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  1. Thanks. I have some cooling off now before I freeze it. Rereading your post I missed the rapidly chill after heating comment and just threw it in the blender, I rapidly chilled it now though 20 minutes later. What spin setting did you use, sorbet?
  2. https://youtu.be/jEQYWDw-1B8
  3. Lots of recipes to try here https://pacojet.com/en/category/recipe/
  4. The middle image should have a 1/7 in the bottom left and left/right arrow buttons in the bottom right. You can click through the 7 images to see the recipe.
  5. I thought that at first as well but it does basically show the recipe if you click through the images.
  6. Was it preheating? My Electrolux oven turns the fan on while preheating and then off when it reaches temp.
  7. Miele's are sold in pretty much every single appliance store in Edmonton, surprised you can't find one in Calgary. Trail Appliance has them, even Best Buy. I suspect Miele will release the new 7000 series in Canada next year so might be worth waiting. They just released the 7000 dishwasher recently. The current 6000 series has been out for a while.
  8. Yeah but they also said "Among All-Clad’s product lines, I’d avoid D5/D7/C2/Copper Core/nonstick for reasons stated above–they are priced too high."
  9. On sale at Massdrop if anyone is thinking of getting one. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/polyscience-control-freak-induction-cooking-system
  10. https://www.testek.ca/en/control-freaktm-induction-cooker-from-breville-polyscience.htm Looks like it's still on clearance. One thing to know is the 20amp cord is huge. It's like an inch in diameter and 10ft long. I was planning to leave the thing on my counter all the time but the cord takes up way too much space. Not sure if the 15amp version is better.
  11. Thanks. I ended up recooking some quinoa separately. Did some cracked corn, farrow, and wheat berries for 25 minutes all together and it seemed to work ok. Combined with 7 other random seeds and nuts I had laying around and only used about 60% of the mix to equal 210g. Should be ready for the oven in about an hour.
  12. I'm unclear about a few things with the grain count recipe. The recipe has 210g nut, seed, and grain mix which I assume is weighed using cooked grains based on the fact that the total bread yield is 1kg but on the page with all the different mixes they total 210g using raw grains. When I cooked the grains for the mix the mix weighed a lot more than 210g. Should I use it all or measure out 210g of it when I mix it in? For cooking the grains the bread recipe says to mix them all together and pressure cook for 25min but the page in volume 2 referenced in the recipe has different cooking times for each grain. Again, which is it? When I cooked quinoa for 25 minutes it was mush.
  13. I'm trying to make the grain count bread and it says to pressure cook the grains per instructions on page 3-376 but that page is about selecting the correct cooking vessel for baking bread. Anyone know what the correct page reference is?
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