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  1. love the flavor of black cardemom but my inclination is usually to throw it in whole then fish it out later or if i'm going to bash it -put it in a tea bag to fish out. love the smoky flavor, It's a secret ingredient in my bbq sauce. shhh.
  2. I wanted to mention that Paul Bertolli's book Cooking by hand talks a lot about grinding flour for pasta. Older book, but still excellent
  3. WoW! thank you so much for the link. Some of my favorite Chef's involved
  4. I would also say Preserving the Japanese Way , Japan the Cookbook both by Nancy singleton Hachisu are both deep dives into Japanese food and traditions Its All American Food by David Rosengarten has a lot of history of various immigrations and food / recipes that came with them to the US
  5. A great first cookbook. Have to say I still really love David Rosengarten's Dean and Deluca cookbook. The recipes really work and he has great tips but the book is approachable.
  6. This reminds me of a guacamole recipe in one of my mom's old cookbooks. How about the chicharrones in the guac?! Pretty great while it lasts. Ps. If you ever need a book with Tinga, polverones and sauce Bigerade in Spanish this is the book for you.
  7. This answer is not really what you are looking for but maybe it will be helpful anyway. My suggestion is that if you have access to heirloom whole wheat flour to make the switch. Modern wheat varieties were developed to have a bran/germ that are easier to machine separate (ie hardier) so when they are mixed back in they can damage your care fully developed gluten structure. with heirloom varieties that were never sifted/separated to begin with this is less of an issue and you do higher % of WW with more consistency. Good luck!
  8. I feel like Clifford A Wright's 'A Mediterranean Feast' should get a mention here. It really is a masterclass.
  9. Yes! I do get other high end soy sauce but this one is great bang for the buck. Really nice complex aroma and flavor. Locally I get it at Nijiya not sure how the packaging works (maybe lined on the inside?) but if it saves money over glass I'm all for it.
  10. I use this one and find it excellent Marushima organic genuine soy sauce Koikuchi
  11. AAQuesada

    Onion greens

    grilling like a calcot sounds like a great idea. you will just have to manage the heat so they cook through maybe wrap in foil after they finish to steam and soften. I really do love romesco
  12. Love to see my town in pictures! We have a lot of fun moderately priced restaurants in town Check out Little Fatty for a chef's take on Taiwanese american food in Culver City (and the attached Accomplice Bar). Father's Office (Culver City) The bar that launched the burger craze in LA years ago has incredible food (smoked eel salad) with a nice patio as well as beer/wine/cocktails Sawtelle/Japantown/Little Osaka is also not far away Gjusta (Venice) defines the LA food scene for me with incredible produce, in house bread/ pastry program, Cured fish, smoked meats, good coffee and eclectic atmosphere Enjoy!!
  13. You can always go 2 skewers per set of scallions - makes it easier to handle esp if you are grilling
  14. I love Laiskonis, and i'm not really a pastry guy but his technical prowess plus creativity and willingness to give his recipes away for free is really laudatory. He put out pdf's of many of his desserts while he was at LB. I assume they are available somewhere.
  15. Mostly they are a lot longer and a bit thicker as well, but the flavor it pretty much the same. They are readily available here in L.A. but if you can't get them I wouldn't worry too much. Just get the biggest scallions you can find
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