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  1. rotuts

    Canned sardines

    @blue_dolphin looks interesting and delicious this wound be the bit that interested e the most : still delicious but quite light
  2. @lindag congratulations ! you are going to love it !
  3. #FauxPas Wow ! Id enjoy knowing what they are growing.
  4. went to MarketBasket this AM : big Hellmn's display at the first corner : $ 5.00 ( OK : $ 4.99 ! ) Ill have to stop by Aldi and see what their version is going for
  5. rotuts

    Breakfast 2022

    @Kim Shook WoW ! thank you for trieing it ! in my area it't the best as it suits me! they also have scrapple when I see it in my MarketBasket freezer I get a few. Scapple is a separate and quite a different tasty matter. cheers.
  6. rotuts

    Lunch 2022

    @blue_dolphin I have not put kimchi on Dog. An I have K most of the time. Idiot me.
  7. RTW Ive been watching a BBQ completion series and presto : skirts : these are right out of the CryoVac , untrimmed these are the Thicker Skirts Inside ? Upside ? Downside ? Outside ? Its difficult for me to remember : Thick ? Thin ? right in front of me . P.S.: later in that same show for review purposes this is how they are cooking them hope theyndowell
  8. if wish every one that enjoys beef because it beef would bee able to try both the thinner skin and the thicker. I learned w the thinner , and it came off a ' Prime " side of beef and was not avaiable all the time. the butcher had sides of beef in the refrigerator behind the counter w a glass ' window ' you could see in while selecting your cots or they would cut to order. that actual skirt might be much harder to find these days. pinwheels pinwheels pinwheels very hot grill , perfectly dark browned on the outside and rare in the middle .
  9. @ElsieD would you say that its ' thin-ish ? ' then Id pull off some of the fat , lightly season roll up tie or skewer it , then cut if half , and grill hot to rare . pinwheels at their best if it looks thicker , the SV you can tell the difference just by looking . https://www.grillseeker.com/whats-the-difference-between-inside-and-outside-skirt-steak/ https://substitutecooking.com/inside-vs-outside-skirt-steak/
  10. rotuts

    Lunch 2022

    @blue_dolphin what brand Pantry cams do you use ?
  11. rotuts

    Dinner 2022

    green beans are in a cooking category all their own.
  12. @gfweb I think there are two skirts. . 2 per side of the cow. the thinner one , is very tender and Ive only had it at a butcher shop the other is sisal grain , but thinkier Im gussying that the fajita cut , thus cheaper. each , or if you only get the thiker can be quite delicious treated differently,
  13. @ElsieD what a find ! to me : in fact there are two kinds of skirt steak and each animal has 2 of each. for me : there are the thiner one and a bit difficult to get locally and the thicker version depending what you have : for the thicker: tie into a pinwheel w s bit of seasons of your choice on the serve . SV @ a temp that gives you the 'rareness ' including a sear if you like. done the thinner is a delicacy that does well on very high grilling heat for not to long then cut in half 1/2 for each , or two 1/2'ves for one ie it has to be cut in halter.
  14. @Shelby very nice wat is the clear covering in pic # 5 ?
  15. Katie Meadow Indeed. times do change re :RBF it seems for the better !
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