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  1. Bought on Amazon: California Air Tools CAT-4620AC Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 2.0 hp 4.0 gallon Aluminum Twin Tank Electric Portable Air Compressor, Silver
  2. I don't know if he gets the concept or not because he's also limited by word count and we're a pretty concept dense restaurant. BTW, thanks to the feedback from the eG group we modified our portions including downsizing the entree (@ChrisHennes) and making the dessert more delicate and plated. As a result we added a course, but it was too much food so we dropped another (the peach and chanterelle pate which just wasn't clicking withe guests).
  3. I've gotten to know Ian fairly well over the past three years. He is not big on desserts, nor carbs, and it's clear from his reviews he is impressed by fussy service, which we very consciously do not do. One of our goals is to define what service and restaurant experiences should look like in 2019, which to my way of thinking does not include servers hovering around my table refilling water after every sip. He, like others, is having a hard time defining or understanding our big picture efforts.
  4. And we aren't done yet for the day - HERE'S a story that released today on Vice.com
  5. Our big local review is OUT I love that my staff's response was to immediately start dissecting the review and our operations to figure out what we need to do to be a 4 star restaurant.
  6. I was watching the baby panners and they went for just under retail.
  7. I went for a few things and they all went too high.
  8. My role would be get things to a shipper, but you would have to do the shipping....for example, I would take it to the UPS store and give it to them to box. I don't have the supplies to pack big items, and I certainly don't want to be responsible if they get damaged in shipping.
  9. *Some restrictions may apply I'm going to try. That's the day our big review comes out so everything is tentative, but I'm going to prep to do my best to be at the auction. I'm going for the guitar so don't bother asking me to get that for anyone.
  10. Kerry shared this with me and so I thought I'd share with the group. The reason Bissingers couldn't participate in our eG gathering in May has now become obvious. They have all of their equipment being auctioned. if anyone wants to buy with a local person on the ground let me know. I'm going to do my best to be onsite for the auction so I can grab a few things, but those of you looking for slightly bigger volume could grab some deals. My point is, if you need someone to move and store items I'm happy to help. HERE
  11. @Chris Hennes are you going to show us which room you got? Every room is different and 100% of the art in the hotel is local artists.
  12. There is nothing left for me to accomplish with Bulrush now. On Twitter this morning:
  13. Center Cross/Tower Grove Ave will be full because of the food trucks and farmers. The roads inside of the park are all one way so you can go around the circle and enter the inner road on the northwest end of the circle...that's the tennis courts. You'll find easy parking then.
  14. The farmers market is on the circle in the center of the park. Since we'll be there at 8 you can find parking relatively easily (worst case park on Magnolia and walk the extra 50 yards, but you can get much closer than that parking by the tennis courts. We can meet on the steps of the concrete/stone pavilion next to (west of) the playground and play fountain. The farmers market surrounds that building...so if you're confused look for the food trucks and then look west 30 yards and it'll all be obvious. I'll look like the picture in my avatar to the left here minus the apron
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