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  1. MelissaH


    Syracuse got a Costco a few years back, in a part of town I didn't frequent. I visited with once friends who had a membership (but have since moved across the country), because I was curious. At the time, I had a membership to BJs, one location of which was in a part of town I visit regularly; later that year, BJs raised their price on the kitty litter we use, which negated any savings so we let the membership drop. Fast forward to now, and BJs sends me offers for a free 3-month membership every fall. I usually make the time to redeem the offer, and in the three months, I still rarely find anything that's either better or more economical for our family to buy, so I don't bother re-upping when the three months are up. But the other thing that's happened is that I picked up a once-a-week teaching gig, and driving home from there gets me very close to the Costco. But as I remember, Costco doesn't even let you in the door without a membership card, so I have no way to check it out and see how what it carries meshes with our current needs. Which begs the question: Do those of you who are members ever get lure-a-friend deals? I'd still like to check it out, maybe try one of the famous rotisserie chickens, and see what all the fuss is.
  2. A wide-mouth bottle would be fine for home use, but a nightmare for restaurants, where people could eat off their spoon and then stick it into the ketchup bottle. Easier for them to have consistent packaging. I myself like the squeeze bottles.
  3. I might be more inclined to do so, if they made it easier to figure out from their website what the different kinds of memberships get you. As best as I can tell, a magazine subscription of either the paper or the electronic version only gets you access to the issues you subscribe to, and that includes electronic access to the recipes and reviews in your issues for 4 months after they come out. You can't get at anything older than that on line, but of course you own the magazines that you subscribed for. I think if you do an online membership, you get access to everything on the website, but only for the period that your membership is active. And you can do a subscription that's both magazine and website, to get the magazines (presumably permanently) and the website access to everything.
  4. True, the iPad is not the same as an online subscription. But if an online subscription (with a dummy email address) is enough to get access to back issues, that might be enough to push me over the edge.
  5. Does an online subscription get you access to back issue articles and recipes? (Although I might need to make a special email address to use only for that purpose.)
  6. My husband did a little research when ours went wonky and the buttons didn't do what they were supposed to, and was able to order and install a replacement control panel. That did the trick!
  7. My husband's family pickle recipe uses leaves from an unsprayed cherry tree.
  8. As we all know, the most important people to feed and otherwise make happy are the custodians and secretaries, as they're the ones who make things happen for you.
  9. Anna, I think that's a terrific idea. At the very least, you could express your dismay about ALL THE PLASTIC. And the waste from the sealed cups of water, which seem to be completely unnecessary. I would think they'd be concerned about waste, and you could point out that bringing in packaged but inedible food is creating lots, of both the solid and financial variety. Bonus points if you could arrange for their meal to be served as the food is offered to patients.
  10. If yogurt works, one thing you might consider is getting something packaged in tubes, and throwing them in the freezer. That way you get the yogurt but also the cold. The two brands of yogurt in tubes that we like best are Stonyfield Farms and Siggi's.
  11. I also read his book. I'm curious what he might want to add or change, during this #MeToo era. That said, he obviously knows how to run restaurants, although I'd like to know how he's doing sans Batali.
  12. The tablet I ate in Scotland earlier this summer was much harder than fudge.
  13. Anna, please get out of there before they starve you to death! Even ignoring all the plastic packaging (and the packaged water, which is absolutely egregious), this looks to qualify as cruel and unusual treatment. They really expect people to get better when they have to (not) eat that stuff???
  14. Is the tablet @SchiehallionHandmade mentioned perhaps the Scottish tablet candy, which is basically milk and sugar and sugar and sugar?
  15. MelissaH

    Lunch 2019

    Which way did you prefer? Or, is the baked at least acceptable?
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