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  1. Hi pastrygirl - thx for weighing in - they are a 1" round dome - hopefully I make as many as planned and I sell out but if not, I do have a back up plan to sell any left overs.
  2. Hi all - I have a question - I am making some caramels that I want to dip in chocolate and I am wondering how much chocolate per caramel I should be budgeting for - I haven't paid close enough attention in the past when dipping caramels to know. I think the last time I did a batch I tempered 1kg of chocolate to dip 140 caramels and had 300 g left over (saved to use for ganache) I am asking as I am aiming to make 1800 pieces for an event and wonder if I have enough chocolate of if I should get some more. (that was for a super bowl party I attended by 20 people and there were no caramels left by the end of the game - I was shocked - I only had 2) I think that works out to about 5 g of chocolate per caramel, or 9 kg total - I have on hand between bitter, dark and milk chocolate Anyone here with more experience dipping chocolates who can give me an idea of how much chocolate per piece would be much appreciated. TIA
  3. I'm late to the party but I made a delicious Earl Grey milk chocolate ganache with some tea my brother brought from Harrods in London - so good!! I used 3 tea bags in 3/4 cup of cream and steeped it for a while - the tea flavour was great. I might try it with the white chocolate now.
  4. Hi understandingcocoa - I layer it and yes I cook the caramel after I add the cream - the consistency depends on what temperature you cook the caramel to after adding the cream - I haven't made a runny caramel to fill bonbons - yet. I cook mine to 230F for this application. First I pipe the peanut butter in - I use Adams crunchy - and then pipe the caramel, let cool and then cap. Another variation I tried is what I call - PBJC first layer a small amount or raspberry jam i make, then PB then Caramel. The acidity of the jam works really well I think.
  5. I use the same recipe as pastrygirl and 2 thermometers - a glass candy one and a digital probe one - after adding the cream salt and vanilla I cook it to 230F for a softer sauce thickness - if that is thicker than you want try 225F - I find the final temp is the most important factor. I make a lot of caramels for dipping that I take up to 245 and then pour into silicone molds to set. Get a good thermometer and make sure it is calibrated properly - boil some water and see what the thermometer reads - it should be 212F - if not note the temperature and increase or decrease your final temp as needed. ps one of my favorite bonbons I have made is a caramel and peanut butter one.
  6. Hi all - looking at getting an EzTemper and have a question - I don't make chocolates regularily partly because it takes so long to temper the chocolate properly - so I am wondering if after making the silk, can you let it solidify and grate it the next time i need to use it? I make chocolates a couple of times a month so don't need a lot of silk at this time. TIA
  7. Hi all - jealous that i can't make it but am planning to next year - hope everyone has a great time and learns a ton. Hats off to gfron1 for all the oeganizing - it sounds like a great program.
  8. Made a batch of chocolates for Mothers Day and tried some new to me flavours - Gold is Earl Grey Tea, Bolt is raspberry, bluey is pistachio, Heart is baileys and Green is white chocolate mango. made over 500 and they are all gone - time to buy some more chocolate!! I tried using a Russian piping tip with some success on the green one - I think the air pressure was to high using my HVLP spray gun. Next time I will try my other airbrush and compressor.
  9. That bark sounds delicious - I wish I had thought about making something for my examiner today - I have to drive 2 hours on my motorbike for a 15 minute skills test so I can get my learners license - 50 yrs old and I still get nervous - afterwards I am going to the Gourmet Warehouse for some therapy - What brand is the lavender oil? I might find it there and pick it up - and the lemon oil. And some molds. and some olive oil and........:)
  10. Thanks for the info - I think I'm going to get one of those - FYI the link in your signature does not go to your website - I had to manually input it - what a drag - to find your real website and your selection looks delicious.
  11. Hi I have a couple of question - what size cavities are in that mold? How do you unmold the caramels? the silicone ones i use sometimes deform the caramel when unmolding. I think I want to get one of those molds.
  12. Uhhh your molds are on a whole different level than mine lol - I'm not going to show you mine..... you are playing in the NHL and I am playing senior mens rec league - I'm canadian eh so you figure that out. No seriously I love those molds but we are leagues apart and i will stick to my pot to pour and forget about it..... the funnel I mean...now I want those molds....damn you and your helpfulness...
  13. wow i love the concept - it gives a whole new way to interpret a bonbonbon bada boom!!! Not for everyone or every occasion but i could see myself incorperating this in a number of different ways? I don't have a shop and i can't see a long shelf life for this type of product but it has a unique place. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi I am wondering if it will dispense caramel - i usually take the caramel to 245-245F and pour into silicone molds from the All-clad pot it is made in - this is very heavy to do 1 handed and I am just looking for an alternative. the molds have 24 cavities each and a batch fills 2 molds and I always end up with a little trail between cavities - just trying to work faster and cleaner. same for filling bonbons - not a big fan of piping - maybe i just need to do more to get better and improve my technique - I just love my gadgets though!! I think i don't really need this - I pour piping hot caramel into molds like 250F hot - thanks for your advice - i think i should just keep doing what I am doing and deal with it - it's not like i am doing huge batches - getting ready to make a batch of stout caramels
  15. Hi all - I am thinking of getting a funnel dispenser - I came across one made by Fat Daddio's - does anyone have any experience with using one of these either plastic or stainless steel? I want to use for portioning caramel and perhaps chocolate Looking for any input TIA
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