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  1. use your second 1/2 for 1 ) croutons in a salad 2 ) fine crumbs to coat something you bake 3 ) and really really good , a Bread salad itself once yogurt the hang of this you will bake two loafs at a time as the second passing of home made bread can be quite divine
  2. got a flurry of emails from WS My stuff was ready , # 49 BH NY my stuff was picked-up ! no word on the shipping. once you get a live agent , they are very good. yell at the computer if you must but not these fine people sorting out various Snafu's here and there. I might have to check w them monday , to make sure Im not charged twice. the patience of some of these live agents continues to amaze me good for them.
  3. William-Sonoma sale I finally got around to trying the W-S Dish towels they were on sale the Charcoal were cheaper than the red. they had several shades of ' red ' I went w the charcoal. there was some sort of Snafu , and I was supposed to pick them up in Bridgehampton , NY slot 49 that's was not going to happen. So I called them. it took a little time and will power to get passed their computer .... but I did get a live agent and they will be shipping them to ' slot-les
  4. rotuts

    Dinner 2021

    @Kim Shook ive never had baked spaghetti. this version looks delicious. Id have to ask them to ' hold the peppers ' even if they were no GBP's involved.
  5. rotuts

    Dinner 2021

    @Norm Matthews "" I have noticed sometimes on her recipes, the list of ingredients don't always jibe with the directions. "" The Understatement of the Month.
  6. rotuts

    Lunch 2021

    @Duvel Nice CB. Excellent job melting the cheese. so many people and places don't understand this is the Key to the burger.
  7. 2Im waiting for Version 4 or 8 I dnotny need into so i can wait Anova ' before ' is not Anova now. too many Burnt Buns in Bora Bora. free shipping for Some ? cracked tanks ? put some steroid ointment on those Burnt Cracked buns from Bora Bora and join your precious ranks as an outstanding company.
  8. BTW although this might make some chatter Pears are perhaps the only ' stone ' fruit ie w pits that does ripen off the tree. true ripening , not just getting mushier. tomatoes do something similar but not the same as if left " on the vine " pears , treeless , work the same as if on the tree w in reason of course
  9. @Shelby I have two 6 qt spares , and an 8 qt all waiting patiently in their boxes for The Call to Duty. no matter , I got them very very cheaply on Amazon Deal days. recently I was able to see an ATK equipment review not the ones on their weekly show that showcased the iPot you mentioned w the handles. one ATK person , @ home used their preferred slow cooker , and one used this new iPot w the handles to make a pork stew/shredded for Pork Tacos the
  10. Penzey's has another sale , good through tomorrow : And $30+ worth of goodness for just one dollar if you can do touchless pickup in one of our stores. Shipped to you it’s the same offer, but shipping charges apply. No codes needed for any of this. Just have some spending and the so timely Kind Heart Pins and BLM stickers add automatically. Add a half-cup jar to your basket and your highest-priced half-cup jar up to $10.95 in value will be no charge. For the best value, buy one of the $1 quarter-cup jars on special. We started with the awesome and timely Justice Seasoni
  11. rotuts

    Dinner 2021

    @mgaretz quite some time ago one my first ' real ' job after being a scout dog and Slave for some time and I do not regret any minute of it .. was on Long Island they had a Ben's there and from time to time a group of us went there for pastrami etc. very good ., but not Montreal Hot Smoked Meat wonder if that's the dame Bens ? this was 1985 or so. a big shame but good for my tired and clogged corona
  12. @weinoo PCCC's are about as good as it gets. hope they have plenty of butter flavo(u)r and brown sugar.yours look perfect. the individual contours of each suggest " Artisan " they do freeze , but Id not let them go too long. chop them up and add them to your A.M. mumsli . that will really start your day.
  13. well,,try and whip those whites. add tartar etc as you might do with raw. you will have your answer right there. off the top of my head , I can't say the minimum time @ 130.1 for full pasteurization. that's close to 55 C for you.
  14. ill look into this for you tomorrow.
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