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  1. While not a new cookbook by any means, I haven't really had time to dig into this one until now. We've previously discussed the recipes in Jerusalem: A Cookbook, but not much has been said about Plenty. So, here goes... Chickpea saute with Greek yogurt (p. 211) This was a great way to kick off my time with this book. The flavors were outstanding, particularly the use of the caraway seeds and lemon juice. I used freshly-cooked Rancho Gordo chickpeas, which of course helps! The recipe was not totally trivial, but considering the flavors
  2. Hello friends and welcome back to a time-honored tradition--the popular eG Cook-Off Series. We're in the heat of summer right now and our gardens are literally blooming with all manner of peak of the season ripe fruits and succulent vegetables. And there's no better time of year to honor a vegetable that is often maligned as not being as colorful or trendy as the chi-chi breakfast radish or the multi-hued rainbow chard. In addition to not always being recognized for it's looks, every August and September it becomes the butt of jokes at State Fair competitions across the country. If you can ge
  3. As a new (Experimental) vegetarian (See here for more details) I have been going through quite a few cookbooks and online resources. A lot of them are fairly poor to say the least. Also seems to be a theory that if you are vegetarian you must want to eat 'Healthy' food all the time, or they are full of meat substitute recipes. The thing that really gets me is that in so many of the books - even some of the better ones (The Cranks one in particular) is that they seem to put soy sauce (Well usually tamari actually) in everything. Don't get me wrong, I love soy sauce - in moderation and in the ri
  4. Hi everyone, Been a while since i've posted much here, but I am again faced with an issue that's plagued me for a while and I'm hoping to get some ideas from you... I like making vegetarian dumplings (the asian potsticker/gyoza type) and can never get the fillings to play nice - they're usually too wet and don't hold together very well, making the construction process frustrating, and the eating process less satisfying than the meat counterpart, in my opinion. There's a certain toothsome-ness that I'd like to be able to achieve, but without the meat that usually brings it. I've improved my pro
  5. What are the traditional dishes of Mughlai cuisine? What ingredients are typical?
  6. Breakfast in India vs Breakfast in our homes outside India My breakfasts have varied from the time I started to cook for myself instead of just enjoying my Mother’s cooking. At first they were a mix-match of meal fixings, or just dinner leftovers. Or the good old breakfast cereal and milk. But as the years passed and I was more organized, the meals I enjoyed in my Mother’s home began to swim in my memories. And I began to prepare those for my family. However, I am no amazonian chef, so depending on the hectic nature of the days plans, I switched back and forth from convenience with taste
  7. I have a hankering for red beans and rice. I used to make a vegetarian version years ago, but now I want to try and make the real deal. What makes a great dish?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q8zTVlZ19c Mmmm. The sweet, spiced aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin pie wafting over the Thanksgiving table. A large bowl of chilled, sweetened cream is passed around the table, a cool dollop of cream cascading over a slice of “homemade” pumpkin pie. (In many households, removing a frozen pie from a box and putting it in a hot oven is considered “homemade.”). Americans can’t seem to get enough pumpkin pie during the Holidays. Some 50 million pumpkin pies are sold for Thanksgiving dinner and according to astute company marketing execu
  9. Ah, the avocado! For many of us, this humble little fruit inspires only one dish. Yet the avocado has a culinary history that is deeper than we may understand. The avocado (Persea Americana) is a tree thought to have originated in South Central Mexico. It’s a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit of the plant - yes, it's a fruit and not a vegetable - is also called avocado. Avocados grow in tropical and warm climates throughout the world. The season in California typically runs from February through September, but avocados from Mexico are now ava
  10. Thanks to @blue_dolphin, I was forced to buy this cookbook and it was delivered today. No matter how hard I try, I just don't super enjoy cookbooks on my Kindle. Anyway, I'll most likely be alone on this thread due to low okra likability lol, but I'm an only child and I'm used to being alone 😁 First on the list will be the Kimchi Okra from page 100--as suggested by @blue_dolphin. I'll be back on this thread soon
  11. Tiff


    Hi there, Kinda repeating myself from another topic forum, but I am looking for good spelt recipes. I am doing a lot of baking at my work as I am alone in the kithcen with no budget for a pastry chef, as is often the case these days, and I need some help in the low gluten, no gluten , wheat free area of baking which is so foriegn to my sensibilites. I like working in a healthy vegetarian enviroment but I miss the more passionate immediacy of cooking mains on a line. The things I make are packaged and have to last a week or so. My boss said she wanted someone classically trained who could l
  12. Okay, I've never made this but my SIL made something she called Spanakopita, and it inspired me to do better. She used frozen phyllo, and that was the best part of the dish. Her filling was missing the spinach, as far as I could tell, and the cheese tasted sweet. I believe I bit down on some nuts, too. So the filling was pretty awful (like out of some new age vegetarian health food book), but the dough was crispy and flaky right out of the oven, and not greasy. Not critical, but my first stumbling block upon googling recipes was spelling. Spanakopita wins, but spanikopita is popular. Is it ph
  13. Some of you may know that I work as a cook on a cruise ship. It's been an interesting job, made more so recently when I was transferred a month ago to the Special Orders crew and told that I would be making meals for our guests with special dietary requests. My biggest challenge came this week when we had a group of 30 passengers who were all Jain. My word, what a difficult challenge this was for me!! The dietary restrictions alone made getting any sort of flavor into their meals quite diffcult--strict vegetarian, no onions, no garlic, no ginger, no potatoes--nothing that grows beneath the
  14. Well, looks like we'll finally be making a trip to the UK, around May. (We've been talking about it for quite awhile.) On the itinerary is England, Scotland and Wales. I'm vegan - my husband is omnivore (where we agree is that we're both extremely adventurous when it comes to the ethnicity of a meal...anything's open for exploration - from Indian, to Iranian, and anywhere in between. And we're indifferent to whether it's street food or restaurant-based...it's the taste that matters.) Of course, we're also very interested in meal options local to England, Scotland and Wales, specifically.
  15. Does anyone know where I can order some vegetarian sausage casings that are comparable to the natural, edible ones? Ones that have that snap when you bite into them.
  16. http://www.tca.uwa.edu.au/disembodied/dis.html Scientists in Australia have created a ‘semi-living’ food. This project uses a tissue engineering technique to grow cells from living animals into bodyless animal parts. I can’t see vegetarians or meat-eaters wanting to chow down on this non-animal entree. "This technique makes it possible to grow meat without victimizing animals. However, it is still unclear how this meat can be presented in an attractive and appetizing way. "
  17. If so, how are the recipes? I'm mainly interested in the vegetarian, fish, and dessert recipes. http://www.amazon.com/Isabels-Cantina-Flav...95371904&sr=8-1
  18. Host's Note I split this off from the Vegetarian one because it seemed to have legs of its own. I think this verges on the OT, but Pti, having eating Indian in the Indian subcontinent, the UK, France and the US, what's your take on the differences?My pre-opinion is that because of the products in France, one can cook Thai, Indian, even Japanese food and it's different than it is in the Mother country (But maybe this deserves a new thread).
  19. I'm planning a thanksgiving dinner, however because of the specifics guests I have a semi-broad range of dietary requirements. I'm not unusued to one or two at the same time, but this is what I'm working with: * 4 guests are omnivores * 1 guest is a strict vegetarian * 1 guest is a vegetarian but will eat fish and seafood * 1 guest is deathly allergic to eggs, but will eat veg/seafood/chicken * 1 guest will eat anything but seafood in addition: * 2 of the omnivores won't eat anything with olives * 1 of the omnivores won't eat anything with pickles * 1 of the omnivores
  20. jende

    Baked pasta dish

    I'm making a cheesy baked pasta dish for a potluck dinner on Thursday. I'm basing the recipe on one from Giada which mixes ziti with marinara and ricotta, and is topped with mozzarella. I'm leaving out the meatballs in her recipe and serving Italian sausage on the side, in consideration of the vegetarians in the group. My plan is to assemble the dish on Wednesday and refrigerate it until it's time to bake it on Thursday. This type of dish should hold ok in the fridge until it's time to bake, shouldn't it? Any recommendations for other similar recipes to look at would be appreciated, too.
  21. hello all! I am usually in the pastry forum... Anyway, I have made meals over the last few weeks for my extended family (we are easily 16 people) for the Jewish holiday season. And now once again another holiday! I am out of ideas. I need two meals. I thought about the evening one: 1. Orange soup (sweet potatoes, pumpkin etc) 2. Egg and radish salad 3. Fresh salad 4. Cole slaw 5. mini quiches (mushroom, spinach, plain 6. What else?? Do I need another dish? 7. Someone else will do dessert Main lunch meal the following day: 1. I want a cold soup - any ideas?? It is still kinda hot here !! No mea
  22. Does anyone have a source for vegan Soba noodles. I haven't been able to find any without egg. Thanks,
  23. A good friend is vegan, and this sometimes causes problems. She likes to be included in social gatherings (and feels hurt/offended when she isn't included), but many gatherings center on food (either food preparation or eating or both), and most members of our group are not vegan. When we try to include her, there is always some big production made about whether she can eat the food (she usually can't). Sometimes I have tried to make some vegan food, especially for her. This can backfire, for several reasons. she is highly suspicious of whether things are "really" vegan. Sometimes she de
  24. I'd like to cut back on dairy... but one of my big problems is cutting butter and milk/cream out of my diet, ESPECIALLY baked goods. Does anyone have suggestions for baking books that have reasonably tasty recipes using moderately easy to find and not overly expensive ingredients? I don't want to have to go out and buy a whole whack of fancy ingredients over and above what I stock in my regular pantry for baking. I've looked on amazon and there do seem to be a few good ones.... Also, does anyone have a coconut macaroon recipe that doesn't involve egg whites?
  25. Hi all, I'm doing a little sleuthing (not for an article) about where one can eat vegan in Vancouver. I'd like to get about a dozen ideas, both high-end (silver-domed service) and as low as they go (incense and hairy armpits), before I come for my next visit. Not to worry, I'm not turning vegan. Not in this lifetime, anyway. (Note: No offense to egullet vegans, although doubtful there are any. Seriously, what's life without cheese?!)
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