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  1. The WaPo paywall can be sort-of disappeared by judicious use of the F12 key and stepping through all the stuff that loads on the page. The nag loads after the text of the article...
  2. w/r/t the date on the salt- My bet is it is there to head off complaints when it cakes or melts back into a single huge lump of salt. I bet some lab exposed the cardboard tube the salt is sold in to "high average" household humidity conditions and came up with an amount of time that it would protect the salt inside from absorbing enough water to be a problem. Regarding expiry on other stuff, I've never paid attention to it. Milk especially... some milk last a week past date and is fine. Some milk goes funky 4 or 5 days before the date. Just have to be attentive to your dairy... Smell tests and coffee curdling test beat a date stamp any day.
  3. Is your grapefruit/shiso going to be electric magenta? My shiso shrub stuff is a wild color straight out of the bottle. What are you using for the grapefruit base, hand processed fresh grapefruits, or canned stuff, or juice?
  4. A very fine source of orange oil that lots of people have handy! I wonder how candied orange peel would work as a mix-in?
  5. Try orange oil. Dissolve some in some vodka and add it by the drop. I've got a bunch of citrus oils about 1% oil in 99% everclear stored in atomizer bottles. A mist or two of that makes citrus flavor pop. Big fan of the bitter orange oil, and the blood orange oil. The tangerine I've tried has been a bit disappointing. Be careful about keeping the dilution to about 99:1... too concentrated it can become irritating.
  6. I'm having great success with sorbets from frozen supermarket fruit. Put a quarter cup of sugar in the blender, add frozen mango chunks, squeeze a little lemon on top, a pinch of xanthan and enough water to make it go... once reduced to puree freeze in the creami pint.
  7. Safety regs, lack of interchangeable parts and lack of sufficient power. To commandeer a hand blender into pacojet service you'd need a new snap on pacojet blade with no guard around it, which would be a liability nightmare so nobody would manufacture one. If you hack together a DIY pacoblade to snap on to your hand blender, the gearing in the pacojet would indicate it is putting out a lot more torque than a vanilla hand blender could muster, so it might not go anywhere even if you do muscle it straight downward into your brick of slippery frozen stuff.
  8. Think about a clear epoxy coating like they use in the river tables... that stuff is near indestructible and can showcase the wood... I'd imagine the woodworker you're getting it from would be familiar with the idea and could show you how that looks and give you a tour of its properties... You probably don't want to leave the wood unfinished.
  9. I've been using bottled kefir as the base for fruity treats, and augmenting it with lactose free half and half. My recipe goes like this- put 100g of sugar plus a random hunk off of the cream cheese brick plus about 25g of some booze or other into the creami pint, then nuke it for 15 seconds. Add kefir and any chopped up fruit up to about half way and blitz it with the hand blender until blended to your preferences... top up with half and half and stir a bit to combine everything. Freeze for 24 hours, spin. Works very nicely. I've been playing with adding a pinch of xanthan, though I don't know what it difference actually makes.
  10. " A few weeks after publishing the report, the WHO issued a clarification insisting it was not telling consumers to stop eating processed meat." Hmmmm.... an order of both bacon both ways? You can't have it both ways.
  11. The Gelato button is supposed to be the go-to for custard bases... Give that a shot and see if it helps.
  12. Haven't tried the Tonnino... am remedying that now. A six-pack of their ventresca is on the way.
  13. For a difference, perhaps butter your bread... Americans don't tend to do that, Brits do. Or if you're a Brit, try mayo instead of the butter. (But I don't think the two would play nicely together simultaneously.) Also think about adding alfalfa sprouts as your green addition. A curly tangle of them is much less likely to get wilty than a single leaf of lettuce. Tapenades, or olive slices are also nice. And think about cheeses that spread, not slice... A slathering of camembert on the bread would certainly liven up turkey breast.
  14. I tried a rhubarb elderflower strawberry sorbet. It initially rang in at north of 30, and I watered it down to about 29. Perfect texture without any stabilizer additions. Going to be repeated. Perhaps with a squeeze of lemon juice next time. Hope my elderflower tree still has some flowers on it.
  15. Have you taken a brix reading on the sorbet base? What is the target for a sorbet with a nice texture? North of 30?
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