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  1. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Great! On of my favorites in a 7 course is the betel wrapped.
  2. @Shelby Have not bought PF Milanos in years but as a teen I hid then too.
  3. Seems like more interior than outside chew but as you note for some uses maybe works. Nice effort
  4. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Oh we do that with the good bacteria, generate our own power, and send the solids to our California farmers. Never heard the corn anecdote. Maybe our digesters are more active. "The cycle of life" https://www.lacsd.org/
  5. Interesting. I try to sell lovage and grow it for sale in gallon pots but people just don't know it. I tell them to pick a leaf and rub it to get tat celery scent. Here mustard greens are standard. Fond memory of a young man with his list from grammy to make gumbo z'herbes trying to find the greens - he did - at our farmers market
  6. @gfron1 Sure you have seen this - thought it interesting - and a distraction in these times when cooks get bored https://www.allorafarmflowers.com/wild-box
  7. I always like a piquant contrast with something savory like paella
  8. Always a good tip. but if they are damp and in plastic bag - slime factors in - unpleasant.
  9. My Japanese farm stand used to give the beet greens to me for free. Very fresh. Usually harvested day before or that morning. Farm adjacent to stand. Stoopid people asking to have them twisted off and discarded.
  10. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    As always - wish I was at your table. Beautiful injera bubbles.What intrigued me was the use of coriander powder. This one with roasted seed and added curry leaves intrigued me. Something to add to the pantry when I reclaim my pantry space. I have never used it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEtA48ChyzM
  11. heidih

    Food recalls

    Food52 did a decent summary of onion recall this morning. How are you guys dealing with this? https://food52.com/blog/25480-onion-recall-salmonella-august-2020#:~:text=According to an August 1,potentially be contaminated with salmonella.
  12. This house has 6 year old Bosch electric oven and gas stove-top. The oven takes forever to pre-heat and then the fan runs forever after you turn it off. I can hear it at my desk. The glass front is also impossible to clean. The stove - yesterday - The main burner igniter is messed up so the woman keeps turning it on and off. No spark but I can smell the gas. Then she takes a fireplace match to light a candle for her brother.and instead of striking on box goes to stove. It was startling. No injuries. @JoNorvelleWalker friends left a pot on the stove allegedly turned off. Came home to smoke filled house and everything they owned ruined. He had inherited excellent artwork. Art appraiser and restorers made their financial goals for the year.
  13. I have to back track on my dissing of curly parsley as I recall, back in the day, when iceberg was the salad "green" in many restaurants - I'd often eat my garnish and offer to relieve a fellow diner of theirs. - just to get a hit of green. Ate it like Bugs Bunny.
  14. Angostura bitters in some baked goods, Just a few drops. People always ask why my chocolate chip cookies are deliciously different - the "je ne sais quoi".
  15. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Aguachile shrimp is something I dearly miss from my big Mexican mart deli. With fresh corn chips! Summer for sure.
  16. Fish sauce is part of cooking life at least where I live in Los Angeles. Euro stepmom objects when I leave open jar of nuoc mam on counter or cook with fish sauce and then asks why something tastes so good.
  17. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    @Franci Your husband always sounds like a really good shopper. Not my male experience. Give the man a hug
  18. It may have been the variety as they were pretty big. More along the lines of a small parsnip - great flavor. We only used them in soups. I stole them and let the others fight over the carrots. There is a firm core that is often not edible. Nothing I have grown from US commercial seed packets was worthy. But as those who enjoy SE Asian cuisine use cilantro roots pounded in curry pastes I think even the wimpy ones would add interest at times. Trial and error.
  19. I'll echo @weinoo 's smoked paprika. A little can add interest or a lot can be the main flavor of a dish. And I'll add a little shot of vinegar to sauces/salads that wouldn't necessarily have it. And a bit of tomato paste in sauces too. I only recently discovered how much Balsamic Vinegar can add to foods. Keep it as a table condiment - a little drop will do ya. Also the mentioned tomato paste. When tomatoes are not great frying it a bit adds remarkable tomato depth. And generic works!
  20. We all come up differently. The bed of flat leaf at grandma's house was essential. A flat leaf variety from seed brought by the early charter flight travelers (cheap) from Europe. The roots essential in chicken soup. The first time I smelled it on offer at a mainstream grocery I got tears in my eyes.
  21. Curious if you are referring to curly or flat leaf? Curly to me is tasteless. If I had to pick 2 ordinary guys I'd say: 1. Cracked black pepper "bloomed"with the fat rather than plunked on at the end 2. Dijon mustard - just a smidge does something more than one expects. Esp in stews and soups. Not the grainy stuff
  22. I have mentioned before that many years later the neighborhood kids I run into still refer to me as "Mrs. K who made those great fried flowers for us".
  23. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    I thought the basket was a table service add on
  24. And in the "no waste" era you tempura batter and fry the flowers
  25. I find it acts like cilantro. A pain. I usually buy it for super cheap at Mexican or Middle Eastern market
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