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  1. flavorless chicken is very common. right now in my area its $ 1.49 / skinless/boneless Breast or Thigh 3 lbs min each package.
  2. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    @dcarch interesting video thanks that's a lot of chickens all over the place ! must be a lot of CkSh*t also all over the place !
  3. only some of the MexChirizo is lymph nodes look at the ingredient list I don't know about TofuNodes.
  4. I grew up in CA and have visited Mexico several times a long time ago. in CA there are two types of Chorizo Mexican of course the one thats dirt cheap is made from Pigs Lymphatic systems treated the same way as the chorizo in the same shops from ground shoulder or what ever. I personally don't shoos to eat another animals immune systen and more or less , the price difference was more or less 1 USA green back a pound in NE its difficult to fine Mexican Chorizo so I sue TJ's and its fine
  5. 2Anna N so sorry about the GP's near my area there is an outstanding Chinese rest. in the Subs : http://www.sichuangourmetma.com their lunch menu is outstanding and the place is packed I go at 1:30 0r later I just tell them : Im allergic to GB's I get tree ears consider that plan for Future Lunch-ing endevors works well
  6. @Smokeydoke very nice haul. I use the Soyc when I can remember to get it. I take it out of the Tube and sauté it taste to me just like Mexican Chorizo not Spanish which has smoked paprika in it outstanding when sautéed and crumbled on all sorts of things Mexican C to me has vinegar in it and perhaps some cilantro seeds very nice product !
  7. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    it would be very interesting to know what there CkBr meat's thermapen'd meat was when the low simmer was turned off and what the final temp might be when ready for Eating. I also wondering if the SoySimmer liquid acts as a bind while the chicken is equilibrating
  8. @Kim Shook ( not to go off topic too much ) I have two bunt pans now : I have no idea hoe this happened . possibly the MR talking ? L Target , Nordicware thin and light R Cuisinart , much heavier, Amazon Ill take the Target back.
  9. in my area ( MA ) 750 cc 23.99 375 cc 16.49 also I think the stuff in the US is made here , and not the stuff sold in FR it used to be different in taste there is no tax on liquor in MA when sold there is an excise tax before the stiff gets to the shelf Im wondering if that explains some of the Total Wine price differences
  10. @btbyrd I agree I also have both sets I caved for the R set w the Christmas discount. the slotted K spoons are very useful. the bend is nicer on the R sets but it would have been nice if the largest slotted r spoon had that bend in it I might take it down to the HOmeWorkshop and add that myself after a little torch work,
  11. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    @weedy nice ref's thank you @hainanchicken is the chicken , after cooking , sliced before service ? Im wondering if they add , after its slices , some Ck stock that might be sligthly thickened or not to add surface moisture . that can alter the mouth feel by quite a bit I think.
  12. @Chris Hennes that Babka is impressive ! finest one Ive ever seen. congratulations !
  13. @ElsieD go with SV 130 for 72 unless you have more BC's to experiment with Ive never found BC's in my area and I like Beef rare-ish ( 130 is not ultra rare ) and tender. looking forward to your results