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  1. Finnish dark syrup - the hardest ingredient for me to get. And yes, malted rye.
  2. I've been fixating on kustavilainen saaristolaisleipä lately, and once I got all the correct ingredients I can't bake or eat enough of this stuff!
  3. Is anyone mixing mettalic or shimmer colors? I'm doing all of my own colors but I haven't dabbled in the shiny stuff yet. I'm wondering percentages and what is being added and is it added before or after the filtering.
  4. FWIW I ponied up for the Breville Barista Express BES870XL last November and really like it. I'm not an espresso aficionado but was spending far too much at coffee shops. Between that machine regular watching of James Hoffman and Sprometheus on YouTube, I feel like I'm getting good coffees and milk. I think all of those guys would have people switch to the Niche Zero Grinder but by the time I knew that it was too late - the investment had been made.
  5. In all seriousness - who knows! The menu will certainly change as it always does for us. Last year we did over 100 new or evolved courses and with our larder of misos, kombuchas, kefirs and cures constantly growing, I don't expect that to change. But as far as price...once we're at regular price again I am leaning toward going back to normal simply for the math of it all.
  6. Don't take anything as rule right now. The price is temporary while we're at low quantity seating. I don't expect it to stick once we're back at full capacity because to balance the price we've upped the courses, but by upping the courses we've take the dinner to just beyond 2 hours which means we can't turn the tables at all. Late July will be a whole new world I suspect. I know the city has announced that we can be at full capacity by July 1.
  7. I'm curious why you found it time consuming? I make enough (normally 250ml) and it takes less than 5 minutes. For black I do a 5% and a 10% colorant to cocoa butter. Microwave. Stick blend. Strain through panty hose with a gloved hand. Voila!
  8. Jeremy and I have been friends for quite some time and watching his knowledge expand has been so inspiring. My kitchen's goal, too, is veg charcuterie, and so we're delving into the book full steam.
  9. I've gone the route of fluid gels for many of mines, which is very similar to what Kerry said except using agar as the setting agent. But ultimately it gets hit with a stick blender and piped.
  10. 🤣 Oops...yeah we were hiding it from you. Seriously though, it was set up to expedite some of the planning for our annual chocolate gathering: HERE
  11. I know there's packaging info all over in this forum, but so much of it has become dated. In the Facebook eG Chocolate page I asked who everyone is currently using, and I'm sharing it here for easier reference. Glerup Revere Nashville Wraps Box and Wrap Professional Image Duerr Packaging ASpecialtyBox BRP Boxes Chocolat Chocolat Unger Imports Modpac Graphic West ZoolyUtah Packaging Emenac
  12. Does someone know which suppliers have these boxes? I can't find them through my regular sources and want to see how affordable they might be. Thanks.
  13. @TexasMBA02 Just chiming in to say that I've had numerous issues with that book, and in particular, that recipe, so you are not alone. Clearly there are issues.
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