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  1. OK well I've calmed down enough to write what I'm feeling. I am Los Angeles born and lived here always and was in the forefront of embracingn the various incredible food cultures and markets. I was a fixture at Grand Central and still remember a geoduk clam siphon giving me a nudge in a Korean fish market in the late 70's. The day I first read the Counter Intelligence column by Jonathan Gold in the LA Times was like finding your soul mate. I read his column religiously and was inspired always. The Pulitzer was just icing on a King Cake. RIP - your legacy is indescribably huge
  2. Oh crap - such a treasure; such a loss
  3. I think since it is the traditional use of the ingredients- they've perfected it versus some gluten free newbies. I've read about it often but the wiki link is not bad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pão_de_queijo
  4. heidih

    Question about dried bean varieties

    I'd love to belong but since I'm just cooking for myself and not too fond of forever leftovers it is not happening.I love beans to the point I'd eat several times a day. Other cultures that have bean breakfasts like Ful Mudammas- I'm in. I respect Steve's work immensely. Because of where I live I can get to some Latin mrkets with scoop your own beans and get at least 3 types and turnover is high. That rings my bell though....some day...Rancho Gordo
  5. Regarding lovage: when we sold it in gallon pots at the botanic garden it was marketed as "Bloody Mary plant" because the thick hollow stems can be used as a straw in the beverage to lend celery taste; plus it looks cool
  6. heidih

    Cold Brew

    Black or with some sort of creamer in bottle you had?
  7. Exactly what most kids did with the peanut butter filled ones The whole licking and excavating experience was kinda enjoyable
  8. Well alot of those celery dishes had a raised image of celery sticks in them. With the pale celery that was favored - hard to tell the diff!
  9. I think for some (females especially) celery brings up nightmarish flashbacks to diets in the 70's. I don't use it in any kind of foundational "trinity", but I do enjoy the more intense vegetal taste of Chinese celery. Tt is green! I'll pick some up on occasion but a leafy bundle is a bit much for a singleton who relishes variety to use in its prime. Ah!- relish - those nasty dried out relish trays of the past....
  10. heidih

    No Passport Required

    Eater shared a taste of Macus Samuellson's ne ahow
  11. heidih

    No Passport Required

    I particularly loved Leah Chase at 95 wanting to learn more about incorporating Vietnamese greens into her dishes and having already explored things like lemongrass.
  12. heidih

    No Passport Required

    Eater posted the NOLA episode today. https://www.eater.com/2018/7/17/17574218/marcus-samuelsson-no-passport-required-new-orleans-vietnamese-food-pbs
  13. heidih

    Shrimp and Grits

    I thought she meant cuz alreay cooked. So perhaps have to be added last minute after sauce built
  14. There are some possible song lyrics in there
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    I've never had the octopus balls and have always been curious so this bit on Eater about a Japanese chain coming to South Bay of Los Angeles piqued my interest! https://la.eater.com/2018/7/16/17568832/morning-briefing-restaurant-news-los-angeles-takoyaki-japan-gindaco
  16. @Toliver Isn't that interesting how the smell of the vegetables rises from the fields! I remember doing a Century cycling ride and the cabbage smell around Santa Maria I think was overwhelming...
  17. No A/C here. Rice cooker sits on workbench in garage along with toaster oven. I generally make a few raw veg salads like cuke, slaws, 'maters to eat for several days. . Big fish fan. I buy wild Alaskan salmon frozen from Kroger in 2lb bags and often prep a fillet. Just broil it on foil. Easy!
  18. gotta love the colors!
  19. David - I'm not a fan of berry preservs but I adore their color. Looking forward to some lovely shots of yours Oh! - do you go purist or mingle in other flavors like herbs, citrus, spices? Also are you traditional on sugar amounts or do you dial down? Salt?
  20. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @shain Delectable looking meal as always but Imust say that sunchoke is HUGE! The ones we see around here are more, at most, golf ball sized.
  21. heidih

    Taco Bell 2014 -

    Living where I do I have every national fast food joint close by. Ironically the Taco Bell at the closest big shopping center closed; replaced by Peruvian?! Interesting. I am not a fast food afficianao but I must admit that when the chips are down and maybe comfort food is required - TB's bean & cheese burritos hit the spot (with hotter sauce from home). It has been years, but I remember them well
  22. heidih

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    @HungryChris Yu just inspired tomorrow's main meal. I have some nice wild salmon - unfortunately smoking not an option but I'll make do. An eggy potato salad and 'maters instead of melon.
  23. @blue_dolphin As alwys, I want to be your friend at the table! I noticed when I was watching some of Vivian's shows that she has a bit of "ginger love". Does she explain in th book (still resisting and library won't order) if ginger is a part of her Eastern North Carolina culture? Course I recall star anise as well which I don't think has a deep basis.
  24. I do use them! Hiurs of simmering so I have no fears,,,,but I don't tell!
  25. heidih

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    A special sandwich can be SO satisfying. I have a few simple ones. I am aways quoting Melissa Clark- so again MC quoting her mom: "Good sandwiches are like interesting people, unpredictable and filled with surprises" "Each bite should be a little different, otherwise it gets boring"