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  1. Berry for sure. I don't go for perfume in my chocolates very often anymore. I want the tart sweet thing going on. And thanks about the shine - if I learned nothing else form Dubovic (which I learned plenty) it was about staging for photos 🤣 Yes, pretty easy to source - I may have even bought mine at Rare Tea Cellar years ago but I honestly don't remember anymore. They aren't that exceptional - I was trying to clean out some of my pantry and that's how they ended up in this collection. Had not thought that about sweetgrass. Fascinating. I had someone trying to sell
  2. Just catching up to the conversation thanks to Jim for the tag. When I make mushroom caramel (cut, not pipe) I do absolutely nothing different than my vanilla caramel - except making sure the solid whole mushroom is cleaned with my airbrush to remove all dust. Just as I would drop a split and scraped vanilla pod into the sugar water, I do the same with whole mushrooms. They get pulled out right before pouring. That said there are some tricks - pick the right type of mushroom (porcini is more pungent than say a Lobster mushroom), use the oldest mushrooms - the ones that have started to break do
  3. I struggled to get this set out, but they're done. And I've upped my production so I don't run out so soon. It seems to me that when I have trouble, 9 times out of 10 its because I let my shelling chocolate get too cool and the cocoa butter doesn't adhere. And all I can do is hear Melissa Coppel's voice repeat, "Respect the temperatures." Bourbon Honey Kumquat cream ganache with hazelnut crunch insert. Elderberry tarts Fig with rum & tonka honey Espresso & single origin Mexican
  4. I know many people love them but I forgot my readers when I went shopping this year and came home with an expensive box of durian. They got properly gifted.
  5. At the suggestion of an eGer I bought mine from silvia@alagobox.com. Easy to work with. The shipping is a slow boat from China but I haven't worked through my old ones yet anyway. For 1000 boxes not printed, came out to about $1.40 per. Just a few pennies more than what I had been paying. These boxes come assembled (I have to insert the tissue), whereas my old boxes required full assembly.
  6. That didn't work for me. Devil is in the details I suppose. I'm not sure the swirl is relevant to the effect but I tried a number of different swirls both just on top and over the whole mold. His white spray seems like it was only along the sides so I did some where I only sprayed the edges and others only spraying straight down from the top with a focused nozzle. Maybe viscosity or saturation plays a role.
  7. @Margaret Pilgrim Looks like a perfect one! Nice and thick. Not overcooked. Silky smooth.
  8. Yeah, I remember a little blip where things got way over-zealous. But as others have said, generally, everyone is super friendly and helpful. I know when I hosted I had a tendency to merge, merge, merge...which appealed to the clean desk club. But the messy deskers were not as happy. eta: Had to look...Joined December 29, 2005. And I know why...fascination with this place in Chicago that had recently opened on May 4, 2005...Alinea.
  9. These were dried on the shelf next to the regular ones.
  10. Okay, what about these green szechuan peppercorns I found at the store recently?
  11. YouTube Channel Does anyone else watch these guys? I've really enjoyed their channel and have been teaching myself Sze chuan cooking using them and Fuscia Dunlap's book. Their written recipes need a hard edit but the videos are great. And contrary to their recent plat list, they have all the classics in addition to the more esoteric. I also like how they'll often create mimics of their favorite restaurants' specialties.
  12. I may not make any this year. I have yet to make any that are as good as the boxed...and anyone who has had the boxed knows that isn't really saying much.
  13. The BBQ sauce and ketchup need refrigeration since we don't can them. Anyone else who orders just needs to know that we're not set up for this so it will come in a second hand box with second hand wrapping
  14. Please do. Time will tell if this will work. We've had a handful of people unequivocally state that they are not interested, which is disheartening. Y'all know I'm always about doing things that are novel and I've never had such direct dissent. Normally people are polite and just keep their mouths shut, but not this time. As I have reminded my staff from day 1 - we only need a small handful of guests to pay the bills and we're in a metro area of 2M.
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