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  1. Ok thank you so much Just pointing out im Egli's sister, we are both using the forum so thats why this question came up again!! Thanks once again!!
  2. Thank you for your response Whats the best way to store my chocolate? Vacuum sealing our boxes? Specific way of vacuuming ? Cling film?
  3. Hello everyone! Id like your advise about freezing bonbons. Lets say i would start to freeze my bonbons now in the summer for Christmas. Would they last for such an extended period of time? Also using natural colouring, would the colour remain as good when i open them up after a couple of months? Would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences on the matter Thank you!
  4. Thanks guys for all your help and tips! I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes
  5. @curls i use ariaga milk 38%. And i can see a difference from other brands of milk chocolate.
  6. @Kerry Bealmy problem is that it doesnt drop down to 30C it stays around 35C. And when reached at 30C it just doesnt temper properly. Im sure my thermometer is accurate because i double check with my second one i have.
  7. Hey guys! Ive been having some difficulty with Valhrona Milk 38%. It doesn't seem to temper like any other milk chocolate. I melt the chocolate to 45C and then using the seeding technique i drop the temp down to 30C. When at 30C it seems tempered but after a few minutes i start to see bad tempering results. Is there something in particular about this chocolate that i should know about?
  8. Thank you guys...I was sure there was no way out of this 🤔 We will think of a way
  9. Hi guys, Please help, I prepare my chocolate in melting pot all good perfect temper leave it overnight in melting pot covered and at the correct temperature, when I come in the morning its thicker and need to use heat gun to rewarm it. I am worried about it going out of temper. Any tricks to recommend? Thanks
  10. eglies


    Ok! Il try that and let you know. Anything else you can think of that i may be doing wrong?
  11. eglies


    I fill my mould, let it sit till shine goes away and pop in the fridge after that.
  12. eglies


    Hello everyone. I have been encountering a problem with my chocolate tablets. My chocolate is tempered and checked with a test but they still seem to be coming out like this. Any tips about this?
  13. Teonzo the big advantage I have is that I dont have any competitors, only one and he puts them in an awful coolbag but he has a shop. The big difference is that I am only an online business so when you dont have a shop you need to make sure all the chocs get to the buyer in perfect conditions...
  14. One thing is making the chocolates in the warm weather another problem is transporting them. We will be facing the heat soon as well but we are also facing the delivery problem as well. Any good methods use for transporting chocolate and keeping it at good temperatures until delivered for some hours? Another thing is also educating the customer that when they receive the chocolates they need to keep in a cool dry place. The other day I got a message my chocolates melted on the way to our holiday house 🙄
  15. I love it how when I find to come back here so many people eager to help! Love you guys seriously!!! ok will do our best this Orthodox Easter and see how it goes! Thank you! I would love to know about Merry Berry s comment as we read so many threads about freezing bonbons: So what do you vote: A. Put in a cardboard box, vacuum in a machine that has regulating pressure so they don’t crack B. Put in a cardboard box wrap in cling film many times C. Put in plastic airtight container and freeze thawing is fridge, freezer, fridge I suppose?
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