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  1. @ProfessionalHobbit, I think it's safe to say that you are not in Bittman's target audience for that book. Nonetheless, if you can get past his titles for things, does it really matter what you call something, as long as you enjoy what you make? And if you don't like something, once you have the experience to specify what you don't like (NOT "This isn't adobo because the ratios are all wrong!" but rather "Hey, this chicken braised in soy sauce tastes OK, but I think I'd like it better if it had more vinegar and less soy sauce!"), you can change it, and make notes in your cookbook about how you changed it and why. And when you're ready to move on to something more advanced, you can look up other recipes for a particular dish, and figure out for yourself how Bittman's is different and whether you like his version or someone else's better. For an absolute beginner, HTCE isn't a bad starting point, because it explains techniques reasonably well. Many cuisine-specific cookbooks can't say that. If you're new to the kitchen, and still need someone to tell you that it's OK to flip something when it's browned on one side even if the ten minutes specified in the recipe aren't yet up, you really need a Cookbooks 101 text rather than something that jumps in at the graduate level.
  2. You might consider using organic powdered sugar for this. Stella Parks (BraveTart) enlightened me that the organic version uses tapioca starch rather than cornstarch, which is less gritty on the tongue and generally better for uncooked applications.
  3. Winter squash recipes

    That sounds like something Serious Eats did with sweet potatoes. For those of you who homebrew, it's kind of like what happens when you mash your grain in the beermaking process.
  4. That said, if it's easier, I'd be happy to wait.
  5. That's beautiful, and I don't even like rhubarb!
  6. If enough dipping bowls exist, I'd like one too. (If it's easier, maybe @patris and I can meet up another time on this side of the border for the exchange?)
  7. Did I miss the hotel details somewhere way back?
  8. Elizabeth Prueitt is gluten-intolerant. Even though that might not be widely known, I'm surprised that those who market her book didn't choose to advertise that this book goes down that path, as there are many who would buy it simply because it's a book with GF recipes. A good friend has celiac disease, and has chosen to keep her house and her daughters free of gluten. Because her celiac wasn't diagnosed until she was in her mid-thirties, she wound up with a laundry list of other food intolerances, including soy, dairy, and eggs. We visited a couple of months ago, and she made a delectable coffee cake from an old family recipe, using a butter substitute that she can eat, flax-based egg substitute, and King Arthur's GF flour. If I hadn't known it was free of all the good stuff, I wouldn't have known anything was different, at least on the day it was baked.
  9. Verjus

    Where does one buy sour grapes? (Do I need to duck when the answers come in?)
  10. St.Patrick , AKA CornedBeef 2018

    Does Aldi have good corned beef? And is it less expensive than supermarket CB in your area?
  11. It's gorgeous. How critical are the lemon slices on top? Would the cake be less good without them? (Looks like a perfect place to use the slices sold at Trader Joe's, to me!)
  12. No master classes for me, but I plan to be at the workshop, and my husband will join us all for dinner.
  13. Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    The Cherry Bombe Cookbook is currently $2.99.
  14. Refrigerator Magnets

    My stainless fridge has non-magnetic doors, but the sides are magnetic. So we have things stuck to the non-visible side that we want to make sure we keep around but that nobody else needs to see: receipts, repair people phone numbers, and the like. The visible side is reserved for things that we want to display: thank you notes, a special photo or two, and magnets that were gifts. In the latter category falls our newest set of magnets, from my MIL: cat butts!
  15. We're starting to have a little bit of an issue with our BSO XL's buttons, in that they don't do what they're supposed to do all the time. Hit the on button, and it turns the convection on or off. Hit the convection button, and it changes from F to C and vice versa. A little care when pushing the buttons has worked for us, so far.