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  1. @Kim Shook Ridged Potato Chips ? nice even if you dod not have Mortadella in there tasty it looks as Im sure it was ! a Kudos your way !
  2. Id add this re : PorkTenderloin : good for you picking a low temp , i.e. 135 once you figure out the final surface , Id go even to 130.1 as you SV'd w sauce , you would have to completely dry the surface off to get some Maillard-ing if that's important to you , surface dry , and chill. then either torch or very hot pan the surface if your pan is very hot and thick , you might accomplice a surface that looks as taste good w/o raising the meat past 130.1 save the bagged ' jus ' and reheat over the meat.
  3. Ooops pp2 on the Ginger Spice Pudding :
  4. The London Cookbook showed up at my library today. I think there is a thread on this book but I can't find it. I liked this book and many of the Rx's the dessert section had many items Id order for sure , perhaps even make some day. here is a selection for review purposes. if you move the jpg to your desktop , and enlarge it there most of these examples are readable interesting at the amazon site there are a few selections including Double Decker Tarte Id order for sure my pic was too shinny to read
  5. If I can ever fine tongue at a decent price , its on the top of my ToDoList. I probably have to find a large ethnic market . these are more towards BOS after all , I have a nice ChefChoice slicer maturing in its Amazon box , waiting patiently for the Day. I never thought of Reuben-izing Tongue , but it makes a lot of sense .
  6. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    @chefmd is the crab all gone ? after you get some more try it w a béchamel that has a little reduced dry white wine in it , perhaps a nice Chabils ? you drink the rest w the crab of course even good for breakfast.
  7. Books on Sous Vide

    @EnriqueB have you seen : it does a decent job , of the newer ' Picture ' Rx books addressing your concerns I have not seen yet. what the first book does well is getting a novice interested in SV in the first place. Very interested.
  8. @gfweb anybody who's anybody has Bilco.
  9. not to rush in here: PT is over priced and very lean with at best a mild flavor. SV if that's they way to go , and indeed removing fat and silverskin , a thin but still a tendon is with your knife skills and time. 45 second ? I can not pull a second cork in that amount of time s im gluggin the contents of the first. just sayinmg Cut the Cord and Dump Cable your Cell ? we ill discuss that later iPhone your say Fine F.D.: I have 10 shares of aapl buy a few more.
  10. this was yesterdays late lunch / early dinner. the spinach I had hoped to add , had spent a few days longer in the bag than I wanted , so a demerit for me : the meat is from the FCO project , prime ( yes it is ) bade roast SV @ 130 the tomatoes are Home Matured in a brown bag w apples , and so so , but better than nothing. the bread was TJ's sourdough ( Pigs that Fly ) toasted then cooled and chopped olive oil and Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle . why they call it this I can't say. It makes the best garlic bread ever mixed up : Spinach or Bibb would have been nice. but very tasty ! PS some coarsely grated TJ's Parmesan-ish
  11. @Anna N if like to hear about your horseradish dressing. Im having something similar tonight , but don't have any lettuce I do have some tomatoes and sourdough bread and jarred H .
  12. make sure your refirg is cold. for 3 weeks id consider a temp check. the vey back of the lowest shelf in my refrig is almost 32 F
  13. Books on Sous Vide

    I take the skin off for SV. skin does poorly SV in my opinion. the CkBr come Skinless , Bonesless , @ about 1.77 / lbs sometimes even 1.66 3 lbs min when I have freezer space ( Soon ! ) Ill do 3 - 4 packs at a time , 18 0r so packs in the largest Beer Cooler w the SouVideMagic Im sure the Anova would work , as add hot tap water to start it off about some are SV'd plain , for other dishes , some w seasonings for sandwiches etc , and some butterflied and stuffed and tied. you can take an inexpensive cut of meat w unremarkable flavor and turn in into something much nicer , in bulk and on sale.
  14. Books on Sous Vide

    the CkBr has the various pastes in the initial pouch. I add the C.C. on the reheat and reheat at 130. I don't think the CC does well for several hours at 142 , my CkBr cooking temp. cook some rice , now so easy and fast in the iP , chop cilantro , red onion , green onion , some cashews or toasted almonds and done. its not so hard to have Meats in bags and veg in another bag cooked at their own times and temps then take out two bags and you have Meats and Veg. sometimes the indian-ish dishes end up w 'gravy' that's too thin. I use some paste / water / cornstarch on the stove to get s thicker base then add the CkBr into that , but Im careful to keep the temp at or a bit lower than 145
  15. Books on Sous Vide

    1 1/2 SousVideMagics ( one has more rust than the other ) I still use these for Big Batches 2 Anovas. yes 3. I got killer deals one I lend out , to people who want to try it. the middle one. its not a whole meal , but w chicken breasts , after I de-tendon them , I cut them up for Indian/Thai/ sorts of meals with various commercial pastes. chill/freeze. for re-heating , if Thai-ish , I snip the corner of the pack and add high fat coconut milk from a can and fold over that former and staple then heat. on top of rice , with nuts / herbs makes a nice meal.