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  1. Hello everyone. Ive encountered some issues with my truffles. I use truffle shells and have made a caramel recipe and it seems to be leaking. Any tips on what i should do? Attached is a photo to show a clear image of what i am describing! Thankss 😀 IMG_6005.pdf
  2. Hi there, I’m looking for some interesting flavours for truffles. Any combination of filling and coating ideas? For lemon, dark ganache, orange and caramel example. I also realised that when deciding to use ready made truffle shells filling needs to have a creamy texture. Any advice on this?
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with these design attached? I manage to make it on the table somehow and then when trying it into the mould it just doesnt work Any tips on this ? Thank you!!
  4. Ok! Thanks for the information regarding the Zen line. I will have to look into it
  5. We have tried some of their natural colours and they are really good. If anyone can list the best colour results they had with the natural line would be very much appreciated. Thks
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well I have a question regarding Chef Rubber Natural Colours. Its very difficult to get them here in Europe (if anyone has any contacts or knows a company that sells that would be great) and anyone that has used this line, what colours would you recommend? Thank you!
  7. Thank you both for your responses! Im using milk even better!
  8. Helllo everyone! I hope everyone is safe and well Id like to ask a question. Lets say i have shells of chocolate with coloured cocoa butter but have cracked. To not waste the chocolate, if i put it back in the machine will i destroy the chocolate? Thanks!
  9. @pastrygirl My room temperatures at the moment are from 19C-22C. Humidity levels go up to 65%. But they vary depending on the weather ofcourse. I dont know if this all has to do with the temperatures fluctuating continually.
  10. @keychris at the moment my workshop is cool. I work in temperatures around 21C. Isnt that ok? But i have realised that outside is colder than inside and i dont know if this has to do with the levels of humidity in the room at the moment.
  11. @pastrygirl i mean they are ok, ofcourse some dont come out because they do not contract enough. Even so, id like my chocolate to be shiny!
  12. Hello everyone! Im in need of your expertise! Ive been having troubles with my machine, or maybe not even my machine. Ive attached an image (hopefully its clear) to show you a mould that has different tempering problems. I dont understand how one mould can have several different tempering issues. Ive also been advised to have my machine between 30C-31C, however all ive known is to use dark chocolate between 31-32C. Ive done tests from 30C-32C and none have the outcome that is expected, that shiny chocolate. Please share your knowledge I really need it!! Thank you!!!
  13. Thanks a lot for your help! Il try it out and see
  14. Could you please explain what you mean? My machine shows two temperatures. Tank temperature and chocolate temperature.
  15. 21C-22C room temperature. Im using dark 64% and i have the temp around 31.3C.
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