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  1. SweetandSnappyJen

    Chocolates with that backroom finish

    Thanks for the replies! They mostly dropped out, I did have to tap them a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion it was the temperature, that I tried to unmould them to soon. After those came out ruined, I tried my next mould of milk chocolate, and the two that came out, were also duds. But then I put them back in the fridge for a few hours and they came out perfectly. It *couldve* been the white chocolate, because my other mould of white, which did not have colored cocoa butter but did have a thin layer of brushed cocoa butter, also came out dull.
  2. SweetandSnappyJen

    Chocolates with that backroom finish

    Hi folks: Would anyone be able to help me diagnose the following (see pictures, empty mold, and turned out chocolates) I sprayed the molds CB, they sat around for a good couple of days before I added tempered white chocolate. Filled them, capped them and you can see by the pictures, most of the cocoa butter stayed in the mold. I warmed the CB in the microwave, shook like mad, warmed some more, and then popped it into the sprayer. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. SweetandSnappyJen

    Question about fillings in molded chocolate

    Another question here! The jelly is in good shape now (thanks!) I've made some shortbread cookies, cut them to size and have started brushing them with cocoa butter (to keep the crunch). Gosh, they stink. And the flavor completely masks the flavor of the shortbread cookie. I'm using cocoa butter from a local health food store, and I'm wondering if there are certain types of cocoa butter that are used for different things-- I'm using Sunfood brand Super Foods, Organic Cacao Butter (this). Anyone have any guidance on this? Thanks again!
  4. SweetandSnappyJen

    Question about fillings in molded chocolate

    Alrighty, thanks so much, @pastrygirl I'll give it a shot!
  5. SweetandSnappyJen

    Question about fillings in molded chocolate

    Thanks @pastrygirl, makes sense. Would that apply to something like caramel, as well? I've had trouble with caramel being too hard to pipe, but it seems the food processor option for that would be pretty tricky.
  6. Hi Folks: First time poster here! (Although I browse the content quite often). I've been making filled chocolates for a while, but have stuck with fairly simple ganache-like fillings. I'm trying to up my game a bit, but I'm having some trouble understanding at which temperature certain fillings should be piped in. I'm using Grewling's guide to the temperature at which to pipe in fillings and he refers to 'room temperature', 'warm' and 'hot'. What is 'warm' and what is 'hot'? I'm guessing 'hot' can't be hotter than 90F, as it will melt the shell? I'm currently making a jelly that i'd like to pipe in, layering with a ganache, but the jelly is still at 98F and setting pretty quickly, on the road to un-pipeable. Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jen