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  1. Organic Yeast

    Free the sourdough!
  2. Organic Yeast

    Dead link. I'm not even sure what "organic" might mean in the context of yeast... by my reckoning, all yeast are organic.
  3. Celtuce and Its Tops

    Somebody has done some of the work demystifying the asian greens section for me already: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/asian-green-guide.html Do those with personal knowledge think this article comports reasonably well with reality?
  4. Celtuce and Its Tops

    Thanks for enlightening me. I have seen Aa Choy in the local Korean market and wondered what it might be like... now I have an idea what to expect. Some day I'm going to need to buy a bunch of all of the different Asian greens on offer and try them... there are so many, and I know so little about most of them.
  5. Was wondering whether your MCM was meant as the roman numeral for 1900, or for the abbreviation of Mid-Century Modern... now I know.
  6. Where do you live that you have places that still do mid-century modern dining?
  7. RIP Holly Moore

    An eGulleteer from the earliest days, Holly Moore has passed away. (or so lots of people on FB have announced today) I have fond memories of sitting with him at the Heartland Gathering in PHL when we ate at Zahav. Fantastic foodie all around. Sad to hear he is no more.
  8. It claims to be able to keep water at temp within 1 degree F... So stovetop sous vide is possible with it, theoretically.
  9. I recall reading on here years ago that GE had some sort of precision controlled induction burner in development. Not entirely sure what happened to that... but this device could be the offspring of that research project. The price is nice... hope the quality is up to snuff. I do wonder why nobody had done a precision induction burner before now... are there hard EE problems to be solved in modulating the RF field that makes the pan heat up? Even the "pro" flavored induction plates only had 20 stops on their control dials. I am not sold on the whole everything needs to be controlled over wifi with an app design philosophy... but this application of it is super cool sounding. Anyway here's the link: Tasty Onetop
  10. Have to wonder if the "old people only want meat and potatoes" idea is less about what all old people want, and more about picky people getting more assertive as they get older... rather than accepting a plate full of stuff they're unexcited about eating, people realize that they're in a position to demand just what they want. There are plenty of people of all ages with unadventurous palates... just not all of them will put up a fight about getting only what they want, and nothing else.
  11. Looks like you're eating well and having a great time! All that construction is amazing, but i recall reading that it is a half-assed job... building huge buildings above ground, and no infrastructure underground... are there still trucks lined up to haul sewage away because there's no sewage pipe or treatment plant infrastructure? A relative of mine was one of the designers of the Palm Island project there, so lots of fun stories about how things get done there.
  12. Aldi

    Went to Aldi the other day... They had several varieties of the Deutsche Kuche branded sausages back on the shelves, which have proved quite good. In the freezer they also had DK branded pork schnitzel. Those were great as well. I don't buy much at Aldi, but their processed meats have been uniformly good so far, between this stuff, and the pates and Jamon Serrano they had over the holiday period.
  13. Love the Lilo poster!
  14. Quite right! Wish I were there!
  15. Like a rock star! How long can you keep this up? I'm kinda craving a big green leafy salad just thinking about how rich everything looks so far...