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  1. Gelato Flowers - a new trend

    You might have to push the petals together a bit to prevent rapid melting. It's cute, but would be better if executed as part of a plated dessert.
  2. Apples in savory dishes

    I like to add a tart apple, like Granny Smith, in small dice to the stuffing for stuffed mushrooms.
  3. Store bought salsa and chips

    I usually make my own, but, my local supermercado sells some pretty good stuff in the deli. My current favorite is their black salsa. They just label it as 'salsa' but, it's really quite black. They char all the vegetables on their wood-fired grill before tossing them in a food processor. (it's a thin, non-chunky style)
  4. Actually, I was taught to wash hands without water. You take a small amount of flour between your hands and rub them together -generally while standing over the food scraps bin or trash. The dough will roll off quickly, no time is needed to dry the hands, and you can keep working faster -all without getting the sink clogged.
  5. chicken hash for breakfast, start with brown butter and add plenty of shallots
  6. Check professional cookware sites, like the Webstaurant store has several -the handles are slightly different, but the size matches. (I think, hard to tell from the photo, a full size sheet pan will hold two big dinner plates, but if the photo is of 12" plates, those muffins are enormous. If the muffins are regular size, then the plates are salad plates and the sheet pans are half-pans.) Many of these come with lids, too. fits on a full size pan: HERE fits on top a half-pan: HERE HERE (almost, it is one inch longer on one side) HERE sits on top a quarter pan: HERE I understand if you wish to find exactly that pan with those handles, you'll have to search through all the manufacturers of professional pans. Where is the photo from? If it's a restaurant local to you, you could just call and ask them the brand name...
  7. I also use Cambro containers for many things. For small amounts, I use wide mouth canning jars and vacuum seal them. The vacuum helps keep things fresh and bug-free. The jars may not be the most efficient, but they look good and can be reused for a long time.
  8. Google Translate is your friend....
  9. I picked up a copy and have almost finished it. Now, I think the Food Network ruined Food Television. The blind leading the blind is what's happening. Anyone want to help me start a better cable food channel?
  10. I haven't ever known anyone to do this, but, if i were going to do it, I would put in a few thin layers of red raspberry bakery jam. It won't burn, doesn't run, and has a good strong flavor.
  11. Note that the mustard on the list will be dry ground mustard.
  12. Without an ingredients list, it's hard to tell. I make a sauce for chicken that catering clients seem to like. It's just: good apricot jam (I try to use bakery jam as it doesn't burn, d'arbo is a good brand.), whole-grain prepared mustard (I'm in the US, so, I use Woeber's Sandwich Pal, sweet and spicy), a dash of Worcester sauce, and a little kosher salt. Instead of jam, you can add boiling water to dried apricots and puree with some sugar. The main point being you want strong apricot flavor. I have had some jam that was just sweet and tart but did not have a discernible apricot flavor.
  13. Turkey Carcass for soup

    Wrong! You'll kill people someday with that approach to sanitation. The fridge just slows bacterial growth, it doesn't stop it. And some things, like botulism, thrive at refrigeration temps. -If that pot has liquid in it, botulism could be growing and producing poison at the bottom, since it hasn't been moved and is full of protein. You could have all sorts of things that are odorless and tasteless being cultured in your pot. Not to mention good old decomposition. Boiling it won't get rid of poisons excreted by microscopic organisms, like botulism toxins. Boiling also will NOT kill all the sources of foodborne illness. Assuming that a boil will kill off everything is simply playing russian roulette with the lives of those you'll be serving. I'd fire any employee in a restaurant I owned for making the sort of stock that you suggest. (partly because I'd require everyone to be ServSafe certified) Aside from the issue of toxins, infectious viruses, infectious bacteria, etc. there's also the quality issue. Do you really want to make and serve something which is so far beyond its prime?
  14. I got some sweet tamales, raisins and walnuts, yum!
  15. Cherry Oh Baby

    Save the pits and use them for sauces and infusions. HERE are some ideas.