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  1. @kayb I do hope you get the Pot. it can be a reserve ! or a la @Shelby you might run two at a time. It might be , in the long term better that @Shelby didn't buy 10 - 20 more why ? think of her Electrical Contractor's Bill to get more Amps and watts etc into the Kitchen ! just saying. I do hope you get the pot @kayb
  2. @kayb did your order actually go through ? mine bounced when I p[laced it in the Cart.
  3. if all else fails , use a stick blender on some of the beans. you can get any sort of thickness this was using various amounts of beans.
  4. DARTO pans

    the Burton works fine at its lowest temps 100 and 150 F higher than that on these pans , judging by the areas that boil , the set-up is a poor one at 100 F ( setting # 1 ) i frist melt a little butter , then add the beaten eggs and do other stuff ; get the coffee going , get the toast toasting etc. the eggs barely cook. once everything is in order : I turn the burton up to 150 and rapidly move the eggs around w a silicone spatula for a very short time. as soon as I see cooked eggs on the bottom of the ban I take the pan off the induction surface and Finnish them that way , take only a few seconds. these are very soft custard like eggs the way I like scrambled eggs. using this pan I get away w less butter but get the butter flavor in the eggs.
  5. DARTO pans

    @btbyrd thanks for your comments I use this pan : T-fal E93802 Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan, 8-Inch the 8 " for two eggs and the 10 " for more on the Burton induction plate. I set it to 100 f with a little butter first and it works well. so for low temp cooking these work fine.
  6. @blue_dolphin I do share your concerns of going to Tj's Hungry always bad at any Eartary-Mart consider their "" try this bar "" under this circumstances. If it good , they have given me more than one sample no worries if its bad , consider taking it back
  7. Sooooo @Kerry Beal you took a Kitty Bag to @Anna N as she's working with Her Abby ? the KittyBag is of course not for the kitty ... maybe one of those Mighty Fine soup plates would be good did you ask for one to take home ? I love plates that are made for restaurants just like that old fashioned Soup-plate- bowl ;
  8. St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    Yikes ! the above , sampled one for dinner : Goooooood ! Im pleased that St.P didn't get a Month of Days ! Id have to get FC , FD etc
  9. Yikes ! I looked over the cover for the GSC : I plan to make something that's similar : SV the CkBr , chill , freeze make the Orzo component via the FaataPasta but the FP did not have the Orzo times on the sheet that comes w the FP its on their web site and has a lot more cooking times than the insert : all Im pointing out now is that the TJ's ' box ' says : serves 3 served one fine Id say. P.S. ; re : FastaPasta this works very well . but there are some issues if you have not used one yet : when done the FP is vary hot , and likely above your oven in your Micro. the lid does not snap on so be very careful removing it from your Micro it helps to put a large plate under the FP ; as the unit overflows and the liquid on that plate under it has a lot of Pasta-ish water on it which you might use as added water to you pasta don't have a FP yet ? there is a nice long thread somewhere on eG.
  10. St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    the last of the CB this year : 2 bags of 3 + lb trimmed and bagged into 6 bags. i could not resist. I was going to do 48 + at 131 etc but these are 145 F for 24 + in this case 27 for conveniennce I did note that these two bags are OK I hope but not as nice as the bags they stocked at S&S early on. I can't imagine them grading them , and I can't imagine these have been sitting in the S&S meat bit for 2 weeks go figure : Buy Early , and Buy Often.
  11. the Kalamata bits made this dish by the way. a drop of House White / trance of CkBr made me feel good , but I doubt it made a difference. if this dish is ' from time to time " at Tj's and not a standard , this is so good Id consider getting 3 or 4 and vacuum freezing them some how maybe Ill luck out and its a Tj's standard. P.S.: @Anna N if you come up with an idea on what the herb coating might be Id like to know. Ill get another one soon and separate out the chicken and the orzo and try to reverse engineer it.
  12. they demo'd this the other day : I brought one home. it was superb ! the chicken was moist and tender ! all the flavorings worked well together and the kalamata olives made the dish. I plated the contents rather than use the plastic tub , and carefully micro's the chicken in stages. I did put no more than one drop of white wine I was drinking on each pice of Ck. : I don't know if this is a permeant refrigerated item at TJ's or not. Ill get this again for sure.
  13. St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    wow ! 17 c ? pricey got mine for 12 c. only two.
  14. well I could not stand it any longer ; I carefully saute'd 2 of the TJ's bangers tried to get a nice brown light crust all around Tj's bangers do not taste in any way like the the ones ones Ive ever had they were bland ( and that's not ' spice ' ) and very watery with no real flavor so do not go in this direction
  15. after getting my Bangers, my WineBuds at Tj's gave me a taste of this : its medium bodied and seems like a match for some Italian-ish food . $ 5.99 no chemical ( i.e. benzine ) flavors or oak. pulled out a TurkeyRagu puck and its back in its mold for a thaw so it will be this wine and TurkeyRagu tonight. as mentioned the TR is best removed from the VacBag while frozen as its a mess to get out of the bag if thawed. leaned that the hard way. PS the bottle I opened above just now needs some time to breathe . the one I sampled from TJ's had been opened for a few hours in their refrig.