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  1. wow nice I used to have my mothers very old egg beater. it had something at the bottom that protected the blades from getting damaged by the bottom some sort of guard. I can not envision the issue w R or L handed that you mention it might be real the old Beater could be used ether handed as far as I can recall. I also have my mothers very old electric ' mix-master ' this was mentioned a fair while ago here. those beaters were not ' wire . beaters , but had a scalloped if you will inner indentation to them now days its just a wire but I have not looked at them in a while what you are showing here does look pretty nice ! it was pretty much lie this one w some sort of hard on the bottom : hard to see here , but the blades are not simple wires and as far as I can see , would work L or R handed
  2. All Things Mushroom

    @gfweb interesting points. I can't recall if there was any garlic nor if any thyme involved. I do recall there was a very hight end chain where I lived when I was back visiting my father where I grew up : Andrinico's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andronico's it seems to be having Hard Times. but this was 1990 - 2007 they had the best fresh produce and a very large collection of fresh mushrooms. ' pick your own ' from the bins and no Vibe a la WF'd its dangerous to think one might go back in time and do certain things that one never got to : for me : Espalier trees ( there was a lace on long island that had them for N.E. with 4 branches each side but for me , being a member of Long Standing at the https://nysaes.cals.cornell.edu it was about Pears , FR. pears the kind that were small and only fruited every other year .... and having a Mushroom log system outside. a big one . now I fiddle and faddle and pouch Return this is not a complaint
  3. this lip suggests it designed to sit snugly in something specific : then also something larger which the two prong item accommodates
  4. On EBay this cup : "" From handle to handle the cup measures 4 1/2 inches, and is 1 1/4 inches deep and 2 1/8 inches in diameter. its pretty small.
  5. however this suggests to me that it might sit in something larger than its diameter : so it doesn't wobble interesting .
  6. it might be on EBay as a sommelier cup but I really doubt that's what it is. its completely different from all the rest. the S.C. was carried by the sommelier this sits on something
  7. not only that it looks like the same one : http://www.ebay.ie/itm/FABULOUS-VINTAGE-STERLING-SILVER-SOMMELIER-TASTING-CUP-N7-B-/381417944730?hash=item58ce47f69a:m:mtcb_EK-ccFYuCHEeJlqXzg
  8. well I have one on oder from its initial ofering at I think that same price 149 any idea when Id get mine ?
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    @Anna N congratulations ! Pork w SV will be very tender and no Old Time Worries e the result Pork at 130.1 might be Sooooooo Tasty well, its right there
  10. All Things Mushroom

    I think the logs need to be outside as its cooler etc for indoor i can think of 'Srooms but they are not for dinner just saying
  11. All Things Mushroom

    Yep mushroom logs are one of the Soooo Fine gardening things I didn't get my Dairy-Air off to do but maybe next year ? not for everybody but Soooo Fine I think.
  12. All Things Mushroom

    from the second site : I have easy access to fresh logs the logs need to be fresh so that indigenous fungi are not already Enjoying that Log.
  13. All Things Mushroom

    has anyone ' home cultivated ' mushrooms in freshly harvested trees ? you can buy ' plugs ' that fit the holes you drill out you add the mushroom-plugs and then seal. you keep the stack of wood so it gets air , but shade and you keep it moist then : mushrooms ! goggling get me this : mushroom plugs http://www.fungi.com/plug-spawn/articles/plug-spawn.html https://mushroommountain.com/t/plug-spawn
  14. All Things Mushroom

    for me , a collection of fresh mushrooms of many types from a good and reliable market cleaned , roughly chopped , sautéed for a bit until reduced in size a decent splash of dry red or white wine , reduced then heavy cream , so it wouldn't split , simmered briefly then as a topping for fresh linguine. same wine of course as a Person Beverage. crusty good-crumb bread. Heaven
  15. All Things Mushroom

    good idea I too have the Grigson book Ill have to dust it off. there was a woodsy place very near me where I sued to walk my dog (s ) in the fall there were many mushrooms here and there even what were clearly brown ' button ' mushrooms through out a shady grassy area but Im not trained so did not pick that's one of the many things I wish I were trained to do. several families would defend on the area in the fall and clean the place out. looked pretty tasty to me.