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  1. rotuts

    Frogs Legs

    @Alex very nice reference. thank you for posting.
  2. @teonzo your points are very interesting . Ill just re state my experience w SafeWay ( a large supermarket conglomerate , on the west cost USA ) jumbo eggs, had noticeable number of double yolks . some eggs , that that often , had that extra-yolky favor. maybe just jumbo or extra large , never kept track Im sure all these eggs ( white shell ) were mass produced where costs were critical for Safeway's profit. that does not deny that perhaps free-range chicken have tastier eggs.
  3. Black Friday Non-Sence Monday A pretty nice Thursday ec.
  4. @Smithy and et.al : more for later !
  5. the WSJ a few days ago had an analysis of Prime Day : w/o going into the details and there are several layers of JB:Amazon on its business model this year is was not at ' Spectacular ' as previous years in an economic sense for AMZN etc. quite some time ago a WSJ article broke down ' Prime ' costs re : average single purchase , cost of shipping that purchase etc the margins on this were very very thin , and a bit negative indeed anyway , PrimeDay this year was not an economic blockbust
  6. I would have thought that their interface ie what you see , and the buttons you push would have been their intellectual property. several of the ' clones ' seem to have a very very similar interface. annyway the folks at iPot revolutionize pressure cooking in a very intuitive way. and a very easy to use interface and total system. good for them. Im sure they had their financial rewards which they deserve .
  7. @TdeV Id go lower and see how it works out. remembering tenderness is time , not so much temp alone, 142.5 from mu chicken experiments I cant say how chickens relate to beef tongue .... for me , and most meats , the higher the temp , the more Jus in the bag. as tenderness is what we are usually after , I err on the side or more Jus in the meat. looking forward myself , after a series of vaccinations , a series of finding some tongue and getting involved in this myself. I used to l
  8. @ElsieD thank you I can remember 1 cup for the 3 at and the 6 qt I do like the release on the Ultra tomorrow I might make some Basmati rice no hurries here thanks
  9. distilled water is not that easy to get esp these days. but possible interested , about Brita'd water I make this myself ! and any de-scaling suggestions that turns up over time
  10. those of you w the 3-Qt : Im using my Ultra now for its first Shake Down Cook. Ive looked through the manual and have not found the minimum water for pressure-steaming it might be right in front of me or not for the 6 qt its a Cup. Ill use a cup as , I might be able to remember that.
  11. Id also ask about " Brita'd " water this has been discussed here some time ago. for my espresso machine I use Brita's water , as it removes most of the calcium in the water , tested by dip-stick. Brita some ago was not allowed to claim this by law at that time or even now at the complain of ' soft water ' companies like Culligan etc true then , cant say for sure now as Ive not looked into it. but Brita removes significant calium from at least , my water , which is town we
  12. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @Ann_T too bad I can't give you 2 Chef Hats.
  13. mine is here , its very cute . Id rather have V2 , w just buttons I might have to read the manual Ugh.
  14. you move the knife based on the curve of the blade as you advance it down the stone. hard to explain
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