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  1. Lisa Shock

    Who is the Greater Master?

    The peppers belong in Tortellini Pavarotti. (with dill, oddly enough)
  2. I have experience making extracts, particularly into butter. You can get excellent results using stems and leaves, parts which some producers discard. You wind up with infused clarified butter which can be used in almost anything. It has a mild spinachy taste and pale green color, both of which disappear in baking. Anyway, welcome aboard!
  3. Lisa Shock

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    Yeah. the Hardees biscuits I remember from 25+ years ago were square and cooked in a grid. You could buy a slab of 9 (I think?) of them in a box. The raisin ones had icing poured all over them. Both the plain and regular biscuits were very moist inside.
  4. Lisa Shock

    Oreo Cookies

    I saw firecracker oreos in the store the other day, wasn't inspired to buy them.
  5. Sure thing! I used to be really bad at making falafel, it always fell apart when I fried it. This was before the internet. I started asking people about making it, and discovered that it's different throughout the middle east. In Saudi Arabia, it's made almost entirely from stale bread. In other areas, it's raw or cooked fava beans, in other's it's raw garbanzos, in others it's cooked garbanzos (generally further north.) I suggest reading THIS Serious Eats article. I myself like the falfel made with cooked beans, added flour, and a little baking soda/powder. That said, it does explain what's going on. I like to add a little freshly ground cumin, to me it makes beans taste more 'beany'. I also like adding a tiny amount of allspice and something hot like pimenton, cayenne, or chipotle.
  6. Lisa Shock

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    I have only lived near a Carl's for a few years, about a decade ago. And, being a vegetarian, I don't often go to that sort of fast food place. But, when the merger happened, I recall checking about the biscuits and did not find any. And, I know that right now Carl's does not have them. My family used to like picking up the box of cinnamon raisin biscuits on road trips to snack on them throughout the day.
  7. Lisa Shock

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    Carl's doesn't have the biscuits, no plain no cinnamon raisin.
  8. I am surprised that no one here has mentioned coconut. When I was in culinary school we learned that a goodly slice of the population (including me!) does not like coconut, and it's thought to be genetic, like cilantro soapy-flavor dislike. The number cited, but I cannot find a scientific paper on it online, was approximately 20%. I agree with the genetic part, because even as a small child, the smell of coconut has made me nauseous and I have no recollection of any negative associations. (it's hard for me to go to the beach sometimes because of all the coconut tanning oils) I can choke down toasted coconut to be polite, but I would never voluntarily choose to eat it. Obviously, this whole topic is important for anyone entering a cooking competition.
  9. Lisa Shock

    Split peas (green, dried)

    Beano used to make a liquid you could add, I guess it's no longer on the market. You can still take their tablets, they are an enzyme.
  10. Lisa Shock


    Here's a discussion of making your own.
  11. I agree that Bloomfield is also a problematic actor, although she is divorcing herself from the situation and has not been seeking publicity. But, that's off-topic for this thread. Go back, read the title here. Hamilton compared her bailout and re-elevation of rapists to Jose Andres' work in Puerto Rico with hurricane victims. That's what we're discussing. There are millions of bad actors out their, and enablers. And many of them undoubtedly have worked in the foodservice industry. Feel free to start a separate discussion about them. This thread is about Hamilton's interview.
  12. I read quite a bit of the twitter posts including linked articles. And, yes, it can be difficult for criminals to find work, particularly non-famous ones. No, I don't think they should all be executed, and yes, there may be a glut of them in the next few years. We cannot just pass the problem along, as was the case with many college professors who were fired but not charged -they would up at different schools and re-offended. What people need to remember here is that the damage done to their victims can be permanent and profound. Our focus should always be on the victims first. If the perpetrators need jobs, let them work in areas with minimal human contact like commercial laundries, appliance repair businesses, automotive repair and maintenance, etc. They certainly should never, ever be supervisors again. What Gabrielle Hamilton is doing is re-elevating criminals to their prior job status, which they originally achieved through crushing the spirits and skills of others -because, presumably, that's all they know. What Hamilton ought to be doing is partnering with some victims and elevating them to upper level management, where they have belonged all along. THIS is my favorite TED talk, about the pecking order at work and how it does not work. These people ran a business based on pecking order and it needs to be smashed apart and replaced with fair equitable collaboration.
  13. Lisa Shock

    Working Surface for Chocolates

    Steel is fine, unless the table is shared with some sort of hot cooking like sugar work. The main difference is that steel is pretty conductive of heat and stone is not. I'd worry more about maintaining the room temperature than anything else.
  14. Here's a photo of Les Halles in Tokyo. I wanted to take pictures of our dinner but the people I was with were uncomfortable about it, so, it's the only photo I have. Sorry, not incredibly exciting.
  15. I cannot believe that comparison. She's bailing out men from their own 'man-made' disaster, where they indulged themselves in criminal activity by abusing people -and she's looking to profit from it. She's rewarding them! These men should be working their fingers to the bone to make their victims something like whole again: jump starting and elevating the victims careers, paying for their pain and suffering, doing penance in a meaningful and significant way -as in being stripped of their wealth and vacation homes, etc. To compare herself to a chef selflessly working (without pay, on his own dime) to help people whose lives were upended by a hurricane, is beyond the pale. I don't care how good the food is, I'll never eat at Prune or any of the 'second marriage' places either.