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  1. I doubt it. You need barley in there for the diastatic enzymes it brings in abundance. I think the efficiency of hoping each all-wheat or all-corn mash will fully convert and then doping the failures with amylase would be economically unviable.
  2. Browned butter. I decided to go through the process and brown a whole pound of butter back when there was a lot of free time... and it is a wonderful thing. I keep it in a mason jar on the counter, and it lasts months. Perfect for slathering on stuff to go on the grill, or for a saute, etc etc... And I keep the browned milk solids in little vac-sealed pucks in the freezer... I have fond memories of a browned butter lobster roll that emphasized the browned crispy milky bits, so when next some lobsters come my way, they're getting that treatment.
  3. Discovered that TJ's dropped their Stoned Wheat Thins knock-offs sometime during the pandemic... Those were great, and I miss them... hope they come back. I wonder if the problem was the closed US/Canadian border during the pandemic?
  4. And a fine trip back in time...
  5. Totally concur. Sour milk, baby vomit... there's something off about the plain entry level Hershey product. They did have some really good stuff, the level above the Symphony brand called Cacao Reserve that was really really good. But they discontinued it 10 years ago. Sadly.
  6. Never had their beer... nor have I noticed it in shops near me... but I'll make a point of avoiding it, I guess, if I ever come across it. This letter does make them sound like a nightmare employer-- orders to break laws, then active attempts to blackball folks who quit over it... If that's true, they're awful people. If it is not true, this is at least going to throw a wrench into their current capital raise (that I have seen aggressively advertising on Facebook).
  7. cdh


    Eels seem to make some people wax rhapsodic... I remember being really annoyed by the wistful musings PBS tried to pass off as a Nature documentary a while back... https://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/the-mystery-of-eels-introduction/8239/
  8. Don't just lay the bacon out, weave the bacon together. https://barbecuebible.com/recipe/build-bacon-weave/ The mac&cheese needs jalapenos incorporated somehow. There needs to be Tabasco sauce in the dish. And I'd think about deep frying the mac&cheese in a tubular mold before wrapping the bacon weave around it and tying it on with a scallion.
  9. Perhaps it is not the _cuisine_ that is underseasoned, but rather just a few iconic dishes lots of tourists experience. Bangers- not much in the way of spice but white pepper. Pork pies similarly lightly seasoned. Not a lot but salt and pepper going on in the Sunday roast or the Yorkshire puddings that go with it. Saying British cuisine is underspiced is just flat out wrong since curry is such a big part of it... But there are iconic foods that are lacking in herbal oomph... particularly to American palates where Italian spices in sausages are ubiquitous and garlic salt is widely used on roasts and such like.
  10. But if you look at the label on the device, it says only 1.5 Ah... If there were a BMS, they could program it to undercharge the cells to maximize lifespan... but it doesn't looks like there is a BMS...
  11. Replacing those batteries should be super cheap. Here's a solution for less than $2 before shipping... https://batteryhookup.com/products/3x-molicel-2250mah-18650-cells
  12. Hamburger steaks are news to me... Not a thing in the part of Pennsylvania I live in, nor were they a thing in NYC, nor were they a thing in Austin... I presume they're a patty of ground meat served with a steak-y sauce and no bun. Or are they a pummeled-rather-than-ground meat thing that gets turned into a "Swiss Steak" round abouts where I live? edit to add: The not ground but pummeled meat around here is sold as "cube steak"...
  13. Other sources that might pan out for you: https://slickdeals.net/f/15018442-kindle-cookbook-ebook-mastering-the-art-of-french-cooking-volume-1-by-julia-child-2-99-amazon-google-play-b-n-nook-apple-books-and-kobo?src=jfy|recombee|ffe2322a1ae406bff6bd7fd2aa21a265
  14. Easton/Phillipsburg looks like it was industrial back in the day... and doesn't the Delaware continue up into NY state where GE and friends used it for waste dumping, like they did the Hudson?
  15. Do they? I knew they had a shad festival every year... but do they still pull the fish from the Delaware? Is that river clean enough up there? A century of industry upstream makes me wonder. Enjoy the shad! Did you get any roes?
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