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    Silly Beer

    And the orange zest and coriander are very traditional in the Belgian white beer recipe... the only off the wall addition is the grapefruit juice, and that is following the trend of bottled radler coming out of Germany.
  2. cdh

    Silly Beer

    That brewery has been around quite a while... and given the Belgian propensity to push the rules of brewing in interesting directions, your crack about the name has probably been making the rounds for at least a century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brasserie_de_Silly
  3. I use it still to wash when I get into poison ivy... Fels Naptha washes away the irritant resin pretty effectively. Never understood how it got used as a laundry soap.
  4. inverter whatsit is a thing the Panasonic microwaves have. I've been really happy with Panasonic microwaves.
  5. Yup. An easy rabbit hole to jump down. She strikes me as mashup of ancient Chinese farmer and Martha Stewart.
  6. Neat. What was going on with the red packet at the butcher... the refusal and reluctant acceptance?
  7. I'm not sure from your description what you're talking about, but it does make me think of the stuff called naruto ("fish cake") that turns up in ramen bowls. My Asian grocery has a whole freezer devoted fish cakes of this style (as opposed to breaded patties that look like Baltimore crab cakes) and fish balls... I'd wager what you're looking for would be in there.
  8. In keeping with the original Michelin goal of inspiring people to go get in the car and drive someplace worth going to to eat... If you have 0 chance of eating there once you arrive, there is no point in getting up and going.
  9. I've had wild Canada goose as well... bitter awful meat. Not going back to try it again.
  10. Market this to real estate agents who are staging houses. This looks like something that might sell somebody on a kitchen space... but nobody in their right mind would have one in their own kitchen.
  11. Looks like it belongs next to a Philippe Starck juice spider. https://www.independent.co.uk/property/interiors/the-secret-history-of-philippe-starcks-lemon-squeezer-1972849.html I could see it on the shelves of a Conran shop in London. With a Conran price point. Wouldn't sell at retail in the US at all, I don't think. Online orders might work. I'd not buy it because I don't need semifunctional art in my kitchen.
  12. Make sure to try the frozen lasagna from TJ's too. It's really good.
  13. Make a syrup out of the thai basil and use it in cocktails. It plays very nicely with strawberry syrup and gin. The way I do it is make a simple syrup in a sauce pan, and throw as many leaves as will wilt down in the hot syrup into the pot. Mash the leaves around a bit. Let it cool. Strain it. Bottle it and keep it in the fridge.
  14. cdh

    Jack's Abby ' Craft Lagers '

    Dude, all ales at USA room temp? That's hard core. In the UK, room temp is lower than here, and they keep the beer in the cellar, which keeps it around 55F... Try some ale-yeast-fermented beers at around that temperature.
  15. FFS. I said it 13 years ago, and I'll quote myself to buttress the point. Complexity can be measured objectively. Do the tests. Tell us where more different compounds are identified, the wine samples or the beer samples. There, you have your answer. All this facile "there more stuff you can put in beer, so it is more complex" vs. "nature does more stuff to the grapes so it's more complex" vs. yeast technicalities blather is getting us no place.
  16. I've never played with the clear variety... but it does exist. Here's their website... https://plastidip.com/our-products/plasti-dip/ I figure that a clear rubber seal around the cling film will keep the jelly out for you... Or maybe just forget the cling film and spray a clear layer or two right on the phone... It should waterproof it... and you should be able to peel it off when you're done.
  17. Why not get a a spray can of PlastiDip and spray a layer of rubberizer all over the cling-film wrapped phone to seal it up? Then drop it in the gelatin. Or does it have to visibly be a phone trapped in jello for the effect you want?
  18. OP- I think your vegan friend is going to figure something out where ever you go. If your man needs meat, picking a vegan spot is not going to work... everywhere does vegetables in some format... If the meat requirement were not there, but good and interesting veg food was the thing, maybe someplace Indian like Saravanas in Curry Hill, or Korean formal vegetarian food like at Hangawi... but you're not going to hit both "must serve meat" and "good for vegans" at either of those simultaneously.
  19. cdh

    Nut Identification

    Look like pine nuts... but they never get rock hard... are you sure they're not some sort of beans? They get rock hard.
  20. A friend has been living over there for a while... he gets to Roberta's from there pretty regularly. He's also a fan of L'antagonist on Malcom X blvd, and I'd concur with that.
  21. Mine got here too. Will play with it soon. Would love to hear from anybody who has played with both one of these and a Control Freak...
  22. I couldn't stop myself at the $69 price point. I had been convincing myself that waiting on Kickstarter to come through with the MasterSous device would cover what this does... But at that price and the added value of instant gratification, it was too much.
  23. And the Jasmine or the Pegu Club also make fine highballs during the heat of summer.
  24. Lots of cocktails make delicious highballs... I like my Manhattans tall and fizzy pretty often.
  25. Geisha is a novelty. It is different, and it is rare. That's why it is expensive. Would I want to drink it every day if I could get it for $8/lb? I don't think so. There... I've disputed its primacy.
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