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  1. For taste of eGullet history and smoking anxiety you might enjoy
  2. Do no hesitate to check out Miss Kansas and her 2015 blog (signature linked) -She knows vegetables and preserving!
  3. As others have noted I just polished off my farmers market overflowing basket by myself and with juice on my chin
  4. Nice! Plus a better framed shot could get you into MOMA - the color! And the one after you looks like the green background of movie shots
  5. Looks like a nice product. I have always had luck with fish and seaweed based. Ya gotta love Canada for the labeling! It was in a major hort trade magazine ')
  6. heidih

    Lunch 2020

    Those chives are such a powerhouse. I called my local IGC (independent garden center) and they are out but sourcing seed, I refer to support them though internet available.
  7. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Oh gosh - my favorite dish from childhood. For some bizarre reason we planted the 'taters near the only oleander - no fatalities. How do you make your cream sauce. Ours was just a blond roux with milk.
  8. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    OK you had me at the "on the vine raisins" - so picked after they wrinkle on their own? Source? Awfully gorgeous tuna as well.
  9. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Is the squash pickled from raw? Overview of method?
  10. In all your spare time get a hold of the little book - :The Secret Garden" by David Bodanis. A whole new perspective on them plants. I got it at a $1 sale at our botanic garden - best steal ever.
  11. They smelled great at farmers market so I just ate the whole overflowing basket all day. Happy.
  12. My first farmers market outing this morning. Not very busy. Customers and vendors all masked and distancing well. No children. The vendors offer to pick your choice and bag it. As a bonus I lost my ride home (emergency water leak at one of her properties). i was waiting for Uber but a kind guy offered me a ride home. Confirming good people appear everywhere. He was sweet, kind and engaging. My haul - I kept up the mantra "slow down - you can return next week. " The teeny brusells - quick toss in olive oil and a blast of heat. Th beet greens steaming later and beets will roast though may grate the smallest for raw salad. The cucumbers are incredibly fragrant - my favorite Japanese cuke guy for many years. The apples from Tehachapi have been my go to since our trees bit the dust. Strawberries are small and flavorful. Cherries were a gift and not my favorite type but tasty.White nectarines he chose for later in week as still quite firm. -
  13. No there is something about that blue that is far from "darkness" and it works with the stainless. I don't see pull hardware so all finger groove? Otherwise stainless pulls would tie things. Far from yours but interesting - Food 52 showed a black cabinet kitchen today https://food52.com/blog/25310-black-kitchen-decor-ideas
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