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  1. I am curious how they taste as buckwheat has a distinctive taste.
  2. Isn't that the cake that is like 10 layers?
  3. I found this cake here and wanted to make it but ran into a stumbling block. The recipe calls for blancmange. It looks like its a UK item but was wondering if there is a sub? Also how much does a “packet” of blancmange weighs. https://www.home-madepatchwork.com/blog/desserts/smile-of-the-summer-xxx-apricot-peach-shortcake,1587.html
  4. What do you estimate it costs to do that fruit cake?
  5. So hard not to get a bite while in storage waiting for that special day when it gets unvailed in all its glorious boozy goodness.
  6. I wished TJs would stock their chopped fruit that they stopped a number of years ago. Tried to purchase dried fruit a couple of years ago and found when all was said and done, the cake prohibitively expensive.
  7. I am making croissant dough, not to make croissant but Pain aux raisons. I made a set a few days ago and they came out very nice but I ran across this video and I was curious about the statement about making them crispy. In the video they say they mix water and flour the day before which will make them crisp. Will this really work? If so, do you mix all the the flour and water or what portion of the recipe? I can adapt my recipe to do this but I am not certain the portions. https://youtu.be/2MgHA2KvP5c
  8. Pastrypastmidnight: You are a talented busy body.
  9. Or apricot jam, my favourite for brushing on baked goodies.
  10. Love the look of that apple kugel. Would you be willing to share the recipe?
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