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  1. Making Vinegar

    well ... the good news is your bounty will keep. so no need to be in any hurry Id think about fruit and a nicely ripened stone fruit. very hard to come by at any time , unless you have your own tree and it not the time right now for fall fruit consider looking for a bartlett pear. they come from all over. check the firmness of the flesh just below the stem it should give a little which means if it blemish free it will ripen on its own. pears are a rare stone frut that might do this. find one that has a bit of yellow on the flesh , not all green. and the tiny bit of yield on the flesh - stem end is importatnt when ' ripe enough ' section and add a few drops of the above and see . it going to be hit or miss , but you might be one hit. don't add the above if the sections you've tried are not good to better. a nice ripe white peach would be also nice best of luck with that ! I have had very nice white peaches here , but rarely. I did grow up with many peach trees at home .... so I know peaches no pears. the pear tree needs a frozen winter to do its best the next fall then there is always exceptional Home-Made-ish full fat vanilla ice cream 2 - 3 drops os the above !
  2. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    @scubadoo97 I haven't had a TunaMelt in a long long time. from what Ive seen of yours trhat's a big mistake !
  3. Anova bluetooth version

    well , good for them for paying attention. at a certain level of BigBucks that's unusual.
  4. I also have this on hold. Im looking forward to it. 49 holds 17 copies.
  5. I like those blue thing-ies what are they and do they come in various sizes ? S. of the Border ? if I found some that fit FB the chest freezer Id look into them.
  6. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    @robirdstx how were those fries ? there is a 5G';s very near me. i went once. like the idea that I could put a lot of topping on the burger at ordering. they were not able to give me mayo for the fries and suggested catsup. and I might try it again and ask that the fries be very crispy and not inundated w salt which they seem to to ShakeShake, much father away , had a better burger however the Ss fries were limp and way under cooked !
  7. well I m not going to suggest that that's sad. turning everything over it seems they are doing their best w what they have so good for them !
  8. are those perhaps Bangers ? hopefully ?
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    @Anna N that looks like an item ideally constructed for the CSB !
  10. I lived in Spain for two years growing up. I boarded at a spanish school. \ lunch was tradition 2 hours long, not the eating etc students that did not live at the school sometimes brought their lunches in those contenders and left them in the kitchen , served hot for their lunch. then they took them home and brought them back etc. for other Day students , some had their lunch included w their tuition etc. it varied. " Workers " esp outdoor workers used them also for their lunch. outdoors just meant they could be seen w the sets coming and going. I suspect office workers might have done the same however lunch was routinely at least 2 hours long and the largest meal of the day. everything closed. many people went home as that was the idea. dinner was at 10 PM BTW, and no sooner.
  11. it removes the ' cap ' off the wine to reveal the cork. the 4 little discs are the cutters place on top of the wine ,cutters down , pinch a little and rotate. not for twist tops !
  12. Orzo: side and salad

    Orzo is new to me. Im not sure why ive overlooked it , probably because its close to Ouzo , and I can't stand anise. go figure a while back I tried a Greek chicken and orzo item from TJ's : here it is plated. I was determined to make this myself , as Ive had some experience w SV'd CkBr. here is the orzo ' salad ' not as hint of anise ! there is a middle easter area on the way to Cambridgee MA that has several ME stores. they sell all sorts of olives in bulk and have a huge selection of feta in vats. Im a big fan of Bulgarian. its quite creamy. greet : too salty . French not bad , but the Bulgarian is better the above orzo was cooked in the FastraPasta. I over cooked it by a minus , but notes were made [ ed.: BTW FP makes a larger micro pasta item so there are now two. if you are going to make a ton of pasta for a take out salad take a peek ] the above has TJ's kalamata olive oil , kalamata olives , bulgarian feta , and sun dried tomatoes. Penzey's greek oregano etc it was quite good, an would have been = or better than the Tj's if Id FP'd the orzo one minute less what sorts of orzo sides / salads do you make ?
  13. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Im not not a big fan of Ham & Eggs. however , as its Easter , hams have been on sale. I pick up a Carando boneless spiral sliced ham as it was attractively priced at $ 1.99./lbs usually $ 3.99 /lbs I was surprised at its quality : and it was flat cut , not spiral. no matter. i soak the slices I use in ice water for a bit to remove some of the salt. this ham was not massively salty. none the less .... I use ice water rather than warm to keep the fat in the ham. don't really know if this matters. H&Eggs it was good but this ham makes a much better Ham & ( melted ) Swiss sandwich. I freeze what I don't use right away.
  14. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    @blue_dolphin how did you cook those SP spears. i been meaning to try SPS's for some time. did you peel them ? was there any Crunch given the sugar content ? id love to learn to make SPS's w the skin on that and some crutch to them. either CSB(O) or BVXL Im just lazy it seems
  15. Anova bluetooth version

    I like the newer Anova's a lot better than the first ed. i.e. the touch screen I have bluetooth and WiFi. those features really are not of great interest to me. I got both on sale. Im about 12 feet from the beer-cooler I use around the corner in the kitchen for small batches and re-heating. I got the blue-tooth to work as a curiosity. on my iPod or iPad it allows me to change the temp , see the temp , and turn it off. the wheel feature to set the temp is nice on the newer models , and both are a lot quieter than the original. that's why I gave the original to the library.