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  1. Those are my favorites for eating. (Not so good for cooking, though.) Around here, they're selling for about $6 (US)/lb still. The ordinary red sweet cherries are about half that. I always have to debate whether the rainiers are twice as good as the reds. For me, the answer is often yes.
  2. MelissaH

    Ideas for Kaolin / Agalita (edible clay)

    Isn't kaolin used as a medication for diarrhea? I'd be careful about eating too much of it, which might really, er, stop you up.
  3. I've done the boiling water and the freezing. This is the first I've heard of microwaving, but I bet it works. Here's what I wonder: is it possible to wiggle off the leaves from the cored cabbage, one by one, and then give them a brief microwave steaming to soften them enough to roll? Then you'd have the rest of the head of cabbage raw and unadulterated, and therefore suitable to make into salads or slaw, or for shredding onto fish tacos, or other things that aren't as good with cooked cabbage.
  4. MelissaH

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Would you consider mentioning this to him? Or is there a cultural component that might not come through nicely?
  5. Please remind me not to try that in chocolate cake!
  6. MelissaH

    Pig Ears

    I totally get a kick out of this sentence, especially when I try to imagine what would happen if my local supermarket tried to set aside any real estate for pig ears in any condition. (Oh wait, the PetSmart just up the street from the supermarket does!) <edited to fix where my fingers got ahead of my brain>
  7. MelissaH

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    That looks like it really should be crispy tofu.
  8. I enjoy Shake Shack, and have made use of their locations at JFK several times.
  9. That sounds delicious!
  10. I know your time is always tight on these trips, but next time you're in the neighborhood, visit the Tenement Museum. It's just around the corner from the Russ & Daughters store, and down the block from the Russ & Daughters Cafe. You can only get inside by doing one of the tours, so you need to plan a little bit, but every one has given me an appreciation for how immigrant families somehow managed to make their way in a new country. (Disclaimer: I am the great-granddaughter of immigrants, although my particular family roots in the United States are mostly in the Bronx, not the LES. At least two of my grandparents had siblings who immigrated here with their parents. One of the tours is a pretty close representation to what one set of my great-grandparents did to earn a living.)
  11. Would you mind sharing those?
  12. I saw this sequence of photos. And my first thought upon seeing the second, with the burrata, tomatoes, and sausage: Damn, that's a weird ice cream sundae!
  13. I'd like to know more about the sponge toffee, and how you get it thicker than a cell phone. Is that just a parchment-lined cardboard box? How does the slow cooling work?
  14. MelissaH

    Oreo Cookies

    Are those the ones with pop rocks in them?
  15. MelissaH

    Best Hand Mixers

    We have one made by KitchenAid. My husband had it when he was a postdoc, before we got married, so it's over 2 decades old at this point. It doesn't get a lot of use, but it works fine for those things that are too small to bother with a stand mixer.
  16. Interesting. I know the BBC did a series called Back in Time for Dinner a while ago (and most episodes are now available on YouTube). I'm interested to see the Canadian version and how things differ, especially if the show goes all the way and renovates the kitchen for each episode and has the family follow the social norms of the time as well.
  17. Where in the world are blueberries ripe right now? (As in, where are the ones I see in the supermarket coming from?)
  18. Where are you? Can you get golden syrup where you are?
  19. MelissaH


    You might also be able to find something nice for not much money at an estate sale.
  20. Another possibility: Ivan Ramen.
  21. Great choice, better company!
  22. MelissaH

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    We have those plates, and those custard cups. But they look so much better when you plate food than when I do!
  23. MelissaH

    Breakfast! 2018

    @Anna N, you relish the adventure that life is, and I love watching you take big bites of it. ❤️❤️❤️
  24. MelissaH

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    For lists such as this, a shared document such as an Apple Note (if you're all on Apple devices) or a Google Doc is awesome. My husband and I have a few of these, including one for the TJ's items that we like and don't like (so we know what to buy or what not to buy in the future), a shopping list that supplements the Wegmans app list of all the everyday stuff for the things we get at TJ's or the Asian supermarket, and even one with the menu planning for the week that includes any evening events that will affect whether dinner needs to be something quick, or if someone has a big lunch meeting and therefore isn't likely to be super-hungry come dinnertime. The advantage of a shared electronic list is that we can both access it from whatever device we have handy at any given time, wherever we are. It's handy for us because I'm the one who's regularly near a TJ's (and an Asian market) each week, whereas my husband is the primary consumer of many of the items we get there. So he can let me know what he needs, and @IowaDee could share a list with their daughter.
  25. I missed that interview. But I think if I'd been given as many conflicting sets of instructions from as many bosses, I'd have been outta there in a heartbeat. And if he was pretty sure he wouldn't be working at a restaurant, why did he extern at one, rather than, say, a food media outlet? I'm not blaming him for the bad parts of the experience. But I question the decision that led to it.