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  1. I asked Wendy at Socola. She showed me the little pack of moisture absorbing stuff she puts in each package to take care of the problem.
  2. Chef Rubber has lowered the price from when I purchased. They are now $88. I used to cut with roller knives. I saw the molds at JinJu in Las Vegas. She had full sheet pan sized ones, not the quarter sheet size I have.
  3. Bob and I had the same idea today😀. I have used serious copper pots for years, but I can’t lift them anymore. The electric pot works wonders. I made a 2000 gram batch this morning. I put in ingredients, stirred and left it to wash dishes. 30 minutes later, it was the color I wanted. I just needed to add butter, salt and finally vanilla. No stirring or sticking. Pot is easy to clean. A few things to remember. This pot is great for Maillard caramels, not burnt sugar ones. There are several different sizes of pots. Get the largest one. Sorry photos are out of order.
  4. I had a memory pop up on FB. We were in Toronto 4 years ago. Missing everyone.
  5. It started years ago mainly for planning our workshops. It has taken on a life of its own. You are welcome to check it out. eGullet Chocolate & Confection Workshop on FB.
  6. My loaves were 725 grams each.
  7. Like everyone else, I've been playing with sourdough. This is KA's Sourdough sandwich bread. This was my first attempt. I think I got it a little dark, but it was tasty.
  8. In 2011 I tried something similar. I used a shop vac and a furnace filter. It mostly just trapped the cb where the hose was. I am no engineer and it shows:).
  9. No!!! First Bob thinks his daughters wedding is more important and now you? We will miss you.
  10. Thanks, Kerry. I think I gained 10# just looking at the photos.
  11. Yes, that is how I make my cut caramels. For pipeable caramel, I use the other method.
  12. How about using a table fan to remove the latent heat?
  13. Are you supposed to measure???:). Some just seem thicker, like the metallics. I just squeeze some in the gun. I"m not exactly precise.
  14. She keeps a large hard plastic "salad" bowl next to where she sprays. She takes her large scraper and runs it across the sprayed mold. Then scrapes off the excess color. Then she scrapes it against the edge of the bowl. She works her way around the edge of the bowl when she changes colors. After it sets up, I break it up and put it back in the bottle. Sometimes it is a bit hard to stuff it back in, but you could always remelt each color and pour back into bottle. I'm amazed at how much color you can save, I looked back on video from /vegas workshop, and Lionel is doing the same thing. I tried to post video here, but I don't know how to change it from a .mov extension to an acceptable one. I did a screen shot. You can see a small amount of color on the edge of the bowl.
  15. No on the saving clear CB. Not worth it and would have a lot of colors in it.
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