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  1. Yes I agree, no standard weight. Luckily I haven't run into much problems with the variances.
  2. Sure looks great, but I don't know why but it looks like cherry.
  3. Looks great and soaking them in Amaretto is what I do. I bet yours tasted wonderful.
  4. If you didn't tell it was French Toast, I would think it was some fancy pastry.
  5. Wow, you've been a busy person. Nice cakes. Real professional job.
  6. Will give these a shot myself with my DW's cookie recipe and try making them with less sugar. Don't know when, though.
  7. That looks like a complicated design, I wish I had the patience for.
  8. Would you be willing to share the recipe? Looks wonderful.
  9. I remember my mom making this but she used a creme anglaise type of sauce. I don't know if it was a real creme anglaise but I suspect she used something very close. She used to be a chef for major companies and armed services in the NWT and Co. in America and if she could cut corners but give the same result she would go that route. A liquid vanilla pudding? Anyways, that's the way I prefer my pudding, and I suspect, since I have not had the rum sauce it would be not as sweet.
  10. I am curious how they taste as buckwheat has a distinctive taste.
  11. Isn't that the cake that is like 10 layers?
  12. I found this cake here and wanted to make it but ran into a stumbling block. The recipe calls for blancmange. It looks like its a UK item but was wondering if there is a sub? Also how much does a “packet” of blancmange weighs. https://www.home-madepatchwork.com/blog/desserts/smile-of-the-summer-xxx-apricot-peach-shortcake,1587.html
  13. What do you estimate it costs to do that fruit cake?
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