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  1. @pastrygirl My room temperatures at the moment are from 19C-22C. Humidity levels go up to 65%. But they vary depending on the weather ofcourse. I dont know if this all has to do with the temperatures fluctuating continually.
  2. @keychris at the moment my workshop is cool. I work in temperatures around 21C. Isnt that ok? But i have realised that outside is colder than inside and i dont know if this has to do with the levels of humidity in the room at the moment.
  3. @pastrygirl i mean they are ok, ofcourse some dont come out because they do not contract enough. Even so, id like my chocolate to be shiny!
  4. Hello everyone! Im in need of your expertise! Ive been having troubles with my machine, or maybe not even my machine. Ive attached an image (hopefully its clear) to show you a mould that has different tempering problems. I dont understand how one mould can have several different tempering issues. Ive also been advised to have my machine between 30C-31C, however all ive known is to use dark chocolate between 31-32C. Ive done tests from 30C-32C and none have the outcome that is expected, that shiny chocolate. Please share your knowledge I really need it!! Thank you!!!
  5. Thanks a lot for your help! Il try it out and see
  6. Could you please explain what you mean? My machine shows two temperatures. Tank temperature and chocolate temperature.
  7. 21C-22C room temperature. Im using dark 64% and i have the temp around 31.3C.
  8. Hey guys :) Im having difficulties with my tempering machine. The chocolate is not in temper. Ive made several tests and they all have certain marks on. Im in a hot country so i make sure to have my mould in temper and then i pop them in the fridge to make sure they set properly. Any tips? Something i should be considering? Anything would be of great help!!!!
  9. at pastry girl, yes all are included at curls, yes I have all that calculated and there is no product like ours in the competition so its hard to check but I definitely need to take their prices into account, and many products are more of the simple cookie or brownie which cost very low and they can sell for 3. I cant charge that and need to find more premium clients. My question was how low can you go on your profit but I guess that is up to me. lol I am answering my questions to myself
  10. Hi there, How low can you go on calculating pricing on wedding favours. I use this method which assumes you want a 50% mark up: Cost of item: 4 dollars (100-50)x100 I know its up to me to decide the mark up percentage I use but how low should can you/should you go? Thanks guys E
  11. We are new Chocolatiers 3 months in business and doing well. We are looking for mentors people who are in production and can help us grow in the right direction. We need to take some decisions to invest now before the holiday season and want to make sure we are doing the right moves. If we need to pay for this service we don’t have a big budget but will try. We will try to get help to avoid any mistakes and will take a loan for this investment. Look forward to hear from you guys thks
  12. @keychris Thank you! I use a drill at the moment but was wondering if there was anything easier. I guess a dremel will work too. @RobertM Thank you! I will check out what sponges we have here.
  13. @keychris What type of artist sponge?
  14. Hey guys! Im looking for the ultimate tool to make this design i have attached. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  15. Ok thank you so much Just pointing out im Egli's sister, we are both using the forum so thats why this question came up again!! Thanks once again!!
  16. Thank you for your response Whats the best way to store my chocolate? Vacuum sealing our boxes? Specific way of vacuuming ? Cling film?
  17. Hello everyone! Id like your advise about freezing bonbons. Lets say i would start to freeze my bonbons now in the summer for Christmas. Would they last for such an extended period of time? Also using natural colouring, would the colour remain as good when i open them up after a couple of months? Would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences on the matter Thank you!
  18. Thanks guys for all your help and tips! I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes
  19. @curls i use ariaga milk 38%. And i can see a difference from other brands of milk chocolate.
  20. @Kerry Bealmy problem is that it doesnt drop down to 30C it stays around 35C. And when reached at 30C it just doesnt temper properly. Im sure my thermometer is accurate because i double check with my second one i have.
  21. Hey guys! Ive been having some difficulty with Valhrona Milk 38%. It doesn't seem to temper like any other milk chocolate. I melt the chocolate to 45C and then using the seeding technique i drop the temp down to 30C. When at 30C it seems tempered but after a few minutes i start to see bad tempering results. Is there something in particular about this chocolate that i should know about?
  22. Thank you guys...I was sure there was no way out of this 🤔 We will think of a way
  23. Hi guys, Please help, I prepare my chocolate in melting pot all good perfect temper leave it overnight in melting pot covered and at the correct temperature, when I come in the morning its thicker and need to use heat gun to rewarm it. I am worried about it going out of temper. Any tricks to recommend? Thanks
  24. eglies


    Ok! Il try that and let you know. Anything else you can think of that i may be doing wrong?
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