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  1. Love to see my town in pictures! We have a lot of fun moderately priced restaurants in town Check out Little Fatty for a chef's take on Taiwanese american food in Culver City (and the attached Accomplice Bar). Father's Office (Culver City) The bar that launched the burger craze in LA years ago has incredible food (smoked eel salad) with a nice patio as well as beer/wine/cocktails Sawtelle/Japantown/Little Osaka is also not far away Gjusta (Venice) defines the LA food scene for me with incredible produce, in house bread/ pastry program, Cured fish, smoked meats, good coffee and eclectic atmosphere Enjoy!!
  2. You can always go 2 skewers per set of scallions - makes it easier to handle esp if you are grilling
  3. AAQuesada

    A thread for "unusual" recipes

    I love Laiskonis, and i'm not really a pastry guy but his technical prowess plus creativity and willingness to give his recipes away for free is really laudatory. He put out pdf's of many of his desserts while he was at LB. I assume they are available somewhere.
  4. Mostly they are a lot longer and a bit thicker as well, but the flavor it pretty much the same. They are readily available here in L.A. but if you can't get them I wouldn't worry too much. Just get the biggest scallions you can find
  5. There is a facebook group 'Oxford symposium on food and cookery' with a lot of scholars. Someone there might be interested in helping out with your project
  6. AAQuesada

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    Xanthan gum is not a substitute for gelatine. Why don't you want to use Gelatine -4mular makes a vegetable gelatine if thats an issue http://www.le-sanctuaire.mybigcommerce.com/genutine-x-9303-carrageenan-vegetable-gelatin-powder/
  7. AAQuesada

    Alkalizing Chocolate

    Guittard is very good quality for price IMO and is also sometimes retail - In my area they are found at bristol farms. Barry Callebaut is also relatively easy to find.
  8. Worked out perfectly. Just wanted to follow up with a picture of the savory tart I made
  9. Isn't Atta a Durum wheat like semolina? I would look at Italian semolina bread recipes. Canada grows a lot of durum wheat and export quite a bit -even to italy
  10. This is the one I have Ingredients: Flour 400g Butter 200g Egg yolks 120g Icing sugar 70g Milk (lukewarm) 30g Salt 8g 1. Sift flour onto a large piece of greaseproof paper. 2. Warm butter until very soft (almost liquid, but without breaking the emulsion). 3. Whip butter until white. 4. In a separate bowl, combine egg yolks and icing sugar. Whip until pale and creamy. 5. Incorporate milk and salt. 6. Pour the egg mixture into the whipped butter, and whisk to fully combine. Scrape the bottom of the bowl to ensure everything is homogenous. 7. Pour the sifted flour into the butter mixture. 8. Mix with a wooden spoon (or mixer paddle) until fully combined. Scrape the bottom of the bowl again. 9. Scrape onto cling film, wrap, press flat and refrigerate for at least one hour, preferably overnight. 10. Knead gently until pliable. Roll out to the thickness of a £1 coin. 11. Cut a circle around 2cm larger than your tart circle/tin in the pastry. 12. Line the tin, ensuring you've pushed the dough into the bottom edge all the way round (to avoid the sides collapsing in the oven). Refrigerate for 20 minutes. 13. Preheat the oven to 180°C. 14. Remove the dough from the fridge and trim the edges with a paring knife. Prick the base with a fork. 15. Bake for 12-18 minutes, until lightly golden. Leave to cool before unmolding.
  11. Can you do Pate Brisee in the same manner? or do you prefer cold butter. Just curious, but I like these technical details. I notice that Laiskonis uses a small amount of baking powder in his pate sablee which I don't recall seeing elsewhere as well.
  12. I have your recipe saved, that is a really interesting technique. Was curious where you learned it? In anycase it's def on my to try list.
  13. Here is my favorite Chicken cutting video!