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  1. Welcome! In all honesty, we do have a limited number of monetized links. EG, a non-profit, needs some income to keep the site running. Much of that money comes from society donors, but a little bit comes from the society Amazon account. The Amazon button on the text box toolbar allows people to embed links to items on Amazon. If a person purchases one of these items, a small % of the price goes to the site's account. Customers pay the same amount as they would without the affiliate link. That said, the links don't appear all that frequently and are generally relevant to the conversation. -They appear mostly in the Kitchen Consumer forum. Bon Appétit
  2. Lisa Shock

    Kenny Shopsin Passed Away

    Sorry, but that's incorrect. Ali Yeganeh was the inspiration for the Soup Nazi character. Wikipedia's entry.
  3. Lisa Shock

    Techniques for drinking chocolate

    Remember that, even grated, your packets would have to be carefully stored in cool places. A few hours in a hot car would give customers a puddle instead of a powder. You'd have to be careful about shelf life, but, a different solution would be to sell chunks of ganache designed to be added to hot water. I used this method at a cafe I used to work at where we sold just a few cups a day (it's Phoenix, it's never that cold here!) and having a dedicated machine would have been wasteful. One idea would be to sell the chunks as a 'lollipop' with a stirrer/spoon as the handle.
  4. I think the difference is that back in the day, people mostly made 'the green' with pork: lard, bacon drippings, and pork stock. Now, you mostly see people making it with chicken stock and vegetable oil for 'health'. You'll want to make a green chile sauce from either flame-roasted, peeled and seeded fresh chiles or from a tub of frozen green chile -buy Hatch (generic location source) or Bueno brand. There's a recipe on the tub of Bueno green chile. Here's a link to a recipe, the only flaw I see in it is that I learned to use peeled, grated raw potato (red) as a thickener, not flour. If you want to use potato as a thickener, saute the herbs/spices and onion/garlic in the oil until the onion is soft, then add the stock, grated potato, and chile and simmer for about 20 minutes to cook the potato. Use olive oil, you can taste the difference -although bacon grease is also classic, especially if using pork stock. To make a bowl of stew, add some diced carrot, a little thin-cut celery, diced peeled tomato (canned is ok), corn, diced potato, and maybe some cubed meat/chicken. One notable commercially made sauce is a new product I just tasted at Costco, although it may just be regional, is 'Stinking Good' made in CO. They have a very tasty lineup, no idea if it meets your parameters. If the sauce tastes 'right' to you, migas are a great way to enjoy it. Just heat up some tortilla chips in a pan, push to one side, make scrambled eggs, mix, plate, and top with chile sauce and maybe some cheese/sour cream. Hope this helps! (I'm a former NM resident.)
  5. Lisa Shock

    What kind of flour am I looking for?

    Try higher hydration, maybe about 50g more water for the formula above. It may be more difficult to handle (if it's sticky, wet your hands to handle it) but will produce the bubbles you want. Also, try making the dough and storing it in the fridge for 24 hours -this gives flavor and better gluten development.
  6. You could mix it with cream cheese and a couple of eggs to make pumpkin cheesecake.
  7. Welcome, and you might want to consider the addition of another spirit if that would be consistent with your vision for the final product. Just a little good brandy, rum or bourbon can add a depth and complexity without taking over. I'm talking about maybe 10-20 grams per liter.
  8. The paella contains chicken rabbit and snails, or maybe it's old school and just contains snails. As indicated by the traditional name. The Arroz just contains prawns. -As its traditional name indicates. Menus contain different things to appeal to people with different tastes. Some guests want a seafood dish, some want the snails. I wouldn't be surprised to see other 'Arroz de' dishes on the menu to satisfy various people's tastes -much in the same way as steakhouses offer more than one type of steak, some lobster tails, a shrimp dish or two, and a couple of pasta dishes.
  9. This Arroz is made like paella, I just don't think that in Valencia it gets dignified with that title. HERES a page about it. It says that this dish used to be looked down upon because the red prawns were considered second-class seafood. But, the dish is popular because the prawns are tasty and in recent years their price has tripled. Note that the dish is just made with prawns, not mixed meats and fish, and definitely not the traditional paella protiens. So, it's much more accurate to call it Arroz de Carabineros.
  10. Lisa Shock

    Unflavored fudge base?

    I haven't seen one, but you could easily develop something from one of the white chocolate formulas out there.
  11. IIRC, in Valencia, paella is made with chicken and rabbit with some purists insisting on snails and at least one place making it with just snails. Carabineros are the deep sea cardinal prawn and in Valencia, one wouldn't call a seafood dish paella. The two dishes are similar, just different proteins.
  12. Lisa Shock

    Favorite Food Quotes

    Here's some info on it: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081214093617AA273kw
  13. I will never again be 'nice' and add 50% more glacè cherries (by weight) to a cake formula! Yes, I rinsed them and dried them then coated them in a little flour. They apparently exude sugar/syrup when cooked making the center of the cake a syrupy mess that never really firms up! I baked it in a tube pan, so I now have a 'tunnel of oversweet chunky cherry cake-batter goo' cake.
  14. Lisa Shock

    Chocdoc Does Dallas

    What if they were in individual paper 'cups', like many boxed chocolates or like the paper cups on Reese's pb cups?
  15. Ooooh, nougat! I have a recipe for it that uses some of the freeze-dried fruits along with the standard nuts. But yeah, that's a classic.