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  1. @Shelby thanks I have Big Ideas for you """ croquettes "" why ? consider : Turkey C's after Thanks Giving w the left overs ? w a bit kof stuffing in the C 'sa more later as you deep fry 2 Kodos your way\ the CR's after SV at 130 are interesting more later
  2. @Shelby Im pretty much dying here w the above are the FG's tough when you've cooked them before ? Ive only had them a few times , and Tasty they are. rather than reduce the time , but you might lower the temp to 130.1 30 min or so then try again. were these Fz ? who know where the FG's came from when I had them in the USA Im betting Fz in FR can't say I sought in FR there are Frog Commercial Industries that rival Tyson who knows ? Im betting w there various Birds you get , and fly and work for their dinner the Legs SV then Fried might be a true Hit.
  3. rotuts

    the Oracle - From Breville

    if well made , the machine might do well for you. most important , what pressures does the machine truly achieve at the brew-head ? is there a gauge that confirms this ? is it wise to incorporate a grinder in a machine ? is one side fails , then the whole machine fails. how hard is it to clean the grinder ? a clean grinder makes a huge difference over the long run. it seems the machine does an awful lot of stuff. if it does them all well , then fine. if one ' section ' of procedures is not done well , then the whole series fails. Id look at this machine only after seeing it work in front of me. and sorry for being picky , Id take my own favorite beans to see how they taste in the cup too much of a good thing ?
  4. interesting. Ive also done immune work with with rabbits. Id bet ...................
  5. rotuts

    Dinner 2019

    @BonVivant thank you ! looks zoo good I think all fine fresh fish has doubled in revet years thanks for your posts
  6. @Smithy thank you for your fine study and analysis of two types of bacon Ive learned a lot Im wondering if the Hempler's is dryer than the Wright's aged possibly a bit differently ? I think dryer bacon , Brodbents , Benton's and Fathers possibly Im leaning about Bacon Ends. Im a sausage person in the AM you have given me some fine ideas to make the most of Bacoon Ends ! thgaks
  7. no matter what VacSealer you have its really the Nuts , no ? hopefully w non-textured bags and possibly an oil pump.
  8. rotuts

    Dinner 2019

    @BonVivant I always enjoy your posts. Ive never seen Monkfish on the bone did you remove the membrane , and then tie the fish to keep its shape ? how did you cook it ? cheers
  9. rotuts

    Oreo Cookies

    @suzilightning what a kind offer ! Im sure Ill find them eventually here. I have several ' artisan ' cookies i some times smuggle in. that's a decent sugar limit. this weeks offender : Im not sure Ive ever had salted caramel. these cookies are very crispy and can not be differentiated from home made. sugar ! Salt ! two of the three major food groups right there ! Im sure their is Fat ! , hopefully butter , the third major and final food group
  10. rotuts

    Oreo Cookies

    nowhere to be found in my area w a reasonable search.
  11. @Owtahear an exceptional book if you enjoy cooking some here have an alleges to FR no matter friends gave this book for Christmas and Im sure it was written for me.. hope there is a similar book for Spain , and one for Italy Id suggest some very old books i have the both in Hardback , w black and white pics : Waverly Root a corespondent , for some time on the Paris edition , in English Tribune or so https://www.amazon.com/Food-France-Waverley-Root/dp/0679738975 and https://www.amazon.com/Food-Italy-Waverley-Root/dp/0679738967/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RYVHBF46XMMZ2ZN6REAG\ bit dated , indeed but the food of these fine places and some fine history of the Food look for them in your library , but they are a bit old. if your read them now you are not going to find the Best Places to eat three underlines for the town /city but a remarkable understanding of the Food Philosophy for each Nation allergic ot not.
  12. the rabbit i bought , at the time came from a high-end meat market in the area I grew up in and retired to visit my fathers we had lived in Europe for several years as my parents taught , and I enjoyed many pain au chocolat Rabbit was a time to time favorite in the various Bistor's I made it for my father on request on visits : mustard and dry red wine I recall ( 2000 or so ) it was a bit expensive , and when cooked : it was tender and not that much meat on the carcass way before SV think about it : Bunny Stock ! sorry no matter , my father enjoyed it.
  13. I think I need this as much as I need more holes in my head rapid chilling that M.R. ? Ooooooooooo ! it does look a bit unique though .............
  14. rotuts

    Some Questions About Pyrex

    I did get this book , and read about the last 1/3d no Coq au Vin Rx's that I could find but I cannot recommend this book unless you are familiar with the Options Desk and have some ' Calls ' on your mind related to PeptoBismol pass this book around ( well written it is ) to your many friends ad you might do well still , no notable Rx's in the book. BTW OnTopic : pleased for all the original iPot Crew 'cash-ing out ' glad I have a few iPot's on the Reserve List purchased at Rock Bottom Prices.
  15. @Shelby " technique on tougher meats such as wild pheasant and rabbit...and maybe even frog legs. " Ive never eaten wild rabbit I think. there are lots of small ones in my front yard every morning .............. Im guessing the rabbit Ive eaten in the USA , that comes from a butcher , is ' cage raised ?" forget the oil comment , please but I wondered about using buttermilk in the overnight soak. SV , pat dry , then dip in fresh buttermilk for the coating series.
  16. @Shelby didn't use quarter cup of oil in the bag ? fine looking chicken. rest the chicken in the butter milk as part of the first step , then ' dry off ? ' mighty fine looking fried chicken.
  17. rotuts

    Some Questions About Pyrex

    Compensation for senior executives of most if not all major companies has been tied to the companies stock price for some time now. the notion that ' business success ' for a company can be best measured by its stock price came out of the Harvard Business School at some point therefor it is in the financial interest of the companies executives to cell a cheaper ( possibly inferior ) product tied to a well known brand, for profitability. I cannot recall the book that discussed the shift at the HBS that started this trend. anyone know about it ? it might be this one : https://www.amazon.com/Golden-Passport-Harvard-Business-Capitalism/dp/0062347179 Ill get it from the library and see
  18. @liamsaunt re: Open Air Living are there Mosquitos around ?
  19. rotuts

    Dinner 2019

    @Nicolai you have my sympathy what not walk around the back a few times ? with you know visual confirmation ? might work a bit but the Artichoke is a gift from the Gods! its he choke that puts a smile on God Good Lu8ck !
  20. GBM-14 has started : https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0071y6r the theme is Abby Road , honoring British Pop Music. they have a new kitchen : for review purposes : it seems to be induction based w these two items on the middle L which seem heat-based. any idea what they are ? and yes , a TMX , Vitamix , dehydrator , and ChamberVSc they show a lot of copper-ware on the sides , but the pans seem to have a steel bottom and then this gizmo : seems to be fire-brick lined. it looks like this year there are going to be a bazillion props , personally , a mistake : I hope you can find this show , and watch , in spite of Proptosis !
  21. yes . its a Japanese Box Grill : would it be appropriate for me to post the final dishes or not ?
  22. and so are mine. that's why I think ATK frequently " mails it in "
  23. although I missed out on the iPot 8 qt v2 for 89 USD Ive recovered from that Id like to hear for those who use the iPot for pressure steaming eggs right out of the refrigerator at low pressure steaming i.e. above the 1 cup of water Im looking for personal experience where the egg , chilled in cold water or ice water for a minute ore so makes a Perfect Poached Egg , coddled if you like ? based on this ATK episode : https://forums.egullet.org/topic/158144-americas-test-kitchen-new-book/?tab=comments#comment-2194309 thank you.
  24. Oooooooo! just like that ATK S19 Ep 08 : SouVide Eggs /steak / circulators. as much as it galls me they did a decent job. it will probably drive me to drink the steak was 1.5 to 3 hours @ 130 ( expensive rib-eye steaks w caps ) then pan sear, make a deglazed sauce they use the displacement method . and they added 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to help displace air. for poached eggs , cold from the refrigerator : 167 x 12 minutes , ice bath for one minute , the crack onto toast. aside from the oil , they did a decent job. they might have used the straw in the corner method for the last bit or air , saving a bit of mess. and then used the jus from the steak for their final deglaze rather than chicken stock. they preferred the Sansaire circulator , based on a quicker beet the water up , and an accuracy of 0.2F they did fairly note that it required a program on a mobile device , and if you didn't want that feature , the Anova WiFi was the way to go. in their book , the downgraded the Anova as they said it had a 2 degree accuracy , and that was too much for eggs. they did not mention this on the show. My Anova's are perfectly accurate for eggs at what ever temp I set them for. anyway , a decent introduction for those who knew nothing about SV parched I am.
  25. rotuts

    St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    St.P's day is coming up. what are your plans for Corned Beef ? in the past , being a student of CB and massive sales and SV I used to make a lot of it SV it , and then put a fair amount of the hunks on the Weber @ 130 w smoke from wood chips and then re-bag and have the tastiest sandwiches when Heat and Humidity and Mosquitos showed up over the summer. now it didn't even closely approach Montreal Smoked Meat from Schwartz's, and I have not been there is a long while. [ im guessing its changed hands , but still making fine stuff ] but that smoked CB was stunning. Ive been tossing and turning for some time , and Ive come up w a plan to study the Added Papain : early on during Sale Days Ill buy a single large Hunk. Ill so my usual trim, and make say 6 SV bags Ill look up my preferred temp ( in the Sv Rsd Book ) but start to pull out the bags , say at 4 hours and every 2 hours to get tenderness W/O mushiness from the enzymes. early bags will be rebated and returned to the Experiment so that when i hit a time that works , all the bags will be in there then they get to visit the weber for some smoke. of course i could by CB at 4 times the price W/O the papain , but that's no fun at all ! BTW : a four leaf green clover for @Anna N which allowed me to have plenty of freezer space for this project. the FCO expires in March , eh ? and its a new meat so its going to be allowed in no matter what. so : how do you do your CB ? have you come over to SV ?