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  1. Try Bakers C&C. https://store.bakerscandc.com/chocolate That is who I use. if you don't see what you want on the site, call them.
  2. Had fun today with marbleizing. Is that a word?
  3. Chocolot

    Beginner Chocolatier Investment

    Do you have any self control? Some of us don't. If you do, you can do as little or as much as you want. It just makes you want more toys, especially when you see how much easier it is with some equipment. Some, like Kerry, set the bar very high for us mere mortals.
  4. Chocolot

    Packaging Chocolate Eggs

    Modpac carries the window boxes.
  5. This is certainly not a great confection, but my reason for posting is:). I found myself today needing a quick treat to take to some nurses. I decided to just make some krackle bar. I had both dark and milk melted, but neither in temper. I prefer milk with my rice krispies, so I opted for milk chocolate. The melted chocolate had been sitting in my melter for several weeks, at about 95. I poured out about 3 pounds, and checked temp. It was 96. I stirred gently for a minute until it was at 93. This was somewhat thick, chocolate that probably had all kinds of wild CB crystals in it. I added about 2 teaspoons of EZ Temper silk and stirred it in. Added Rice Krispies and poured out and spread thin. I am amazed that this is the temper I got! The nurses were crazy about it. No point in wasting my good bon bons when they are happy with this:). My point? I think the EZ Temper is changing the tempering rules. I never would have thought I could get this kind of shine out of "old" chocolate that was literally just sitting there for weeks. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks, Kerry for your wonderful little machine.
  6. As i remember, you brush the wax in the pan, then the pieces pick it up. I might be totally off base here, but that is what I remember from class.Seems like he added something to the wax to make it brushable?
  7. Chocolot

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    The Thermapen has a micro switch that can be changed to keep it turned on until you close it. I use the Thermapen for 90% of my needs.
  8. Chocolot

    Help with Almond Brittle

    Ditch the corn syrup. Use salted butter. Mix the sugar and water and add butter. Cook slow at first to get the sugar to dissolve. When it is boiling and no sugar grains remain, turn up the heat to finish cooking. After about 260F, it won't separate. Good luck.
  9. Better late than never:). I finally have a moment to post some of our pix from the class. Lunch on the first day. Chef Donald fixes everything for us while we are working. GWBYLS and Kerry. Keegan Gerhard from the Food Network joined us that day. And of course, Paul Young. Amy Guittard stopped by. (White shirt) GWBYLS and Kerry enjoying lunch. Kerry contemplating her afternoon plans. Bob and Paul Ruth (Chocolot) and Paul Kerry hard at work Kerry and new friends, Bob, GWBYLS, Tamara and Tandem Chocolates.
  10. Yup. There usually is only 8, but he allowed more this time.
  11. We were early. No line this time. Only allowed to buy 2.