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  1. If you are not eating many taters, and you are growing your own - my perhaps unpopular opinion is bin/compost them. Especially if they are not in prime condition. Just a couple bucks that hopefully won't keep you up at night. I do not like the frozen texture after defrost or cook. I find them watery and mealy. Sure you'll get some mre informative answers
  2. heidih

    Breakfast 2021

    Today first meal out since start of Pandemic. Late breakfast with friends, seated outside, private table, ocean light breeze. Perfect. My very much enjoyed selection: Avocado Toast pickled red onion, pickled fresno chile, goat cheese, chia seeds, cilantro, mint, cherry tomatoes
  3. @Kerry Beal's plate looks so fresh and enticing. Now craving that Peruvian corn - a fave of mine.
  4. Oh life! I found her to be a joyful and kind member of the eG community. She definitely leaves a lovely footprint. Hopefully after a bit @Smithy you'll be able to share our comments with her husband if you feel appropriate,
  5. On the pepper heat - though the seed removal has been touted as removing heat, I think the current consensus is that the heat is in the ribs https://www.thekitchn.com/the-true-source-of-a-chile-peppers-heat-kitchen-facts-216983
  6. heidih

    2021 Farmers' Markets

    Pretty close to the FM reality here as well. @rotuts Pallet re-conditioning for commercial purposes is pretty big here. No cheap freebies lying in the warehouse alleys
  7. heidih

    2021 Farmers' Markets

    What a treat! Thanks
  8. And of course now we need intel on pineapple kimchi
  9. Oh gawd - what I now crave for dinner. Have not eaten much today. Love the combination f flavors and textures.
  10. Sorry to see your time end for now. Every meal enticed. Regarding underseasoning - thought you were packing sriracha in your purse
  11. My stepmother has bought pickled garlic before and it is hard. I'd rather eat a raw clove than that stuff. In terms of "candied" i've no experience. My favorite to smear on good bread is confit in olive oil. Now that is lush and plusg. It lasts quite well refrigerated as long as you use a clean utensil and don't "double diph
  12. heidih

    Pickled Onions

    I thought with onions the pre salt was to remove intensity. The pre-salt may also soften them but I could be talking out of my a$$ since I never do it If they are crisp kids and you use then within a week I think you'll be happy. All about balance as so many things in life are.
  13. heidih

    Pickled Onions

    I prefer a quick pickle red onion sliced relatively thin, rings separated and in half. Just salt and an acid. *I leave the additional favors to the dish itself. More flexible. Like this as a framework. Various mild acids work. https://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/pickled-red-onions/
  14. @The Old Foodie Maybe this person I like the combo though the bleed can goof some people up.
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