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  1. @TdeV as it really about the time @ temp w the various ways for Deline of that temp they may be times for sensitive items Eggs ? LP steamed ? that you want an instant realease some items you want a 10 minute release other time , you might chose, w great experience to do a natural release it up to you to decide the sensitivity of your ingredients the Natural Release does provide some unstructured time for , perhaps ? a Personal Beverage ? only now when appropriate maybe https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320031.php up to you
  2. @TdeV another good question its all about Time @ Temp for cooking. the slow adds cooing time and fast adds less. id think w/o foam up fast might work for then but the next time you just add to the initial cooking time its been said that you do not want to fast release food that might foam up beans are one of those i think. other than that just keep track
  3. @TdeV excellent questions . Id advise you to get a Red Engineering Lined book from Stapes etc. and not loose it [ed.: Idiot rotuts , possibly ReCycled his. Idiot ] you will learn in very short time how to get everything Right for You each time. if you have under calculated note that in The Red Book Green covered books are a sort of Disease , so don't go there Just PCook for a tiny bit more remember , your re almost to your preferred point and you are starting w Hot Water. over time a few weeks you will be in The Zone w the Red book.
  4. I think I posted this method in the very early pages of this thread. i might have a glass or two of a Young but Amusing TJ's Red and look through the thread soon. all i can thhink is that that notebook got buried in some newspapers a and got recycled. it had my egg methods , my pressure steamed potato and PS Beet times in it. Ill take some notes , and if they remain legible , ill re post. SBE in the shell are very good on hot toast , and so easy to do. they do not truthfully compare w water-poached eggs cooked to the same temps something about the skins on the WPE that makes them very special.
  5. Ive done SBE's in the past as above. I can't ref. my times and temps , as that notebook is missing. more or less : SV 1 - 2 doz eggs , direct from the refrig , time and temp missing here then rapidly chill , and dry off. place back in the refrig. in AM : take two eggs out , for example. I had have an old OXO small salad spinner w the hard white plastic insert that had broken. I add hot tap water to the outer plastic container again temp not available and the basket , which is set on three plastic jug caps , to keep the basket off the bottom of the outer container. add the eggs , and microwave for , a set time. the caps keep the eggs in the center of the hot water. then I go about my AM business : make the coffee , feed the cat , etc etc make some toast. then crack the SBE's over the hot toast , and scoop out any remaining egg white , if any presto , two soft boiled eggs on toast in the morning. the part I liked about this method , is its fool proof , and does not require any timed attention. the Oxo water bath ended up just heating the precious cooked eggs to serving temp , and did not change the eggs texture. I might have to try this again. works well and its mind-less , a key in the AM while waiting for the Coffee.
  6. interesting idea. i don't know what it is , and the humidity in my house is fairly constant say 40 % at most . Ill have to see if the changes are different in the summer as I have no A/C . but each day , say after day 2 or so , the tiniest adjustment is needed to get the best espresso in the cup.
  7. rotuts

    Breakfast 2020!

    @liamsaunt BTW very elegant and inviting presentation of the salmon Kudos your way
  8. pressure - steam is a fantastic feature for the iPot. but you need to get a basket that fits in the model you have not very expensive @ amazon. then try eggs i use the LowPressure seetting the pressure steam on high pressure potatoes , beets etc
  9. what are the machines ( ? ) in the last picture above ? what a fantastic trip. thank you for taking the time to share and the various menu's
  10. although interesting it misses a very important point. @weinoo as mentioned above. they do mention a few good points though but Ive found , if you are using a ' bottom-less ' portafilter ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqD_tnqtJiM the thickness of the steam will tell you instantly how your extraction is going. and w a very good grinder , one that can take very very very fine adjustments one needs to adjust each days grind for the same coffee in the hopper to get the ideal stream and thus optimal espresso. very odd , but very true. the beans change day to day , over several days. and the grind needs to adjusted accordingly . if the steam is too thin , the coffee is over-extracted and bitter if the stream is too wide , is under-extracted and thus not full flavored or full bodied. channeling is when the ' puck ' is not uniform and coffee works its way vis least resistance and can spray all over the place.
  11. forgot to look into the Templar R @ TJ's the FancyPants TJ's BlackLabel reserve Cab @19.98 a bottle has arrived at my Local. missed a chance to taste it My WineBuds liked it but suggested it needed time to " open up " they said possible a year in the " Cellar " for me basement. si I bought 2 bottles . Id be pretty annoyed if after some CellarBasement time it was outstanding , and that was my last bottle so two. Im guessing several years easily. so Ill report back then. you can't imagine the fun I had after getting my first " Real Job " quite some time ago that i started ' cellaring " Zinfandels from California mostly Ridge , some Ravenwood , a few Kenwood. top price for me was @ $ 10 / bottle , case discounts aprpeciated but rare. the last two cases were 20 and 22 years old. I stoped this fun project when the price for this quality wine started to skyrocket. and , to be fair , and entre nous I want about to leave any etc etc when I Move On sorry. those last two cases were about as good as it got only on special occasions and very special friends. *** sigh ***
  12. @sartoric outstanding garden I see a lot of hard work that will be paying off for quite some time. i had a vegetable garden some time ago , in two parts and the Best Tomatoes in NewEngland loved working in that garden better than PsychoTherapy
  13. heat gun roasting : https://www.home-barista.com/search-results.html?q=heat+gun+roasting&ie=ISO-8859-1&cof=FORID%3A9&cx=partner-pub-1874394195286019%3Aih80ev-qwtj&siteurl=www.home-barista.com%2Fsearch.php&ref=www.home-barista.com%2Fsearch-results.html%3Fq%3Dhome%2Bmade%2Broasting%2B%26ie%3DISO-8859-1%26cof%3DFORID%3A9%26cx%3Dpartner-pub-1874394195286019%3Aih80ev-qwtj%26sa%3DSearch%26siteurl%3Dwww.home-barista.com%2Fsearch.php%26ref%3Dwww.home-barista.com%2Fhome-roasting%2F%26ss%3D8032j22485952j19&ss=3049j694835j17 I like this one , uses a bread machine for the churning : https://www.home-barista.com/home-roasting/bread-machine-heat-gun-roaster-t48875-10.html
  14. somewhere on " HomeBarista.com " there is a long thread on HomeMadeCoffee roasting and roasters some of the contraptions are very very intresting some use a heat gun. https://www.home-barista.com/search-results.html?q=home+made+roasting+&ie=ISO-8859-1&cof=FORID%3A9&cx=partner-pub-1874394195286019%3Aih80ev-qwtj&sa=Search&siteurl=www.home-barista.com%2Fsearch.php&ref=www.home-barista.com%2Fhome-roasting%2F&ss=8032j22485952j19 I don't know if you have to have joined HB to see this a forum site that has all you need to know about Coffee , roasting , extrracting and more.
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