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  1. Looks great, I love the brioche dough style buns.
  2. Our palacsinta was with jam and walnuts, my favourite is walnuts and apricot jam. Also very tasty is a bunch made with cottage cheese and sugar baked in the oven with cream.
  3. Well, my mom used to make a plate with either poppyseed (Makos teszta) or ground walnuts. This nuts are mixed with sugar and mixed with the cooked noodles. I preferred the walnut version and this was not a side dish or a dessert dish, it was the main dish - can you imagine? Hungarian dishes are quite varied and at the same time quite simple, based on the reason people used their imagination on what was readily available namely poatoes, poppies, eggs, flour, sour cream, chicken, paprika, and pork.
  4. My mom made those quite often along with poppyseed versions. I preferred the walnut bejgli because she would add some raisons and some apricot. I am waiting for the opportunity to make some.
  5. oli

    The Fruitcake Topic

    When you say soak it, how do you do it? Do you just pour slowly over the top? I don't know how you do it, but my way is to do it is to inject it with a large gauge needle.
  6. Birds, I have not seen here, but then again I have not actively look for it. It is one of the three products I will have to pick up when I'm in BC.
  7. So, which Oetker would you purchase as a substitute for this recipe?
  8. Interesting, my mom never bought blancmange as far as I know when we lived in BC. I would like to know of a name of a product that I can substitute, if it is not the same as vanilla pudding.
  9. Where in the USA do we find 'blancmange' or what is a substitute?
  10. Where in the USA do we find 'blancmange' or what is a substitute?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. After all the research I ended up in Winthrop. Eventually I will get to the coast. Been by Port Townsend, but prefer Sequim.