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  1. David Ross

    Dungeness crab

    It's been a crazy few years here in the Pacific Northwest with our Dungeness fisheries. We normally see the first crabs show in the markets by Dec. 1. This year the season was very early, then shut down for weeks over the holidays. Late January we'll still see some but not the bounty we are seeing now. And we have prices down as low as $5.97 a pound.
  2. David Ross

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Yes I'm already thinking of broiling salmon then with the watercress butter on top and maybe mixing some of it into a pasta to go with the salmon. I saw your photo and then thought, why didn't I think of watercress butter?
  3. David Ross

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    I love rutabagas and glad to see some creativity in this oft-forgotten vegetable. But I'm especially intrigued by watercress butter, which I think would be very good with seafood and chicken.
  4. David Ross

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    Delicious and I've loved Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage for years. It is far better than what I've tried to make at home and the "artisanal" sausage I've tried. I like the balance of the seasonings but especially the grind of the meat. Sometimes a name brand is in fact, as far as some of my cooking, the best ingredients.
  5. David Ross

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    My gosh look what I found in my eGullet archives. From 2010, a Washington Apple Gateau with Caramel Sauce.....
  6. David Ross

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    I'm about a month behind in my candy making, specifically my Almond Butter Crunch, basically the same as a home version of Almond Roca. That looks so wonderful and thanks for the tip from Engstrom's. I've always wondered about storing mine. Was there too much humidity in my house, did putting it in a covered can make it soft? It's natural now to think yes, keeping it in the fridge keeps the butter in the toffee cooler.
  7. David Ross

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    That would be wonderful. I even found a few more great back issues of Gourmet and Bon Appetit this year.
  8. Horizon Air was also the first airline to serve Starbucks. Way back in the late 1980's, this fellow named Howard Schultz was starting a coffee company in Seattle and since we were a Seattle based company we linked up with Howard to serve his coffee onboard. And we also served it free in the boarding areas. I remember they had strict brewing standards for the coffee. Passengers loved it from the start, especially since it was a Seattle company. At the time every corner of your town wasn't bordered with drive in coffee stands. Well we all know how the story of Starbucks has unfolded. I love that piece of history. But I don't love working in that stressful business!
  9. I've mentioned before that I worked in management for 28 years at Horizon Air which is the regional sister carrier of Alaska Airlines. One thing we always prided our service on was that we served complimentary micro-brews with a focus on Pacific Northwest breweries. Well I've been gone for three years now and I no longer fly but I saw on their website that they are serving the Ninkasi Ale right now on Horizon. I'd say that's a pretty decent service for a regional flight along with the requisite bag of snack mix.
  10. David Ross

    Dinner 2018

    Beautiful and delicious. What type of camera and lens do you use for your food photography?
  11. David Ross

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Thanks to all of you for teaching me about the intricacies of bread baking. I used these rolls as the base for sandwiches with a slow-roasted beef roast I did last weekend. I still have some work to do as the interior was a little soft for me and the next day the rolls pretty much crumbled when I cut into them but overall a good start for me.
  12. David Ross

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I've been testing a new, (at least for me), method of slow roasting beef. As in 200-225 degrees for hours. As part of my experimenting I made some soft pretzels rolls which turned out incredibly good for a novice bread baker.
  13. David Ross

    The Fruitcake Topic

    I bought this dark fruitcake at Cost Plus World Market last week. Imported from the UK, it's just fair, nothing I would buy again. The icing is of course delicious, but the cake is dry and there is no hint of brandy which is listed as one of the ingredients. So I have it curing under a good dousing of Cointreau.
  14. David Ross

    The Fruitcake Topic

    I found three more light fruitcakes stored in the back shelf of the pantry. I've come to quite like them, but still favor a dark fruitcake.
  15. David Ross

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    Unfortunately this gingerbread house has fallen. I wasn't able to do anything for the holidays last year because I was recovering from breaking my upper right arm. So much to my horror, when I unpacked the Christmas boxes this year I found this wonderful creation had been damaged. I had put it on a cardboard base and stuffed it in a large hard plastic storage bin, but it wasn't really wide enough to fit the base so it sort of bent and that collapsed under the weight of the house. And somehow I hadn't properly sealed the bin as somehow moisture or humidity got in and softened all the candy, gingerbread and frosting. So it couldn't be repaired or saved. But I'm already working on building a replacement and a few more this year. I'll post photos when I have the first one done.