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  1. The BBQ sauce and ketchup need refrigeration since we don't can them. Anyone else who orders just needs to know that we're not set up for this so it will come in a second hand box with second hand wrapping
  2. Please do. Time will tell if this will work. We've had a handful of people unequivocally state that they are not interested, which is disheartening. Y'all know I'm always about doing things that are novel and I've never had such direct dissent. Normally people are polite and just keep their mouths shut, but not this time. As I have reminded my staff from day 1 - we only need a small handful of guests to pay the bills and we're in a metro area of 2M.
  3. That's delivery as in a car drives it to you Since you want it mailed just do it as a carryout and leave a note in the comment section with your mailing address. And remember, we can't mail refrigerated items (cocktails, ketchup, BBQ sauce). But all the others are fair game.
  4. I saw those and debated. We decided not to when my sous said they wouldn't fit in his steering wheel
  5. Here's our first. They decided to eat out of their hatchback. And here's some pics of details
  6. The black rings is exactly what I can't figure out. I vaguely remember someone somewhere doing an alcohol cocoa butter thing. We discussed it at length here in eG. In that technique it had to do with spraying through the cocoa butter while it was dripping. I could see that possibly creating that effect.
  7. When I saw that I immediately thought of our Historic Seed Project. Unfortunately this year has been odd for growing so none of my farmers have large enough harvests to share outside of the restaurant. BTW, all of videos are up for the tasting menu. You can find them HERE.
  8. Debating if this is a photo filter or real and if real, how.
  9. I think we'll have a lot of refining to do, but a tray that is solid, comfortable, but not so wide that you can't have it on your lap behind a steering wheel. A high quality disposable dishes (mostly palm leaf and bamboo). Stainless cups that are beveled to fit in cup holders. That's our starting point.
  10. That's what the delivery option is for. As I said to a friend earlier - we've eliminated pretty much every excuse, but most importantly, we've done it on our terms instead of being a victim to circumstance.
  11. Here's the slide set we're using on social media in the sequence below. One fun addition that my FOH manager came up with is ... well, here let me show you the sequence that we've worked out - it'll be easier than explaining: 1. Arrival - text to let us know who they are. 2. Welcome video sent that explains how things will work, what to do if they need the bathroom, ways to communicate with staff, clarify drinks for the night. 3. First course sent out. QRC code attached to tray and link sent to phones for those who don't know how to use a QRC. Link opens the first video of me describing the course and the history. Near the end of the video I'll clickbait a section of our Pantry menu to encourage them to go shopping while dining - sorta like we used to do on airplanes back in the day. Likely the take-home drink section of the Pantry menu will be presented here. 4. They text us for pickup of empty tray. 5. 2nd course sent out with same system; this time the teaser/link will focus on our hot sauces and vinegars on the Pantry menu. 6. Text for dirty pickup. 7. 3rd course - same as above with cookbook or other stuff. 8. Text for dirty pickup. 9. Final course. On this one we'll tease the breakfast items on the menu so they can enjoy Bulrush/Squatters Cafe food in the morning. 10. Text for dirt pickup - and this time we also deliver any purchased Pantry items. Pantry is purchased through our delivery app so they'll enter a credit card which means no payment will be necessary. 11. Final video - thank you, solicit feedback, stay safe. 12. Final complete detailed menu sent via email.
  12. The car is critical to the plan. It provides a sheltered environment that allows the guest to feel safe, protected from the elements, and controlling the environment so we can interact through video and zoom. Only car. No outdoor is available near us.
  13. That was the joke...at least I thought it was funny. Cinnamon sticks are different, but only for steeping, not for grating. And depending on the stick sometimes I'll give it a good rinse before I start using it.
  14. Here's our current list. The idea is primarily the things we make in house for the restaurant. We debated eggs and flours since we're completely locally sourced, but I don't think that's how people will use us so we're not adding that to our list. Grocery: Breakfast Biscuits & Gravy (You bake ‘em) $16 Yogurt & granola (House made yogurt) $6.50 Quiche, vegetarian (9”) $15 Dessert - these have same descriptions as current Ice cream pt or qt $6 $10 (note that we won’t offer sundae kit anymore) Cookie survival pack (4) $12 Pantry Beet bbq sauce, 12oz $8 Fermented hot sauce, 4oz $6 Foraged sweet and tart BBQ rub, 4oz $5 Rhubarb ketchup, 12oz $8 Strawberry vinegar, 4oz $6 Pawpaw vinegar, 4oz $6 Bar Cocktails ‘Curse of Gin’ Cocktail, (Stinging Nettle Cordial, 1220 Origin Gin, dry vermouth, serves 4 $35 ‘Turkey in the Straw’ Cocktail, (Ezra Brooks Bourbon, honey syrup, fabricated lemon, rhubarb shrub) serves 4 $40 Bourbon/Peach Cocktail, serves 4 $35 Tequila Cocktail, serves 4 $30 Wine Red Wine of the Day, $20 or $45 for Premium bottle White Wine of the Day, $20 or $45 for Premium bottle Rosé of the Day, $25 Beer Six Mile Bridge Bavarian Hefeweizen Wheat Ale, 16 oz can $8 UCBC Nomadic Chai Stout, 16oz can $10 4 Hands ‘Passion Fruit Prussia’ Berliner Weisse, 12oz can $8 Six Mile Bridge Double Berry Berliner Weisse with blackberries and raspberries, 16 oz can $8 Shrubs - individual or 3-pack for $15, cocktail recipes included Rhubarb Shrub, 4oz $6 Peach x Basil Shrub, 4oz $6 Berry x Mint Shrub, 40z $6
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