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  1. as an Experienced Outdoors Wood'sMan ie Pallets , and stuff like that PT-W is wet. and its the Center-Cut and it might warp. let it dry completely before you decide. that might be next spring or so.
  2. @Shelby What an outstanding Deck ! Congratulations ! it looks to me like PT lumber. I approve. Mine is like that , but much older turns a nice med. grey if you can wait and leave it untreated.
  3. @Shelby Wow so Nice a bench ! Animal Approved , no less ! not to get into any trouble here you are preserving it with ............. Hee Hee
  4. do I miss my Garden and the three plots of Tomatoes 8 / trhance started in January in doors , with a seed amy ? and all the othedr and yes those 24 tomatoes , in their reinforcing circular container ( concrete reinforcing wire , in a bit spool , etc ) wer not the Best but locally ? I can't send you pics as that was the Kodak Days Ill give a Kudos to anyone that has an outside garded I did and I loved it we will see
  5. yes I too walked home from elementary school and had C's tomato soup w milk. occasionally a grilled cheese. Dinosaurs had moved on from my area.
  6. @Porthos I saw that GE show. I too use Wrights I have not tried DH brownies I use Betty C's Ill give them a try I use the BC's as a base for what I take to the Library. Ill make one of BC and one of DH and ask the library to decide.
  7. Exactly For other folks. now days maybe they buy frozen ? waffels ?
  8. here you go @shelby https://www.ricekrispies.com/en_US/recipes/the-original-treats-recipe.html and http://www.twosisterscrafting.com/best-ever-rice-krispie-treat-recipe/ TJ's has Krispy Joes Im wondering id toasted TJ's pecan's might improve them ?
  9. mine were perfect I think i had to make 2 0r more batches just to use up the junk I talked my mother into getting
  10. @Kim Shook love to see those RK squares ! I talked my mother into getting the ingredients in the previous century and made them I was delighted I was 4.
  11. I think the Hunters come to Eat , and then just fiddle around. note the gift relates to food , not to re-Loading or Purdy Shotguns. just saying.
  12. Grocery Shopping

    its new in MA for grocery stores to sell wine and beer its a town thing , not a state law. Tj's one town over sells wine and beer , and has for some time. some towns are ' dry ' which makes no sense to me , as there are always liquor stores at the TownLine. indeed , in my town , on the line , is TownLine liquors . why the towns are willing to give up tax revenue is hard to understand one Tj's , in Brookline , I believe also sells liquor. it a pain to get here and part. Iv always wondered on their prices.
  13. Someone's laughing all the way to the Bank !