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  1. Oh that's easy, money. Just tell those politicians and managers where you would like that budget to come from.
  2. Perhaps Bourdain didn't see hovering above the toilet as food poisoning per se. I hear people say the same about Taco Bell (or eating at my place after absolutely assuring me that they really love spicy food) and have yet to hear anyone call that food poisoning. By the way, welcome to eGullet @Rodk! I wish you health and social distance too.
  3. So I'm just an ex food sales person and have been around quite a few vegetarians and vegans both professionally and leisurely. I'm not a cooking professional, so not sure if this helpful.. Looking at vegan recipes, I see unroasted cashewnuts being used as a canvas a lot. I second @AAQuesada that almonds and oats are generally more popular than soy. Next to health issues, quite a few people do detect a soy taste and dislike it in my experience. @Tri2Cook Have you seen and perhaps tried MCT and vegan protein powders? I know they can be very pricy, but the MCT powder can h
  4. My SO who loves cheese and banana will definitely try this. Back in the day, he experimented with things like banana omelet. Not plantains, the cavendish variety which was the only one available here at that time. This reminds of the time nachos and guacamole got hip here. Guacamole became available frozen and a bar we went to after work had this on their menu. As I don't like nachos very much, I asked for guac with my fries. People thought it to be weird, but I find it to be delicious and do it at home with fresh guac if possible. I will definitely try hummus too now!
  5. Looks lovely @dtremit Hope you guys had a great birthday celebration and have an awesome week away from home!
  6. Awesome directions shain, thanks! I will report back 😁 On the subject of pita, in my town there was only one place that had sabich on their menu. They got their pita's from a Greek bakery in a city nearby. The Greek deli here uses them as a wrap for gyros, so I'm not sure how authentic these are for sabich. But they're a lot nicer than the regular pita we get here most of the time.
  7. That's a pity when you finally get to find something nice and it degenerates so quickly. 😩
  8. I've had this size since I was 12ish, but we tend to be bit taller in the lowlands so I never had to go to a drag queen shop. You have a choice until at least size 12 I think, although the selection will be smaller when you go past size 10/10,5 generally.
  9. Why not? Don't you want to hop on that bodypositivty train and post some of those pics? You should be showing off to the world just how modern you were back then!
  10. With the popularity of RuPaul's Drag Race, it might not be as unexpected as it used to. πŸ˜‹ It should definitely be easier and safer to get a nice pair of stilleto's suitable for men though. Promise you make us a little film of your first walk?😁
  11. Oh, I have quite a few I'm afraid. Always take the first bite of the end of fries without sauce and then procede to dip. It just doesn't feel right otherwise. Also, I really really like my sauce on the side. Those triangular paper bags with fries you see in The Netherlands, doused in mayonaise and other sauces? Yeah, totally not my cup of tea. And I always like to eat fries with my hands, cutlery takes away from the experience imho. Not Covid19 proof nowadays, so I eat fries at home. I even have an extra water bottle and soap with me on trips, just in case we find something to eat
  12. Thanks for raising this subject! Sabich is making it's way in these areas, but not near me so far and I have been wondering about what to do as well to make it at home. I stumbled upon an amba spicemix, but no directions were given. Poundered about dry roasting the mix, but then got stuck on what to use as a base. Curing unripe mango might not be the best practice with the temperatures around here, although we had some untypical heat waves this summer. Also, unripe mangoes are less common at where I mostly shop nowadays. I've seen some pictures that showed a very b
  13. Freshly made garlic bread🀣 Is it garlicky enough if you can eat it for breakfast? Or is it a good tactic to stay at home?πŸ˜‹
  14. Also, for people who are cooking for just themselves. Have you thought about food swapping? I trade my asian food for some homemade meatballs with my mom. It's one of the few dishes she still makes from scratch and I generally don't make that. She enjoys asian food, but her roommate doesn't (except for Dutch style Indonesian and Chinese) and when she cooks it for herself she will get complaints about the smell. I cook in bigger batches and stick some portions in my freezer. Then I forget all about it and get surprised when rummaging through my stashπŸ˜‚
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