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  1. C*AP Id rather have one of the Bibb's I used to plant in my veg garden root on , of course resting comfortably in the refrig. maybe a few green onions for the tops " Shrubbery " consider any of the other books get them used , works well.
  2. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @Shelby creamed peas is one of my favorite dishes . a real delicacy never thought to have it w small bliss potatoes. Yummy it must be .
  3. all his books are outstanding. look for the used , but in god to very good condition you cant go wrong. I didn't , and bought them new @ an early Amazon. 40 % was the standard discount. The Google Twins wanted to get in on the action , for some reason , and offered a free something or other paying service , and I got 30 % more off. through them but @ the Amazon web site that extra % off didn't ,last that long , a year or so. Hee Hee
  4. @gfweb congratulations ! looks delicious ! lettuce from the garden C*AP ! I remember it well .... BTW this is a very fine book: Lettuce in Your Kitchen: Flavorful And Unexpected Main-Dish Salads And Dressings get it used. all his books are 5 star +++++ https://www.amazon.com/s?i=stripbooks&rh=p_27%3AChristopher+Schlesinger&s=relevancerank&text=Christopher+Schlesinger&ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1 had restaurants in Cambridge , and then S.Shore and a very nice guy to boot.
  5. rotuts

    Breakfast 2020!

    bake them longer for based on your pic more crunch TJ's has them.
  6. @md8232 interesting on the CSO however , I feel that the magnificent strength of the CSO is simple : w experience , you put your untoasted favorite bread in there and end up w Spectacular Toast when the CSO Dings .
  7. @md8232 very fine work. a Kudos or two on th way to you I don't know about This nor That but I have opinions . back in the Day , and as soon I can either bake some Good Crumb Bread or get some at TJ's ( Whine Ill pick up soon ) in the Day , putting two ' slices ' in the CSO then dealing w The Cat , and The Coffee etc the CSO did it all for me w no fiddle and faddle I dont see the FBCO as a Toaster good , better , nor the Best.
  8. @Kerry Beal nothing wrong w being hopeful but the CSO was made for toast not the FBCO @md8232 nailed it by mentioning the FBCO might be too big. is it a time for an extension to be built into the kitchen lengthening the counters so there might be room for both the CSO and the FBCO ? as the borders are closed , you might use that to your advantage. just a thought.
  9. I love sourdough . I grew up in the Bay Area and there were always several choices later in life that were fresh and locally made. baguette style. but not everything goes perfectly w SDB full flavored cheese goes better w traditional bread I think. so does chocolate . the sourness of SDB overwhelms some of their flavors. plenty nice to have a choice.
  10. @heidih its possible. the real SPAM had a similar date I never started thus never completed my studies. the mice ate it or its SomeWhere Unknown I store a lot of stuff there.
  11. found this in the Basement Wine Cellar cave à vin I know I had three cans down there , as I was going to do an experiment : Back When : SPAM ( the real deal ) SPAM low salt ( Still real ) Walmart Brand ( above , still probably made by SPAM ) couldn't find two of them. Didn't know mice could open cans ....... but then N.B.: its well known that Real Deal SPAM lasts forever . but Walmarts take on it ?
  12. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @gfweb do them as PinWheels : trim and sesson ( lightly ) roll up , I then use bamboo skewers 1/4 the way down , each side cut in 1/2 , either tie or club the skewers abd grill very hot until a little car on each side rest gobble up. the skirts are thicker that way , and you can get ( very ) rare in the middle and a bit of char on the outside. my favorite Boeuf
  13. @Kim Shook Penzey's granulated powders are the best. its important to keep them well sealed , as they lump up after a while. since i have a VacSealer , I put most of the 8 oz in a Vac'd bag , and keep a little out in one of those small spice containers. works well. sometimes I cut a Vac Bag in 1/2 , as it works better. seal the new edge and then the powder. BTW I save 4 cents along the way !
  14. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @BKEats " 6 lbs of skirt steak "" Holly C*AP ! I can taste them. I always forget : Inside vs Outside : which is better its the thinner one , but I haven't had a SS is so long it doesnt matter that I cant remember. yours look p[erfect . I used to do them as PinWheels on the grill
  15. @Kim Shook keep it . use it . its not going to make any difference to them. rememeber , they sent it to you.
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