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  1. as mentioned before his other books are very very very good. @ $ 3.50 , worth a consideration
  2. @Shelby hope you got a used copy ! $ 33 is a bit steep for a SaladBook.
  3. @Kim Shook what a fine tip ! do you think this same effect can be done at a lower temp ? i roast my own coffee from green beans. Ive noted in that situation , you want a gender that does not heat pf the beans as the flavors thus saved , are in Your Cup , and not lost so what do you tink about a steam at a lower temp ? and its true Ive had a small glass of a new Tj's red while my Idaho's age baking in the CSO and , for me , a very fine treat a 1/2 lbs of a very nice RocheBro ground beef , " 85 " in the pan w some demiglas and maybe a bit more Red ! nice for me these days.
  4. @Ann_T did you notice any differences in the bread w this new technique ?
  5. rotuts

    Dinner 2020

    @JoNorvelleWalker best steak Ive seen for a long time and look at that Cap ! Yum Yum !
  6. I can't tell you id BE has changed. Id like to add I very very much prefer sausage for a breakfast item. Ill use the bacon , high end bacon in other preps In the past , Ive always preferred Jones sausage. Preferably in The Tube I then Fz , but Ive done the Jones Sausage in the Tube SV . w my Vac'd system. 130 etc its cooked , I slice it and in a few seconds in the Micro or we eggs in the pan , I , in the past can have very good quality sausage any tine wi want it. if you are unhappy w B.E. and you cant get , w in reason Jones , in the tube try it.
  7. @weinoo Im guessing that the hockmesser does not involve a rocking motion. thus one handed and requiring a bowl , so that the full length of the blade " Hocks " w each blow the Mezza rocks , thus two handed , and on a flat surface. can one imagine the direction of HomeCooking if people had an 11 cup Cuisinart and electricity back in The Day ?
  8. another seasonal sale from Soup.base : Im well stocked for a while
  9. @Shelby you can pour anything you like into your garden. but as Chas. Darwin said in a book a long time ago : its about Natural Selection . might not have been that Popular in KS some time ago ........ unless you bury that you want to add to the garden , just deep enough Critters are gong to come around and HelpTHemSelves. re calcium : save your egg shelf , if you have eggs dry them out , and pulverize them . use them. there was another far simpler method for enough Ca ink the tomato area blossom end rot but Ive forgotten. this is a really good time to do your own composing if you have a garden , then you have dirt. just keep the non-animal stuff in some sort of container in your kitchen , then dig a hole and bury it. animal stuff will also work , but dig that hole much deeper much much deeper.
  10. @TicTac DownUnder garden got me dizzy : so :
  11. rotuts

    KFC 2012–

    pre-C19 Wendy's had a chicken sandwich, which they still might have : Spicy Crispy etc https://www.wendys.com/2-for-5 the one on the L 2 for 5 ? I went early , at a non busy time and of course got extra tomato and pickle. it was very very very tasty . crispy , some excellent heat , not greasy I liked it then Id love a few right now, but Im not going out to get them. which has nothing to do w the CkSand.
  12. rotuts

    KFC 2012–

    Ok , Ok, Ok, !! Joe Pesci ( character : Leo Getz ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzXFRmgG4H8 one of the great lines of all time worked to beyond Death in the series. But , back to topic : still might be good.
  13. rotuts

    KFC 2012–

    well one thing is for sure : the sandwich you get , wont loo0k anything like the one in the pic. for sure .
  14. Im not going to suggest This nor That the food , home made i the dinner and lunch and breakfast thread , has overwhelmed me w what's usual here on eG : intelligent people well versed in understanding what they work with , in their kitchens works for them and those they serve I chose a different path several months ago target.com and now Walmart.com I have Progresso soup , and I can annotate each bowl etc etc but now I have these : some time ago and Im sorry I can't ref it : there was a casserole of canned tamales @Kim Shook I did not order a similar number o canned tamales as I dont have the cheese on top that makes the difference wo we will see ...
  15. I guess I should thank my Lucky Stars [ed.: an expression of my mothers. not quite the same as " Maybe you should get your head examined ? ] that my Co-Pilot , by personal choice , as Co-Pilots are scarce these days Chef BoyArDee does not offer " Fish in a Can w overly sweet red sauce " see ? perspective is key these days.
  16. not really. it has many tunnels and many rats. these days the rats , via the news w restaurant closings rather toothful and too many people. esp these days.
  17. @weinoo you should be so lucky to be on an island. Im on one , myself , by deliberate choice. and my companion is Chef BoyAreDee , in the red cans. as I know it could be so much worse. and is for many. well there is MC , but he is not interested in C'BODee
  18. @ElsieD "" 400F for 1 3/4 to 2 hours "" that has to be a typo in the Rx. as you now know first hand
  19. I will say , I was a bit surprised Tj's shelves were very very full. fresh(-sh) salmon , beef vac'd , lamb, fresh and Fz Kosher whole chickens the same fresh wraps I ued to get . shrubbery in plastic bags. onions , squash , potatoes loose cheese counter full. yikes !
  20. Ive though a bit more about this. id like to do the right thing. Tj's isles are on the narrow side. I think its important to follow the directional arrows, of course. then on an end-cap one can skip an isle or two , still following the directional arrows. im thinking , is there is someone taking a bit of time to sort thought the FxFish they want ? maybe I might say , " May I Pass ? " than then that person might look away. etc and no speeding . no Beep Beep , nor Meep Meep. remember Im in this w my Fellow Seniors ! still , TJ's needs an Expressway to the Wine! My Tjs does not sell booze. the one in Brookline does but Ive never been there. the Booze issues are town to town related in the State. and Im not that much of a Booze person. just a common Whine-Oh
  21. The Rule of the New supermarket Road today I went to Tj's , for replenishment of my Wine Stock. Very important. they had arrows etc , and the usual pattern up the first isle , down the second etc. most of the seniors there seems to try to do the proper distancing. I just went for the wine, and was told i could cut over in the front and then down to the wine area my question is not facetious : if I wanted an item from isle 2 , 4 and 5 only ? it makes sense I should not go down a one way street the wrong way. but do I have to stay in the Cola that formed at the door ? and work my way at a glacial pace to get to those Isles ? is there an arena where passing is allowed , if possible at 6 feet ? Im not joking commons sense says make sure you are going down the isle in the proper direction maybe passing is only OK at the end caps ? I dont want to be too gauche about it. but I dont want to speed 30 minutes waiting to get to Isle # 3
  22. went to Tj's this AM https://forums.egullet.org/topic/155097-trader-joes-products-2017–/page/27/
  23. just got back from my first trip ti TJ's in quite some time. 2 months +++? I was getting thirsty , and called them a week ago or so they had my two table white wines I mix , and the same price and plenty of them. they order what i want , and it shows up from a NE warehouse in about a week or so. Seniors are 8 - 9. Tj's is about 20 Min from my house. I got there at 7:55 Am , and there was a short line maybe 10 people waiting to get in. line moved nicely at 8:00 AM. they have the markers on the floor , for One Lane Traffic. like IKEA I did not see an Expressway ' No Speed Limit ' to get to the Wine Area ,which is in the back of the store to the Left of the door. Traffic starts on the right. They had my ( several ) cases ready at the check out. the Seniors were mostly doing distancing correctly. they had markers from the back of the store , for the grid-lock when they are busy One Lane to all the check out counters. the counter had ' cough ' shields which I take it now days are standard. I was surprised and pleased they were fully stocked . I asked my WineBud , who brought the cases out to my car ( two trips ! ) and she said stocking was the same now as its always been. I stuck to just my cases and a few new suggestions from her on a 9.99 FR white , and a red she had recommended before C-19 that was the best of the table reds I was looking into for the Cave at that time. the new Vin : Ill post here my Tasting Note soon. both are $ 9.99. my table Combo is $ 4.99 /bottle. both at the same price. very convenient . No Calculus needed to figure out the final cost of the Mix ! Now if only TJ's installed an ExpressWay to the Wine , w Vite Check Out .....
  24. @Shelby @Kim Shook OK that was before then there was C-19 now its After and within reason a very rare commodity now its " Sur la Plate " just saying it its not on your " Plate ' well ??
  25. @Kim Shook I understand. i take it Mr. Kim doesnt cook too often. so, soon ; tomorrow would be good sit him down to dinner and give him bowl of Tepid Tap Water Soup just say , ............. See we didn't order ............... after that sinks in a few Bowls of LoudMouth Soup ATA Martini's then he can then figure it out himself
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