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  1. Identifying retail cuts, especially from photographs is very tricky. I would go with the round or rump suggestion from Norm.
  2. It would be interesting to try and figure out the next big trend in fast food business. Fast food came to the fore largely because of socioeconomic changes in society but there are other factors I am sure. Why do some people become apparently 'addicted' to fast food and others turn to forums such as eGullet? With beer, we are seeing consumers turn towards craft ale and the rise of micro breweries. Could this be a model for coffee or other fast food?
  3. Welcome to eGullet ! There is no such thing as too many kitchen gadgets LoL!!
  4. Chelseabun

    Cooking for One

    After reading three pages of replies, I would say this is the best answer by a long country mile! I wish I had seen this advice years ago. You have certainly nailed how to cook for one and you can see how important it is as a topic from the number of replies here. I used to hate cooking for one. I wasted lots of food and at the same time over ate and just wanted to avoid eating the same food twice in a row at all costs. You answer is brilliant because it addresses the core problems of cooking for one. Thinking back, I was under a lot of work pressure and working long hours. Convenience took first place. If I wasn't eating fast food or takeaway food I was shopping in the supermarket. Your point about the 'cluster of recipes' would be the hardest thing for me as eating the same thing twice in a row would be the worst thing for me. Also, I didn't understand the point about chickpeas. You must be using a really small pressure cooker?
  5. I agree with you about Starbucks. I do not venture there for coffee either. That's not a comment on their coffee, its just that there are so many options for coffee. There is money in fast food because manufacturers generally buy the unprocessed (normally agricultural) product for cents per pound, process them relatively cheaply (often removing their nutritional value LoL) and sell them to us at $ per pound LoL. They then make so much money they can afford to flood us with advertising. Its ok by me though to admire their business and even buy their shares. I think that is ok and the rise of fast food businesses should be admired (from a business perspective). I would advocate though to 'drive past the drive through'. Perhaps visit eGullet instead and cook something interesting and more healthy instead LoL
  6. A warm welcome to eGullet ! You will find eGullet friendly, so please join in the posts
  7. Welcome to egullet ! No food topic is beyond us here on egullet LoL Is there anything in particular you are researching?
  8. I love both. it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can do your organoleptic assessment on both and be equally satisfied (or unsatisfied naturally). I think we have seen a growth in craft brewing alongside developments in hop varieties that has given us some excellent beers.
  9. Hello and welcome! There's a wide variety of food topics on here. You haven't mentioned your interests but you are bound to find plenty of topics on eGullet to interest you!
  10. Has anyone tried hop asparagus? It is supposed to be the world's most expensive vegetable but I have never come across it to purchase! I have some hop plants in my yard this year. Any cooking tips (pardon the pun) would be appreciated!
  11. If you can get the imported catfish from Thailand (known as Basa or sometimes Cobler), then I think that should work. After all isn't catfish famous for being deep fried? Shark as an alternative to cod or haddock is sold in fish and chip shops in London (where it is called 'Rock Salmon') and used to be a popular choice.
  12. I looked it up. Apparently, it is a Scottish style ale brewed with a mixture of malts. It just goes to show that a warm welcome (even for opposing fans) and craft beer on the menu can not be beaten (unlike the whitecaps)! Just kidding folks - go whitecaps!
  13. Why not? It seems the norm now that people are choosing craft beers. Just because you are at the ballpark doesn't mean you should be offered anything less than craft beer. I'm not familiar with a number of the beers listed. However, the beer called train wreck sounds self explanatory LoL! I assume any visiting fans from your opposing team get served the ale from the menu called 'dirty b*****d'?
  14. It can be awkward if everything else is good. I would suggest politely asking if you can get it the way you would like it before placing the order. The danger is that they straight out say no. If that is the case, then it would seem like poor customer service and it sounds like you have no shortage by way of choice of restaurants. It's your hard earned cash you are spending after all.
  15. I had food poisoning in the 1980s where a relative had purchased a cake without realising the date code had expired and there was a deep layer of mould (mold) on the base. I went round for a visit and out came the tea and cakes. Needless to say, I was extremely ill. If you are purposefully purchasing date expired food (or close to the date code), it is different as you know it is out of date code /nearly out of date code and can examine it and make a judgement. Remember fish, game and meat are often 'dressed' i.e cut into retail cuts and packed on a tray under plastic wrap. That can make it harder to judge if the item is safe. I always avoid fish (and especially shellfish) that is near it's date code. Although, if it was a skin on fillet and I could pick up and examine it, I might buy it. However, that is not possible in our local supermarket. Other items, such as canned soup and dried products etc, the date code is more of a quality issue. Fresh fruit and vegetables too would not concern me too much. I prefer them ripe to be honest. I have tried a bottle of cola 20 years out of date LoL. It was flat! However, apart from lack of gas, was safe. You have to make the judgement call yourself, but if you are sensible then it can be fine. However, avoid tea and cakes from my relatives LoL
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