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  1. Will this recipe work w fresh nuts or if you leave the nuts whole?
  2. Has anyone successfully made candied chestnuts (marrons glace) at home which even remotely resemble the professional ones you get from Europe? I've tried making them using RTE Chinese chestnuts from Costco with varying success: One batch became leathery after being simmered in (what started out as) simple syrup which had its sucrose concentration gradually increased. I have also tried soaking the chestnuts in hot water prior to beginning the candying process. The nuts, once again, developed a tough skin after a few days. To reverse the tough skins I added more water to the syrup, broke the nuts up into pieces and simmered them gently for a few hours. While some pieces have a tough skin, many of them have taken on a candied texture. Should any further attempts to candy chestnuts be attempted using the method of slowly simmering them in simple syrup? Please share any feedback ypu may have. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if using a high-protein flour, rather than AP flour, in a quickbread formula could create a gummy texture as a result of the protein slightly developing as it absorbs water? I was attempting to reduce water activity in the formula by using flour with 14% protein rather than 8-10% protein. Am I out in left field on this one?
  4. Hello, My question is this... Is there a company that manufactures an automated machine capable of wrapping cube-shaped caramels and chocolates??? And would such a machine also be capable of wrapping large (3-4 oz.) rectangular chocolate bars or would such a product require a flow wrapping machine? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. It's been a week since I heard from the other party and I would like to ask if you're still interested in the books??? $150 plus shipping costs.
  6. Yes they are. I just got another offer today, though. Would you be able to pay $200.00 plus shipping for the lot?
  7. Any chance you're interested in bartering them for some of Wybauw's book?? I have Great Chocolate Volumes 1, 2 and 4
  8. THE BOOKS ARE SOLD I have Volumes 1 ,2 and 4 of Jean-Pierre Wybauw's Great Chocolate books are for sale. The books are in great shape! There is some tape on the corner of the front of volume 1 that I used to keep it together after a drop. Volume 1 is also autographed by the author (See pics below). I'm asking $150 for the lot OBO. Let me know if interested or if you have questions
  9. It doesn't have enough chocolate flavor. I'm going to replace the 70% chocolate with chocolate liquor. I think what I need to do is rework the formula with a higher moister content to offset the amount of butter and the chocolate liquor and maintain the soft texture.
  10. I need to clarify Kerry... Have you made the cream recipes from that book? I've made a test batch of vanilla creams that I really liked, cut them into squares with a guitar and enrobed them in both 70% dark and 40% milk chocolates. I'm still working on a chocolate cream formula that I'm happy with.
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