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  1. @blue_dolphin My copy of Sonoratown just came in as well. I'm happy to support the restaurant and maybe make the Tortillas! How is the Kinch book? has it been released -I am definitely very curious and interested! @paul o' vendange I love French humor lol -so the Cour de Cuisine came in, you may remember I bought it used on Amazon (condition rated 'Average') and thought nothing of it since the price was so low. Turns out it came from France and was brand new in shrink wrap! shipping from over seas was pretty fast.
  2. In scientific papers it just seems to be called eggshell membrane (ESM) then just referred to as ESM. We need to find a cool dead language to name it in!
  3. AAQuesada

    Ground Pork

    @Duvel Thanks for the recipe! I'm definitely going to try it!
  4. And my first try at Hot cross buns with about 20% red fife and Charoset folded in. Not the prettiest but delicious
  5. AAQuesada

    Trotter gear

    @TdeV thanks for reviving this thread. I Kinda did my own take on the Trotter gear. But in the end I saved the chunkies separate from the stock. I also did three split trotters and 8 chicken wings. That way I made my chicken stock at the same time. In addition at the end I Steeped kombu and bonito flakes for that added umami.
  6. Lol! I'm not sure i would either!! My poor imagination failed to come up a better description though...but I'm open to suggestions
  7. Not sure if this is the best place to put this or not but here it goes! It's a 3 min video of Jacques Genin decorating a large chocolate egg. By the French magazine Le Fooding's Instagram page (a great follow btw.) https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNPyN91iDNE/?igshid=1x7elguck8m3p
  8. This site has a brief explanation and sample form that could be adapted for the OP's needs https://www.misedesigns.com/restaurant-haccp-plan/
  9. @paul o' vendange You are a bad influence! my case of CAS is severe lol -I ordered the Ferrandi book (found it used for 80ish) keep in mind all the French I know I learned following French Chefs on Instagram 😂 *sigh*
  10. Lolol! How many people actually pronounce 'eGullet' correctly? If it's wrong i don't want to be right 😉 eGoulet
  11. I saw this! Does anyone have a link to his cooking show on YouTube or was it taken down? So curious
  12. AAQuesada


    Might be worth trying the emulsion disk but I tend to agree with @rotuts that that raw oats are going to be an issue for any handblender. If they could be allowed to hydrate first maybe that would help -I don't know if that recipe has any other liquid? coffee grinder is a great idea as well.
  13. I had the Fundamentals of Classic cuisine book and thought it was very good! lots of pictures, very good technique with clear explanations and terms. Gave it to a young sous chef who was leaving me and never went to culinary school. My guess is that it would make a great reference
  14. Maybe there is something here that can help https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/06/how-to-avoid-problems-with-gelatin-dessert-baking.html
  15. His food just doesn't move me. I don't know why really, but I much prefer Pascal Barbot -the Astrance book is incredible. Yannick Alleno are more my jam -I'd love to have a copy of his / Ma cuisine Française The book that came out on the bistronmy movement is probably my favorite cookbook of lady year.
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