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    Beef heart

    5 spice? Seems like a good candidate to add to the soy/sugar/sesame regimen suggested above...
  2. The point is that allowing sexual reproduction leads to genes mixing... and the occasional mutation to make its way in to the picture. That occasional mutation may provide an advantage against whatever environmental challenges the baby plant encounters. So the mutants outlive the old variety. Voila, evolution! All wine grapes are cloned rather than the result of gene mixing... so there's no chance that any beneficial mutants are in the mix... so if something comes along that kills all the grapes, then there will be no chance of immune mutants who could survive. So bad.
  3. Not entirely sure. Never done it myself, as I live in PA dutch country and pepper hash is readily available. I'd not be surprised it it was just sent through a meat grinder type apparatus... It has the same sort of consistency that cranberry relishes do, and I know they're made with the grinder method.
  4. Sounds a whole lot like PA Dutch "pepper hash", though that is usually grated rather than shredded.
  5. OH, I should put the link here in case others are as easily tempted as me... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cuisinart-CSO-300N-Convection-Steam-Oven-Stainless-Steel/132952299420?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. ebay presented a refurbished CSO to me for my consideration... Last week when it was $130, I managed to resist. Today it dropped to $105. Couldn't resist. Looking forward to playing with this new toy. This is the 300N model... so probably last gen... but still irresistable.
  7. He also can't eat "uncured" cured meats? Celery is a huge source of nitrates... all "uncured" cured meats you see are dosed with celery juice concentrate in place of powdered chemically refined nitrates. Can he eat real cured meats, or is his issue with the nitrates themselves, regardless of source?
  8. Why an oven rather than a sous vide bath? Nothing you've mentioned needs to be crisp.
  9. When you say mozzarella, what do you mean? Did he bring home balls of the fresh stuff sitting in whey brine? Did he get bricks of the dried stuff? Bags of the shredded dried stuff? Lots of things get called mozzarella commercially... knowing what you've got would help us come up with recommendations... see e.g.: https://www.foodrepublic.com/2015/10/01/12-types-mozzarella-know-love-melt/ and https://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-deal-with-low-moisture-mozzarella-and-when-to-use-it-256664
  10. Flavors are all over the place. The black tomatoes I've grown have been pretty much indistinguishable from red ones. They were not all black at all, anyway... they were a very dark red, with greenish shoulders... but called black. Has somebody succeeded in breeding an evenly black tomato? Anyway, I find the yellow and white tomatoes sweeter and less acid, the green ones sweet with middling acidity, red ones are all over the place, but if you're looking for a sharper more acid tomato, it will probably be red. Then again, tomato flavor depends as much on the dirt it grows in as the breed of plant... so YMMV.
  11. Definitely read the Understanding Stovetop Cookware info linked to above. That will give you the info you need to assess your kitchen situation and determine if the pots you _want_ are the pots you will gain the most benefit from. Pretty but useless should not be the objective... unless you're a Realtor looking to stage a kitchen .
  12. Black tomatoes, white tomatoes, green zebra striped tomatoes... they're all a thing... have grown lots of off the wall tomatoes over the years... Hardly ever see 'em on store shelves. Occasionally in a farmers market for a whole lot of money.
  13. That is black tea... "Gold" isn't a new kind of tea... it is a way of selling better quality black tea. some black teas exhibit gold-ish looking tips...
  14. cdh

    New Anova Pro

    Isn't Anova a lab equipment maker too? I thought I remembered hearing that when they introduced their first models way back when.
  15. Just noticed a (targeted facebook) ad for Sharp's countertop superheated steam oven. Given how much love the Cuisinart gets around here, has anybody looked into this as potential competition? Here's a link to the thing that the ad pointed to... though my ad link had it priced differently than what I found just searching for it just now. Must be some algorithmic shenanigans going on about figuring out how much people will pay for one. Anyway, it looks like the sort of thing that we'd talk about around here... https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sharp-supersteam-steam-oven-stainless-steel/6288006.p?skuId=6288006
  16. Try Weyerbacher Heresy. Also Fegley's Insidious.
  17. cdh

    Gran Gaggia

    I don't think you're right, Teonzo. That knob on top is the steam on/off valve. There should be a water reservoir accessible to fill, but that knob has nothing to do with it. This looks like the same controls and layout as my old Gaggia machines. Slightly different shell, but the guts are all in the same relative positions.
  18. cdh

    Gran Gaggia

    The top knob is a twist on/off valve for the steam wand. The three buttons on the front are power, pump, and temperature toggles. Far right turns the machine on and gets it heating up. Middle switch activates the pump and sends heated water through the shower screen on the group head. Left switch changes the target water temp in the boiler from espresso making temp, around 200F to steaming temp, 212F. Looks like you're missing the portafilter handle... the thingy that locks into the group head and holds the basket of coffee in place for the water to get forced through it. Looks like you're missing the coffee baskets too.
  19. I'm out as well... your dates cover my mom's birthday...
  20. How about a public library? One of them somewhere must subscribe to the Parker mag...
  21. Some cottage cheese is better than others, but I generally like it. Full fat, large curd, please.
  22. cdh


    And to address my definition of "highly seasoned", I'd consider anything containing sichuan peppercorns and dried chiles and oil highly seasoned. You don't?
  23. cdh


    Sea mussels are just fine steamed open with only an aromatic broth, e.g. mirepoix + water. Would you eat your freshwater ones that way? Sounds like a yes. Perhaps I'll have to go poking around the local streams and see if I can find any to try for myself.
  24. cdh


    So they work in a highly seasoned context... peanuts and dried chiles and such are by no means subtle. How are they by themselves?
  25. cdh


    So a little googling found me this: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/factsheets/bb/documents/bb-55.pdf It says they're edible( but not tasty), and long-lived accumulators of environmental pollution... so best avoided.
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