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  1. Big Tobacco said the same thing. Its just going to take a long long time. Entropy is not on the side of Big Sugar. however , Entropy is Time Itself.
  2. Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    Yes , the tomatoes have to be ( Your ) garden fresh and perfectly ripe. given that , and i used to have 24 tomato plants , over 6 ft tall Id almost rather eat them raw or give them away to neighbors. id say give the tomatoes a sniff test : if they have aroma then you are moving in the right direction. less is better w the garden tomato.
  3. "" SV is like baking in that the die is cast once you bung the bag into the water "" yes. but much more predictable . "" you can’t tell what’s going on in the bag "" no need to , none at all . "" You have to have a set time and temperature and stick to it. "" nonsense this person has not done much SV. except for eggs ( esp yolks ) and fish and very rare meat temp does not have to be very precise . easily 5 degrees either way won't make a big difference. same with time anyway , it does what it does , with ease and Reproducibility. whoever wrote that article did not study the eG threads on the subject.
  4. @ElainaA like to see how they turn out. Ive only had venison once in Germany. some sort of BlackForrest Buck. I have had Elk in Colorado many times the Elk was delicious , properly cooked rare and surprisingly tender. very mellow flavor.
  5. eG Cook-Off 74: Holiday Roasts

    @Unpopular Poet pleased you are back ! that looks so delicious !
  6. @weedy Congratulations ! not so much on your single purchase , but the Problem has been Solved ! I look forward to your comments and evaluation. Its a bit of a shame that Sears is in such a bad way these days. growing up in the ' 50's S of SF on the peninsula , Sear built near by one of the first Large Stores and the others followed. I remember going there w my mother to buy things : she bought , I loved looking around. in the center of the store , there was am area that Popped PopCorn , and roasted Nuts. when you walked in any of several doors : that's what you smelled. fro time to time my mother bought a small bag of freshly roasted Cashews. Heaven in a Bag. although I was small , and it wasn't often my mother went for that small bag .... several times I convinced my sister to stay home and not come. She loved reading Nancy Drew Mysteries Bingo ! a few more Hot Nuts for Me ! Hee Hee. its a shame that whom ever though up the Nuts and Popcorn must have moved on some time ago Counting Beans in a small office might be the future , but .... Craftsman Tools , appliances as you've mentioned , Hot Nuts doesn't get any better than that !
  7. its a shame that a SugarTax , of some amount , is not universal.
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    yet Soooo tasty !
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    """ cook the canned peas """ No no no ! they are already cooked ! gently heat , add a knob of butter nice for Diner Food.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Canned Diner Peas a must.
  11. Elgin Street Diner ?
  12. when you turn the unit on , press the function button right above the on/off it then give you temps rather than numbers. the temps are not accurate i.e. 100 does not heat water in your pan to 100 a la PID
  13. have the LunchLadies been to Stoney's Bread Co. in Oakville Ont. ? it showed up ( literally ) on You Gotta Eat Here maybe they have a Calamari Sandwish ?
  14. sorry try here for the complete show. let it load before you Peek : PS I do CS all ways . what's extremely important is that the Ck. not be dry. so I have to start w SV chicken sometimes just white meat , sometimes just dark , sometimes a mix and they are bagged separately and SV'd in ' bulk ' and FZ 142 for the skinless / boneless / tendon less white 3 hrs + 160 F x 8 or so for the dark. one of these days Ill try the dark at 142 for 8 and see how that goes. if you start w tender , moist meat , with most of the flavor still in the meat , even a generic supermarket chicken, that's 2/3 d's of the CS battle right there !