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    Kenji rated it the best backyard pizza oven https://www.seriouseats.com/2017/05/best-backyard-pizza-ovens-review.html I have the blackstone oven which also works great. There's also this coming for indoor http://smartovenpizzaiolo.breville.com/us/
  2. Someone from Breville posted on Chefsteps a few years ago that they were working on a home version. I had assumed it ended up becoming the poacher. Speaking of new Breville appliances, I haven't seen this mentioned around here yet. http://smartovenpizzaiolo.breville.com/us/
  3. rob1234

    Modernist Bread

    That's not true. I emailed about two errors I found and they acknowledged them in January and March but neither are on the corrections page. One was the incorrect pullman pan size in the pain de mie recipe and one was the incorrect page number reference for parmesan cheese water in the parmesan sour dough recipe.
  4. Having said that, I sometimes have to hold the mixer in place so it doesn't fly off the counter when mixing at that speed so maybe it should be slower.
  5. I thought most of the recipes say to finish mixing on medium speed which I've been using between 4 and 6 on my kitchenaid?
  6. I can confirm it works on ipad now. I have an ipad mini 2nd gen. There's been a few updates to the app since I first posted about it not working. I haven't actually cooked with it yet other than boiling water for pasta once to see how fast it would heat (it was slow).
  7. rob1234

    eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    Found the same thing. I put mayo, mustard, pickled jalapenos, cheese, and small amount of bacon on mine. For leftovers I just put the schnitzel in a bun by itself.
  8. rob1234

    eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    I made schnitzel sandwiches last night. Pounded probably 3/4" pork loin to 1/8" and it stayed 1/8" after cooking. I pounded it a ton though.
  9. It was the phone version of the app that I installed (which is horrible and ugly to use on an ipad). I couldn't find an ipad version. Hopefully because they took it down while they add one top support. One top support said they are working on the android and ipad versions but would not give an eta.
  10. No idea. You can install the tasty app on the ipad but it is missing the one top menu item. I was about to email them to ask where the missing menu was when I saw on the faq page that ipads are not supported.
  11. Just got mine last week as well. Missed the part before I ordered that it only works with iphones (not ipads). I had assumed any iOS device would work. Hopefully the android port will be done soon. It's probably mentioned in here somewhere but I also didn't realized it had a loud cooling fan that runs whenever it is on.
  12. Looks like it barely fits in the combo cooker. Is that 1kg of dough? I've been debating if I should just try 1kg or scale the recipes to the recommended 850g for the combo cooker.
  13. Great, thanks both.
  14. Since they don't delivery to Canada I'm going to try using a mail forwarding company. Does anyone know the country of origin for the onetop or roughly what the shipping weight and dimensions were?
  15. Thanks for this. I noticed the recipe says to use a pan 33cm x 10cm x 6cm even though the pan size page 212 says 1kg fits in 33cm x 10cm x 10cm (=13x4x4). Nothing is listed on the corrections page about this. I emailed them at the corrections@modernistcuisine.com link on the website but it bounced back saying the email doesn't exist.
  16. Thanks. That's good. 410 is still better than any home counter top fryer that tops out at 375, if that.
  17. Thanks for the info. I see a picture of fried chicken in your app screenshot. Can the temp probe control oil for deep frying? Tasty support said the max temp is 450 but wasn't clear if that meant the temp probe control.
  18. On the heritage radio podcast Nathan said he brought in 250lbs of rye flour from Germany which has the texture of cake flour. Is Bob's finely ground like cake flour?
  19. rob1234

    Edible helium balloon

    After eating at Alinea we watched the chefs making these balloons. It seemed to take multiple tries before they made one that didn't pop or fail. It looked pretty difficult.
  20. This just says there's a potential unproven risk if farmers ignore the established guidelines and plant unapproved GMOs beside non-GMO counterparts and they cross-pollinate. From the blog "It was not possible to prove a direct link between the Cry protein and the allergic reaction " "the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not find a direct link between Cry9C and allergic reactions in the consumers who claimed to have ingested StarLink corn" "the technology used for making GMO crops does not necessarily make us more vulnerable than conventional breeding" "there is no evidence that GMOs are any more or less allergenic than their non-modified counterparts." "To date, no allergens have been found in GMO products approved for human consumption."
  21. Which GMO was this? GMO wheat hasn't hit the market so not sure where you got that from.
  22. This is what I found when I did the course last time (finished about 3/4). I thought it was more a science course using cooking to explain things then a cooking course using science.
  23. Made the ideas in food pumpkin pies this year. The dulce de leche one was ok (I think I overcooked it) but the spiced one was the best pumpkin pie I've ever had http://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2011/11/spiced-pumpkin-pie.html Made the ras al hanout mix using the modernist cuisine recipe.
  24. rob1234

    Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    I can verify that the wonder grinder makes perfectly smooth pistachio butter. I bought one for the same reason, although an upgraded one http://indichocolate.com/products/chocolate-refiner made to run for longer periods.
  25. rob1234

    Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    Yeah and xanthan. It's the ice cream stabilizer mix in Frozen Desserts page 22. Roughly equal amounts of xanthan, locust bean, guar, and 50/50 mono and diglyceride.