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  1. Festival going on now https://forums.egullet.org/topic/154567-fruit/?do=findComment&comment=2289143
  2. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    @rotuts and @gfweb I have never used pressure cooker or iPot. Is there a difference from simmering and boiling because they do not that evaporation and concentration process going on?
  3. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    And the bombs are so The Pioneer Woman esque - hey shows, cookbooks etc. You rock Kool Kansas
  4. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    Years ago when @nakji lived in Hanoi she showed us Pho rolls. Umm - no broth involved. What do they say "if it tastes good I'll eat it". Example vhttps://www.vietnamenu.com/vietnamese-food-pho-cuon.html
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    Dinner 2021

    Yes when the diver emerged like a god of the sea with a net bag of abalone to sell - that was a treat back in the day. Pounded on rocks, grilled briefly surf side with lemon and butter. Sweet sweet sea essence (Catalina Island) I see the little guy in the tank at Asian market but have not been tempted. One of those intense taste memories you know will disappoint if you try to recreate; if you even could with the regs..
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    I don't seek out raspberries and similar though I do pick our local ones when on a canyon trail and they are ripe and within reach. My sister is a huge boysenberry fan. Supposedly originated locally. First preserves I ever made were boysenberry for her Christmas gift as a teen, Clueless about canning so I sealed jar with wax. Local newsletter just announced a festival. I sent her the link to torment her. History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boysenberry Festival: https://www.knotts.com/events/taste-of-boysenberry-festival
  7. I tend to preserves and I like variety so welcome the crunch at the corner and the lumps and bumps.
  8. Ooh I like the addition of dried apricot. Never done it that way. I do l8ke a bit of citrus zest though.
  9. Oh lor - tell me how to eat - nah And I won't tell you either
  10. Heating up formula was #1. Popcorn - I do the bowl w/ lid - kinda magic. Did have one of these till dropped it on the stone floor. https://www.worldmarket.com/category/kitchen/cooking/cookware.do? The vegetable precook I much prefer to blanch or steam. Leftovers if they d not need a re-crisp in any way. i heat my non fancy tea bag water the cup. have a kettle but the MW warms the cup itself - not fond of tepid tea.
  11. Here is a quick video clip of a local place that makes incredible flour tortillas in dining space- heavenly withaa coursely chopped avocadoo and queso frsco "dip" they bring as appetizer. https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/casablanca-restaurant-venice?select_video=_7sVDba_OjJnDUQu0d5-yA
  12. Well corn tortillas made with masa are a soft dough. No gluten involvement. They are pressed from balls and cooked briefly on a comal or similar. Flour - hello gluten --and added fat and leavening - so think more like your familiar pizza dough. Rolled, stretched, patted, pulled and then onto the comal. A flatbread like a thin naan.
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    From the right water, lightly pounded and grilled butter & lemon = essence of sea sweet. I like the slight chew. But the noted risk reminds me of the gooseneck barnacle harvested on the treacherously rocky coast of Asturia and Galica..
  14. This is how Hank Shaw fries his and it is similar to many standard country recipies I've seen. He gets alot of respect..https://honest-food.net/fried-rabbit-recipe/
  15. Yes I can imagine that is a sadness. I always twitch when I hear or read people say how you can make it w/o spice for kids based on assumption they won't eat it spicy. .I respect various tastes and heat preferences but blanket assumptions bug me a bit. My father always put down "Mexican" food as heartburn causing- attributing to spice heat. Um no dad - it was the fat/grease that got you. Eat slower and pick less lardy laden items.
  16. Great - think you mentioned fresh rabbit in spring at great price. 4H kids in your area maybe also?
  17. Lovely rabbit and serving dish is no slouch either. Like your tying in WA and description of taste "slight grass and hay". I live in a place where the hay truck comes and that sweet scent is core for me, (not going to Martha's ham in hay).Thanks for the write up. oh - how did the juniper berries play?
  18. I mentioned before about lack of headcheese love but did remember I took one for the team during my eG blog and it was its own sort of good. Billed as Hungarian - lots of medium hot paprika and packed with meat bits. Thin sliced and nice on sourdough rye with bit of spicy mustard.Held up to like it had a stained glass sort of look.
  19. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    I was more envisioning aerosolized grease on all surfaces. I feel your pain @scamhi
  20. heidih

    Burger King

    Right. Don't think I posted this before. There was a nice office highrise we worked in and the guys told that the BK in the building started serving beer. It had become a hangout for the bike messengers while they waited for calls. They can be a colorful bunch and beer + cheap food - they were in. Kind of like parents being ok with Chuck E Cheese birthday parties cuz they could self medicate with beer & wine.
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    I know the place but not the dish - on the list - thanks!
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    I;d read this pub food reference before. Did not call to me either https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/nov/09/jellied-eels-cockney-tesco-food
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    As with such remedies often fattiness to coat the tummy. Interesting - thanks Similar factor in our bacon wrapped hot dogs outside of clubs at 2 a.m.
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    My like was not for your tummy rebel but your guy and the smokies So they were fatty.
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