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  1. @dcarch this is what I was thinking for colder climes. BTW squirrel's eventually ate most of the figs , before they were nicely ripe. they also shelled out the walnuts and ate them too. drove my father crazy.
  2. rotuts

    Lunch 2019

    I dont recall the tuna noodle casserole i and growing up at home from scratch in those days , of course had cheese in it. it did have a potato chip crust ! but , of course , back then I wasn't yet the bonVivant , and Gourmet I am today.
  3. i grew up , in CA , w fig trees. indeed they were , well, standard tree like structures.
  4. 5 hours not so nice did they offer to refill your wine cup ? plasic or notr,.
  5. Tasty ? how full is the train ? How long does it take to get from the GTA to Ottawa. I used to love to travel by rail , in Europe growing up 2 years in Spain and 2 years in France. " no wine was served "
  6. not to derail this post see the train sequence // Dinning Car in Casino Royal , v 2008
  7. even better than The Train , is an old fashioned Dinner Car w sit-down service ! Ive been fortunate to experience this several times , but a long long long time ago R.I.P. Thomas Cook & Son
  8. rotuts

    Lunch 2019

    @CantCookStillTry the courgette i get but not the rest
  9. rotuts

    Taco Bell 2014 -

    I can't even imagine 2.3 Million lbs of beef !
  10. rotuts

    Dinner 2019

    @KennethT that Salmon looks so delicious , I wouldn't notice eating the cucumbers.
  11. rotuts

    Ginger: Fresh-Frozen

    a P.S.: if you live near a Chinatown , or a large Chinese Market , look for these stainless steel Chinese cleavers. they come in a variety of sizes , this one is is a # 3 blade is 8 " x 3.5 " I use it for coarser work ,, frequently w the mallet , for control and never worry too much about the edge. inexpensive
  12. Ive been freezing fresh , un-peeled ginger for some time. I used to use a plastic shopping bag , and then just grated off the freezer-burnt end discarded that , then grated the freshly exposed end for use. I now chamber-vac the ginger , unpeeled , but with the little projections cut off which makes for a smoother surface for Vac'ing I now also slice thin // thick bits off , rather than always grate but its not that easy I now do it this way , which protects my finger tips , as the Fz ginger can march all around the cutting board. materials : inexpensive chinese cleaver , SS. HOmeDepot mallet Ginger has a flat side from previous use , and that goes on the board to make a stable hunk of ginger very very useful to start this way. hold the cleaver on the ginger's business end , and lightly tap w the cleaver to get some ' purchase ' in the ginger then tap away ! as you lightly tap , you can sort of control the thickness by turning the cleaver into the ginger for a tap or two , giving you a thicker slice or turn the cleaver toward the cut end for a thiner slice. don't be in any hurry , and you will be pleased w the results as will your finger tips. i then re-bag the ginger in the same bag that is now a little smaller from cutting off the top and Vac again
  13. I made some failed pork belly , SV then CSO as noted above Im posting my conclusion here as the Failed PorkPic is above. the Rice + Ginger ( from Fz ) + LemonGrass ( From Fz ) is the pot's work saved FPork , + CSO drippings . Note the whiter fat , and the Jus below FP sliced diced sauté until crunchy with the T-fal pan , a favorite of mine : added to IPot'd Ginger-LemonGrass basmati : I keep the ginger and LG fairly large so they can be taken out of the IPot Pot easily : this was delicious : the pork was saved , crunchy and tender at the same time , and porky ! I added Tj's dried cranberries and cashew nuts after an initial taste turned out to be very tasty. If you have Ginger and LemonGrass , and like those flavors , try adding them to your next batch of Bowl-in-a-Bowl basmati or rice of your choice very nice as is. well , you could add some butter to the finished rice if you like.
  14. it was a bit of a joke. pls ignore. sorry
  15. @lemniscate certain " table wines " I think are excellent value at TJ's their Varnish-Shaw's wine keeps Tj's in business not for us. for me a Table-Wine is inexpensive , dry , no oak , and no ' benzene ' I define ' benzine ' as flavors , chemical like , that don't reming me of grapes. I prefer grape flavor , not so much cherries , tobacco , etc. these are not chit-chat wines , but decent ones to enjoy w a meal andy meal , or while Re=Hydrating studying e.g..
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