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  1. You may have noticed I've been mostly absent for over a month! Yes, I've been doing long hours. We're just past the two month mark, which in our area means the reviewers are starting to pop in. All of our lingering construction projects are pretty well wrapped up (bathroom floor). The menu has already had a full turnover plus. That is the most common question we get - how often will the menu change? Well, Of our seven courses, we've switched up 11 so that should give folks a good idea. Our larder is also building and so much so that today I needed to type it out so I didn't lose control of inventory. We're actually doing quite a bit more than this, but these are the projects that have planned usage when they're ready.
  2. How has she passed my radar!? I'll look her up immediately.
  3. That gets to my other post about pone. I've seen leavened and un...the un generally called pone and fried in a hot cast iron. I haven't paid enough attention to all these old recipes to know when the introduction of baking powder happened in the area. It was invented in 1843.
  4. Not in these old recipes. Most of the technique is assumed.
  5. 2 C Corn meal 1 C AP 1 t Yeast flour 3 Eggs 2 1/2 C Milk 1 T Lard 1 T Sugar 1 T Salt I bet you're right. Of course that would be the leavener.
  6. The recipe is from the 1830s for skillet cornbread. It already has a separate line for 1 C AP, so that's not it. What do you think?
  7. gfron1

    Making Tempeh

    Anyone making their own tempeh? One of the best things I've eaten since returning to St Louis is homemade tempeh from Konfluence Kombucha. Grocery store tempeh is disgusting IMO, but this guy's is crunchy and the soybeans hold their shape, but are still soft. We've been trying to make our own, and today's batch turned out pretty good once we seared it off with a good salting, but it was all mush in the middle. I want to figure out how to keep the bean structure in the process. Ideas?
  8. Of course I'll have opinions on other places to eat and can give a better description of each. I'll do that shortly. I have no idea what German place you're thinking of. Rigazzi's is very low quality. If I were heading to The Hill (The historic Italian community) I would go to J Devoti, Tratorria Marcella or Gioia's Deli. For a splurge (but often deals) look at Angard Hotel, Marriott Courtyard Downtown West is where the chocolate workshop stayed. There's also plenty of good airbnbns and traditional bnbs. Feel free to message me if you have questions about neighborhoods. And @Alex I have put the reservation in the system.
  9. My sous, who went to a different school here in town, said that they had to supply their own tools as well for the same reason. Must be a local culinary school culture issue.
  10. Absolutely do NOT let them charge you for parking. It was part of our contract...whether you have a car or not!
  11. I hope everyone enjoyed Bolyards. My favorite.
  12. Bulrush is the term common in Europe. In America few know the word although most are familiar with the word because of Moses in the Bulrush. We work hard at not using jargon or uncommon terms when describing our food (sometimes quite a challenge), but like a little mystery and uniqueness in our name.
  13. I'm desperately trying to finish my sharing chocolates before fills get here tonight.
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