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  1. Sad news. RIP. She'll be missed.
  2. Has anybody else here touched the metal housing of the CSO and gotten a tingle like it is carrying electricity? Happened to me a couple of days ago. Unplugging it made the effect go away. It is staying unplugged and a fan is going inside it to thoroughly dry it out...
  3. cdh

    Fast Food Tamales

    No East coast fast food joints do tamales that I know of. No tamale I've ever had has even registered on the spicy-hot scale... is high capsaicin a hallmark of a good or traditional tamale? Perhaps I've never encountered a good one then.
  4. cdh

    Making Cheese

    On this topic, I've recently fallen down this Youtube rabbit hole: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE31MqUy6nIMJ_f8y4R3_AA Australian cheesemaking fellow who shows the process very comprehensively. Lots of inspiration material. Now I need to go shopping for molds and mold cultures.
  5. You're in NJ, right? You should be able to get seafood on a same-day truck delivery from Samuels & Sons. Go to their website, sign up for their daily email. If you think you'll use it a lot, join the 7Fish club for discounts and no shipping charge.
  6. Demiglace? That fits the bill. If you don't have duck stock to cook down, I'd imagine the veal variety you can get from stores would play nicely... maybe go in an au poivre direction with a few twists of pepper and a splash of brandy in it?
  7. I've bought bundles from them over the years. Always a good deal. No membership charges for the bundles... they have a subscription video game subscription thingy, but you don't need to be a part of that to buy into the bundles. Looking at this one, I don't see anything that inspires me to buy in, but if you're interested don't let fears of hidden charges or repeating obligations scare you away... they are not part of this deal.
  8. CSO did a great job on the turkey dark meat this year. Dried out in the fridge for 36 hours, then steamed in the CSO at 170 for 4 hours, then briefly broiled to crisp up the skin.
  9. I've seen them, but not tried them.. will have to pick some examples up when I next run across them
  10. Shows you how much I know about regional Italy... What flavors are Basilicatese?
  11. Lucano is sold as an "amaro basilicata". How much does it taste of basil? Would Ramazotti with a bit of basil syrup be a decent substitute?
  12. Byrrh tastes to me like ruby port with some non-aromatic bittering in it... so if you have tonic syrup sort of stuff a bit of that into some ruby port might make a decent substitute.
  13. Sad news. He was missed after he stopped hanging out around here.
  14. cdh

    Flavored soda

    Are you talking about homemade sweet soda, or flavored seltzer? Torani syrups + seltzer make a nice beverage. Herbal syrups like shiso or thai basil also make a fine addition to seltzer. If the sugar component is not required for your desired result, look into citrus oils. I handle them thus: Make a 2-4% solution of citrus oil in Everclear. Add that stuff to an atomizer bottle. Spray a spritz or two over seltzer. ***Don't do this with bergamot. That stuff is caustic even at this dilution.
  15. cdh

    High temperature cheese

    A member of the haloumi family?
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