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  1. Thank you for the article. I was always interested in these measurements but had always forgot to look for it in the internet. Recently purchased Zojirushi rice cooker, glad to have it, and will keep this info in mind
  2. Oh, thank you for the replies. I just wanted to think about starting a garden and I saw that a lot of members have their owns. I heard that growing vegetables in the greenhouse is easier that just outside that's why I had my question. I understand that I need to learn more before starting a garden, appreciate your help
  3. I can taste it through the screen!.. now I know what I am going to cook for my parents next time!
  4. Eaters, where do you grow your food? I'm interested in growing veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage. Does anybody here uses greenhouse? Want to buy this one but I saw here that many of you just grow outside. How much time does it takes you for gardening?
  5. So easy to do, thank you for the tips! I just recently found out that I'm allergic to gluten and I need to change my eating habits
  6. Thank you for this instruction. Now I am not so afraid of home sausagemaking
  7. I understood that and tried to say that it is OK 😌
  8. Glad that sutiation in Shanghai is going to be normal again. These food supplies are not enough. About your situiation with the canned Portuguese sardines - it's OK to complain when you get used to something and then one day it changes.
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. My partner is a fan of lemons! His birthday very soon, and I now that dish should be his perfect breakfast. Thanks a lot!
  11. Want to see the results of filming your cooking process! I was wondering whether there are some indoor drones and found these ones. So interested in having one of this! Sure that filming it is a great idea for saving recipes without writing it down. But using GoPro is not so bad too:D
  12. Teronms

    Milk-fed lamb

    I've never eaten young lamb in my life. But your shots look so deliciuos that I can taste it from the screen...
  13. Teronms

    Freezing Beef

    Need to have an experiment with frozen beef. Interesting whether my parther would see any difference
  14. Teronms

    Oreo Cookies

    OMG, Oreo... I haven't thought about them for some time, but now I feel like I really need to buy some!
  15. Thanks for the recipe, looks very delicious! Want to cook without coriander, not sure my body likes it
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