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  1. It's an aluminum quarter sheet pan, it actually came with my Vesta, what did they send you?
  2. I have this weird and unscientifically based theory that post-processing hardening is from the unfrozen water in the mixture turning to ice, and that because the mixtures processed by the Ninja are thoroughly frozen before processing, there is little/no residual water to turn to ice post-processing and thus minimal hardening even if the ice cream gets much colder in the freezer overnight. Effectively most of it is already very finely pulverized ice so it can't harden further. This is at least how I explain why my sorbets with ideal serving temp of -12C are completely soft and scoopable at -18C which wouldn't have been possible in my other machine
  3. It's made for a cheap churning machine that's why the freezing point depression is so high. My new recipes I am making to be frozen to -18C before processing I haven't been able to conduct any direct experiments about stabilizers. You are probably right though for most recipes it is not necessary in this new machine. Since I only have 3 containers I have been removing all my sorbets to other containers though. Also I have now been focusing on some high water content fruit where I think the stabilizers/inulin are more important. For peach you likely do not need it. Temp is most important. The time is a failsafe. In some of the Ninja technical documents they actually say that only 16.5 hours are required in ideal conditions.
  4. Color deepened up nicely with thawing. Fennel oil on right. Fennel puree after pushing through strainer on the left. The texture pre straining was similar to a blender puree of fennel, smooth but not 100% smooth. The fennel oil has a lot of particulate and should probably go through a cheesecloth for the most refined outcome. Overall I would rate this process as equivalent to a vita mix. Given these results, I don't see much use for this at home yet to be honest. It might be handy for smaller volume purees, or assisting mise en place for a large dinner or one where you need the blender for a lot of other things I did another watermelon sorbet today (right) compared to old. I added 2.5% inulin and am really happy with the results. The mouthfeel was a lot creamier, more akin to an ice cream, and the texture was noticeably smoother. I might try with 3.5-4% next time. Watermelon sorbet: 378g pureed and strained watermelon flesh; 106g sucrose; 0.9g malic acid; 0.9g citric acid; 1.5g cremodan 64; 12.5g inulin. Blend, strain and freeze to -18C before processing on sorbet function.
  5. Fennel oil. Color is more vibrant in real life. There was a bit left on the walls but not much. I would've liked a darker green but partly my fault as I didn't fully pack in the fronds and I used some other bits from my end of the season plant. We'll see how it looks and tastes when it thaws
  6. 400g cooked peach puree [90% of pre-cook weight], 64g dextrose, 34g sucrose, 1.5g cremodan 64, malic & citric acid to taste. Needs to be frozen to -26C though. I am in the process of reworking all my recipes to be able to process out of a -18C freezer, will post when done. I actually wonder if the prior comments about it not effectively pureeing everything were from products that weren't frozen cold enough. Watching my machine a lot it seems the warmer the product gets the less effective the blending is. I think maybe freezing to -20C or -22C everything might blend in nicely. Or maybe that's me trying to convince myself that I need to buy a deep freezer.... was looking at them all last night (and dipping cabinets but I'm hearing these aren't good for long term storage) I wasn't able to process my fennel oil yet. I woke up this morning and the oil had gone below the level of the fennel so I had to top it up. It's not frozen enough yet
  7. Just tried it with these 2 sorbets so far but I think I will be using it for all ice creams too. Eventually I'd like to test the differences since the only thing the manual says is that the sorbet button spins faster/longer than ice cream but I'll probably need more containers first
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/366957831711451 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1228781500908535 Someone on FB also called QVC and confirmed that the 1000watts was an error, only thing different is the color I did two sorbets today - a prickly pear sorbet and a new watermelon recipe. I am pretty happy with how these turned out and I think I am getting the hang of the machine. Processed at -16c and came out at ~-11c. I left them in the freezer for a bit to reharden to -16C. Ideally I'd process colder but I think I was opening my freezer too much. They were still nice and soft despite ideal serving temp being calculated to -12C. There is a small amount of ice crystals but overall I'm very satisfied considering these are both very high water low solids ingredients. Much better than my freezer bowl machine and much easier; not as good as my peach sorbet I did on the initial run though. I am going to purchase some inulin and start experimenting to see if I can get an even denser creamier texture with watery fruit sorbets. Oh also I am processing with the sorbet button now. I realized the manual suggests this has a much faster blade RPM and longer process time. I now have 4 sorbets in my freezer and an ice cream so I think this is the part where I start eating things before making any more.
  9. Haven't seen any mention of it on twitter, I think his original post about evaluating the machine was Aug 1 I am going to do my first savory test on the machine in 24hrs. Fennel oil - roughly equal parts fennel and canola oil, the fennel was blanched first. Into the freezer it goes. I see this being beneficial over a blender because you could easier process a small volume like 250ml
  10. Good point. They are listing the machine as 5lbs heavier too although I wouldn't be surprised if all the packaging weighed that much
  11. https://www.qvc.com/Ninja-Foodi-Creami-Frozen-Treat-Maker-with-Extra-Pint-Ice-Cream-Bowls.product.K55255.html?sc=SRCH Looks like we bought too early - 1000W version for sale with 5 containers at the ?same price (current machine is 800W). They don't sell to Canada though, returning my current machine internationally and coordinating cross border shipping seems too onerous. I'm gonna wait this out... will upgrade later in winter if reviews show its worth it and then I'll sell my current machine locally or give it to my mom
  12. There is an unreleased cheaper model that doesn't have gelato or smoothie bowl functions. I am still trying to figure out what exactly all the different buttons do
  13. Low res photo but I did a passion fruit sorbet and another white chocolate snow in the Creami today, based on standard freezer temps, snow from Under Pressure, sorbet from EMP. Texture of both was perfect. Served with a basil lime gel and braised pineapple
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