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  1. And to add to Kerrys and Curls advice, one thing that helped me is piping chocolate on each cavity before tapping and scraping. In many videos people seem to add chocolate to one side of the mold, then scrape to carry that chocolate over to the rest of the cavities. Now I pipe just enough chocolate to cap, tap, and try for one clean scrape, maybe 2.
  2. Just a thought to keep in mind, there may be limits on how much you can modify a kitchen space with cottage food. It would depend on where you are, each state has different rules as well as each county within the state. Where I'm at, there are limits to prevent you from turning your home kitchen into a commercial space and still use the cottage food permit. Actually making the space into a commercial work space is a whole animal on its own. Cottage food in pretty cool, but sometimes it seems that they tie your hands is so many ways. I'd go for granite 100%. Even if you dont tabl
  3. Hi @Rajala, that sounds like a really frustrating experience. Making the croquant 10 times does seem like alot, and that has been my experience with the Leaf Croquant recipe from Grewelings book. I made it once, and the proportions seemed off, it didnt feel right, and it came out terribly. The success I has with the butterfinger bar above was from using the recipe in Grewelings book for Peanut Butter Honeycomb (page 252). Read my post in this thread from April 9. There, I made the Peanut Butter Honeycomb recipe, but doubled the amount of peanut butter filling. Pour the hard candy on a silpat (
  4. Hey thank you so much! I remember at first sort of enjoying the bon appetit videos, but the more I watched them I realized they sometime have no clue what they are talking about, it's really surprising from a channel like that. Reading the comments on the videos, many of the chefs there seem to really have a strong following. To me, they seem more like social media figures that look good in front of a camera. Do you mind if I ask you how many times you have tried? What recipe are you using? It's a unique candy that has a very satisfying end result, I'd be glad to help you out.
  5. I recently saw these on Instagram, and was just wondering if anyone has used them or knew anything about them. They are obviously not making their own chocolate, and am a little surprised they are selling this with so many chocolates available, as well as their connections to well know pastry chefs, what they have sounds so generic. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knew who actually made the chocolate they are offering. https://chefrubber.com/cr-choco/
  6. I do gummies and pulled sugar all the time, the sugar free candies, are you making those with isomalt? I've wondered many times if isomalt would work in place of sugar with a gummies, one of those things that is on the back burner. I haven't used any of the 'natural' colors, but when you mention them, is there a specific product you have in mind? I'm aware of Chef Rubber's 'natural cocoa butter' line, but haven't seen anything that could be mixed with sugar. Just an fyi, I have a love hate relationship with Chef Rubber. In the past, I've inquired multiple times about ingredients in colorants b
  7. Thank you very much for your kind words. Let me know anytime 🙂 Thank you! 🙂 That looks delicious! Any chance you'd share your formula?
  8. Just something I wanted to show, a work in progress. A few weeks ago, I got a copy of An Encyclopedia of Candy and Ice Cream Making by Simon Leon on ebay (theres still another copy listed for $42). Heres two items I've been long wanting to make. Jelly Beans and Jordan Almonds. I obviously cant mold the jelly beans into a starch bed (mixture too thick, needs a machine to deposit), so I dusted a half sheet pan with starch, spread the mixture out, covered with more starch, and into the oven to dry for a few days. After I cut into pieces, and back into the oven for a few days. The end result was q
  9. Whenever I'm at a road block, I usually look in the Flavor Bible by Karen Page. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0316118400/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_N3x1EbNKE6FG1 I think its great for bonbons. Pick an flavor you want to enhance and look down the list for inspiration.
  10. The formula that @curls posted is what you want for casting. Don't add any acid, that only has drawbacks for cast pieces.
  11. That should work fine, it'll be easier to unmold. If you can get away with not using oil, that would be idea (not sure if you have those silicone noodles or metal bars or anything else like that). I feel like not using oil would just be more of a guarantee when it comes to joining the pieces. I suggested pan release if you were casting on the sheet pans because you would have to actually flip the whole piece over, and they chance of breaking is pretty high. Hope it turns out well, seriously!
  12. The sheet pan sizes sugar sheet is actually kind of a cool idea, and you can make those up real quickly. You can adhere them with sugar, but I think given the size, I think a torch is in your favor. Isomalt and sugar definitely work differently. I have don't much isomalt at all, but do consider that you would boil to a higher temp. Isomalt is much more resistant to humidity then boiled sugar, and it does sound like humidity will be a factor, but I feel like only you can evaluate how important that will be. If it's meant to be displayed for multiple days in humid conditions, sugar may not be th
  13. Hi all. There was recently some discussion about those diffraction grating sheets. I came across this video on YouTube I wanted to share. I think all in all, none of us would go through this process, and I would question the food safety aspect of it, but I still feel like many would find it interesting.
  14. That is true, the Jordan Almonds don't have anything to do with chocolate. When I decided to coat the almonds in chocolate, it was just to prevent it from being a wasted endeavor. I had the pan already set up, so I just went with that. To me the appeal of the Jordan Almond is the very old history it has. Today it's become synonymous with cheap wedding candy, but I think it would show considerable skill if it was replicated on a small scale, thats whats always interested me about confectionery. I've tried and failed, I obviously just need to do some more reading and experimenting.
  15. Hi All, About a month ago I was looking through Wybauws Fine Chocolates Gold. On page 130, theres a sections for sugar coating. I've wanted to do hard sugar panning for so long. I just decided to do it, followed the formula he has (1kg sugar and 300g water, boil to 110c) and it didn't really turn out at all. I needed more time (and a lot more patience), and just decided to coat them in chocolate. Has anyone attempted Jordan Almonds, even with mild success? What gets me is in Wybauws book, he doesn't elaborate too much on sugar panning, he focuses more on chocolate, but theres this
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