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  1. @Dejah hope you saved the bag jus after adjustments , might make a fine jus for a brisket ' dip '
  2. @Kim Shook do you want to sear then SV or SV then sear ? if sear than SV , you might season w just salt and pepper , then sear. you could sear from frozen after sear add granulated garlic , rosemary , Thyme if you like those flavors. garlic and herbs burn when seared. then bag and SV 135 F for 6 - 8 hours. if you sear after SV , the roast may over cook ie not be med rare. if searing after SV , save jus for gravy dry off , sear quickly and it will be ready too carve. after SV the roast does not need to rest. consider pics please. its going to be tasty. remember w SV time is tenderness. once love reached your tenderness time , it can go longer and still not be over cooked. certainly by an hour or more.
  3. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    @Ann_T ' lots of gravy ' always a wise decision
  4. @weinoo interesting . Stormalong's sweeter versions are classified ' medium sweet ' on the back of their cans. Mass Appeal I though this type of cider might benefit from the addition os some Fizz water lots of ice , and some lime. dent mean Ill buy it again.
  5. I agree re : Angry Orchard . to me , they taste soapy . Vile stuff. @FrogPrincesse bit of a shame you can't try Stormalong. one of their versions is at least an equal match to French cider. and I do like French cider.
  6. @FrogPrincesse Ive made might fine meatballs in the past , and for me , tenderness involved two things : how you cook the M Balls , of course w a given mix of meat and flavor add ins and the panade you add to the meat mixture. once you have your meat mixture set ( ground pork , beef etc ) add ins : grated cheese , faltleaf parsley , etc read up and study various parades fresh bread crumbs and milk is a simple starter and go from there . how you handle the ground meat is important of course but the panade , in my experience buffers cooking , mixing etc and gets you tenderness you are looking for. sorry I can't be more specific.
  7. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    @FrogPrincesse thanks Ill give them a try , and try to do a little desalting as you suggested.
  8. very large conglomerates have purchased pretty much everything that used to be made by smaller firms . thus , enter the Bean Counters charged w maximizing profits , at the expense literally , of traditional quality. as You Know Who said , back in the day " Just Say No ' with the realization it won't matter a bit to the company
  9. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    @FrogPrincesse looks tasty where do you get the Fz Agentinian shrimp ? how do you defrost and prepare ? thanks.
  10. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    over here : https://forums.egullet.org/topic/166694-todays-nytimes-food-section-the-sandwich/ TheSandwich , NYCity wise.
  11. Today in the NYTimes Foos section : The sandwich: 6 pages ! https://www.nytimes.com/section/food it might be behind a paywall , but for review purposes , a few glimpses : etc etc. at least 58 + examples.
  12. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    it goes without saying , that for appearance at least the top bagel slice must be cut on its own , then placed on the Assembly or the sandwich with smoosh-out eating it will of course be smoosh-ey , probably a desired feature of the bagel sandwich I prefer bagel items ' Open Faced ' that way , you get two items thus double the fillings .
  13. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    @gfweb I agree . aslo , effective slicing of the top bread so that you don't completely smoosh put the sandwich . after all , the proper sandwich is an opportunity to Pig-Out in a socially acceptable manner of others are around . Solo Sandwiching ? a completyy private matter .
  14. rotuts

    Dinner 2024

    @Senior Sea Kayaker that sandwich looks delicious. Ill have to see if I have the disc space for a new folder : Sandwich p0rn. did you warm up the brie to just melting point ? keep the in mind. ive done that , seperatly for sandwiches w cheese. if you ever make 'ham and cheese ' stack the ham and cheese to fit the sandwich , and micro separately both to just melt the swiss 'then add to the pre-prepared sandwich ( room temp ) make sure you have the materials for a second sandwich readily available you will need a second dose , its so good that way.
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