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  1. ahhh...a solid chocolate mold made from the same cavity. You used white...dark for a harder material possibly?
  2. So creating suction...I'm guessing this is not the baking soda method then. In the video in that link she says with much exuberance - glass works better than plexiglass. That's interesting considering we use polycarb which is much closer to plexiglass than glass.
  3. Here two more examples posted recently
  4. a whole bunch of people have already replicated it. I'm trying to chase it down on Instagram again - folks who are likely to share the technique.
  5. So before this fad comes and goes... Did we ever hear how this is done? Wasn't this something to do with baking soda?
  6. They weren't. In fact, they were a bit thicker than normal. I'm glad I'm not crazy for not knowing what happened.
  7. gfron1

    Making colored cocoa butter

    Heat to 50º add colors Stick blend Strain or not (if you do a good job of blending its not an issue) 5% for most colors 10% for mettalics 10-15% for white
  8. No. These didn't spend any time in the fridge. I keep my room colder than most (19º) but that's a far cry from my fridge.
  9. I think I got us a venue with a chef who just got a new Selmi and enrober! Fingers crossed.
  10. Yes and yes in my instance. Why and more importantly how?
  11. Curious case that I could use some help with. So, I was getting ready to fill a decorated mold, and accidentally filled an empty mold (don't know where my mind was). The mold was clean - I had just washed, alcoholed and re-wiped with a dry new cosmetic pad. It was clean and dry. For sure. Realizing what I had done I ploughed ahead and filled it (cardamom caramel and Rawandan espresso ganache). When I popped them out, they released immediately and had an appropriate shine - the temper was spot on...so was the other decorated tray which came from the same piping bag. I don't do plain brown chocolates so I went for the save by doing a gold luster white chocolate button and texture sheet. But here's the thing...they're sticky. Every one of them.There's no seepage. They're completely solid and crisp (I ate one to perform r&d). My kitchen runs a dehumidifier 24/7 at is holding steady at 35% like it always does. So what do you think happened? Why would the exterior be sticky?
  12. While type of mushroom can have an effect on sensitive stomachs the issue is more cultivated versus wild. Wild mushrooms of all sorts have the potential and likelihood of parasites and an unidentified gastrointestinal toxin. Both are largely cooked out with heat.
  13. I understand the fears but I'll trust my control of the situation over all of the unknown possibilities any day. The bigger picture is that a publisher released a book without checking its material. My publisher had a few safeguards in place with a variety of expert eyes, and even then we pulled some ingredients that could be potentially risky.
  14. Ooops - I'll fix it so mods can clean up
  15. HERE Just as you should know your farmer, you should know your forager. And, its one thing to feed something to yourself, its a totally different game if you feed others (or write about feeding others).