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  1. I am just screaming "large pot of strong coffee please!"
  2. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    y son lived in a complex with community grills. It bacame an actual "community' as tips and methods were shared. There is always a bozo but generally works well.
  3. Oh yes - when raw I use it in such salads. And yes Dijon.
  4. If you are taste sensitive to appreciate salt nuance - but how bout rest of meal. It Is quite pretty - overall what is the diff?
  5. They appear lusty - best of .\luck
  6. heidih

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    A word from my local salmon vendor https://www.bristolfarms.com/blog/2019/05/copper-river-salmon-is-here-bristolfarms/
  7. Ths may seem simplistic but we go to our higher end market (Bristol Farms https://www.bristolfarms.com/blog/event-location/rolling-hills/) and state our need. They often accomodate as does Whole Foods if you can capture the head butcher. If organic or sustainable is not at the forefront anyplace that breaks down poultry is a source = check your locale. i had a poultry only vendor for years but he retired... Asian markets like 99 Ranch also sell stock parts at a good rate.
  8. Kim Severson of the NY Times was a huge fan: her article https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/02/us/leah-lange-chase-died.html
  9. It is a big huge issue in the US. It strikes at the core of Big Agra & Big Pharma. Messy world of food production. A friend who still owns the family farm in the Midwest talks about the trains of agricultural chemical shuddering through town. Garden centers typically label or post about whether the chemical was used. We tend to generically refer to it by the product name" "RoundUp"And of course we have this bit of lunacy as an adjunct. https://newrepublic.com/article/122441/corn-wars
  10. She was a stellar culinary and cultural figure. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/02/us/chef-leah-chase-death-trnd/index.html
  11. OK wow - bit of tension - --- celery is on my no list mostly due to bad very old diet issues - though cottage cheese has nudged back in. Step mom peels everything. I just take my produce to a back sink area and she has no idea how non-conforming I am. I like texture she likes smooth - why we cook - to make to taste
  12. Roy is such an inspiration. We have discussed his book https://www.amazon.com/L-Son-Life-City/dp/0062202634 Thank you!
  13. heidih

    Breakfast 2019

    Call it frittata or koo koo or ? ... all good - an underappreciated method.of Nonna cuisine.
  14. heidih

    Making Tempeh

    Jet off to Malaysia? Seriously I look foward to hearing how you fare. Nevber have tried at home.
  15. Wow meal. I am curious about the horseradish flower - was it spicy/hot?
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