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  1. Quince was the launching point for the idea.
  2. gfron1

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks for making the journey up! Maybe next time I can actually not recoil from your hug (sigh, covid ptsd)
  3. An historically rooted Ozark menu going vegan would be ... well, it wouldn't be at all.
  4. gfron1

    Flan tin

    I've been using a 10x3" silicone pan off Amazon because I like my flans huge!. I've had no issues releasing. My caramel is fine. And never a leak. Just have to use a baking sheet to give it a firm bottom and for flipping over.
  5. Just another thought FWIW. This contraption is used for hard candies, and I just last night saw a very similar device used for mochi making HERE. The reason I'm suggesting this is the physics of trying to press down on a bed of hard candy (even before its set), and thinking how much pressure would need to be applied to force through all that surface area. The idea with these contraptions (as demonstrated in the video at the very first second and in more detail later in the video) is that friction/rolling assists in cutting through.
  6. At my last Coppel workshop I asked her specifically to teach me this technique. Obviously I only just started to figure out the pressure to apply and the angles, but I understood how she got to where she did...and that she could never do this is full production. If you'd like to see the step by step I'll share access to my google photos file. Just DM me your email.
  7. As usual, so much has happened since my last post. A while back I found an old pamphlet showing cemeteries down near my family cabin. It included a "slave cemetery." That cemetery is now on the campus of Crown Vineyard, which used to be the John Coffman farm. While digging around I found a WPA era interview of free slaves HERE. Searching through I found three slaves who were enslaved on John Coffman's farm. My history interns spent most of the past year doing genealogical research, and two weeks ago finished the family trees for each of them. I'm not sure where this will lead to, b
  8. I am, but I should have pushed SIlvia more to make a plastic dome top insert like I originally wanted.
  9. Yes, we use it as our kombucha base
  10. I also get mine from Mala, and now that I'm a Patreon supporter of Chinese Cooking Demystified I get a little discount as well. Last order I got the regular but also the flowers. I haven't delved into the difference yet, but love them both. I'm using them on all sorts of random foods, including a vinegar ice cream, with the same process - lightly toast, grind, add, finish with some vinegar or acid element. I'm a bit addicted. ETA: As if my computer were reading my posts, Mala market sent a marketing email just as I hit POST, with a new shipment of different chiles and peppercorns.
  11. Thanks Kay, and I know I'm remiss in posting here...but so much has happened over the past year and emotionally it's just hard...but you all get it. Alex, we are already open for in-house dining, limiting to just 6 families a night (normally that means 12-14 in a space the is rated for 100). FWIW, here is my most recent shared info: Here is my road map for 2021: 1. We have been conducting genealogical research on freed slaves from the Coffman, MO area. With the loss of our SLU History interns (due to COVID and SLU moving off campus), we haven't been able to get any
  12. gfron1

    Shake Shack

    Since Danny based the whole idea on his experiences here in STL, especially Steak and Shake, and STL has much evolved and such amazing smash burgers at other places like Mac's Local Eats and F&B (among many, many others - all of whom have better fries that SS)...I go only when I crave their shakes. As for their other sandwiches, well, they've not blown me away.
  13. I do still want to know what you meant by this. Do you not think their recipes and techniques are good? Authentic? Personalities? I'd like to know because if I'm using them as a source for my learning I want to know what critical lens I should be applying since I don't know any better.
  14. True, but... Anyway, as you know how my mind works, I'm already plotting my version. Mine would include Hermé's 24-hour apples as an insert, and the crackle shell...well, I think I would make a dry caramel. Cool it. Throw it in the food processor. Roll the apple in it. Then hit it with a blow torch. That would do the trick - not for restaurant service but for showing off on IG. I might play with that next week.
  15. I thought the video showed the spoon cracking the surface not smooshing. It happens very fast but it looks like a crisp outer layer to me.
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