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  1. That is black tea... "Gold" isn't a new kind of tea... it is a way of selling better quality black tea. some black teas exhibit gold-ish looking tips...
  2. cdh

    New Anova Pro

    Isn't Anova a lab equipment maker too? I thought I remembered hearing that when they introduced their first models way back when.
  3. Just noticed a (targeted facebook) ad for Sharp's countertop superheated steam oven. Given how much love the Cuisinart gets around here, has anybody looked into this as potential competition? Here's a link to the thing that the ad pointed to... though my ad link had it priced differently than what I found just searching for it just now. Must be some algorithmic shenanigans going on about figuring out how much people will pay for one. Anyway, it looks like the sort of thing that we'd talk about around here... https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sharp-supersteam-steam-oven-stainless-steel/6288006.p?skuId=6288006
  4. Try Weyerbacher Heresy. Also Fegley's Insidious.
  5. cdh

    Gran Gaggia

    I don't think you're right, Teonzo. That knob on top is the steam on/off valve. There should be a water reservoir accessible to fill, but that knob has nothing to do with it. This looks like the same controls and layout as my old Gaggia machines. Slightly different shell, but the guts are all in the same relative positions.
  6. cdh

    Gran Gaggia

    The top knob is a twist on/off valve for the steam wand. The three buttons on the front are power, pump, and temperature toggles. Far right turns the machine on and gets it heating up. Middle switch activates the pump and sends heated water through the shower screen on the group head. Left switch changes the target water temp in the boiler from espresso making temp, around 200F to steaming temp, 212F. Looks like you're missing the portafilter handle... the thingy that locks into the group head and holds the basket of coffee in place for the water to get forced through it. Looks like you're missing the coffee baskets too.
  7. I'm out as well... your dates cover my mom's birthday...
  8. How about a public library? One of them somewhere must subscribe to the Parker mag...
  9. Some cottage cheese is better than others, but I generally like it. Full fat, large curd, please.
  10. cdh


    And to address my definition of "highly seasoned", I'd consider anything containing sichuan peppercorns and dried chiles and oil highly seasoned. You don't?
  11. cdh


    Sea mussels are just fine steamed open with only an aromatic broth, e.g. mirepoix + water. Would you eat your freshwater ones that way? Sounds like a yes. Perhaps I'll have to go poking around the local streams and see if I can find any to try for myself.
  12. cdh


    So they work in a highly seasoned context... peanuts and dried chiles and such are by no means subtle. How are they by themselves?
  13. cdh


    So a little googling found me this: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/factsheets/bb/documents/bb-55.pdf It says they're edible( but not tasty), and long-lived accumulators of environmental pollution... so best avoided.
  14. cdh


    Does anybody eat freshwater shellfish? I've never heard of that. In my mind mussels are always saltwater... but I now recall there being things like zebra mussels that have to be fresh water, since they are known for potentially messing up the outflows at the local nuclear power plant... which clearly outflows into a river, not an ocean.
  15. Click the link. The "this" in the last post is a hypertext link.
  16. Today I'm trying a chinese matcha. The other day I saw this , and decided to take the plunge... I figured that I can bake pretty green stuff with it if it doesn't turn out to all that delicious on its own. Anyway, it is actually pretty tasty. I'm in no way an expert in matcha... that is the one variety of tea I've had the least experience with... largely because it is usually so crazy expensive, and I don't have all the gizmos that you use to make it in the traditional way. So I find that a half teaspoon of this, with 175F water poured over it, then poured back and forth between two mugs until vaguely frothy makes a nicely vegetal and pretty green beverage. God knows how long a pound of it will last me, and how well it keeps... but I'm happier experimenting at this price point, rather than dropping $20 on a 1 or 2 oz tin.
  17. Today I'm drinking a ginseng oolong. Tea leaves are bunched up into little balls and some ginsengy coating is applied to them so they look like little greenish pebbles. Wonderfully sweet with a long long finish.
  18. If the calligraphy isn't a source identifier/brand name, I'm probably going to have to take a clearer photo of the fine print. (And I'm going to have to run that infuser basket through a soak in Joe Glo to get the stains off of it... that is not photogenic!)
  19. Me too. A very nice green tea made of little buds and shoots. Very sweet, and missing any of the bitter astringency lots of greens present. Wish I read enough Chinese to understand what is is so I could get more of it.
  20. cdh

    Query about frozen food

    I experienced a rancid pastry crust on a pot pie that had been in the freezer for a couple months. Not packed airtight, so oxygen got to the fat in the crust and turned it.
  21. I'd imagine that for those flying in, that relying on ride-share services would likely be less expensive and less hassle than renting a car... no worries about parking, etc. I have no idea if St Louis is at all walkable, but I'd hope that there are neighborhoods there that don't require a car, and the city hasn't done anything as monumentally dumb as trying to run Uber and friends out of town...
  22. Yawn. Are you sure you're not a shill for these guys? You sorta sound like you're selling something here. Magic mix in a bottle is not going to make an optimal drink. Paying somebody to put it into a box and ship it to me is not appealing.
  23. Make me a maybe... if the date you choose has availability for a frequent flyer freebie flight, I like the idea. Hasn't been a eG meetup in far too long. But I'm not dropping $300 for airfare to do it. So proceed amongst yourselves, and if what you decide to do works with my pile of miles/points, then I might join you.
  24. Do you want your veggie burger to taste like vegetables, or like beef? The Impossible Burger(tm) has spots in Manhattan serving it nowadays, I believe, if the latter is your thing. For the former, I've got nothing.
  25. cdh


    I'm getting a Lidl in my corner of Philaburbia... Never experienced them... taking over the abandoned corpse of an Acme. Hope they are Aldi+
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