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  1. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    @Kim Shook all looks like an invite would have been welcome. t some point you must explain the stack of tune cans
  2. heidih

    Breakfast 2021

    You took me back here to Nancy Silverton's . It is on that long list to be tried https://forums.egullet.org/topic/130963-chocolate-sour-cherry-bread-ala-labrea/
  3. The original poster @Violin_guy wants more specific info but I offer this in general. He did mention that the only Time Life Foods of the World he does not have is The Cooking of the Viennese Empire. It has some lovely discussion of paprika which of course is an introduced New World food. (peppers tomatoes, etc) What I remembered from long ago was the image of the drying peppers (attached below). He mentions growing his own peppers. Cool. As with all living things.- growing conditions have a profound influence as well as harvest timing and drying methods. The images are from fields near Szege
  4. Kidney beans remind me of that jarred 3 bean salad. OK but not fave. I am a huge pinto fan. Black beans - all yours. As we know from what others have shared in particular about @rancho_gordo the bean world is a huge varied wonderful playground.
  5. On the beans - now I get it - they are sauced so voila la difference. Those Argentinian shrimp in my experience are delicate. Like tell the fire is ready and they are cooked. I usually make a flavorful broth, toss them in for a blink, ten off heat to st of poach and infuse flavor. Tasting as you go of course;) I can eat a pound solo. Wildflowers. Amazing blooms after rains, Hopefully @Smithy will enjoy some. Even more amazing is in fire areas - some species need the fire to come back. Land Conservancy blew their gaskets when we had rain after a big devastating fire - it was
  6. I thought Eater NOLA presented a good array on offer yesterday https://nola.eater.com/maps/best-king-cakes-new-orleans-nola Any new ideas?
  7. Yes same press the juice vendor used when I was treated to it as a child - at Original (1934) Farmers Market in Los Angeles. SO good.
  8. heidih

    Lunch 2021

    That "salad" had me wondering. Somehow I find the word Jello more appealing than congealed. How the mind influences our tastes
  9. I saw the weather pattern reports. We are expecting quite a bit. Which shrimp did you get? My Ralphs (Kroger ) now has both types - same packages - but the Key West were $16. I got the Argents. Leftovers going into dinner soup. You made me look up Joan of Arc beans. Can you describe what makes their taste special to you esp since they are canned? Nice result on yor puff pastry spanakopita. That is a pretty but large piece of pork.
  10. Carp being akin to catfish might be nice with the famous Paul Prudhomme blackened prep which uses a sweet paprika. Yes Renee's is a nice seed source.
  11. I can't be specific. My maternal side was Hungary influenced - all those border changes. In my experience you'll know if you like when you smell it, and freshness makes a huge difference. Stepmother's friend brings some back from her yearly trip to Hungary and it is lovely - full fruity round smell and taste. I sneak some. My fish cookery trends more Asian/South Asian so I don't recall when I last used it there. Maybe with thresher shark. As with many things, a trial run with scrambled eggs can help you with the differences and nuances. Have fun!
  12. I can not see images of the classic Knudsen in the pink container with pineapple without remembering love of life husband - daily lunch. Don't see it anymore. Almost forgot. https://www.instacart.com/landing?
  13. I thought those were mostly back of box recipes. We went through a period with the red one. Much more pleasant texture flavor and taste than Jello. Rennet based. https://www.amazon.com/Junket-Danish-Dessert-Raspberry-4-75-Ounce/dp/B00473UBEQ
  14. From AgriBiz perhaps, but there are seed saver exchanges and passionate people all over keeping the genetic lines alive. As our @rancho_gordo with corn and beans and chilies
  15. Oh me too - just had to get over its association with those traumatic intense dieting years. It melts! Perfect tossed with hot pasta, stirred into a creamy soup etc. Yes should have remembered it as sub for ricotta in lasagna but we used ricotta. Sat in salon couple years ago and an elderly client brought in a lemon jello, pineapple, cottage cheese tupperware bowl and plastic spoons, The ladies were raving. Sure the recipe is in one of the pamphlets posted in this topic.
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