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  1. i do not think the SPAM is anything other than what it is. having around is part of it. n I might have a can or two 20 + years old. . I ought look . the tree cans are down stairs. w the 25 % reduced salt cans I have two . and sliced thin-ish , and crispy each side its there waiting . maybe not 20 years for these to cans
  2. @NaylorA2 would you be willing to indicate in general way where you are from?
  3. w Anova now don't ask if the want the oven back and they pay fo shipping send into them the stuff this'd d not the oven .... I can't imagine they have any interest in looking into a mistake they already know about.
  4. rotuts

    Breakfast 2023

    @weinoo ''' Breville panini press/griddle '' which one ? I can't imagine a reason Breville doesn't have something that would slip in there , with what you have .......................................................... unless they have something , on its own . that was quite beguiling
  5. rotuts

    Breakfast 2023

    @weinoo R.I.P. what sorts of replacements have you looked into so fa ?
  6. @weinoo looks delicious. I remember those ' bricks ' well.
  7. rotuts

    Dinner 2023

    @Duvel I hope you have a safe , tasty , jpg-ey trip !
  8. @Pete Fred thank you ! and indeed that was the chocolate Rx unfortunately , the marmalade pudding link from the ref. did not work. I like the idea of a marmalade pudding. would be easy to make the glaze from more marmalade and Whisky . and thank you for reminding me I better take a stroll over to Total Wine and get some whisky , just in case.
  9. @Pete Fred absolutely mouth watering stuff . any favorite reference*s) for seemed puddings ? I like the idea of trying something in the Micro. did this 30 + years ago w some sort of chocolate Rx , cake like outer layer , creamy dark chocolate interior.
  10. @dtremit excellent points I can't imagine machines that similar are being made by two different companies and Anova was purchased by a much larger company , and I suspect that has a lot to do w all aspects of Anova II products.
  11. @ElsieD that makes sense . Anova in the past , is not Anova now. there are other chamber vac's should you get one you will very much enjoy it. so ' look around '
  12. @dtremit a v3ry interesting question . my take is you want to curl up a longer bag , than layer out , flat in your Vac. Id guess the real limiting size is your seal bar and then , maybe your head room. for the Vac . I am interested your ideas about th9is . what do you plan to do w the ' Vac"D curl ?'
  13. many cookbooks theses days are about fancier pictures.
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