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  1. I am a Baker and Cake Decorator in India. India has a huge Vegetarian Population that does not even eat eggs/gelatin. So I am constantly looking at finding vegetarian options. Issue at Hand: Regular Butter Cream - American Butter Cream ( Icing Sugar 10X + Butter + Milk/Lemon Juice / Cream) is an option ..and a lot of decorators use this as it sets hard, and they also add shortening into it ..and I am like , Nope I can't eat that , much less serve it. Its too Sweet /Gritty and Crusts and just tasteless. It has also made sure that people in my country to completely throw out any
  2. India is mostly vegetarian and I am trying to make a stable , non gritty butter cream for cakes ...and I am currently using All Purpose Flour , Sugar and Milk in a custard and once done , I whip in butter ...I am struggling as it weeps ...so you are suggesting , I can cook the custard for longer and avoid this ? How long ? Does it not burn ?
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