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  1. exactly too bad thermoWorks Bit into Crap sorry forgot the *
  2. sorry I need computer glasses and can't change the title its $ 39.00 for tow channels but you can get a three channel for $ 35.00
  3. Yikes : http://www.thermoworks.com/CK-Signature-Timer
  4. I have the VacMaster 215 and it really suits me well however , anything new in this type of Vac ? i hope to recumbent this to a friend but Id like to mentions what's the next upgrade to this ? for completeness stake i know that after the is Price Point it become Exponential no matter to me Im very fine with my VM 215
  5. makes no diff. where you get it. save up , splurge is need be and get the 4.5 lbs edition. Strong Bodies are Built in Many Ways. this is the Most Important Way.
  6. @Smithy nice , reads much better at 2078 grams or 4.581206 lbs just saying this is the kind of book your hold and feel as you read.
  7. @mgaretz that looks very interesting , the plastic have you sued it ? Ill look for it. BB&B has this : https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/4-piece-flexible-cutting-mat-set/1013615004?Keyword=flexible+cutting+mats its on my list ! many thanks !
  8. f@KennethT thanks that's what Ill use until I can find what Im sure comes and goes and is tossed out. the SV Everythihng channel on YouTube has some nice Fish SV'd they use Aluminum foil which Im reluctant to use. Id like something , eventually , re-usable so tonight : parchment paper it will be . Im going to be Tossing and Turning All Night until it come to me what Ive tossed out over the years that was the plastic Im having Visions Of
  9. Ive started to SV fish. I know Im very late to this game , because fish in my area is very expensive if they claim it to be fresh. salmon at a ' good ' Fmonger might be 20 $$ and its not the freshness I like ie has no aroma what so ever , or smell of the Deep Blue Sea not the Cr*py Sea Shore I know this as for some time going back to visit my family where I grew up S of SF , there was Cooks Seafoods in MenloPark. the fish was still wiggling or it eventually went into their small SeaFood bistro. no matter I have had OK fish Fz from TJ's , paying careful attention to make sure the plastic casing is not punctured. many are and that's bad for flavor Im looking for s thin , semi flexible plastic I can cut to place the filet on w seasoning , butter and then slide that into the SV bag to keep everything flat. what Driving me to Drink ( MR of coruse ) is its the thing that shows up from time to time that you toss out as it came in something else !
  10. this book is the most excellent read of any cookbook Ive ever seen.
  11. @gfweb any issues w the Asp. floating at those temps ? I mention this as the YouTube " sousvide everything " just did alaskan cod ( bag 1 ) and asp. ( bag 2 ) and the asp. floated. ↵ Use original player Sous Vide ALASKAN COD FISH with Sous Vide Asparagus! Health Eating Always By Sous Vide Everything YouTube 720p 360p ← Replay X i click the blue link to see their issues w Asp.
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Im pleased soooo many people don't appreciate Scapple the stores won't run out , the price won't go up and soooo much more for me !
  13. @gfweb nice w the Asp's its a bit late to study this now it would be worthwhile to know if : Asp's treated carefully A) blanched or not B) Bagged before cooking after the above A then Fz'n in an optimal state for SV reheating in the Winter ? Nicew Id say
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @Shelby Yep. those CB's look Perfect +++ and CSB'd no less !
  15. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    @HungryChris good question i have indeed had Zuuuks , even home grown for me the issue is " wetness " as in all summer squash. there are ways to remove the water w salt , etc but thats a PITA I do enjoy summer squash via the Cuisinart w the match-stick blade : Cuisinart DLC-833TXAMZ 3-by-3mm Medium Square Julienne Disc perhaps this one ? not so sure if this is the exact one I use I process the summer squash just before serving as a salad. that I like as its still firm. but cooked .................... consider this : with this type of blade based on you Cuisi or othet cut the ends off the Zuuks create the match- sticks at the last moment as then then weep add some sort of minimal Breakfast Dressing and try that w your Scrapple Breakfast clearly you are looking for some Crunch add some roasted nuts to the matchstick item may be some dried cranberries from Tj ? you won't look back !