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    I had to share this great list of newsletters that David Lebovitz just put up. Our RG is in there https://www.davidlebovitz.com/favorite-newsletters/#more-42135
  2. Isn't "malabar spinach" that mucilagenous veg? Not really botanically spinach? I use it at times mostly in soups. It is pretty cheap here in Asian markets - big bag for $2 usually. The pea shoots come in 2 forms - the ones with leaves and tendrils are pretty cheap. The teeny shoots are expensive but I imagine that is because there is lots of loss as they do not keep well.
  3. heidih

    fermented black beans

    Agreed - I do not rinse. Perhaps a mental quirk but I don't want to lose any of their "funk" flavor
  4. Hhmmm - gai lan in my book looks like broccolini or rapini on steroids.
  5. Perhaps we should all think about taking pics in our markets including labeling. Might be interesting and informative to compare
  6. heidih

    Good Eats: Reloaded

    He lost me with that weight loss promo stuff - but then again I never liked the format so I am a poor "reviewer"
  7. Cabbage is a many splendored group. This one is marketed here as Taiwanese - more flat than the hard bowling balls. They command a higher price. I can't say I noticed a huge taste difference. The thing with cabbage is age and size. in my experience. With the "bowling balls" I will often pick one that is more green and not so tightly formed as a change from the stronger taste of the tightly packed mature guys epecially for a raw use. http://www.evergreenseeds.com/catva.html
  8. heidih

    "Top Chef" Season 15

    She wrote some beautiful stuff for BA's Healthyish https://www.bonappetit.com/story/fatima-ali-cancer
  9. heidih

    Mario Batali

    It is an interesting situation as they explain their philosophy about changing the culture within the restaurant(s). More than the catchy headlines.
  10. If Napa is not yoyur option just be conscious of the differences. Sure would taste great.
  11. It wa a 1/2 acre meadow in a 53 acre space - not path adjacent
  12. The cabbage would cook more quickly. Taste-wise the bok-choy has a "greener" flavor and you have the firm stem versus soft leaf contrast to take into account. I'd use it from a flavor perspective.
  13. It is interesting to see th names and the images are great. Practically speaking though I just buy what looks interesting. Asking other shoppers how they treat the greens usually get the "soup or stir-fry" response. I've just learned what I like. One of my fun experiences was walking the dog at a regional park and seeing a Korean woman, elegantly dressed, with a big knife and a basket crouching down cutting a "weed". I asked and she said "for soup" and that I would not like it. I picked some. It was edible crysanthemum - I liked it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glebionis_coronaria
  14. Great explanation. I'd forgotten that add cold water method. It used to be on the bag but now so much room is taken up with nutritional info it is usually left off!
  15. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    PS: this is my iconic posole article - yes I actuallybremember the day I read it http://articles.latimes.com/1994-10-13/food/fo-49542_1_red-posole
  16. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @chefmd You meant hominy right? I often think how similar the product appears to garbanzos though of course quite different in taste. . I have only had the canned variety - some day https://www.ranchogordo.com/products/white-corn-posole-prepared-hominys
  17. heidih

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    It is all about key words in Google Good discussion- thanks
  18. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Sure you saw this one but thought I'd link as I trust the site and it looks alot like yours http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2007/08/salmon-cakes-wi.html
  19. heidih

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    I maybe posted this before but 12 pages! i have recently become re-enamored with the Huy Fong chili-garlic. Forget sriracha - that is nice but like catsup. In am fond of many different hot sauces but this very fresh tasting one has reinserted itself into my kitchen.
  20. Piggy-backing on gfweb and shrooms. I have a jar of dried mushrooms step-brother brought back from Poland. You read directions about re-hydrating at a particular temperture and having to plan. Heck - if you are making a soup or stew you can just toss in a few of those powerhouse flavor bombs. KISS (keep it simple stupid)
  21. heidih

    Aloo tikki problems

    Also the "tips" section of this link make good practical sense. https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/aloo-tikki-aloo-pattice-recipe-made-from-leftover-potatoes/
  22. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Aside from being adorable now I really want to try one. No puffballs in LA
  23. heidih

    Aloo tikki problems

    Can you post the recipe or at least proportions?
  24. heidih

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    @rotuts Here are 12 pages of bean discussion https://forums.egullet.org/topic/36312-cooking-dried-beans/
  25. heidih

    Breakfast! 2018

    Oh gosh I so miss my Vietnamese baozi source- perfect fluffy dough with that funky kinda sweet sausage, salted egg, and pork/leek - Oh!!!!