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  1. I use the iPot for stock and re-sue the Stock- bricks I can vac for the next stock mostly now turkey , but perhaps chicken soon In NewEngland for reasons I can't understand [ growing up in mother CA ] when a ' storm ' is coming , the supermarkets are ' packed ' so on Sat i went to MarketBasket and only got a few things : some Fz veg in my haste I bought the wrong ones : they have a mix veg w or w/o limas I like w/o the limas don't seem to do well but the green beans take longer to cook Im hoping your have a Large Pitcher of a Personal Beverage So I bought a few bags of not what i wanted i hoe to move to Peas and carrots and get the green beans separately as GB take longer to cook. fill that glass up so In going to use the packets of mix'd veg for my Stock studies why not ? 2 bucks ? has anyone made veg stock in the iPot ? can you taste the veg ? Ill add the 2 bags to the next TStock and see thanks
  2. Idiot proof I take to mean you learn a bit , pouch a button and it beeps when ' done '
  3. @FauxPas Im going to have to look into the TJ's HB's we are going to have a couple days of serious ice here but Ill look into them soon how do you ' cook ' them ?
  4. Sweet Maria had something to say about newer bags a while ago , but I can't recall if freezing was part of the newer process
  5. @Shelby you use your leaf blower on that ? or what Im preparing in my Usual Manner
  6. @Smithy sorry about the Fish Plate I can see how outstanding it was so I goggled waitng for the storm and for Japanese fish plate I got this image : you now have a new hobby ! no sigh of @shelby as its early yet to shovel out my place in the AM Just saying. talk is talk after all
  7. possibly the grinder warms the beans just enough so they are above freezing when ground a really good grinder adds as little heat as possible to the final product. that wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee ? you want that in your espresso. so many conundrums here @ eG. what I would't do is add Fz beans to the grinder's hopper. sometimes I forget to roast. I have Fz whole Vac's beans in the freezer. I add the sealed pack to tap water and they thaw quickly to Room Temp then I add those dry beans to the hopper.
  8. check very carefully w TJ's it seem unusual that these bars are made in a ' nut free ' environment that being said I follow a British show , ' Food Unwrapped ' https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2968902/ one recent show went into a production facility that had two production lines for this sort of thing : peanuts and no peanuts they rigorously excluded people from one unit to the other each set of employees wore completely different colored cover alls , hair nets etc. boots were washed and your cars tires etc before you were allowed into either facility just check carefully
  9. rotuts

    DARTO pans

    the DARTO sale is a bit of a bust. 50 % off , but everything out of stock ! you can get the 4 mm # 27 for 100 USD though
  10. @MetsFan5 when you get yours , make sure you get a third-party steamer baaket pressure ateamiing eggs , veg is an outtanding feature if the iPot
  11. I was hoping for a pic I guess.
  12. @Anna N my oversight what did you do with the picanha ? there is a Brazillion neighborhood near me now that thanks to SVEveringthing I know what to look for VeinA VeinB and VeinC its on a list
  13. rotuts

    Click and Grow

    @ JoNorvelleWalker " Note: I am about to make a tiny investment in this company, primarily for social reasons.n" I dont believe this for an inastant Dill made his move and Dill is trying to appreciate his possition dont believe it until its on your plate the Dil might have financial issues ? or not the dill is helping him self perhaps w options ?
  14. rotuts


    I remember seeing these on the CooksCountry show. they struck me as an individual variant of the classic ' Sticky buns ' is you added ' sticy' to the bottom of the pan Cinnamon buns , pecan buns etc , but not in the large pan format. oddly enough some time ago I made ' sticky pecan buns ' but put the sticky pecan part in an individual pyrex glass container , the larger version of the L and S and one until of bun on top and froze. I then wrapped them carefully as I could , Fz burn etc. the idea was my father could take one out in the evening , place it in a kitchen cabinet so Earthquake would not be overly interested over night in them in the AM they would be proofed and ready for the oven this worked very well , and you had to be careful as the glass was Hot Hot Hot when you took them out and had to wait a bit to turn them over. so as to avoid burns. I used all sorts of Bottom-sticky : quality orange marmalade , lime marmalade , grapefruit marmalade etc My father enjoyed them from time to time, one at a time. maybe someone can work with that idea if there was a calling for 1 - 2 + buns / AM. P.S.: my technique predates the invention of CC. just to be clear come on now , smile a little