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  1. CSO did a great job on the turkey dark meat this year. Dried out in the fridge for 36 hours, then steamed in the CSO at 170 for 4 hours, then briefly broiled to crisp up the skin.
  2. I've seen them, but not tried them.. will have to pick some examples up when I next run across them
  3. Shows you how much I know about regional Italy... What flavors are Basilicatese?
  4. Lucano is sold as an "amaro basilicata". How much does it taste of basil? Would Ramazotti with a bit of basil syrup be a decent substitute?
  5. Byrrh tastes to me like ruby port with some non-aromatic bittering in it... so if you have tonic syrup sort of stuff a bit of that into some ruby port might make a decent substitute.
  6. Sad news. He was missed after he stopped hanging out around here.
  7. cdh

    Flavored soda

    Are you talking about homemade sweet soda, or flavored seltzer? Torani syrups + seltzer make a nice beverage. Herbal syrups like shiso or thai basil also make a fine addition to seltzer. If the sugar component is not required for your desired result, look into citrus oils. I handle them thus: Make a 2-4% solution of citrus oil in Everclear. Add that stuff to an atomizer bottle. Spray a spritz or two over seltzer. ***Don't do this with bergamot. That stuff is caustic even at this dilution.
  8. cdh

    High temperature cheese

    A member of the haloumi family?
  9. cdh

    Maillard and Your Fond

    @Rotuts You appear to have an interesting theory that in a nonstick environment the thing being cooked accumulates the stuff that would become fond. It is interesting in that the stuff clearly does not just vanish because it got put in a nonstick pan. I have nothing to add by way of facts since I don't use nonstick for much beyond grilling cheese and making eggs... but most of what you typed went right past me because deciphering poetry into prosaic ideas is beyond me.
  10. cdh


    So the rock salt by itself moderates the humidity? Do you have a hygrometer in the chamber to let you see what is going on? If you're going to wait 4 weeks, would you do a weekly weighing so we can see the rate of water loss?
  11. The not letting the machine stay hot for hours is probably the thing. I turn mine on when I wake up and off mid-afternoon. A rubber gasket survives that for about 2 years.
  12. Was it silicone instead of rubber? Did you obsessively turn the machine off after using it? Heat degrades the rubber and makes it harden up over time... so my guesses are either no rubber, or a lot less heat.
  13. That's not helpful. Anybody can edit Wikipedia to say anything. How long has that assertion been there, and what evidence is cited to back it up? The editors stick [citation needed] in where they see a need... but are not omniscient.
  14. I'll be interested in what you find. My current machine is a Lelit, which is sort of a mini-Silvia... smaller boiler, faster heating up, lots of heavy brass for thermal stability. I'm wondering what the little light modern things are able to do. Report back if you get one.
  15. Not just African... it is clearly the product of The One True Culinary Genius who invented EVERYTHING the very first time. Everything we all eat traces back to the Genius... we just need to find the proof that confirms the perfectly self-evident hypothesis. And then give all credit where it is due.
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