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  1. Ahh - the last time I made rosemary caramel I steeped the rosemary in the cream and then strained it before adding it to the sugar. It's a great combo I think - Now that I think about it I might try an Earl Grey tea caramel - I made an earl grey ganache a while ago and really liked it.
  2. Those look great - How did you infuse the rosemary? did you use an oil extract? I love making caramel.
  3. Did using different chocolate help?
  4. Finally have time to post pics of my Christmas bonbons. Flavours are Blue Green - Dark shell - ameretto marzipan Heart - Dark shell - Baileys Ganache Gold ball - Dark shell - Sortilege Ganache Copper dome - Dark Shell - Peanut butter salted caramel Stripe - Cointreau Ganache Red splatter - Peppermint Vodka Ganache Black one - Sambuca Ganache All capped with milk chocolate - some issues there but they will be cleaned up for next round.
  5. Hi Louise - where did you source the containers from? Being a newbie i went and bought bottles that will hold 8 oz - wtf was I thinking? I just bought 12 bottles or roxy & rich colours so i should be good for a while but I am going through alot of red green and yellow right now.
  6. That looks like a professional chocolatier made a box of chocolates - oh that YOU!! well done. Jump into it with the business - I am trying to do the same but not ready to move out of my house yet. I have a name, logo and website just not ready to fully launch yet.
  7. Those look amazing - I really like the third and second last photos - and the hedgehogs are cute - now I need to get a couple of those molds:)
  8. I attempted something in my mind that I wanted to look eyeballish and it didn't quite work out the way I envisioned - at all. i used my air compressor and a nozzle that just blows air - I had way to much air pressure when blowing and difficulties directing the air flow the way I wanted the cb to spread when I dripped drops. More of a halloween time decoration I think. The other two came out as planed nearly.
  9. Hi Kerry - thanks for your insight - I don't think it is the chocolate as I have been using the same 811 callebaut for years - I am making another batch tomorrow and will try not tempering it - i think that is what has firmed the ganache up - I have some left over in piping bags and they are all pretty solid - in the past I could pipe them and not need to warm them - i compared the percentages in the recipe to grewling's and they are close - always fun to experiment with chocolate - only making chocolates for special occasions i don't have the routine down pat yet
  10. Hi all - I have used a chocolate ganache recipe in the past and is has always been soft and melt in your mouth - 1 kg chocolate 500 g cream 200 g butter is the recipe. The last time i made it i tempered the chocolate before adding the warm cream and melted butter at 90F. When I piped this into the bonbon shells and it set up it was much firmer in texture. Is that because of the tempered chocolate used for the ganache? Any insights would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks again for the info - I knew there was a reason behind your comment - much cheaper than buying the putty - It will be my first time trying.
  12. Hi Kerry thanks for responding - Why white chocolate vs a food grade putty? just wondering? Is a golf tee upside down a good idea for a way to hold it and be able to use as a stamp?
  13. OK so I am even later to this party - can someone share what material to use to make a blank of the mold ? I tried silicone and that was a disaster. TIA
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