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  1. rotuts


    @palo this is true. however , when done well , a +++ LaBrea bakery , in LA started seeing frozen french bread it had standards on which store could carry it. it was outstanding when you got it fresh even in NewEngland , where one Stop&shop used to sell it one that I knew of. it was about 30 minutes away but I used to go there from time to time just for that bread. TJ's gets frozen bread ( sourdough ) from PigsThatFly a NH bakery that makes superb sourdough ( toast shap
  2. sorry panade. something that you add to ground meats to keep them from contracting and getting tough. Im guessing it doesn't matter in an iPot , as the temps are much higher that oven or slow simmer.
  3. rotuts


    the english Muffin @# Aldi had somde sort of chemical flavour just a hint . I don't associate that flavor w english muffins. I believe there are two types of Brie - style cheeses ; one ages and ' runs ' : you can tell this type if they sell them in slices : the slices ' bulge ' the other type is designed not to run at all , for some reason. I dont recall what makes the cheese non-runny , but its made that way ' on purpose ' . why ? I have no idea. Tj's has both : if the slice has a s
  4. rotuts


    English Muffin
  5. rotuts

    Cook-Off 60: Banh Mi

    @Shelby that pate is an excellent find next time you blitzt6hat store grab a few for the future.
  6. rotuts

    Breakfast 2021

    Aldi: EM , Soft scrambled eggs , Ham, room temp Tj's Pepper Jelly ( under the eggs )
  7. rotuts


    Aldi Tots : perfectly fine. similar or identical to Tj's generic. Aldi'e EM's are not as good as TJ's have a hint of something that I do not associate w EM's not quire benzene , but not EM'ish
  8. @shain im pleased your identical babka's fresh , warm , etc are not available at my local TJ's. Id have to look into an electric wheel barrow w GPS etc to get me around.
  9. rotuts

    Breakfast 2021

    @Ann_T you make me Soooooooooey keen for these sort of ' delicousne ss ' 'st not that so much but crispy , hot . crunchy suck off yhr bone ? dip or not Im so sorry as this is a FamilyFood group
  10. I tried one of the shelf stable tortellini a while back you did need to cook it but w the right Amendments similar to the refrigerated items it was fine cooking time might have been different. not the same of course from a tortellini meal made in a small , pleasant town in Italy near the Coast w gentle Sea Breeze the you could walk to none near me , so there it is.
  11. El What Ever big mistake to not take a look. you wont be sleeping well tonight
  12. well TJ's has shelf stable fully cooked dahl and the like vac packed shelf stable tortellini and olives w herbs. I think Radiation might be involved. or what ever else gets the few items ive seen TJ's ( I dont get out that much these days ) its all Delicious Food for Bugs
  13. @shain your babka's always look so inviting the few Ive had were dry , and the amendments never gooey enough yours look perfect I hope babka's can be made w butter. and lots of it.
  14. rotuts

    Breakfast 2021

    @Ann_T Id inhale any of your breakfasts as @gfweb was having a ' Tongue - Cheek ' dichotomy issue I9m sure he would too but , Me First . my new Breakfast Motto
  15. rotuts

    Dinner 2021

    @Paul Bacino I saw their video now I get the idea of how fuel is added. \ enjoy !
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