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  1. I saw chomped foliage on my tomatoes and suspected those nasty caterpillars - nope - grasshoppers! Hard to control - gonna yank them out if it gets much worse grrrr
  2. Grrr - had a full flat of pumpkins sprout within a week and sport several true leaves within another week - done for local botanic garden. Only to find out all mowed down within day of ground planting. Probably cotton til bunnies.... Next flat planted and they will cover/protect
  3. I've only had that tapioca starch bundle once from a Vietnamese friend who made it -At first it was odd but I've caught myself thinking bout it over the years
  4. I see the wild fennel starting to flower in sunny spots and m planning to finally collect pollen this season. Will update you.
  5. I just put them in a pan with the aromatics on a medium flame and as they soften a bit from the moisture release I add in my other ingredients. A pretty quick treatment. Have not had a mush issue.
  6. bringing down the level - stepmom makes them with loads of garlic and some cream of mushroom soup. I like them with green onions, garlic, peanut butter, roasted peanuts, ginger & tamarind - soft cooked egg smushed in
  7. Hawaiian buns

    Here we get King's Hawaiian bread in various forms. Very yellow, soft and slightly sweet. The kids used to like the slider type ones for salty savory pickly sandwiches - a nice range of tastes. I lightly toasted them. They have a huge manufacturing and restaurant business locally in Torrance.
  8. Yes but thinking some sugar & acid like lemon juice best added before freezing - better preservation result
  9. Thanks for the link to the show - was any of the feedback surprising? Sure the sleepless night wear on you, but hang in there -you've got both a great concept and stellar execution!
  10. Encouraging progress in local waters http://www.laweekly.com/restaurants/catalina-sea-ranch-an-offshore-shellfish-ranch-opens-outside-los-angeles-8385754
  11. Ripening an Avocado

    My favorite organic farmer at our small close-by farmers market was selling his quite large Reed avocados last Sunday for $1/each. He counseled us that unlike the Hass, the Reed is ready when you see the slightest shift in color. My rock hard one from last Sunday, sitting in the fruit bowl with nectarines and cherry tomatoes, was perfect for dinner last night. Creamy and flavorful
  12. I finally got some flowers on the 2 potted tomatoes and....June gloom with foggy mornings set in Grrrr- One tomato is about golf ball size and I saw a racoon going to check it out this morning. What!?!
  13. I keep a pot and just scissor what I need to add a fresh garlic taste to anything I am cooking; treating them like parsley as a standard as the dish is finishing snip-in/on..
  14. Great concept. Can you share the menu?
  15. The nasturtium seed pods are looking good - will get at least a small batch later today