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  1. I have to say that I disagree with the whole don't keep coffee in the freezer thing. I have been doing it for years and in the minute or two it takes me to scoop out some beans then back to the freezer it doesn't have time to develop condensation. My feeling was and is that it works and keeps it closer to peek, of course 1 lb of coffee doesn't last more than 2 weeks around here anyway (& that's just with me drinking). YMMV
  2. AAQuesada

    Garlic Confit

    Should be fine kept refrigerated for up to 7 days as mentioned above. I also suspect that the research was done on raw garlic in oil not cooked for 20 ish minutes. But everyone's risk tolerance is different https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/Can-you-get-botulism-from-garlic-in-oil
  3. AAQuesada

    Garlic Confit

    Here's a restaurant recipe -put garlic cloves in a pot, cover with oil (barely, the cloves will shrink as they loose moisture), put on low heat until soft. you can also puree the cloves once cooked in a robot coupe and pass through a strainer to get a nice garlic paste that works great in all sorts of stuff
  4. Not sure I understand this sentence. You are using the regular lid with the S blade correct? Not the lid for the attachments? I've used the Waring 3.5qt and 2.5qt commercial food processors so I do have some experience with them though not with the model you have -no one will confuse them with a robot coupe but they are perfectly decent machines. If I can figure out what you are doing I might be able to help. btw if you have vitamix they produce better Hummus than a food processor.
  5. I don't do induction but I am a big fan of the pieces I have from MadeIn (including the butter warmer)
  6. Vegetables Unleashed by Jose Andres is excellent. Shuk: From Market to Table about cooking from Israeli farmers markets is not completely vegetarian but has tons of great stuff and worth looking into
  7. Beans puree great in the vitamix. At home and growing up i would never soak. For a fine dining bean puree I only cook soaked beans in small quantities to last just one service, until just cooked through -no split beans, you want the starch and flavor in the bean not the water
  8. Thank you for posting, Pretty interesting article. Personally I don't get the dislike for the California bay (fresh anyway) and love it's bolder bay flavor and will often torch it or toast the fresh leaves as well. That being said I also use Filippone Bay leaves from Sicily which have really blown my away with their flavor, pretty fantastic Used to be in the Bay leaves don't taste like anything camp but now it's a favorite flavor.
  9. I've made a excellent (and very Cheffy) recipe from Chef Thomas Lim then of Dudley's in NY (originally published in the much missed by me Lucky Peach). No link for it so I won't post but they use chicken skin and stock in the recipe.
  10. I'll check out Jow! Marmiton I've used, also 750g, Le Fooding has some cool recipes as does Elle magazine (Fr)
  11. There is an app called Gronda that you might like https://webflow.gronda.com
  12. btw for those that have the old Laiskonis workbooks he has what looks to be the same pate a choux recipe in grams
  13. So for those that don't know Sun noodles is kinda like ACME smoked fish they sell wide variety of fresh noodles to most of the major players in Ramen restaurants and will do them to spec/customize as well. If you see something from them at a supermarket it should be decent
  14. According to their website: "Our feed is shelf-stable and made of a mix of fish meal, fish oil, algae meal, squid meal, and a plant-based binder. We source our feed in the USA from ZIelger."
  15. Here is a video about the operation that is a couple years old but gives a good idea of what they are doing. Def a cut of above what you normally get out here!
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