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  1. I second this recipe - it's the base that I use. The heat will all depend on your chiles. I do a combo that includes mild New Mexico reds so as to not blow out my guests.
  2. The owner swears its for food with an adjustable blade. I'm not as convinced, but I know where I can find a definitive answer
  3. The latter is easy - adrenaline rush, party life (work hard play hard), possibly don't know of other life options. I've never done a busy sandwich shop so I don't know, but if they had a line out the door for hour on end, I suspect it would be similar.
  4. I almost walked away after the first episode because its very real, and I don't need to leave my work stress to go home and watch my work stress. But, after the first episode the character development really builds and it's growing on me. It is without a doubt, the thing all industry folks are watching right now because of the level of realistic detail that they've incorporated down to drinking out of quart containers and double gloving a bloody finger.
  5. Regardless of the truth or perspective of the matter, what we see in this article is not unexpected, and is what happens when chefs are held up as celebrities that they then need to maintain or grow their image. To me there are two threads that I've been considering. First, is the connection to Laura Reily's Farm to Fable exposé which has been a singularly motivating source for my own work. Second, is how Eater is taking on these type of stories - see Vespertine's punch.
  6. I still only cook on $50 induction burners off Amazon. They work just fine thanks. I have a colleague who installed a $300k cook unit and I can't imagine paying that off.
  7. gfron1


    Look who came to @BulrushSTL last night! After years of knowing Suvir from this forum, I finally had the chance to meet this legend!
  8. Now in my defense...just take some Braggs and add it and the mother will grow. When I say blonde, all I mean is that we have some mothers that go into white wine, pale colored juices, etc. v. red wine, hibiscus, etc.
  9. FWIW, I have gone down that road and parallel roads and while pawpaw may have save the Lewis and Clark expedition, it is a pain the ass. This pic is my attempt at pawpaw tepache, trying to be all Zero Waste with the numerous seeds and the remaining meat that was clinging to them. It was pretty amazing to watch it turn into a huge glob of snot, which some biochemist on FB explained to me why it happened (over my head, but if you're interested you could find the post in 2019). Our best success has been simply to add pulp to whatever we want in it. The vinegar mentioned above we do annually and is simply 20-30% pulp plus distilled water, plus one of our blonde vinegar mothers.
  10. I sure miss having the time to be active in eG But I knew my long-time friends would have heard the news. So many learnings to get to this point, and many have asked me the difference between this and the one from New Mexico. I promise I'll post something as soon as I can. Thank you all so much!
  11. I don't remember what shipping was for either the boxes or inserts, but it was very reasonable considering, and more importantly once factored in to the per box price it was negligable...but that gets to your second question. I used the slow boat and so both took 2-3 months. The price increase for faster shipping wasn't worth it for me. FWIW, I used my new complete set up on Valentines and it was exactly what I wanted. They do very precise work.
  12. I always do a lot of extra fruit (candied and boozed) because they store forever, and then you can find other uses. Just last night (NYE) we used my 2 year bourbon aged dried fruit (prune, apricot and mango) in a sorta riff on a bastilla (Moroccan sweet meat pastry) using our goose scraps. We encased it in a mooncake skin. It was not nearly as dry as it looks
  13. Not knowing the consistency and if its solid or hollow inside, it very well could be the technique where you aerate tempered chocolate, blown into a mold to set. The white/grey looks to me, sprayed on afterwards.
  14. Quince was the launching point for the idea.
  15. gfron1

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks for making the journey up! Maybe next time I can actually not recoil from your hug (sigh, covid ptsd)
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