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  1. After the French intro of 20 seconds a culinary acapella version of Billie Jean starts. They also made a song about raclette. And salad.
  2. You beat me to it, both visiting and posting about it!😄 Hattem has been on our to do list for a while, because of the Hanseatic history, Anthony Piek Museum (he inspired Dutch theme park Efteling) and the bakery museum as well. Did you enjoy your stay? This is from an old Dutch tv show called Ontdek je plekje, discover your spot. Footage was shot during late '70's and or '80's. I haven't figured out those time stamps yet, but you can find Hattem from 19.00 minutes on and the bakery museum itself at 24:04. (Before that you get to see Harderwijk and Elburg, which ar
  3. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! Thought I recognized a brand from a vegan cheese taste test I participated in years ago, but Numu didn't exist back then. It was No Muh and their blue cheese has to be one of the vilest things I have ever put in my mouth. (Edit: Sorry no, the blue cheese was from Bute Island Cheese. No Muh wasn't that bad and got better reviews from us.) Isa Chandra's Moskowitz' melted crayons reference brings back that exact memory, although we described it as (latex) paint at the time. 😆 Thankfully, a lot has changed for the better.
  4. This was a Dutch tv show during the late '70's and begin '80's. Medemblik in Noord-Holland is the charming subject of this episode. In the first minute you can see an old fashioned bakeryshop and a bit of the bakery in the back. Those heartcookies are speculaas. Apologies for the quality, these images don't show up in the regular episode available on YouTube. It has become a bakery museum (sorry, no English text) and is being remodeled as we speak. Better quality and more recent footage: He first shows a
  5. CeeCee

    Eggstatic about eggs

    Love eggs and am almost never without any. Mostly hard boil them in batches, as I'm not a fan of runny yolks and absolutely despise whites that are too jiggly for my taste. After boiling, I keep them in my fridge. I like them with mayonaise, especially kewpie. Either as a snack, in a soup or curry, or sliced up in a sandwich. My regular bread is sliced whole wheat, but for nostalgic reasons I will use a soft whole wheat bun with a Dutch style mayo (which is sweeter). Another variation is the Dutch broodje gezond, meaning healthy sandwich. This is a combination of gouda style cheese, ham, lettu
  6. CeeCee


    In The Netherlands and Belgium Aldi shops fall under Aldi North. I think I noticed this chain some twenty years ago, when I was still a student and have been going every now and then ever since. Even now, when I live in a city (population of 90.000) with access to approximately ten different supermarket chains, including a Lidl or two, I can reach in 5-20 minutes per bike (recreational speed). Over the years some products have been praised by people who's opinion I value. Thanks to rotuts and some other people here, Roser Moth chocolate have made it's way to our house. The biological eggs
  7. I am glad you enjoy it so much!
  8. This subject actually made a few headlines in The Netherlands, as pizza chain Domino's announced they're saying goodbye to pizza hawaï and pineapple. April Foolsday campagne, I guess.
  9. A little while back I discovered the Maroccan version. It's called Ahsan Patissier or in French Le meilleur pâtissier and you can find it on YouTube
  10. Dutch newspaper article in English: Takeaways aren’t a new thing. The ancient Romans ate nothing but
  11. The meat is the hero of the dish, so two cloves should be fine. Especially if you use high quality cloves, which my oma definitely not had access to. If in doubt, you could always chuck an extra in. Eet smakelijk!
  12. My mother is about the same age and she absolutely loves to have options. She can't handle big portions anymore, especially not of sugary, fatty or very spicy things. Big portions are less appealing when she does her own shopping, as she doesn't like to be stuck with produce for days. Cooking has become painful and ready made stuff can be fatty, sugary and not very tasty. So I either buy it from a place she can't or won't reach. Or I make it and take down the heat of some of her favorites and watch out with fat. The sugary things (like when we try out some nice patisserie), we just share.
  13. Oh that's easy, money. Just tell those politicians and managers where you would like that budget to come from.
  14. Perhaps Bourdain didn't see hovering above the toilet as food poisoning per se. I hear people say the same about Taco Bell (or eating at my place after absolutely assuring me that they really love spicy food) and have yet to hear anyone call that food poisoning. By the way, welcome to eGullet @Rodk! I wish you health and social distance too.
  15. So I'm just an ex food sales person and have been around quite a few vegetarians and vegans both professionally and leisurely. I'm not a cooking professional, so not sure if this helpful.. Looking at vegan recipes, I see unroasted cashewnuts being used as a canvas a lot. I second @AAQuesada that almonds and oats are generally more popular than soy. Next to health issues, quite a few people do detect a soy taste and dislike it in my experience. @Tri2Cook Have you seen and perhaps tried MCT and vegan protein powders? I know they can be very pricy, but the MCT powder can h
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