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  1. Forgive my ignorance but what is ESCF? I’m curious because I think we have similar taste, so I want to look them up Of more recent books the ones that seem to get my creative juices going most are Jeremy Fox’s On Vegetables and Pascal Barbot’s Astrance: A Cooks Book
  2. I do not, lol i don't feel old but i have the the original first edition so it must be true lol
  3. Have you read James Peterson's Sauces? Its my favorite book on the subject, Don't have it handy but i do recall that he adds towards the end as well basically says there's no point in cooking the veg for 12 hours when its going to give up its flavor in 1 or 2. I do like the new FL/PS book and his approach to folding in new techniques to what is really still very classical approach to fine dining
  4. No, Japanese post is very quick. It only slows down once it comes to the US. It's slower (and more expencive) for me to ship something from Korin than it is to ship it from Japan
  5. For me less than a week but i do live in LA so I'm not sure if it was faster because of that
  6. It's been a while but i believe i used to pay 7$ for shipping from Japan. The public post is not expensive. Then it transfers to usps when it gets to the US
  7. True dat! The point is to emulsify it into the sauce so you would use something younger saving the food stuff for other things. But really the point of my comment is that there is nothing wrong with using a food processor for parmesan just that different tools for different outcomes
  8. just as an aside my experience with Japanese Post is very good, whenever i've ordered knives from Japan they have very quickly with out paying exorbitant prices to 'expedite' shipping
  9. i do want to say it's pretty common in restaurants doing a lot of pasta to get good parm and pulverize it in the food processor rather than buy cheap bagged parm. It's used when finishing the pasta in the pan. Then microplane or whatnot for on top.
  10. This just came up in the LA Times No dirt? No farm? No problem. The potential for soil-less agriculture is huge
  11. I'm in LA now but when I was SD i remember the blue and white spreckles sugar box. Don't think I've ever seen it here though. Wouldn't mind being back in Solana Beach!
  12. I but fresh then keep them in the freezer. Usually toast or char them before use. I'm one of those that never understood why people used bay leafs until I tried fresh.
  13. It's funny even processed white cane sugar has its own aroma. It's very noticeable if you have cane sugar and beet sugar side by side.
  14. MAC is pretty good if it fits in your price range. Misono Fillet knife this is a little over the price range but also very good.
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