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  1. Sooo maybe something similar ? looking forward to it ! Ill probably pass on the Bread w GreenBells and maybe Zoooks.
  2. @trfl thanks for this. Im very intrested Im wondering is these breads might be baked in the CSO Cuisinart Steam Oven here is a ref https://www.cuisinart.com/shopping/toaster_ovens/cso-300n1/ somewhere there you might see the inner dimensions \ thanks again !
  3. rotuts

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    @kayb Im all over your suggestion Id skip any sort of cheese. you got the bread right, but it has to be very very fresh. I saw a show doe time ago where they took an entire bologna peeled off the " membrane " i.e. plastic or so then put the BigBoy ( yes , bologna is a boy ) on a Webber w the rotisserie attachment and let it roll and roll and roll at just the right temp. then the Firemen , of course took it off , well cooked , possibly for the last time-tranche on a higher heat for a bit of char I think some FD's foo this all the time that being said can you imagine how Spectacular this sort of thing might be with God's Bologna : ie American Mortadella it has to be American , as A.M. does not have pistachios just saying
  4. rotuts

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    you can actually taste SPAM when it has less salt. and it does taste like Ham ! desalt. dry sauté each side until crispy have it for breakfast that way w an egg or two of your choice ! nice w pineapple
  5. rotuts

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    @Anna N nice nothing wrong w SPAM esp in the pacific area didn't know it made it Keenly to Japan , but after WW makes sense the issues are the massive salt content Id consider the next time you look into this if you chose to is to cut the slices as you might like them then soak them in ice cold water for a bit 20 - 30 min ? a great deal of the salt would be gone and you might be able to taste the actual Essence of SPAM not so the salt which you have for yourself on you very table or in your Ktichen just in case.
  6. rotuts

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Nicolai Nice. I didn't want to intrude and tell you Exactly what too get but you've done quite well. I have no idea what that gold plated bottle is on the far R but if it cost you more Id start with that then move on to the other Bottles before , well , you discuss the egg and all the etc. best of luck ! BTW , after you all develop a need for some tasty treats you do have those ready and available Just in case ? good !
  7. rotuts

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Id suggest a Personal Beverage or Two for facilitation purposes only. Prior to negotiations . if funding is available ,id suggest you move up a bit from Prosecco ( as nice as Prosecco might be ) it might help you Make your Case. just saying.
  8. rotuts

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Nicolai "" I have been forcibly placed on a diet of Vegies "" that's a bit sad. Ill have to Pull a Cork [ ed.: or Twist a Top ] Early today in Commiseration . However , the Eagle's Eye has noted ' Egg ' on your plate. after having noted the above , I can see a Justification [ by president already set ] for a More Mature Egg on Subsequent Platings i.e. a Chicken ! I didn't see any Cheese on the Index Plate so it would be hard to justify on Future Platings Immature cheese ie , Beef , Lamb , Goat etc. but you can work on that.
  9. the only magazine I get is Fine Cooking. they have some ad-based Rx's that they develop and test and photograph , but are branded w advertisers ie a soysauce brand etc I thought that was a creative way to increase revenue. I still like a little f0od p0rn from time to time every other month it seems. FC must have published a zillion ++ Rx's for that perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving. I have all of them in s box somewhere .......
  10. of note : the floral iPot seems to be a V1 version maybe iPot was stuck w a lot of these after they came out w V2 , the one w the handles that also hold the top. a vast improvement Soooooo ......................................
  11. rotuts

    Breakfast! 2018

    " CELERY JUICE " the Great Masquerader. in y field , the textbooks claimed Syphilis is the Great Masquerader. times Change. now there are Two
  12. @ChocoMom I can see that in my bowl !
  13. @Shelby do you freeze ( on a sheet pan ) the MB's before you vac-bag them ? to keep their shape ? Im not that sure about the zoo's , but have you considered making some venison ' ragu ' ? I use the iPot and ground turkey ,but the idea is the same : make it in the iPot after a little ' greying ' in a skillet , then use a jar / lbs of meat in the iPot. it easily holds 2 lbs of meat + two jars of sauce + some bentons bacon then I freeze into ' bricks ' the vac the frozen bricks right out of the mold , a semi-disposable rectangular food container which of course I never through out the Fz bricks hold their shape and are easy to ' brick up ' in the freezer
  14. the Spanish are touchy about Paella. regions have their own versions , based on what they had at the time to put in it Id say it would be accurate enough to think of paella as a rice dish cooked in a large shallow pan , preferably outdoors on an open fire a rice dish , ' arroz con ..... ' is a rice dish cooked in a pot. maybe traditionally Meat based paella did not have seafood or fish.
  15. rotuts

    Food Dehydrators: The Topic

    not very far Id say , yet resting comfortably in its box. I do hope to get to the Indian Market for some green Thai Birds to dry out and also make some green chili oil. someday.