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  1. Raspberry ruffle cake ala Medrich. Also Bon Appetit Viennese Linzertorte cake. Was on the cover.
  2. Does anyone know of a T&T recipe for Creme Leoncello? Tried and True. That recipe might work.
  3. Does anyone know of a T&T recipe for Creme Leoncello?
  4. I wonder if those wouldn't be overly sweet if using reduced sugar jam?
  5. Welcome Chef Lucas. We are expecting to see great things coming out of your kitchen.
  6. I have seen ready made in a box at TJs but I was looking for just the dough, unless I didn't see their dough.
  7. Pillsbury sells 120 pcs/cs. but that is more than I need because I don't have the space.
  8. David, I just picked a bunch of blackberries at my neighbours house and I am sure they must be ripe in your area. Any favourite things you like to do with yours?
  9. Here's my Caramelized Peach Tart. Sorry for the image quality.
  10. I used to go high in the mtns. above Wallace. Quite a drive from Hayden Lake I would say. The last 4 yrs much, much closer -45 min. thanks to friends who have lived here much longer than us big city slickers.
  11. My picking area mostly gone and what berries you can find are very small. From what I heard is the crop came early and so we missed the peak -if that.. info was correct
  12. Yes I agree, no standard weight. Luckily I haven't run into much problems with the variances.
  13. Sure looks great, but I don't know why but it looks like cherry.
  14. Looks great and soaking them in Amaretto is what I do. I bet yours tasted wonderful.
  15. If you didn't tell it was French Toast, I would think it was some fancy pastry.
  16. Wow, you've been a busy person. Nice cakes. Real professional job.
  17. Will give these a shot myself with my DW's cookie recipe and try making them with less sugar. Don't know when, though.
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