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  1. 3 layers of buttermilk chocolate chip cake, espresso buttercream, vanilla custard, marshmallow fluff, black cocoa macarons, black cocoa crumb, berries and granola. I was channeling my inner Andy Bowdy.
  2. And add to the mix that Millennials are now the largest generational subgroup and their spending habits are different. They value experience over stuff. They demand transparency in their food. They expect it to be properly (ethically and locally) sourced. They expect it to be fresh. And yes, Blue Apron and the like are teaching Millennials that cooking doesn't have to be difficult, which is showing a new generation that fresh food is better than 95% of the crap you get at restaurants which has sat in a steam table or under a heat lamp. Yes, I follow these trends very, very closely since I'm preparing to open an "expensive" restaurant. And I believe I check all of the survivor's boxes
  3. Bay leaves

    On a side note, the original Art of Eating book proclaimed the large bay leaves bought at Indian markets were superior to the small ones bought everywhere else. I don't use bay often enough to know if its true, but at 10% of the price I've stuck with the larger leaves ever since.
  4. Amazon buys Whole Foods

    My concern is one that I have in all sorts of daily food commerce and that's diversity of offerings. Our food system is becoming so homogenous, and now further concentration of resellers has me increasingly concerned.
  5. I converted to Crystals at 45 after a lifetime of McIlhenneys and have never looked back.
  6. I'm trying something new tonight. A pawpaw patch has started dropping some of its fruit (too dry or too wet or something), and so I chopped them into my green mango relish - shallot, garlic, chile, jaggery, salt, cilantro, sauteed cumin and mustard seeds. I am canning it right now and I'll let you know how it is in a month or so.
  7. Welcome Chef Eureka! It looks like a post above where we believe a blast from an air compressor was used to spread the cocoa butter. BTW, in the past I've tried this technique and my compressor wasn't strong enough so I used canned air (the stuff used to clean inside keyboards). I didn't serve those because I vaguely remember there being a chemical involved.
  8. Let me back up. I want to align myself with a small number of perfectly fit organizations with whom I can make my charitable contributions. The wolf center is one of them. In New Mexico I was in the heart of where wolves are released, including wolves from this center, and I gathered from wolf ecosystem for nearly a decade. It's a perfect fit for me to be with these guys. For the menu I had expand beyond what wolves eat (obviously), hence the ecosystem idea: 1. Flavor of the Forest: Cocktail slushy of foraged plants harvested this week and finished with bergamot shrub and spicebush blossom vinegar, finished with bergamot salt (This has become a recurring thing that we do - create an opening drink of items foraged that week, so guests truly can taste what is forageable right now.) 2. Rhubarb poppers and salted rhubarb sauce, goat cheese mousse, pickled cattail stalk 3. Seeded crackers with Apache red grass and amaranth, Chicken of the Woods paté, cattail pollen, wild onion blossom 4. Nettle fettuccini, duck confit, mustard & onion sauce, maitake salt, pickled yucca, wild mustard infused oil 5. Woodear mushroom, trumpet mushroom honey, redbud caper, redbud jelly, pork terrine, kombu beans, lichen rye bread 6. Venison tenderloin, apricot/grapefruit molé, roast vegetables from farmers market, pickled onion bulbs 7. Hibiscus sorbet, violet sorrel sugar, sumac macaron I really wanted to serve rabbit but haven't established my source relationship yet. Working on it since rabbit was my go-to protein back in NM. We also tried out some new language on the back of our menu this time: And thanks @Anna N. I've learned to not need fancy shmancy equipment...except I did order the new centrifuge At the end of the day don't we just need a little heat and a little cold from time to time?
  9. Latest update: Really nothing to report - we found a perfect building but it needs two or three tenants, not just one. The developer thought he had all three tenants on board, but the other two weren't as solid as thought, so now the developer is holding until he can have more leases signed on the day he purchases the building. My broker is beating the bushes for new tenants, as am I. In the meantime, i continue to do pop-ups. Last Sunday was at our Endangered Wolf Center where I did a Eat What the Wolves Eat dinner highlighting the ecosystem of wolf habitat. Fun dinner, and had a couple fly in from Houston just for the meal. This was the "kitchen" we worked out of. No running water. 2 induction burners. 2 blenders. 1 cutting board.
  10. Knife Sharpening Dilemma

    This convo is turning to a larger debate, but I too would just finish it on a ceramic rod to knock it down a bit. Still very sharp, but not razor sharp.
  11. This one is similar although not the same. Mine is aluminum and no fine mesh, only the wire mesh. But don't get stuck on the tool - there are countless objects out there that can serve as templates.
  13. This one is spraying through a standard cooling rack laid on top of my mold: Yellow backsprayed white This is the one I mentioned: Yellow sprayed through Asian mesh strainer, backsprayed green.
  14. I know I didn't post it there. And I see my pics on the other thread are mostly dead links - damn! I'll go dig it up from Instagram and upload the picture properly.
  15. yeah, I have no idea where those would be. My guess would be the showroom finish thread. And to answer your question I tried to replicate and got pretty close. Very delicate tap to spray with nozzle shoved in tip.