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  1. Other sources that might pan out for you: https://slickdeals.net/f/15018442-kindle-cookbook-ebook-mastering-the-art-of-french-cooking-volume-1-by-julia-child-2-99-amazon-google-play-b-n-nook-apple-books-and-kobo?src=jfy|recombee|ffe2322a1ae406bff6bd7fd2aa21a265
  2. Easton/Phillipsburg looks like it was industrial back in the day... and doesn't the Delaware continue up into NY state where GE and friends used it for waste dumping, like they did the Hudson?
  3. Do they? I knew they had a shad festival every year... but do they still pull the fish from the Delaware? Is that river clean enough up there? A century of industry upstream makes me wonder. Enjoy the shad! Did you get any roes?
  4. It is wonderful living someplace that not only has Asian ingredients, but multiple competing sources. Here in greater Philly we have 2 H-Marts, and a competitive Korean-owned pan-asian supermarket called Assi, as well as an expanding selection of Indian markets, and at least one Japanese grocery. All of them are between a half hour and an hour from me, so not as regular a stop as the Aldis and Lidls and local supermarkets, but they're all reachable when needed. And life is the better for it. What really shocked me was about a month ago when I was driving the 60 miles of back
  5. Sad news, but it sounds like she lived a long full life, and you got back to see her recently.
  6. cdh


    I love V8. As juice. No need to turn it into soup or pasta sauce. Does make a fine bloody mary if you dump enough horseradish into it. It beats tomato juices because it is savory and not sweet. Sweet tomato juice is vile.
  7. cdh


    My local Costco already has a Chick-fil-a in the parking lot. I'd be shocked it they incorporate a competitive snack in store.
  8. Fermented stuff... hmmm... So this is going to be a koji umami temple, with all the things kojified? Veg-charcuiterie, and the rest of Koji Alchemy brought off the page and live to a plate near you?
  9. Showcasing just how good vegan can be might be a worthwhile endeavour. An old friend of mine has been vegan for self-preservation reasons for as long as I've known him... and he has very very fond memories of Gray Kunz cooking for him at Lespinasse and how transcendent it was. I sort of regret missing that particular dinner with those friends. I'd love to hear what a kitchen like that can do with all its focus on getting the maximum flavor out of plants and plant adjacent stuff.
  10. Epicurious still exists? I remember them from way back in the days of HotWired... I figured they blinked out of existence with Web 1.0...
  11. An old friend wrote the attached piece about chamber vacs. I still don't have one myself, tho. https://fields.medium.com/in-praise-of-the-chamber-vacuum-a7e1ad554887
  12. Do please tell me what calling low temp poaching and cooling and reheating open to the environment "much more dangerous" than sealing the stuff is at worst, if at best it is wrong? You'd advocate doing it, and do it yourself? Are you calling me a crazy alarmist or something? Let's see your risk assessment of sealed in plastic sous vide vs low temp poaching. What's your HACCP for the latter procedure? While you're at it, what's your risk assessment for ziploc plastic leaching unidentified bad stuff into the food? How's that compare to the microbiological risk to heal
  13. Yes. Low temp poaching then cooling and freezing stuff that is not isolated from the environment is going to be MUCH more dangerous due to microbiologicals than any potential emissions from the plastics. Are you planning on removing plastic from the equation entirely and wrapping in wax paper for the freezing?
  14. Could you explain your proposed alternative? "Just sous vide in water" sounds like you intend to ditch the bag and just poach stuff at low temps? THAT is a recipe for foodborne illness... you're culturing everything in the air in your kitchen that happens to land in the pot full of growth medium at the right temp for bacterial growth.
  15. cdh


    But neither TJ nor Aldi has an in store bakery... they both have a rack of shelves that baked goods in plastic bags reside upon.
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