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  1. I've never played with the clear variety... but it does exist. Here's their website... https://plastidip.com/our-products/plasti-dip/ I figure that a clear rubber seal around the cling film will keep the jelly out for you... Or maybe just forget the cling film and spray a clear layer or two right on the phone... It should waterproof it... and you should be able to peel it off when you're done.
  2. Why not get a a spray can of PlastiDip and spray a layer of rubberizer all over the cling-film wrapped phone to seal it up? Then drop it in the gelatin. Or does it have to visibly be a phone trapped in jello for the effect you want?
  3. OP- I think your vegan friend is going to figure something out where ever you go. If your man needs meat, picking a vegan spot is not going to work... everywhere does vegetables in some format... If the meat requirement were not there, but good and interesting veg food was the thing, maybe someplace Indian like Saravanas in Curry Hill, or Korean formal vegetarian food like at Hangawi... but you're not going to hit both "must serve meat" and "good for vegans" at either of those simultaneously.
  4. cdh

    Nut Identification

    Look like pine nuts... but they never get rock hard... are you sure they're not some sort of beans? They get rock hard.
  5. A friend has been living over there for a while... he gets to Roberta's from there pretty regularly. He's also a fan of L'antagonist on Malcom X blvd, and I'd concur with that.
  6. Mine got here too. Will play with it soon. Would love to hear from anybody who has played with both one of these and a Control Freak...
  7. I couldn't stop myself at the $69 price point. I had been convincing myself that waiting on Kickstarter to come through with the MasterSous device would cover what this does... But at that price and the added value of instant gratification, it was too much.
  8. And the Jasmine or the Pegu Club also make fine highballs during the heat of summer.
  9. Lots of cocktails make delicious highballs... I like my Manhattans tall and fizzy pretty often.
  10. Geisha is a novelty. It is different, and it is rare. That's why it is expensive. Would I want to drink it every day if I could get it for $8/lb? I don't think so. There... I've disputed its primacy.
  11. That looks like an agricultural recommendation. It's like a chart that says Riesling is a great wine grape when planted beside rivers. Fine as far as it goes, but misleading in the extreme if you expect exceptional wine when Riesling vines are planted next to the Cuyahoga.
  12. Define "best". You need to figure out what you like. Generally anything offered by a specialty green coffee seller is going to be far above the commodity grade stuff where "is it robusta", "does it taste bad" are not questions that should be on the radar. The importers do cuppings and only things without appreciable faults get bid on. Whether you _like_ the flavor of a typical Sumatra or Costa Rica coffee is another question.
  13. It's a relative of koji, one of the more appetizing things in that rogues galley of an ingredients list.
  14. Aaargh... you've generated gigantic temptation. I'm awaiting my Master Sous from Kickstarter which should arrive this fall, and is an precision induction widget -- with an automated stirring function. Do I need this in addition to my elderly Sunpentown Mr. Indunction II?
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