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  1. And perhaps the most cool re-purpose is the ancient/traditional ricotta from whey! Yay! http://www.cheesemaking.com/store/pg/217-Ricotta.html
  2. Hhmmm - I know I saw something recently about drinking the whey, and I see whey protein marketed. Found this article interesting https://www.farmcurious.com/blogs/farmcurious/17599408-cheesemaking-what-to-do-with-all-that-whey
  3. Beetroot in a Chocolate Cake

    Beet is/was used to color our Red Velvet cakes in lieu of food coloring. https://food52.com/blog/15776-an-all-natural-red-velvet-cake-that-s-truly-red Vivian Howard did one with chocolate on her show here http://www.achefslifeseries.com/episodes/34 recipe: http://www.achefslifeseries.com/recipes/47
  4. I'm with your brother on the wrong weather. I started my radishes which I overplant and use for greens - but - way too hot and they are not happy
  5. Often sold flowering here - stronger taste but I like it
  6. So you don't lke the MW asparagus? I've found it to be a good way to avoid water log. Was interested when Kenji touted it here http://www.seriouseats.com/2017/07/how-to-steam-vegetables-in-the-microwave.html Wow - unexpected mechanical failures - not a happy place. At lesst you have that crazy pup to distract you
  7. What would you not part with?

    Oddly in agreement with liuzhou - my little marble m & p snaggged for I think $3 at the mega local flea market years ago. Used at least several times a week https://www.longbeachantiquemarket.com/
  8. Christmas Cookies Redux

    So the marketing geniuses at the phyllo/fillo company decided a smaller double roll in the 1 lb box made semse - maybe for applications other than baklava -grrrr The size was so stupid. Tastes great though apparance sketchy. Flavoring was slightly under ripe tangerine peel grated rind in the sugar syrup. Gaps are quality control testing ')
  9. I grew up with parsley root - from the garden. The easiest closest cousin available here is young parsnip root.
  10. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Shelby - just on counter. I take out of bag to avoid any condensation/sog. Most are ready to eat within a few minutes - voice of experience
  11. When I do the TollHouse recipe on the bag and scimp a bit flour and go generous slightly on sugar I always get super super crisp and thin - just snuck one out of the Chritmas stash in freezr
  12. Sorry bout the quote format... Yes! Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills brought Carolina Gold back from the brink of extinction http://ansonmills.com/products/23
  13. Alo a recent Serious Eats podcast with former White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses brought up the devotion to Mounds bars - the original with dark chocolate and no nuts. Now owned by Hershey but has a great history.
  14. Also Canada and the NE U.S. are the "go to" for maple syrup. There are various grades and flavor profiles.
  15. The US pretty much dominates world almond production with my home state of California being at the top of the heap. Almonds come in all kinds of "flavors" these days, but you might consider trying the Blue Diamond Smokehouse ones; a very traditional gift here. A small bag or container can be found in most markets and Walmart, Target and Costco have them in quantity.