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  1. Used to have it at the end of our property, at the base of hedges in Burnaby. It would grow like a weed and it was almost hard to get rid of. We didn't do anything with them, they were there almost like dandelions.
  2. Looking for personal recommendations for our 23rd anniversary. Thanks
  3. I don't remember Bird's when I was a kid living in Burnaby, but then again I wasn't the one doing the cooking/baking. Looking at Walmart, it appears easily obtainable. When I am in Walmart I will check the shelves.
  4. What's the difference in taste/flavour between vanilla pudding and Bird's custard?
  5. You've got my interest on trying your recipe, even though mine did work out just fine. Would you be willing to share? Thanks
  6. I made the recommended Saveur version and it came out great. They set up as I expected, very similar to a previous chocolate mousse I have made.
  7. It's been some years now, perhaps 2002, but I vaguely remember this test being done, with I think, was about 6 different carrot recipes. It might have been on the FC forum. The member doing the eval. was or is a scientist in Europe. Also here:
  8. I am going to try and make a lemon mousse for a dinner party for four. These two recipes look good, but I am not sure which is the better of the two. http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Corsican-Lemon-Mousse http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/fresh-lemon-mousse-recipe Thanks
  9. It's called, Chocolate Espresso Dacquois, from ATK. Won't make it again because its just tooooo rich.
  10. When I was a kid my mom would make palacsinta for me and my step-father and she would be stuck in the kitchen because we would eat them as fast as she made them. Thinking back now I think "poor mom, she's stuck making palacsinta and not enough time for her to eat" Always the first one was thrown away, it just doesn't come out right. The left over batter was used another day, we would have to add a little more milk and they ended up being better than first day one. Everyone has their favourite filling and mine was a mixture of apricot jam and ground walnuts. Mom liked cottage cheese and sugar. The ones made in Hungary are so wonderfully yellow because of chicken's environment.
  11. Went out yesterday to pick at a new spot close to Hayden Lake, but there were plenty of people including commercial guys with ATV, and couldn't find very much. What we did find was rather anemic and enough to find 2 T. So we headed to our favourite spot and did collect about 1 gallon. I talked to a number of people about the small size and was told we need a good snow fall to get the plump guys. Hopeful for next year.