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  1. A friend of mine who now lives in BOS and Woods Hole invited me down to WH some time a go he milled his own grains and I said Pleeeese but Ive seen some shows Food Unwrapped from GB and a few others that suggested that there were grains , currently growns here and there that were older and ancient that when fresh milled has a different final taste than what we might buy now in our groceries or King Arthur Flour so : tow issues : Freshly Groiund of our choice and heritage and ancient grains freshly milled I thought about this my friend makes various breads autolysis etc from spelt etc so after some though Id thought of trying this myself sandwich loaf in the CSO eventually when My oven gets fixed or in summer outside on the Weber. interesting , is it not ? if this sort of thing appeals to a Bread Baker ?
  2. Ive also taken the plunge ; Im hoping to start a heritage rye PA starter tomorrow. I have a chronic problem w pantry moths. I use the traps no moths for 6 months , and I noticed a few in one of the traps Im going to have to use the shop vac system of keeping the mill clean Ido have a chamber vac so Ill use that to keep the grains sealed and a plastic container from The Contianer Store that has a rubber seal around the rim where I can then keep the grains in their own sealed bags I like the vids at breadopia I plan to use my 11 cup Cuisi Prep+ ( siill available new ! ) for the major work after autolysis. I hope to use a rye starter for sourdough sandwich bread I also got a 1/2 share in a CSA grain share , but that wont come until next year.
  3. Im looking forward to your experience using the two starters you are making w the PJ and no other yeast I do like the look of that toast !
  4. rotuts

    Dinner 2019

    @Katie Meadow I do indeed think that tilapia is a fairly tasteless fish and very tough if' conventionally cooked. the CC is up to you however, if you can get it well fozen , I get some at Tj's in a completely sealed bag with a few decent spices and herbs and SV'd just right its not that bad.
  5. @Panaderia Canadiense what a Dummie Ive been ! nothing new they say ! I thought your blog was over ! Im grateful it not just quite yet thank you again for taking the time to continue Posting !
  6. 1 ) similar is not the same as ' exactly the same ' 2 ) Winemaking is a TraZillionDollar industrty 3 ) If Napa Vineyards are wiped out , there is a " seed-bank " at UC Davis charged w keeping , what was called in the old days , ' seeds' of all kinds stuff, There are University run seed baks all over the USA. Geneva , NY ( operated by Cornell ) has Apples, Pears , etc They are constantly creating new apples. I used to be a member , and you got to taste the new apples each year at the fall general meeting. NYS ( New York State ) 293 was a great apple. Some are introduced for cultivation , some are added to their orchards. Im sure UCDavis is doing similar studies w their genetic charges. They have not yet invited me to taste these ( Table and Wine ) grapes , and I can't say if they make wine out of the wine grapes. They now use DNA. consider : https://agritech.cals.cornell.edu/research-extension/tree-fruits/ https://agritech.cals.cornell.edu we might have to drink beer for a few years, but grapes , table varieties and wine varieties are here to stay. P.S.: take a look here ; http://fps.ucdavis.edu/index.cfm note the plant genome material kept at UC Davis has very high commercial value. places like this are funded both by Dot.Gov and Commercial entities. http://fps.ucdavis.edu/fgrmain.cfm P.P.S.: its my understanding from original literature ( in translation , of course ) that Roman Wine was a bit tart . tertiary fermentation ? unless its was really brand new ( Tiberius Novus , very popular at the time , for a few weeks ) add-ons were the key : Honey , herbs , fermented fish ( RB1 ? ) etc. but its a very interesting topic how Wine , etc has evolved. I personally keep a close eye on the various bottles at TJ's
  7. Im not sure if it matters the news articles in the WSJ suggest that Amazon didn't promote it they have their hands full making WF more than the sum of its parts and a place to try to sell 3d rate hardware. [ed.: rotuts has 3 - 4 shares of AMZN , to be clear . ]
  8. Im going to do this soon myself w rye heritage , of course !
  9. do you think pollack gut might be fine after a careful SV ? 124 F ?
  10. think what this sutff dollar store or not due for your "" toes "" after you get to a certain age ! Im motoring soon to my Dollar Store just in case 1
  11. @Anna N at the warning Im not sure I thought too much not really a bit of short of breath but some concern seeing the Calamari well that passed ! Pollack Gut ? well who knows sail mucus a 100 ! and then so0me gel ?
  12. the pineapple juice trick is demo'd here : https://breadtopia.com/make-your-own-sourdough-starter/ and credit is given to Peter Reinhart I have some of his books from the library and they re very interesting to study.
  13. @Paul Bacino what sort of wheat do you plan to use ? heritage and ancient ? Ive been interested in these grains for a long time.
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