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  1. I dined at Bulrush again on the Saturday before Christmas. I had essentially the same menu as Chris had a couple of weeks before. I posted photos to my Flickr set if you want to see what the dishes looked like.
  2. My dinner on Thursday was amazing. Here are a couple of courses that differed from the ones that Chris posted. Course 1 Fermented Blueberries Pickled Cucumber & Purslane Blueberry Crémeux Fermented Elderflower Honey Amazake Sphere Course 7 Juniper Pickled Blueberry Bluberry Cinnamon Pecan Praline Custard Almond Daquoise Berry Milk Crumb I uploaded my full set of photos to Flickr.
  3. I missed you guys by just a few days! I rolled into STL this afternoon and plan to check out the bar menu tonight. I'm doing the tasting menu tomorrow. Thanks for the preview!
  4. I have the Premier grinder and have used it successfully to make masa from freshly nixtamalized corn. Lately I've switched to using a food processor. You have to do it in small batches and let it run a really long time. the corn eventually gets fine enough and sticky enough to form a ball in the processor. That's when you know it's ready.
  5. My first attempts at the French Lean Bread. I thought it would be quite similar to the Ken Forkish white bread with poolish recipe, but the results are significantly different. The hydration in the Forkish recipe is slightly higher, but since it calls for all-purpose unbleached flour, it's much more slack than this recipe. The crumb is OK, but not great. It might help if I had the book to guide me with more detailed instructions.
  6. This recipe / technique isn't too different from my go-to from Ken Forkish' "Flour Water Salt Yeast". I think I can do this one!
  7. I've bought tickets to multiple dinners at Next, Alinea, Grace, L2O, and Elizabeth (in Chicago), and Empellon Cocina in New York, all using the Tock system They all take full payment up front, and don't offer refunds. (Actually, I bet you could contact Elizabeth and they'd let you off the hook - they're such nice people. ). I live near Cleveland, and there's just one restaurant that has attempted a ticket system. Jonathon Sawyer's Trentina started out as a tasting menu only place that required purchasing the table in advance. They still offer the "Menu Bianco" tasting menu, but started offering an a la carte menu and also take reservations (for the shorter menu). I suspect that a market like Cleveland just isn't big enough to sustain a ticket-only system. Don't know if STL is enough bigger to change that dynamic. I think your proposed system of half up front, remainder day of, is much more appealing. Especially since a full refund is available if you cancel in time. I've been burned a couple of times when I had to unload some Tock tickets that I couldn't use.
  8. I'm glad that you enjoyed Ravintola Olo. It's funny that I don't even recall my remark to DocSconz. The menu looks similar in style to the one I had in May, though most of the ingredients are different. I had neither Reindeer nor Moose at Olo, but I had reindeer twice while in Finland, and a customer invited us to his vacation cottage on the Gulf of Finland for Moose Stew. (It was delicious!) My photos from Olo are in a set on Flickr. As you can see from the photos, I had a lot more daylight in May than you had last week.
  9. I noticed that the AEX10 accepts fewer dies than the AEX18. Is that because it has a smaller motor?
  10. Marc Vetri posted a photo of a prototype consumer machine from Arcobaleno. I wonder how much it will cost...
  11. Has anyone had success selling tickets to Next? Posting on their Facebook page appears to be the "official" way to do it, but I wonder how effective it is.
  12. I was beginning to think that they had abandoned the eBook idea, but now there's a glimmer of hope again. From a piece in Chicagoist about Christian Seel, the guy who does their promo films, and who compiled the original Paris eBook:
  13. I picked up some baby octopus at the market this morning. Any thoughts on SV temps and times?
  14. Marinating in pickle juice is one thing that would never occur to me as a good idea. Thanks for trying it out.
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