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  1. Hello, I am soon opening a chocolate online shop in Europe and I am looking for a mentor who can help me with the day to day questions, on business, recipes etc. Can somebody recommend a person, website who has the experience and can help me out? Thank you Egli
  2. Kenneth you are right I didnt mention the other costs because those are not directly introduced into the calculation of the price of my chocolates but are deducted from the assumed sales per year, those come as a separate entity. And yes I am doing this model for calculating my costs to project a 5 year project and see how viable this project will be. I agree that luxury goods should have their price however when you dont have competition to compare yourself to you dont know what is a reasonable price. Similar competition who sell chocolates sell their chocolates at 0.81 cents per chocolate about 50 dollars a kg. I certainly dont fall in that category but then how high can you go to be sure you dont lose potential clients? Minimum labor here is 8 dollars per hour. @pastrygirl, luckily here the margins dont go beyond 30 max 40% (retailers I meant yes) so its a good business if you want to sell wholesale but then again my product is not a supermarket product and I need to position myself correctly.
  3. Yes hahaha, I thought of ice cream but won’t that be difficult with delivery and distribution, who will do that for me ( special car with freezers etc...)
  4. I am in Cyprus Europe, I don’t want to have to make cakes as this is another setup for my workshop...I made a lot of cakes before and people don’t pay enough for them cause they dont understand the time you put into it...
  5. Hi everyone I am a new chocolatier. I would like to know if anyone sells their bonbons in malls or airports and if they do, do you keep them in a fridge for chocolates? I know that chocolate is very sensitive to temperature especially bonbons...or is the air-conditioning enough?
  6. Hello I am a new chocolatier. I am calculating my costs to come up with a budget for my new business. I need help from you guys. if lets say a box of 12 bonbons costs me 4 dollars including raw material and packaging, how much should your sales price be? Also how much would you charge for wholesale, assuming margin is between 20-40%? How much is a reasonable labour cost per hour?
  7. Hello, I am a new chocolatier. Any suggestions on new products or other sources of revenue one can create to increase business during warm weather? People dont really like to eat chocolate during very hot weather we have here. I need to think of ways that will not give me extra costs. Thanks for your feedback
  8. HI Escry, I read a very interesting pricing breakdown you wrote on this site and I wanted to ask you help. I am just starting in the chocolate business.

    I dont have competition, there is no chocolatier in my city doing this I will be the first, of course there is also a risk in this because the weather is very hot for 6 months in the year.

    From your experience can you suggest ways of introducing other sources of revenue during the summer months when chocolate is low?


  9. Hello there, I was wondering if you have any good results on coloring your chocolates with natural colors and which one you would recommend?