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  1. MelissaH

    Dinner 2019

    Jacques Pepin's been doing something similar for years. His recipe is at https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/jacques-pepins-potatoes-fondantes-274197 (among other places). I typically just use salted water for the parcooking. They're delicious.
  2. Reporting back: We went to Keen's and were seated upstairs in the rather small Lillie Langtry room. The salads were delicious. Our friend enjoyed her shrimp. We enjoyed our perfectly-cooked medium-rare porterhouse for two, glazed carrots, and creamed spinach. We had leftovers of everything, but our friend did not. The leftovers came back home with us, and became our dinner the night we got home. A great time was had by all. I'd go back again. Except that there are so many other places we haven't been to yet, and still want to try, which means we almost never make a repeat visit anywhere in NYC! Thanks for all the help, all of yinz.
  3. Yinz are making me really jealous that I'll be getting ready to take a group of students to Scotland over the weekend, instead of hanging out with you and the chocolate.
  4. I think I've said it before, but instead of water chestnuts, I use jicama these days. It has the same crunchy, lightly sweet quality, and because they're bigger, I find them much easier to peel and otherwise work with.
  5. Is that mango sauce the same amba that's used on sabich sandwiches? If it is, the frozen eggplant cutlets would make prep a snap.
  6. If you do come to Manlius, please remember that you're only an hour's drive from us! (And the biggest Wegmans in Syracuse is on the way there.)
  7. I've had a request for a homemade version of the chocolate-covered raspberry jelly rings that appear each year at Passover time. We all know that when they get old, they get hard and yucky, but when they're fresh they're soft and I admit to having a fondness for them also. There's also an orange version, but the raspberry is the one we all remember. Does anyone know where I can find a recipe? The ones sold in stores are kosher parve, which means that they don't contain gelatin. A quick internet search tells me that the ingredient list includes pectin. Is it possible that they're just a version of pate de fruit, shaped in rings and then dipped in chocolate? Thanks, Melissa
  8. We once rented a short-stay apartment in A'dam where the bathroom had no separation of anything. The TP was on basically a vertical stick with a base, which held 3 or 4 rolls. You had to make sure you carried it out of the bathroom before you showered, so you didn't soak it all into uselessness.
  9. My plans to get to TJ's last week were derailed by a nasty little winter storm that dropped snow, and then rain, and then the temperature dropped enough to freeze it all, and then it snowed some more. So after my morning hockey game when the snow was just starting, instead of heading to TJ's, I fed the car, did a very quick app-guided Wegmans run, and got home before the roads got too awful. (The next day, I got to clear the driveway of a few inches of snow over top of an inch-thick layer of ice, and a knee-deep clot of snowplow poop at its end, none of which was amenable to snowblowing in the least. I had 4+ hours of not-fun.) But yesterday, I did finally get there, and was able to get some of both the freeze-dried grapes and the ruby chocolate wafers. I was also persuaded to get a package of dried persimmons, which two people were looking for (and an employee restocking the section also raved about, as did the cashier who checked me out). Those of you who have tried the ruby wafers: would they be a good addition to King Arthur's vanilla-orange cranberry cookies (last time I did half dried cranberries, half pecans) or would they compete with the cranberries?
  10. With that combination of ingredients, I'd want cilantro. But I like cilantro, a lot.
  11. Schwartz's is still our go-to for a smoked meat sandwich. Yes to medium fat. We always get ours with a pickle, an order of fries, and a cherry soda. And after we eat, we go to the takeaway shop and get some meat for sandwiches at home.
  12. Jollibee is apparently a Filipino fast-food chain, with a few outlets in selected U.S. locations as well. They just got reviewed in the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/dining/jollibee-review.html
  13. I thought the only pies currently available were baked apple pies. Not that I know for sure, because for us, McD's is exclusively road food, what we eat in the car when we haven't been able to pack something to come with us. My husband thinks their burgers are easier to eat with one hand than other fast food.
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