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  1. Methode Rotuts

    very interesting vid thanks a lot of emphasis on saving money , something I respect however , No Wine was mentioned Im wondering if the PureFizz no longer exists , except on ebay because of liability issues. the 750 cc and 1 L model require you to release the pressure before you open it or Bad Stuff will Happen , perhaps to your Eye ? so Id go with other the PureFizz ( 750 if you can get it new ) or the iL or just go with the iSi the initial investment is high , and its not fool proof esp after you have a few " toots ' of the MR make sure you understand what these pressure might do to you if you don't pay attention.
  2. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    @indag consider trying a turkey ML if you can get 93% lean at an attractive price here their seem to be at least three large providers : ShaddyBrook farm , butterball , and maybe Jennie-O the SBF goes on sale periodically ( 22.4 oz it seems ) https://www.shadybrookfarms.com/products/ I have no idea why they have so many sizes the 1 lbs sometimes goes for 1.99 and the 1.3 sometimes for 2.49 I stock up. the ML is just as good from a frozen brick as Im able to Vacuum bag it. there is some Jus in the bag , but that all goes into the loaf.
  3. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    I know traditional ' meat loaf mix ' has veal in it. I doubt very much you can taste veal if you use beef and pork and all those flavorings in the above Rx not being critical , but I think this mix came about when veal was in almost every USA market , and there were plenty of veal bits and trimmings to grind and use up. most supermarkets I venture into have little to no veal at all.
  4. Ive done that when I remember I forgot this time Ive also put the egg in-the-shell in the hot water for a minute or so, the cracked it very carefully in a med. pyrex clear bowl which also works. the ' weak ' albumin firms up nicely
  5. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    I Just realized why i never put veg in meatlaof. to cook the veg , you over cook the meat and its dry no mater what you do. 140 is the temp I pull my ML never met a veg that was cooked at 140. if you use the CSO you won't get a crust some people like very easily but it can be done. or torch a little i torch the bacon ( Benton's ) i use on top of my TML or briefly under a watchful eye use the CSO steam broil. i use oatmeal simply because i have it and it keeps I rarely have panko but Im sure if I use Panko would not be able to tell the difference. not over cooking ML is a key for me.
  6. I tried some poached eggs w the fixed temp buttons ; I used a 10 " T-Fal pan : it would have been easier in a deeper pan , but I don't really have one that InductionReady the eggs are refrigerator eggs and did not have tight albumin : the fixed temps for this larger pan , vs the 8 " I tested out yest. are very different. I ended up w 5 blue lights that gave me a water temp of 165 or so about 5 minus later : and since Science has it won rules , a rare MoneyShot : they were of course delicious , and I need to make them more often. but Im quite lazy some times. the one thing I like about water-poached eggs is the skin, when poached at a higher temp has a brief firm feel in the mouth. I realized I have a large induction-ready saucier from Demeyere Ill try that next time. and yes , I know how to water poach eggs ' in a traditional manner '
  7. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    @lindag is this it or close ? http://www.oprah.com/food/homemade-turkey-meatloaf-with-tomato-relish-smashed-potatoes-and-roasted-green-beans
  8. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    Brie ( Camembert ) esp Home Aged is a treat on ML sand. I like the TML at room temp , possible LTMayo on fresh untested bread , sasurdough but Ive been known to Micro the Brie until just warm and soft !
  9. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    @Anna N that's a fine effort. My TML does not taste like turkey at all. I only use that as im much better at seasoning poultry that beef. did you use the CSO ? its very helpful w ML's no matter what you put in the ML , it should feel moist but firm when you shape it. w beef , add what you think will taste good in the end. you can use a trick I saw JuliaChild use a long long time ago when making Pate a european ML take a bit of the meat mixture and fry it gently until just done and taste it. that's a good preview. consider adding bacon finely chopped up to beef meatloaf. I love bacon on the top , but a lot of people use Ketchup for Beef ML just cook it until firm . the CSO is very help flu on steam baking for ML. my panade is rolled oatmeal ( uncooked ) not quick-cook ground fine in a blade coffee grinder then milk is added to make a paste. consider some dijon mustard in your loaf and a beaten egg or two. Im your ML will be devoured always make more for the sandwiches the next day , which are superb. I also don't put vegetables in ML. just make sure yours a very finely chopped and get cooked through. onion flavor would be Penzey's granulated onion toasted or not. Im guessing that the time it takes to cook the veg is too long for cooking the meat. so that it does not dry out. 140 is a good temp to pull the ML out of the CSO, and let it sit sl covered. you don't get Jus out of a ML , you just want it to firm up a bit before you cut it
  10. Techie's Toys

    we had a very similar toaster . I think the slots went 90 degrees differently than the one above. pointing to the handles. it also had a cloth braided cord , same as the Griddle but Im guessing all cords were like that in the ' 50's made great toast , burnt and stuck all eng;loishMuffins which were too thick.
  11. Id even go lower : 130.1 to 135 I like rare. w SV you can get Rare and tender for any cut of beef you like. you can go ahead and braise your veg in some low-salt beef stock. the stock would concentrate to a decent SaltPoint , then you thicken it to your liking or stick-blend it w some of the veg , even better.
  12. Methode Rotuts

    it would be much easier for me to get a Red iSi that was 750 cc w one charger for the dead space ......... but tomorrow. when Im less Fizzy and have dug out one WoodPile Ill get something for sure any sales anywhere for Tomorrow ?
  13. maybe that Brew would do nicely in an MR set up ? apparently the way to go now is with the iSi in RED in the morning, when things are not quite so ' fizzy ' im on to this.
  14. Methode Rotuts

    C*R*A*P ! @JoNorvelleWalker I just gotta have the https://www.isi.com/us/culinary/products/detail/product/25/ of course then there is this :