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  1. @CentralMA excellent points very valid in the Previous Epoc : PreC19 I enjoyed all this this ' pre ' at various very fine Indian marts in my area. thanks for your post
  2. I also use s whirly style coffee grinder one for ' hot ' blends . one for ' non-hot ' blends but Im grinding about 3 tsp or less a time. so these work well for me. one would have been fine for this puirpose but I posted as I really like both and this style of note , the smaller was cheaper not on amazon , and had free shipping and was 18 dollars. i may have got the last one from that vendor , sorry !
  3. i had an interesting discussion w my dentists way back when M&P's made out of granular stone , like granite etc sometimes leave tiny stone chips in your grind. over time , not so good for your Enamel . marble is probably not granular .
  4. ive been getting a lot of items from Target.com. cans of this , and that. there was an article in the WSJ very recently that Target is using store space to fill orders locally. they come by UPS and its become quite popular. unfortunately , the cans are added to boxes that are too large , w a roll of that large bubble wrap. the cans band around. recently one order had one of the 'pop' top cans damaged and that pop pushed in. I tossed the can , and cleaned off a few other cans and took it in stride. a recent order had several cans s the Pop pushed in , and it was quite a mess i called and they credited me for the whole order , no problem but had no way to mention this to my local store. I buy 10 cans at a time of A , B , C etc. that's te ax these days / order. however , 12 cans would result in boxes that come to the store in a plastic blister covering , and no damage would take place , and no food lost. too bad they cant figure this out. I dont like to waste food , and this seems like a problem easily fixed w a little thoughtful attention. BTW Im finally all out of ChefBoyAreDee spaghetti and meat balls. was getting used to it w plenty of Penzey's amendments . wont get any more i think the canned lasagna ( you read correctly ) is much better. a sign of the times.
  5. Ive recently been using more whole spices and herbs , from Penzey's to boost the flavor of some of my items from Target. i have a M&P somewhere in the basement , where things go to get lost. i got this one first ; EZ-Grip Silicone & Porcelain Mortar and Pestle With Non-Slip Detachable Silicone Base - NEW DESIGN BEST FOR GUACAMOLE - Dishwasher Safe by Cooler Kitchen then the 6 " inch one seemed large for doing small amounts. by the time the 4.5 " arrived , Id gotten used to the 6 ". Im posting because i like them both a lot : the 4.5 ' is just easier to handle when Im doing a Tablespoon or so for an individual dish. these are not Oxo , but they ahh taken on the Oxo look. the back bottom easily coms off and provided a decent non-skid surface.
  6. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @weinoo "" rather than a whole eggplant, a pint of baba ghanouj " if you delete the eggplant , you would have room in the fridge for a pint of somethings way more interesting . your imagination is the lonely limit.
  7. @Anna N I know you are asking about packets. I used to use Knorr and Sauers some time go. I think the flavor input in packets has deteriorated and there is always too much salt in the, apparently Minors has a dot.Ca site : https://www.nestleprofessional.ca/list/culinary-products if they have lower sodium try them , and just keep them in your freezer sor of like round-packets. I prefer lower sodium as I can add more paste to my chosen salt content, and get more favor. I use water + base to get the volume and flavor of the gravy I want then use a little cornstarch + cold water to get the thickness i like I can add Penzey's dried spices as a boost , etc this takes about the same time to whip up as a powder from a packet but , for me , has much better flavo(u)r I notice they have the Trio , mentioned above. I wonder what that is like.
  8. rotuts

    Breakfast 2020!

    @Anna N w the Advent of SV , i love pink ( or very pink ) pork how was the Loin re tenderness ? consider dropping the temp next time to 130.1 f [ed.: N O T B : 54.5 ] the meat will be easier to slice very thin when chilled
  9. in my area , the local ads come vis US mail . I dont get a local newspaper but if they send them in the mail , I doubt their would be dups in a newspapwe they come on Thursday , and the sales start Friday. Market Basket ads come the same time , but their sale starts sunday. you can see the ads on the websites sometimes on Wed. I sued to enjoy looking over the ads , as there are specific cycles for Brand name stuff that rotate from one chain to another then another , then go away for 3 - 4 months., I sued to shop at MB as its not much father than RB's which is close but those days are long gone, and I go to RocheBro very rarely , on Monday , 7 am senior hour/ and TJ's sometimes on Tues , senior hour is 8 am. I go to TJ's on tuesdays as my WnbeBuds are all there that day. I no longer look at the ads. although one can save over time white a bit by using them my time is the store is more valuable to me than a savings that takes a bit of a hunt to find.
  10. rotuts

    Lunch 2020

    @chefmd when you run out of bologna , and dont add risk to your grocery trip move up to Mortadella . ( USA , no pistachios ) imported has P's no0w if you like the P's , that's up to you. you wont regret it , just dont add risk to your trip.
  11. if you haven't done SV and work w it defrost the PK's and send a pic of what they look like the grill very dry hot plain .... why burn the spice and the pepper ? then cool off and add your flavors and slice very thbin very rare and its going to be delicious as is , on on a but w what ever you have. bun like and green like
  12. @liamsaunt im not sure what your have : do you have this ? https://heritagefoods.com/collections/pork/products/country-rib-two-2-3lb-four-bone-chops I did not see any other CR's on the site the issues is simple : can you SV'd ? if you can , how do you personally compare SV w Braise ? so different. and Pork these's days are outstanding , esp Heritage on the lower side of cooing. let me know hat you have andIll make suggestions based on Braise vs SV or rapid hot grill. cheers
  13. @Kim Shook see what it the pepper jelly if its hot dish , I doubt there are any bell's in it but cant say TJ's pepper jelly has red and green chili's in it. you can smell them when you open the jar. Im going to have to go back soon and get a large stock of the stuff.
  14. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @TdeV how was the Veal ? ws ut wort it and would you do it again that way ?
  15. low and slow 130 F all the flavor stays in the meat then add to what ever you want to do with the meat after the SV
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