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  1. gfron1

    The AeroPress Coffee Machine

    Thanks for these tips - you uses yours 13-14 times per day more than me, but I do use mine daily. What "formula" are you using- just the recommended or have you modified to something better? Asking because I feel like I can get better results if I make some changes
  2. Imagine juicing a dried date....in this instance muscle power and a screen were the best option.
  3. Remember those persimmons...There is a clear winner in efficiency of processing large amounts of persimmon. I tried a conical sieve. Very clunky and slow. I bought a decent sized foodmill which was okay, but these persimmon are so sugar concentrated/dry that it was gummy. Finally i scraped over this screen tammis which worked great and gave me a refined product. Regardless of method next time I will presoak in orange juice it brandy to loosen it up. Keeping the seeds to distribute to friends, and the twigs for smoking. I may dry and grind the skin to see if it has any value and will use it also in a steeped alcohol.
  4. welcome to the forum Alan, and your English seems good to me. What flavors are these?
  5. After all these years I still find this the absolute best. If at all possible get whole wheat fillo which really helps with the sweetness.
  6. gfron1

    Matcha Truffle

    That's just a terrible, mean, nasty response...and I happen to agree. I've made enough matcha ganaches to know that I don't like them and have no interest in serving them. I will just note FWIW that you need to be sure to get the right type of matcha since there is culinary grade and tea grade. I less-hate the latter.
  7. Well this was an amazing find in early December. The fact that they are ripe and wrinkly means that they will be perfect for use and no tannins. I'll process it all into a puree and then vac pack it for my restaurant. Since we're using historic Ozark recipes as our inspiration there are plenty of uses in their - mostly cakes, cookies and puddings (British style pudding). But, just like pawpaw I am more intrigued with the savory applications. Molé, dark breads, soup thickener, bbq sauce...stuff like that.
  8. Pulled well over 100 pounds of tree ripened winter persimmons today. Note the Ikea bag for perspective!
  9. This morning I met with the head chocolate dude at Bissingers to explore the Master Class, and specifically I wanted to talk about 3D molding. What we ended up focusing on was this: -1 hr more or less on 3D which would be hands on -2-3 hours of professional level tour of their production plant, but with a very advanced focus meaning, as he and I walked around he was willing to share experience on numerous tempering machines, packaging supplies, shipping materials, staffing, r&d, one-shots, they only use natural colorants, he has a temper meter...very cool, and on and on, panning equipment, caramel kitchen, etc... This got me to thinking about our group and how almost all started as hobbyists, and have expanded to various degrees. What I am envisioning is two sessions - in the morning visiting a mid-sized chocolate company and have them hands-on their specialty, and then in the afternoon going to Bissingers to see a large operation (not factory level). This would be a great opportunity to see two scales of ramp-up with experienced professionals who will cover the full spectrum of operations with us, and have a little hands on play time. Does this hold any interest for folks? I have confirmed that Rick Jordan can NOT do a class - he has a new project that is demanding all of his time.
  10. No, but these all work. The fan in the closet...that's quite a commitment!
  11. I thought there was one with a wooden frame up, a box fan and a heater filter. I built one so I must have seen it somewhere.
  12. Gang - I'm trying to find the topic where someone showed how to build a spray booth. Maybe its just buried in this thread, but I thought it had its own. Does anyone know where that is?
  13. idk, but I know they do an awful lot of them, and they do them by hand.
  14. Floating an idea for the Master Class - anyone interested in 3D molding? I know Bissingers does quite a bit of this. Still exploring a few other ideas as well.
  15. gfron1

    The Final Table on Netflix

    One of the fun things is the timing of the taping as at least one of the competitors received a star during the taping of the show. I am finished now and can't quite figure out what they'll do for a season two. Like so many other cooking shows it won't take long until the competition is no longer of the caliber deserving to be on stage.