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  1. The Fruitcake Topic

    When you say soak it, how do you do it? Do you just pour slowly over the top? I don't know how you do it, but my way is to do it is to inject it with a large gauge needle.
  2. Birds, I have not seen here, but then again I have not actively look for it. It is one of the three products I will have to pick up when I'm in BC.
  3. So, which Oetker would you purchase as a substitute for this recipe?
  4. Interesting, my mom never bought blancmange as far as I know when we lived in BC. I would like to know of a name of a product that I can substitute, if it is not the same as vanilla pudding.
  5. Where in the USA do we find 'blancmange' or what is a substitute?
  6. Where in the USA do we find 'blancmange' or what is a substitute?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. After all the research I ended up in Winthrop. Eventually I will get to the coast. Been by Port Townsend, but prefer Sequim.
  8. Thanks, might just try the copycat
  9. Years ago I tried to get a recipe for this cake with no luck and just gave up, but just recently on another website there was talk of this very cake called Burnt almond cake where they say the recipe is a secret! And they have had over the years numerous requests for recipes from local bakeries. "Readers want the recipes but the bakeries won't talk -- for obvious reasons. FYI, the Burnt Almond Cake is their main selling cake (they told me the sell about 300 a day - and this is a tiny hole in the wall place if you've never been there.) So I don't see them giving out the recipe anytime soon." Just wondering if anyone had experience with this cake? The cake or torte sounds easy enough but not sure if the yellow batter is a genois or not. Well anyway this is a copy from the bakery it self (Prantls in Pittsburgh):'One item you must try is the burnt-almond torte. The bakery's signature item, it is an extremely delicate yellow batter with a center pudding filling. This is covered in whipped cream and sliced toasted almonds. It is light, rich, and delicious. It comes as a square that easily serves nine, and larger cakes can be made to order. Although it is also available in chocolate, I suggest you opt for the original'. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/14/prantls-torte-cake-almond_n_5133580.html
  10. For the cake. I thought, since your cutting, you must partake. To be so talented, you practice quite a bit and have to do tasting of everything you do.
  11. Used to have it at the end of our property, at the base of hedges in Burnaby. It would grow like a weed and it was almost hard to get rid of. We didn't do anything with them, they were there almost like dandelions.