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  1. The ones I see up the coast here are just a grill with charcoal and the wheel thing allows the grill surface to be raised and lowered. Not super technical. Sitting in every parking lot . No handy friend with welding skills who can have fun making it? No idea where you are but if you see a guy just ask source? Of course Santa Maria here means beef tri-tip.
  2. Exactly - I have it on the ledge above the washer. Just for fun. The big avocados I showed on my blog long ago came from a sprouted avocado >>> tree!!! My landlord was a nutter but he got lucky.
  3. heidih

    Dinner 2022

    @Dejah I have too many OMG/yes please comments to specify. Two quick questions. I always see cheery as preserves. The jelly was a true jelly with no bits? The tofu skin rolls - can yiu explaon what the fry then steam acheives. Seems it would eliminate any crisp but maybe just to firm up the skin? I have yet to ever play with the skins but they are readily available here.
  4. heidih

    Lunch 2022

    @BonVivant The bread from the Mosel Valley - yes please. You have given me a good idea for my ripe avocados - adding toasted nuts to the mash. Better with your bread but we cope.
  5. Victory gardens. I know the meaning was different, but empowerment same?
  6. Clever boy. Murphy was with me at a neighbor's house. as we stood right there he plucked the largest beautiful tomato and scarfed it.
  7. heidih

    Dinner 2022

    Did the queso have green chiles?
  8. That just means real though can be said sarcastically. The phrase "Echte Amerikanerin" (female reference) or "Echter Amerikaner" (male) There is a movie
  9. heidih

    Dinner 2022

    Nice find! What were the filling options?
  10. heidih

    Dinner 2022

    @Kim Shook Sucks on the fridge but in my experience it is so annoying that one either tunes it out immediately if still moving things around or it times out after you leave room so not hugely helpful. I try to remember to hip bump the doors.
  11. In a topic I do no recall, snow crab was mentioned as super high priced now. Today at Ralphs (Kroger) fat long legs with nice clusters were $8.99/lb. The King Crab legs though --- $60/lb
  12. Your liquefication issues recently may require an eG "how to store" intervention. Sure the canid was as startled as you were.
  13. Depends on the spices. I use pumpkin as the creamy ingredient in soups including noodled, works well combined with coconut. If the spices are in the vein of pumpkin pie - pass
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