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  1. Hi Pastrygirl - Any idea how much to add? 2% 5% ? I was thinking somewhere between those 2 numbers but closer to 2%
  2. Hi everyone - I have been using 70-30 for a while and the most recent bag i bought is now a 2 drop fluidity - I could swear it used to be 3 drops - can I add some cocoa butter to it to make it more fluid? TIA for sharing your expertise!!
  3. I think mine is 98% - I don't know if it matters what the strength is although the higher the alcohol the less water and the faster to dry.
  4. I always polish my molds after washing them - I don't think you can skip polishing properly - I use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton make up pad remover - and I get nice shiny bonbons every time - i do live in a colder climate and find working in 18C comfortable - I actually keep my house at this temperature - shorts and t shirt and 18C no problem.
  5. Yes it is - there are a number but the one I was referring to is called All Things Bonbons Truffles, Chocolate Confections, and more - there are a couple of questions to answer to join the group. Hope to see you there!!
  6. Hi Jim - would it be ok to share this information in another group I am in on FB? I thought I should check first as I don't want to do so if it is not appropriate. THX
  7. OOOOhh yuzu ginger!!! that sounds yummy! I have never thought to reduce the water content. How did you add the ginger? fresh - powder -steep some in the cream? Thanks for the tips
  8. that makes sense - I don't want to thaw a 1 kg block of puree to chip out 50 g to make a ganache - its a first world problem.
  9. So I had some left over caramel sauce from a meal and thought I would make some turtles with some pecans I had left over as well. I reduced the caramel sauce to make it thicker 236F, roasted the pecans and arranged them in 3's on some parchment paper. I poured the caramel over the pecan clusters and let it set. While I was dipping a batch of caramels in chocolate the 2 trays of turtles were supposed to set up - they did not as the caramel was a tad soft - I ended up scraping the cluster off the parchment and forming a log out of the mass - a sticky log. after the first attempt I rinsed my fingers and put the second tray in the fridge. finished dipping the first tray and was able to slide and scrape with a spatula to get the rest off and dipped - the weren't as bad as the first batch but not what i had in mind. I let the chocolate set up and packaged 1/2 the caramels for a delivery and added 2 turtle 'turds' as I called them. As I walked out I had a taste test of one of them and it was amazing - so much better than any turtle you can buy. One of the best things I have ever made - by fluke kind of the sure don't look pretty but taste amazing. And I write all this and try and attatch the photo taken with my iphone and it is in the wrong format!!! Sorry y'all no photo!! eerrrrgggghhhhh! What the heck is HEIC format and why is my phone doing that?? Anyways 5 minutes after delivering the caramels plus the turds, the customer texted me and ordered 25 turtle turds he loved them so much - now I have to figure out how to replicate them.
  10. I love YUZU!!! Is it just my frozen yuzu puree - it's like a block of ice and super hard to chip off. not like my other purees at all. Is this normal for yuzu? TIA
  11. You can get tonka beans here - https://gourmetwarehouse.ca/tonka-beans-dry-60g/ Hope that helps - not cheap though.
  12. Hi Jim - Thanks for that!!! I will not worry if they last 3 weeks anymore!! That is about the longest they last around here. I am selling them at a local market so it's good to know I am not going to harm someone.
  13. Hi - I have just had my caramels tested for AW and the result came back at 0.38 - what does this mean - they just supplied the results no interpretation. I am also having shelf life test done but have to wait for those results. If anyone can share some info it would be much appreciated.
  14. I made some passion fruit mango caramels for the first time tonight. They taste great but are softer than I expected. I make a lot of caramel and cooked this the same way i always do and cooked it too 255F. I used frozen puree - should I reduce the purees before adding to the caramel - I added it with the cream by subbing the purees for half the cream of the same weight. I really like the flavour profile just want them to be a little firmer. Should I just cook the caramel to a higher temp ? It was also a very different consistency when I poured it into the silicone molds - much more fluid than the caramel I normally make but it set up a lot firmer than I expected just not as firm as I wanted. I didn't use a recipe - made my own using sugar, corn syrup, cream, purees, butter, vanilla and salt. Any trouble shooting or suggestions appreciated. The picture is of the caramels waiting to be dipped in dark chocolate tomorrow.
  15. Ahh - the last time I made rosemary caramel I steeped the rosemary in the cream and then strained it before adding it to the sugar. It's a great combo I think - Now that I think about it I might try an Earl Grey tea caramel - I made an earl grey ganache a while ago and really liked it.
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