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  1. Hi all! Well heres what I've done in the last few years: Peach gummy rings Assorted bonbons Hazelnut dragee Lavender bonbon Assorted bonbon Panned malt balls Bubble gum taffy Coconut taffy Sponge candy Peppermint meltaways Peppermint patties Peach pate de fruit Macadamia dragee Gummy bears! Misc Bonbon Enrobed walnut toffees Aleppo pepper caramels Sea salt caramels Hazelnut gianduja in a terrine form Marshmallow Wedding gummy rings Coconut and blueberry pate de fruit Almond dragee Wedding table Lollipop tree Thanks for the encouragement everyone, sorry for so many post at once!
  2. Heres one picture from a wedding at the beginning of this year, grape lollipops.
  3. How to recreate these chocolates

    I was watching that video again. I remember seeing this on instagram a long time ago and was very intrigued. Umm, call me crazy however, but would that be gold luster mixed with ground coffee? It just seemed to be that consistency, different sized granules, and obviously wouldn't stick to the bonbon. At first I was thinking of cocoa powder, but it would be all over the place, and probably cover the shine of the luster. Honestly, I'm not in a position right now to test this out, but if it sounds plausible to someone else, and your willing to try, I'd love to hear about the result. Perhaps a kosher salt would give the same result.
  4. How to recreate these chocolates

    Thank you so much, thats very kind of you! I've just been busy with work and life in general (It's amazing how busy one becomes after marriage). Maybe it sounds a bit lame, but another reason is that I seldom have time to be on a desktop browsing the forum. I tried it on a mobile and didnt really like it. Then I got Tapatalk, which worked for some time, then stopped altogether, but maybe I'll try an internet browser on my mobile again. Thanks for asking!
  5. Just wanted to say hello. Its been a few years since I"ve been able to get the time to come on the forums, this was always my favorite thread. When I get a pocket of free time, I'll sort through my photos and post what I've done. It's nice to see this topic lives!
  6. How to recreate these chocolates

    If anyone has any insight into the above post, I'd also be interested. It's a pretty clever technique, I'm surprised at how even a coat of luster is put onto the bonbon, I'd love to know how that was achieved.
  7. Truffles at Costco

    I'm not entirely surprised. Like you mentioned, fresh truffle cost quite a bit, but I've seen canned/jarred truffle in a few different places in the $15 range. I never tried them, I think it would be too dissapointing after using fresh truffle.
  8. I just have two items from the last month or so. The first is a chipotle butter ganache, and the second, a peanut gianduja.
  9. Recently I got a new job in a kitchen in another facility, so I've been a bit more busy lately, which is good, just not as much time for the candy stuff :-). Heres what I have from the last few months. The first picture are cacao nibs that I panned. They sort of joined up into clusters (I wanted them to stay small, but I couldnt make it happen haha) I polished them and they look like crap, but eating them is quite nice, I love the crunch. Next are peanuts I caramelized in sugar, panned in 54%, then dusted with peanut butter powder, by far the most fun to eat! The next two pictures are espresso beans, just different shots, and the polish came out alot nicer on these ones. Next is sesame brittle, then peanut butter and chocolate taffies, assorted butter cookies for my granny, watermelon berlingots, banana berlingots, bacon caramels, banana sticks, and finally my pride and joy, candied baby pineapples.
  10. Panning - but not for gold!

    I love the gloss on those malt balls! When you say caramel coated almonds, they are just engrossed in caramelized sugar, or is it a different product?
  11. Many people have sworn to me by the pizza dough at Traders. I personally haven't used it, but basically have heard only good thing (even from my wife who has a pastry degree). To be very honest, it doesnt take much space to make a dough, but it does to roll it out and top the pizza, which you'll still have to do. But the price is right and certianly a convenience to pick up a bag of dough along with groceries.