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  1. I watched the chicken parm episode. I thought it was pleasingly nostalgic. I never hated Good Eats to begin with, and I'm not likely to start hating it now. The last season before the break felt like he was running out of ideas, and now that he's had a good long time to think up new stuff, I'm optimistic.
  2. cdh


    The effort is precision, not strength. Cutting through just enough to get through the skin without nicking the white segments is the hard part. Squeezing them makes them crack, but that can squash the segments too...
  3. cdh


    The casing is able to be cut with a knife, with some effort. I'd say its hardness is just shy of almond shells. Case is fibrous, but not stringy. You eat the white segments inside. Taste is unique, texture is sorta grape-like. It is bright, but not sharp. Offset by sweetness. I'd not say particularly aromatic.
  4. cdh


    The other day at my local Korean supermarket I happened across fresh mangosteens... sold in a bag, @$10/lb... I couldn't resist, and they were in great shape with one or two exceptions. Where are mangosteens that are legal to sell in the US coming from? I hope these delicious things become more available and less crazily expensive. But they're worth it... Can you find them where you are?
  5. So they're a cactus like plant? The plants look a lot like night blooming cereus. I may have to try to get a cutting and start one myself.
  6. Unboxed my recent CSO purchase and put it to the test tonight. I figured steam bake would be the best way to finish bacon wrapped scallops... and it worked great. I'd probably give it another minute or two next time, but steam bake for 12 minutes at 450 got lots of the fat rendered out of the bacon and started crisping it up. Glad I took the plunge.
  7. Those little guys are around 50ml, so figure 48 or 49ml... You're shooting for a 2-4% solution. Any more that that and the oil can start gumming up the works in the atomizer sprayer.
  8. What are you keeping in the little spray bottle? My bar has a collection of little atomizer bottles with various stuff in them. Best use for them I've found is citrus oils... dissolve about 1 or 2 ml of lemon or orange or grapefruit oil into a bottle full of grain alcohol and you can add citrus zestiness without fiddling around with citrus zest.
  9. cdh

    Jack's Abby ' Craft Lagers '

    Very interesting. Not many new micro/craft breweries do any lagers. These folks seems to have declared it a specialty and do only lagers. That must make their beers quite unusual. I recall having something by them a year or two ago... I'll have to see if they're distributed in PA.
  10. People are talking about using blockchain technologies to expedite shipping more generally... an un-fakeable chain of custody for containers and their contents. The context I've seen is using the ethereum "smart contract" functionality to make a more competitive market for haulers.* But being able to know where your stuff originated from, who handled it, and where it went would certainly be useful in fighting fraud as to origin... rotuts pic of the Hamossy is not fake so much as it is trademark infringement... It's obviously not Hennessey, but is close enough to cause confusion... which would be an infringement on Hennessey's mark. I think the sort of food fraud this technology could help with is more the "Italian olive oil" that was pressed in Greece, bulk shipped to Italy, and bottled there. A real Italian olive oil would have a chain of custody starting at its source, whereas a fake would have a chain of custody starting at a port... *I think it is a fool's errand to disintermediate the hauling companies, because people are untrustworthy and letting somebody with nobody vouching for their honesty take off with your shipment based on an implied contract they allegedly agreed to by scanning the QR code and booping the accept button on their handheld widget is a recipe for lots and lots of hijacked shipments. I could see a fine business opportunity in ransoming shipments back to their intended destination...
  11. cdh


    I have a Bron. It doesn't spend time out on the counter, but is readily accessible and gets used when I want to make something like a Vietnamese salad that requires julienned stuff. So much easier to put on the kevlar glove and push a couple big carrots and a daikon through the mandoline rather than playing fussy knife skills games on unwieldy round objects.
  12. You should look at Ikea for the elderflower syrup... that gets both of those bases covered. And it's $5 a pint.
  13. Welcome to eG! There are a few coffee roasters here. What sort of roasting setup do you use? Found any jawdroppingly good green beans in recent crops?
  14. cdh


    I agree that the Aldi bars are quite delicious. I think I prefer the 70% to the 85%, but I do love the sea salt caramel. My favorite Aldi sausages are the occasionally available Deutsche Kuche brand Smoked Knackwurst. The DK bavarian brats are also pretty tasty.
  15. O K, so that is not the miracle. But i bet it would be possible to make an egg -free mayo like substance with soy lecithin.... Vegan mayo is a thing... Bet that is its trick.
  16. And to n++ your study MW -- yuck. Never. Ketchup -- rarely. Necessary for cocktail sauce with large quantities of hot horseradish. Ok on hash and hashbrowns. Mayo-- good on any and everything. Been using it in place of butter on the bread in grilled cheese to great effect. Thanks Alton Brown.
  17. What is this talk of Miracle whip not containing eggs? How is the emulsion made without? Is that the miracle? Better living through the science of soy lecithin?
  18. cdh

    Best Greek yogurt starter?

    I've never successfully made yogurt... Tried a couple of times and ended up with sour milk that did not thicken. Never got around to going full science project on it. Kefir has been sufficient for many purposes... But this thread makes me want to push the yogurt button on my IP and see what happens.
  19. That looks boiled then frozen to me. I've found sashimi octopus in my local Korean market and it has been cooked. Really, you can tell by examining it. if it is gooey and translucent, it's raw. If you slice it and it is white and solid, it's cooked.
  20. Have heard of it, but haven't been. Will fill you in if I get around to going.
  21. That sounds Russian... which means it is probably an Armenian/Georgian/vaguely caucasian grape brandy... They tend sweetish in my experience.
  22. And publishers are huge fans of market segmentation. So the publishers say Canadians pay more, and Amazon implements it...
  23. cdh

    Beef heart

    5 spice? Seems like a good candidate to add to the soy/sugar/sesame regimen suggested above...
  24. The point is that allowing sexual reproduction leads to genes mixing... and the occasional mutation to make its way in to the picture. That occasional mutation may provide an advantage against whatever environmental challenges the baby plant encounters. So the mutants outlive the old variety. Voila, evolution! All wine grapes are cloned rather than the result of gene mixing... so there's no chance that any beneficial mutants are in the mix... so if something comes along that kills all the grapes, then there will be no chance of immune mutants who could survive. So bad.
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