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  1. Ooh, lucky you! Which version? (We got a Weber gas grill as a wedding gift. Nearly 20 years later, it's still going strong!)
  2. Pasta Inserts

    This hits on something that it took me a while to realize. When my pot with insert is filled to the prudent limit, it looks as though the insert is barely half filled, which leads you to think that there can't possibly be enough water to cook pasta in the pot. But the insert's bottom is NOT on the bottom of the cooking pot—there's a gap of a few inches between pot and insert, and all that is also filled with water! (The top of the insert is also a few inches above the top of the pot.) So, there's more water in the pot than you think, and you can't put in as much water as you think or it will overflow.
  3. Hand-held citrus juicers

    How does it work for that purpose? I've always used my potato ricer for that. We've run through two versions of painted squeezer. The yellow one was for lemons, and the smaller green one for limes. We quit using both of them when the paint started disappearing, to who knows where, and got a single lemon-size stainless one instead. Limes fit in a lemon squeezer, but vice versa is not true.
  4. They sound like graduate students!
  5. Same for me. Any thoughts on frozen duck legs vs. fresh? I suspect frozen is the only thing I might be able to find around here.
  6. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    It sounds similar to something that was served to us at a restaurant/inn along the Mosel. It was delicious. A small crock arrived with bread, and we came darned close to eating spoonfuls straight on, after the allotment of bread was gone.
  7. What's stuffed in the pig's hind end? Is it something for flavor, or just material packed in around the pole to keep things stable?
  8. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    LOL. You don't know how many times I've spent a panicky last afternoon hunting for a post office in an unfamiliar city!
  9. Ah, but when you're testing your oven, you want to do a full batch, at least. Unless, of course, you only ever put things in one tiny corner of your oven.
  10. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    ...assuming such a market exists anywhere near your home. Those of us away from the ocean, in less affluent areas, can be SOL.
  11. I'd be happy to bring my copy of Greweling as well. I'm planning to bring my copies of BraveTart (Stella Parks) and Sweet Miniatures (Flo Braker) as both these books have things I'm interested in playing with. We'll be driving up on Friday afternoon. Is this going to be the best place for those of us not taking master classes to discuss dinner options for Friday before show and tell?
  12. Advice I once heard from a source I can no longer remember: test your oven with a can of whomp biscuits, baked on a sheet pan. They've been engineered for consistency, so by looking at how they bake, you'll get an idea of whether the thermostat is calibrated well and if you need to be aware of hot spots. They're cheap enough that you can buy several cans to see how the rack positions vary. And at the end, you have biscuits (of a sort).
  13. Wegman’s Brand Products

    I'm pretty sure that the coupons they give you are tailored to your shopping, because I compared coupons once with another customer, and we got coupons for different items. I've said it before, but it's well worth registering your card with the smartphone app, because the list tracking makes shopping SO much easier.
  14. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    I second the po'boy at Mother's. When I've been to New Orleans, it's always been for a conference at the convention center, and Mother's is close enough to walk there during lunch. Given our minuscule travel budgets, the price tag is also right. And don't forget a muffaletta to eat on the plane ride home. Those sandwiches are awesome plane food. (Or if you want to eat one while you're still in residence, we've enjoyed Napoleon House's rendition.
  15. Wegman’s Brand Products

    I haven't tried many of their prepared food items. I don't think I'm their target demographic for those, because I like to cook. And since it's an hour's drive from the nearest store to my house, we don't do their rotisserie chickens or other stuff bought hot and intended for consumption quickly after purchase. But we enjoy their house-brand cereals, organic salsa (medium is about the right spice level for us), PB (both smooth for my husband and crunchy for me), canned soups, ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, frozen veg, canned tomatoes, and paper items. Of the items @MetsFan5 specifically asked about, the only one I can speak to is the cheese, which is awesome. For whatever reason, we thought the boxed mac n cheez was better when it was still in a blue box and made with artificial coloring. And my husband has declared that their house brand tonic water isn't as good as Polar brand.