cuz they were almost impressive, but way creepy