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  1. @ElsieD thank you for your pic its difficult to see what it is , unless it un vac's and mor pic of the unrolling the few times in my areamIve seen Blade Roasts Ive jumped on them as I under standby that meat. I cant tell you what this is but Id way this : if you chose to SV why not cut this in thirds and have three packs ? if you see an Outstanding bit of Olympic grizzle just trim that off looks very delicious to me that pack
  2. @Hassouni Ill suggest this as it has worked for me , many times. if you have , or should get and InstantPot please consider this method as its beyond easy 6 qt or 8 qt at an an attractive price do no dismiss this Cooking Instrument for stock , its worth an an attractive price you simply do Stock 1 , then chill , use that base for Stock 2 etc you put the Pot in cold tap water , and might refresh that cold tap water to get the stock to a temp you might put in your refrigerator then skim off the fat later , to discard or _#%#^%(#%_^%^ its so easy , and push button simple this has be revise on the iPot thread give up those hours and do something more interesting this is not joke but please review and consider. of course , if you are looking at a bazillion gallons of stock for the first Pass ' you will need Less than a Bazillion iPots easy peasey
  3. @Smithy Im enjoying everything I see esp the nice
  4. is is very interesting I wonder what the cut actually is would you be able to post a few views ? the Blade should be two muscles under the animals scapula the bone you see in a " 7 " bone slab of meat. not the best pic , the meat here , center : shows a thick tendon between two long muscles that tendon is very very tough the meat , if you could remove the tendon , and tie back together is tender and very tasty. its as tasty as tasty gets. a common way to cut this out , ' blade roast ' is to cut the roast into slabs , cook quickly as you might a steak , then remove the central tendon before serving . Blade Steaks cut this way are the commonest way this cut is sold. back to SV is you did 48 hours , the meat itself might suffer , and the tendon wont be very tender. if you want SV , remove the tendon , reassemble the two muscles and tie w string figure out your ' done-ness temp ) rare , ed etc then SV at that temp for 4 - 6 hrs Id say. please post your results. you can avoid thing the meat back together , and SV the pieces individually they come out as little steaks , but w the grain running horizontally , not vertically 4 hours would work as they will be thinner. a very tasty cut of beef !
  5. Ive never done the bag/ice technique gelatin is in solution , and water soluble I doubt , but have not done your experiment myself , that there was significant gelatin on the ice bag or ice bowl there might have been some , but the concentration of gelatin in the stock ( the solution ) would not have changed.
  6. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    newer thought of gettin Cream of Mushroom , nor Cream of Chicken for casseroles I do have a supply of Bean w Bacon that's going to be interesting.
  7. https://www.pbs.org/food/shows/somewhere-south/ my Local isn't what it used to be , I do hope they show it generally later than other PBS outlets. and If they dont , I hope I can watch it On-Line pls post if you are able to see it in your area. ed.: P.S.: scroll down on the above link , and you can see at least some of the shows 52 minutes or so each ! thank you Vivian Howard for sharing
  8. rotuts

    Cooking in lockdown

    jamie Oliver has a new short series : Keep Cooking and Carry On : https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/category/books/keep-cooking-and-carry-on/ of course , it helps to have a pantry . Im a fan of his , I can see why some might not be. 5 shows . Dont know how universally available it is. just thought Id mention it , if you are a fan
  9. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @scamhi Ive forgotten about tuna w pasta i have both !
  10. @gfweb no your got the burger , charcoal broiled to your done ness maybe w cheese , but not for us then you went to the vast number of bowls of stuff and added your own its possible Kirk's as so enlightened then they never dealt w GBP or " grilled mixed peppers ' can't say for sure Good Times Old Times and those who controlled Russia were going to Kuke Us esp me any minute just to be clear
  11. @Anna N I completely understand I still have a pound or two in my freezer I plan to enjoy them afer cold hydration therapy I think this will change in the future a few weeks on the supermarkets etc etc
  12. yes the 1950's at their original spot I deeply enjoyed back then there was no Silicon Valley but best burgers I remember ever having.
  13. @Margaret Pilgrim I really do not know what South Palo i but thew original Kirks was on El Camino in Palo Alto Hoping your were able to go there from time to time
  14. @weinoo pleased you '' liked it '' but .... but it it not the burger in Palo Alto way back then still pleased you liked it but , well , ...........................
  15. @weinoo no Palo Alto . '50's late the original you walked in , place your order on the R , then moved to the L in front of the largest charcoal grill Ive ever seen. by the time to got to the Left , and paid your burgers were don then you added your toppings . they had several dozen yellow bowls of things you might put on your burger. better yet , they had a very large eat outside area w old time California BBQ tables , each sheltered w tall bushes from your neighbor I kid you not. they expanded , then were sold many times i used to be able to google it and see the old place but no longer. they used top of the line fresh beef of the taster cuts , and ground it fresh every day. not that this place was Paradise for me : I always wanted their 1 foot Hotdog on a bun grilled where 50 % stuck out my mother thought other wise . but back then Dogs were so much better than now. if you went to Kirks in SJ ,, I hope you liked it. BTW , as far as I can remember they offered no peppers for the burgers just saying
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