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  1. After my last iced tea killing keyboard several years ago my IT guy assured me the newer laptops have a barrier. Pat the dear man on the head and tell him to cross that worry off his list.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/bonappetitmag/videos/683428745877289 Perhaps of co-interest
  3. Frgot the snag link. https://backyardhabitats.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Snags-Living-with-urban-wildlife.pdf
  4. I am a harpy on snags. So important.
  5. Just Dulce de Leche made with goat milk. More specific term is Cajeta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajeta Easy to make like the cow milk version and commercially available. A thought for future experimentation
  6. That cookie w/ the Dulce de Leche. sounds fun. Have you considered the goat version which may have a bit of tang? Nice presentation.
  7. Oh packaging and girls!. The boys as teens were fine with the cheaper big sheets when I let them play with fire (outside) and showed how to carefully toast. They had their own outdoor scissors and sesame oil. Much more economical with their voracious appetites. They did google how nutritious nori is to show me the value of their adventures.
  8. If you google dehydrated vegetable flakes there are many. The McCormick might be a cheap test drive. https://www.instacart.com/landing?product_id=21394868&
  9. Pork shank is like the hock? The flavoring sounds great. How does the skin/crackling get addressed? I have no clue yet as this county is such a mess. I may indulge and order crab claws and spiny lobster online. @robirdstx started a hankering for dirty rice and maybe duck livers in a hot sweet sauce. If the gang was headed here those would not be contenders. And a big bowl of black kale salad. People are shy about receiving food gifts now and also bemoaning quarantine weight gain so I may skip my baking. Social aspect will be virtual like Thanksgiving. Hilarious how some fol
  10. I like it as well. The Korean markets particularly will have an entire devoted aisle I usually get the weekend sale offer. Pre pandemic that would have a sampling table. Now I need/want some. The silica packet inside is likely heavier than the nori so 2.2oz is probably a good deal?
  11. I never go colossal - showy but pricey. I used to have fish guys order 2lb. bags - frozen. All I have ever seen are already cooked so like King crab legs, or Snow crab legs they can be eaten cold. I prefer barely heated to get to room temp, and a flavorful mayo to dip. The mayo probably masks the gentle sweetness but I like it. The sellers mentioned in this topic are well regarded. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160640-buying-online-fishfrozen-fish-shellfish/
  12. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    How do you do your dirty rice? Have not had it in a while except when a friend used Zatarains. Ground beef did not do it for me, I remember gizzards, liver?? with more South LA versions?
  13. Uncle Ben's done pilaf stye was my childhood other than totally non rice conversant grandmother who baked Mahatma brand and we fought over the browned bits at bottom of pan - now thrown around as soccarat. Big rice world - have fun
  14. heidih

    Lunch 2020

    Quite a nice "get" in Kansas! Looks great.
  15. As they taught us in chemistry lab - set the cup (measuring receptacle) up high so it is at eye level. For liquid look at the meniscus; for dry this gives you a good read. I do it with my Pyrex measuring cups all the time. Window ledge usually.
  16. Oh shall we venture into "microgreens" - love or hate - Maybe that trend is waning depending on your locale. Radish sprouts I do love. 10 day germination - like magic.
  17. heidih


    Should you crack the recipe code would love to hear. Browned butter maybe?
  18. @Franci - where did the crab wander from!?!
  19. heidih


    I think you hit the nail on the head
  20. heidih

    Rice Cookers

    Other liquids - yes. My party favorite was long grain white of pantry choice, a good dose of partially cooked split green peas, coconut milk, saffron and a pinch of a fragrant curry powder. Sometimes I'd lay a few think fish fillets on top late in cycle. A comforting one-pot meal w/ a tart salad.
  21. The last time I bought brown rice was from the bulk bin at Whole Foods. A short grain as I recall. Their bins get lots of turnover. Allowed me to get a small amount to see if I liked it. Did in the Zo and was surprised at the scent and taste - nutty and sweet. They had other rice varieties. A pre-Pandemic way to try them out without committing to bulk. Took me back to the days when every supermarket had open bins of rice and of pinto beans - every kids favorite play spot behind mom's back.
  22. Being a California girl my current everyday is the hybrid Calrose. Yes we grow rice here though Calrose is grown in many places. http://rice.ucanr.edu/About_California_Rice/#:~:text=Rice production is concentrated in,20% above the U.S. average. Current bag is Botan distributed by JFC ETA: the bag states it has microscopic holes for breathing
  23. Don;t know that I have ever seen citrus peels like orange or lemon candied for fruitcake season. Citron however is classic. I scored some lovely stuff years ago at a specialty vendor. Did you mean citron? The one I got had great flavor but not the artificial color. Is it the appearance you are more interested in?
  24. @btbyrd Kinda swooning over the boxes here!
  25. heidih

    Turkey Leftovers

    Miss the carcass for stock the most. I always volunteered if at another person's house - to remove the useable meat for them, and "unburden" them of the carcass. Always got a vigorous yes! As to dumplings - I am not in the ethereal camp. I do like to keep matzo ball mix on hand and lean towards a firmer ball. Great in that turkey broth.
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