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  1. OOOOhh yuzu ginger!!! that sounds yummy! I have never thought to reduce the water content. How did you add the ginger? fresh - powder -steep some in the cream? Thanks for the tips
  2. that makes sense - I don't want to thaw a 1 kg block of puree to chip out 50 g to make a ganache - its a first world problem.
  3. So I had some left over caramel sauce from a meal and thought I would make some turtles with some pecans I had left over as well. I reduced the caramel sauce to make it thicker 236F, roasted the pecans and arranged them in 3's on some parchment paper. I poured the caramel over the pecan clusters and let it set. While I was dipping a batch of caramels in chocolate the 2 trays of turtles were supposed to set up - they did not as the caramel was a tad soft - I ended up scraping the cluster off the parchment and forming a log out of the mass - a sticky log. after the first attempt I rinsed
  4. I love YUZU!!! Is it just my frozen yuzu puree - it's like a block of ice and super hard to chip off. not like my other purees at all. Is this normal for yuzu? TIA
  5. You can get tonka beans here - https://gourmetwarehouse.ca/tonka-beans-dry-60g/ Hope that helps - not cheap though.
  6. Hi Jim - Thanks for that!!! I will not worry if they last 3 weeks anymore!! That is about the longest they last around here. I am selling them at a local market so it's good to know I am not going to harm someone.
  7. Hi - I have just had my caramels tested for AW and the result came back at 0.38 - what does this mean - they just supplied the results no interpretation. I am also having shelf life test done but have to wait for those results. If anyone can share some info it would be much appreciated.
  8. I made some passion fruit mango caramels for the first time tonight. They taste great but are softer than I expected. I make a lot of caramel and cooked this the same way i always do and cooked it too 255F. I used frozen puree - should I reduce the purees before adding to the caramel - I added it with the cream by subbing the purees for half the cream of the same weight. I really like the flavour profile just want them to be a little firmer. Should I just cook the caramel to a higher temp ? It was also a very different consistency when I poured it into the silicone molds - much more f
  9. Ahh - the last time I made rosemary caramel I steeped the rosemary in the cream and then strained it before adding it to the sugar. It's a great combo I think - Now that I think about it I might try an Earl Grey tea caramel - I made an earl grey ganache a while ago and really liked it.
  10. Those look great - How did you infuse the rosemary? did you use an oil extract? I love making caramel.
  11. Finally have time to post pics of my Christmas bonbons. Flavours are Blue Green - Dark shell - ameretto marzipan Heart - Dark shell - Baileys Ganache Gold ball - Dark shell - Sortilege Ganache Copper dome - Dark Shell - Peanut butter salted caramel Stripe - Cointreau Ganache Red splatter - Peppermint Vodka Ganache Black one - Sambuca Ganache All capped with milk chocolate - some issues there but they will be cleaned up for next round.
  12. Hi Louise - where did you source the containers from? Being a newbie i went and bought bottles that will hold 8 oz - wtf was I thinking? I just bought 12 bottles or roxy & rich colours so i should be good for a while but I am going through alot of red green and yellow right now.
  13. That looks like a professional chocolatier made a box of chocolates - oh that YOU!! well done. Jump into it with the business - I am trying to do the same but not ready to move out of my house yet. I have a name, logo and website just not ready to fully launch yet.
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