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  1. Top Chef: Charleston

    I do like the show so far this year in terms of the creativity and level of the dishes, but I'm getting a bit tired of seeing some of the past contestants. However one Chef I'm so glad to watch again is Sheldon. Not only a good Chef but he comes across the screen as being a nice guy.
  2. And some toasted, slivered almonds and sliced red grapes are always good in a chicken salad made from leftover roast chicken.
  3. I have some leftover chicken that I'll be making into a chicken salad for sandwiches. Dice the chicken pretty fine in the food processor, add mayo, chopped celery, capers, Dijon mustard, capers, lots of pepper and salt and that's about it.
  4. What's new in your ethnic market

    I'm an avid shopper at ethnic markets and I find them a fascinating place to learn, find new products and products that I would never imagine would find their way to Eastern, Washington. This past Fall I wrote a piece for a regional magazine that focused on some of our local ethnic markets. I explored markets that cover a wide range of cuisines-Mexican, Russian and Eastern Europe, Germany Italy and Western Europe, China, Korea and Asia. Over the Holiday season, I found another wonderful Russian market in Spokane. I no longer have to want for all manner of sausage and smoked fish, thinking that internet ordering was my only option. I'm thinking we all have a favorite ethnic market and special finds that we keep going back for. I'll start by posting two delicious items I found at Kiev Market in Spokane-- "Tushonka" Mutton cubes. Although it came from the Russian market, it's made by Alex's Meat Distributors of Brooklyn. I'll be putting in a country pork terrine. Caviar Cream with Smoked Salmon from Belarus. It has a very light taste. I stirred in some chopped salmon lox, sour cream, dill and celery seed. The original idea was to pipe it into some little choux pastry puffs, but I didn't want to take the time so just spread it on some thinly sliced rye bread I also found at this market.
  5. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    Shelby that prime rib is cooked perfectly.
  6. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    This delicious prime rib roast is from btbyrd and presented over in our Holiday Roasts cook-off. I've got mine waiting for this weekend's New Years feast. r
  7. eG Cook-Off 74: Holiday Roasts

    I didn't get an attractive photo of the Christmas ham, but I will take a photo of what I'm doing this week with the leftovers--something along the lines of a pork and ham terrine.
  8. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    Throughout the Holidays I do some Asian cookery since there happen to be some many groaning feasts along the way. Something to break up the heavy roasts and such. This is a favorite, "Salted Fish Fried Rice." I actually use salt cod that comes from Eastern Canada, stir-fried with chicken, garlic and shredded bok choy. The recipe doesn't call for any ginger or soy sauce but I add a bit. The sauce is primarily Chinese rice wine and sesame oil. It's delicious with that salty funk of salt cod or salted, preserved fish. But probably not a good idea to make when your family is in the house for the Holidays. All windows should be open.....
  9. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Oh Dear. I suppose it was that mug of egg nog and Maker's Mark before bed last night, but this is what happens when you leave the dough in a bread pan to rise. Then forget about it until morning. It's supposed to be cut into thick slices for French Toast Christmas morning, so we'll see what hell I wrought by letting it go way too far!
  10. eG Cook-Off 74: Holiday Roasts

    I am fortunate to have one market in Spokane that sells tallow. Now they have done a good job in crafting a contemporary logo and calling the product "Pure Tallow" followed by a small graphic of a cow. But of course we all know it simply as "Beef Tallow." It's a great product and it can be used as is or even mixed with some of the drippings from the Holiday Roast. I actually just melt a few large spoons of the stuff and then roast potatoes, even when I'm not cooking a roast and I don't have natural pan drippings. I'll be using it in the coming days with a new varietal of WA roasting potatoes I found.
  11. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    From my cherished Time-Life Foods of the World series, this time "The Cooking of Italy," 1968. Cannelloni, as in savory. I only make this once a year during our cold days, very rich and comforting. I use large wonton wrappers rather than make pasta sheets. Then the filling is a mix of ground beef, chicken livers, spinach, onion, garlic, cream and parmesan. Sometimes I'll add in some Italian pork sausage and sometimes ground veal. Then wrap the filling with the wrappers and cover with a thick layer of traditional besciamella-flour, butter, cream, milk and seasoned with nutmeg and white pepper. Then dollops of your best tomato sauce, then skads of grated parmesan and dots of butter. It bakes about 40 minutes in a 375 oven and then a turn under the broiler. I love how they used the broiler so often in home cookery back then, but then we seem to have forgotten our broilers. I use my a lot.
  12. The Fruitcake Topic

    From my beloved Northern Pacific Railroad cookbook, the dark fruitcake that was served to passengers during the holidays. I'm not excited about the flat top, but looks, as we know, don't always tell the truth as to how a fruitcake tastes. I'll probably not be able to control myself and cut into one. The other two will need some "curing." One may be fair by next season. The other one shall go until about 2020. We happen to think that my Great Aunt Bertie Pink kept her fruitcakes to the 8-10 year range.
  13. I have two store-bought plum puddings on hand, but after being reminded of this wonderful apple cake, I think that's what will be on the dessert table.
  14. Just when I was looking for ideas for the Christmas sweet, I came upon this Facebook memory from back in 2010--Apple Gateau with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream. Sometimes I look at past dishes and think, "me, I made that?"
  15. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    Figuring I need to pace myself for the next two weeks, I thought a simple braised chicken dish would be good last night. The photo doesn't do justice to how delicious it was. I think cutting the chicken breast with a serrated knife made it look pretty roughed up, but it was moist and delicious. Just poached in hot chicken stock, a few slices of celery and carrot, a few peas and then some parsley and celery leaves.