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  1. Hope I didn't hand them out in the Give Away!
  2. Our day was almost over by now, but not quite. Next was Soul Chocolate. They are bean-to-bar. Not a huge selection, and by then we were getting little bit of chocolate burnout. We were tempted to go to the SOMA factory, but it was getting late, phone batteries were draining and we were getting hungry for something other that chocolate. With traffic, it was showing an hour to get to the hotel. We decided that a better use of our time was to eat now and wait for traffic to thin out. Rana found us a nice Italian place. NODO After eating, traffic had improved and we headed to hotel. Next morning was the start of the workshop.
  3. Are you tired yet? We were too:). If you are looking for some unusual flavors, I have just the place for you!! Onyx Chocolates. Also, one of the nicest people. Gabe was delightful. He explained their flavors. All are Asian inspired. They are beautiful and some are an acquired taste. He explained that his partner is Asian, and they are based in Chinatown, so they like to play with those flavors. I am not very adventurous, but I tried the Durian and Dragonfruit Black Sesame. I did not try Pei Pa Koa which is a cough syrup, or the Char Siu. I'm sure they were delicious.
  4. Then it was off to SOMA. We went to the wrong location (not the factory), but we forced our selves to try their fabulous gelato and purchased some lovely chocolate bars.
  5. Next we went to Chocolate de Kat. Visited with Kat and Hannah and sampled their delicious bonbons. They just moved into a beautiful new kitchen.
  6. Jim, when we scrape, it isnt when the ccb is dry. We scrape excess ccb and reuse the next time, while it is still wet. It would be very difficult to do this alone. I don't spray heavy and I use paper towels if I am doing it alone, which I plan not to do:). Also, I never temper the ccb. I wait until temp drops to low 90's, and shoot. If I wait until cooler, it is a mess to get off molds. I rarely have sticking unless I let the ccb get too cold.
  7. Why put extra in refrigerator? It will only pick up undesirable moisture. Wrap and leave at room temp.
  8. Be sure you check temp for your altitude.
  9. Any pre-made fondant is going to be water based. You are going t owant to make your own cream based.
  10. The old See's chocolates were fondant based, rather than ganaches.
  11. Personal takeaways: I can make caramel with the wet method and be happy I think I can now make sponge toffee I can make my own colors I know what to use for small decorations in molds Vegan isn't a dirty word That Rodney is an incredible baker That we belong to an incredible group of people who enjoy teaching each other and learning new things. Looking forward to next year!
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