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  1. Finally doing the Holiday baking I wasn't able to get to during the, uh, Holidays. Instead of a traditional pie, I made an open face mincemeat tart using puff pastry, (sorry the frozen kind). Doused the mincemeat in rum about 4 hours before the bake. Turned out really delicious.
  2. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Did ribs, which were fast and tender but I’ll still take the traditional low and slow over wood. Does anyone have a recipe and directions how I can do a whole chicken? Then what about a Asian barbecue sauce or glaze to finish it in the oven???
  3. Dungeness crab

    I've been really frustrated this year about our lack of fresh and live Dungeness crabs. Typically the season in the Pacific Northwest opens about the first of December, and we rush to get crabs for the Holidays. Finally we saw an update on the news yesterday that said the commercial season off the coast of WA will open on January 15. (Too late to make Father's hot crab dip for a holiday party, but I'll make it just for me). This particular news story said it was due to a red tide issue, but really I'm not sure exactly why the season was delayed. I have a former employee who was crabbing with her husband two weeks ago out of Puget Sound and she said it was slow going for the effort. They have a commercial fisherman friend who will sell them fresh Dungeness crabs at $5 apiece when the season starts!
  4. So I bought a duck

    I've never tried sous vide, although I recently got a circulator. I'll have to try it.
  5. So I bought a duck

    Yes that sounds good. You reminded me of a duck ala' orange recipe I've got stowed away somewhere in a recipe box. It's out of a food magazine I just can't remember which one. It's more of a tart orange sauce that relies on the sweet element from the oranges rather than a lot of added sugar, then uses Asian five-spice powder. In any case I'm sure your duck will be delicious.
  6. So I bought a duck

    Like a lot of recipes I've developed from scratch, my roast duck is pretty unconvential in terms of method. I slow-roast it at 275 for about 5 hours, then at the very end turn the heat up to crisp the skin. Turns out golden and crispy and moist. A lot of people might be turned off by the breast meat being well-done, but the slow-roasting happens to keep the breast moist and juicy, at least that's my experience. I usually stuff the cavity with lemons and garlic for added flavor. I make this in late summer every year during our huckleberry season and serve the duck with a huckleberry compote. Right now I have some huckleberry-cranberry compote I made for Thanksgiving turkey so now I'm thinking another roast duck with this compote.
  7. Worst cooking show ever

    I never thought I'd say there was another TV cook more grating than Rachel Ray. Then I came across another quote from the Pioneer Woman instructing folks with her kitchsy country pone on the finer points of making a Grasshopper Pie..... "THROW some cookies into the food processor (or a big Ziploc if you just want to CRUSH'EM yourself.)........POUR'EM into a pie pan..... I teach at a kitchen store in Spokane and the students are pretty sophisticated home cooks. If I ever used that trendy broken type of language they'd shoo me out of the kitchen!
  8. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    I don't know why I haven't made this before, or why I did this morning! Been thinking about easy recipes I can do right now with stuff on hand and not a lot of heavy work. So eggs baked in puff pastry. Packaged puff pastry that is. I cut out a decent size square of the pastry, then two more squares the same size. Then cut a hole in those two squares to nestle the eggs, and put them on top of the base layer. Then brushed with egg wash. Cracked in two eggs, some dried parsley, diced bacon and black pepper. Wish I had some fresh tarragon or thyme on hand. Oh, and a nice sprinkle of parmesan would have been nice. In a 425 oven for about 14 minutes til the pastry was golden and the eggs just set but yolks still runny. Surprised me it was so delicious.
  9. Worst cooking show ever

    One that has been grating on me recently is The Pioneer Woman. I normally never watch it, but I'm spending way too much time watching television right now as I recover from my broken arm. Herewith is just one example that came across the television this morning. Most stupid quote on a cooking show? This morning, from Ree Drummond the so-named "Pioneer Woman,"..."Whenever I go out of town I make sure the fridge is stocked with food so the people I leave behind don't go hungry......" As if her husband and sons are cave dwellers and could only roast some of the beef they raise on the farm. Then in the next segment her sons and husband raid the fridge and he makes a caveman-like statement, "let's see what the girls left us to eat." Poor fellow needs to learn how to get along, maybe boil an egg and make some toast.....
  10. Hospital Time

    Thanks for this story Thanks for the Crepes. I am hoping each day you are getting better. Reminded me of a similar experience when I was in a nursing/rehab facility in June after my knee replacement. They had an outdoor patio area where we could go and have lunch if the weather was nice, which it was the three weeks I was there. There was a barbecue, but was only useable if your family or friends brought stuff in. Many of us were clamoring for the staff to treat us to a barbecue one day. I remember a large family group came in and celebrated their elderly Father's birthday with a Hawaiian feast, some takeout items and a lot of homemade things, and they also barbecued huge amounts of meat. I remember they had some Kalbi style ribs and teriyaki. And a cake! We were all so envious. I had friends bring in food a couple of times, cravings like burgers and pizzas which I rarely eat at home. The nurses were fine with that, but the "dragon lady" who ruled the dining room would have admonished my friends and I probably would have been given demerits. Some of the fellow patients I befriended during those three weeks in June, (and we shared the table at meals), ended up going to the administrator to complain about the food and Ms. dragon lady, but to no avail. I stayed silent on the sidelines, but I think now it was the makings for a great tragic comedy movie. Thankfully there was no drama, just not great food, during my recent two weeks in the hospital.
  11. Hospital Time

    For me the arm is only 5 weeks out but feels like years. Still very sore but manageable and I can do some simple cooking with using it at all. I'm also on oxygen right now, which is a challenge to keep the lines out of the way, especially in the kitchen. I'm lucky because up here there is an old-fashioned grocery delivery service. Nice store and you order online, virtually anything they stock in the store. That's made it easy since I can't drive yet. I might even order a small prime rib from them for Christmas dinner.
  12. Hospital Time

    Yeah, my experience in two different hospitals in Spokane this year were both the room service model. The menus at both had a fair number of items. At both hospitals the food services staff was wonderful, calling me daily if I had forgotten to order a meal and calling ahead for placing orders for meals throughout the day. One drawback was dietary restrictions. I'm not on any dietary restrictions at home nor does my primary care order anything, but in the hospital they watched the chart closely and that info was then scribed into diet orders. So if I called up and wanted soup, they'd say no due to too much salt in the soup for example. In general though the food was so-so but the service excellent. The food in both hospitals was actually better than the food at the rehab facility.
  13. Hospital Time

    I'm glad you're recovering and hope each day gets better. Thank you for listing the menus of what you had each day, it echoes pretty much what I just experienced in terms of food. I thought 4 days in the hospital in May followed by 3 weeks in a rehab facility would be enough for the year, but in November I shattered my upper right arm bone that required surgery and a plate and screws. Got released but ended back in the hospital three days later due to pneumonia and respiratory failure. A total of another 12 days in the hospital. The food at this hospital was fair, sometimes good. They put me on a very low sodium diet thinking I had some heart issues, which two of my Doctor's have since dispelled. That packet of Mrs. Dash seasoning was sort of nasty. The packaged sherbet was good, which isn't saying much since it was made by an outside vendor. The eggs for breakfast were actually good, not dry or pasty at all. The cheese sandwich at lunch was gummy, but the blt was good. Of course they said I couldn't have bacon due to the salt content, so I had a tomato and lettuce sandwich! Two entrees at dinner were pretty good, the cheeseburger, served like in an old fashioned diner with the lettuce and tomato on the side. The grilled salmon served with orzo was delicious. After almost two weeks I think I had pretty much gone through the menu.
  14. Christmas Cookies Redux

    My Christmas cookie baking is limited this year by a broken upper right arm. For some reason the metal plate and 14 screws the surgeon implanted are impacting my cookery and bakery skills! So I'm keeping things simple and was able to do a simple cookie that was one of my Mother's favorites, jam thumbprints. Filled with apricot, strawberry and raspberry. Taste delicious in spite of the fuzzy photo--
  15. I love it. And I use every bit of my home's 790 square feet. Last week someone came over and without prompting, said she liked the setup of my "galley" kitchen. I guess it was sort of a compliment. I've always said that the end result of what we cook isn't based on how big the kitchen is.