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  1. Huge advocate of the KISS mantra. I used to over buy for rental houses and end up wasting time and money when I could have eaten interesting restaurant food for less money. I learned to embrace the adventure, often just playing with a single pan, good ingredients, and maybe one or two unfamiiars. One year it was some old anise seed in the cupboard and sweeter than sweet Santa Barbara spot prawns. Another year were ordinary bulk bin lentils and some tagetes lemonii growing in the yard.
  2. I like a mix of cornmeal and wheat flour or rice flour
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/22/opinion/sunday/food-sex-and-silence.html
  4. I think it is all bout distribution & volume. Here in So California produce is dirt cheap if you look around. At Asian markets where folks buy A LOT they are practically giving away greenery.
  5. Friend sent link - he is viewing April 21 this Friday - this is my food awakening era so I am interested http://www.fandango.com/jeremiahtower:thelastmagnificent_198135/movieoverview
  6. Overnight Oats

    This immediately prompted a memory of Bircher Muesli from the 70's. Here is a lik to a Guardian article on more modern takes https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2014/oct/23/how-to-make-perfect-bircher-muesli-recipe
  7. Hope they keep their FaceBook up - always something interesting there
  8. Ants! Ive had enough!

    This comes up when my favorite entomologist leads "bug talks" 1 - why are they there? - remove any speck of food and wipe all moisture 2 - vinegar is your friend and not toxic - they don't like it - spray on the swath o' bugs , wipe away some of the dead BUT leave some - walk away for several hours. They will take their dead home and not a trace will remain Trust me Pesticides - please no
  9. Yes they have nice plants. Also consider Laurel's Heirloom Tomatoes http://www.heirloomtomatoplants.com/ I think Kenneth has ordered from her. She is just down the road from me. The Berkeley Tie Dye is stunning. Field trip???
  10. In Southern California they are frequently growing alongside of mustard- and that is an edible - enjoyed some the other day - with the rains the yard is a magnificent "pick your own" salad bowl
  11. Starbuck's Pies

    Unresponsive to the pie - I will admit to a current craving for their spinach feta wrap (spinach, feta and egg white in a whole grain tortilla) - crisped on edges and molten center - with squirts of Sriracha which they now have in packets - and a huge iced green tea cuz it is flippin 80 degrees F at 9am!!! I can't get it because the traffic is so bad - tree trimmers blocking roads trying to deal with rain fall-out....
  12. I like the beet salad and the idea of fluffed up cream but think I would have to add horseradish
  13. In furtherance of my vow to make small batch "jam" from local stuff this poor image is lemon rind from the tree I was going to remove but which popped back during our bizarre rains plus dates foraged from family fridge (years old) plus water and a hit of brown sugar; Texture is wrong but taste is nice
  14. It kinda snuck up on me so I went with lots of cheese in flour tortilla with wild greens and hot sauce. Soo good - waiting 40 days for another will make it so much better
  15. I am a long time follower of the author and think this will be a winner! Istanbul and Beyond: Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey