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  1. Ive done Tri-Tip a few times, SV its a once cut , but what i look for is Blade Roasts , then they are on sale. needs a bit of knife work , but the flavor is better to me than Tri-Tip they are hard to come by but @FeChef do the Chuck Roast only if you have a good butcher that can give you the identical cut that was in the Vid. yoy would be surprised what is sod as Chuck Roast CS of course has a very good butcher to deal with.
  2. rotuts

    Chipotle's Mexican Grill

    I went back to Chipotle as , of course , I had a coupon ! but I ordered a bit diffedrerntly : the carnita burrito , but with the white rice rather than the brown Id been getting. it has cilantro in it. black beans , as the pinto/s looked a little dry. then the regular salsa , which resamples pico de gallo and the medium salsa , which i think was very tasty. I usually set the hot salsa , but its a bit one dimensional. and all the other usual add- in I i brought it home , and nukes it to get it hot. I was pleasantly surprised that with this add-in , it did have a nice Tex-Mex flavor. I have green tabasco in quantity at home so ill now say the flavor to me was much improved by these choices the amount of food you get for about $,8.25 or so is generous and it seems to be of high quality. so its a decent place from time to time for me and very close.
  3. it comes with some oil ! and it used to sell for $ 870 or so ! a steal at any price.
  4. the vacMaster VP 215 isn't cheap , and the price has gone up due to the current Tarrif Nonsense but is one of the finest purchase's Ive ever made I do a lot of SV slits well worth it for me
  5. here is how I do my turkey stock in the iPot. i just ' processed ' two whole Fz turkey breasts. Shady Brook Farm each Br was about 12 + lbs. they go on sale at the beginning of Nov , like clockwork at one local chain. $ 0.79 a lbs. I had room for 5 in the freezer , and do two at a time, this makes for 8 very large SV pouches of TB's , two per side of TB . I trim out the two tendons and cut the large Br in about 12 Tie up to hold its shape , as teasing out the two tendons doesn't make for perfectly trimmed TB's I SV two / bag in a 16 QT Colman Cooker @ 142.5 for 4 hours , rapidly chill. later , perhaps tomorrow Ill open those bags and smoke at ambient temp on the weber w gas off w pellets. then debag individually and freeze back to the stock : I chopped up the bones from the two TB's so they would fit nicely in the iPot , covered w water about an inch above and iP'd on high for 40 min. natural release . then I removed all the bones and left the meat mixture in the iPot and mashed all the meat up w a hand masher. stringy stuff. iP'd on high for 20 more minus , natural release. as it was very cold test and through the night , I left the full iPot out on the deck , covered. in the AM I skimmed off all of the hardened fat , about 1/4 " all around the top. I reheated the result ; meat bits and stock I strained this mixture and pressed down on the solids a the hand masher this is the amount of solids from the two Large TB's. Its quite a bit , as these TB's have the wing ' pulled off ' mechanically so there is quite a bit of white wing meat attached to the TB's its seems like such a waste to toss out , but its complexly flavorless at this point. MC looks it over , then passes on it. I use the semi-disposable plastic containers to make some ice the night before, ice bricks about 8 oz eash I add these to cold tap water the add the warm stock to these containers cover them , and let them float in the ice bath until cold then freeze the bricks in bags I have for my chamber-vac. they fit nicely stacked in the downstairs freezer Ill use these 4 again for the liquid in the iPot for the three other TB's chopped up carcases , and then Ill freeze the final stock and use that for gravy , soup etc over the winter it save me from reducing the first pass stock I get approximately 8 0z in each of the containers. its already been defatted , which was an early step. Tastes Just Like Turkey. no seasonings were used at this point.
  6. rotuts

    Do I need to cook this?

    ID put up a sign on your Micro : Out of Order. how do i know this ? a long time ago my mother used to get a HoneyBakedHam to have around for sandwiches when I was home from college. back when HBH were new and I think better than they are now. I tried that once for a hot ham and swiss. swiss did OK , HBH not so well.
  7. in and out , unless you want the 5 guys fries. not their burger.
  8. rotuts

    Do I need to cook this?

    micro'ing a fully cooked ham will ruin it it will contract and be very tough. you might bring it to room temp glaze a side , then carefully broil that side for the glaze , the slice ?
  9. rotuts

    DARTO pans

    @blue_dolphin looking forward to your final pics !
  10. rotuts

    Chipotle's Mexican Grill

    there is one of these in Cambridge MA , and they have a second outlet in the area the food is very good , and similar prices to Chipotle. I usually get the lamb and its tender and not grizzly. wish there were more of them
  11. rotuts

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    @Anna N I do agree. of note , now that Wondra has come up : I keep mine in the refrigerator , as the seals on the top are not that tight. I don't use it that often but when I kept it on the counter ... I noted some Wild-Life had crawled in , and were enjoying them selves. justto point that out
  12. rotuts

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    I can't imagine the nightmares businesses these days have w " SocialMedia ' I not a SM user , but that's for other reasons. Ive retired from what was my calling. and have met w various students of mine and had a nice lunch or two. one Snark-ey remark on ServiceWhatEver is next to impossible to reverse even when its a load of BS. and that's not including , Fake BS , set up by competitors etc Indeed , in the NYTimes and WSJ there have been long well written articles about the extraordinary scams , fake reviews , etc on Goliath AKA Amazon , that channel large and significant amount of money to bottom feeders etc. I find this so interesting , but its the times w live in. So I congratulate RanchoGordo for not just an exceptional collection of products but for doing their best to keep true to their goals.
  13. rotuts

    DARTO pans

    https://www.darto.org/us/products/paella-n-25-pre-sale-shipping-in-december/ the # 25 paella is 1.1 " deep https://www.darto.org/us/products/paella-n-27-pre-sale-shipping-in-december/ the # 27 paella is 1.5 " deep https://www.darto.org/us/products/paella-n-35-pre-sale-shipping-in-december/ the # 35 is 1.9" deep there was an even larger paella pan , but its not listed these days. It had three handles a friend ordered it and they said it was not ready as they had some production issues with it
  14. rotuts

    Shao Xing longevity

    IF you are in NYC , Im sure you can find something in Chinatown or a good liquor store. this is the one I have : I poured some in a glass so you could note the color. I make no claims that this is the brand you should seek out. In Chinatown BOS at a small Chinese liquor store they had three versions. as no English was spoken , I bought the mosts expensive : $ 7.95 750 cc 17 % alcohol as is is a fortified wine , it will keep for long time and not turn to vinegar . Id say this tastes like a dry but dark sherry. Ive only had a few sake's , and to me this is more complex. think of a cream or dark sherry , but one that was not sweet. its been some time since I looked into sherry and at that time , dry was lighter in color, and not this tripe of complex flavor a dry amontillado might work if there was such a thing. cant say myself.