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  1. I have no experience with this, but I would think that this is serious stuff and you should get a paid consultant for it.
  2. You are actually talking two different caramels. The caramelizing sugar one is exactly that-caramelizing sugar. The second method is actually a Maillard caramel-you are caramelizing the protein in the dairy. You get different flavor profiles from each. In my experience, you have to cook the first method to a higher temp to get it to “stand up”. For a sauce or a pipe able caramel, I use the caramelized sugar method. For a stand up caramel, I use the Maillard. Just personal preference. Remember you have to adjust final temp for your altitude.
  3. You should have grabbed Bob. He is the caramel corn master.
  4. Was that just plain chocolate? Beautiful temper.
  5. Do you mind if I post a virtual Show n Tell? I had these all ready to go and now I will have to eat them. This was Rebecca's recipe from last year. Pretty tasty. Jim D got me thinking about marshmallow. This piece was marshmallow and peanut butter gianduja. Splatter was basically leftovers from other spraying projects. Highwest Whiskey's Campfire Whiskey runny caramel. Doesn't show well, but a crowd pleaser. Just know that I would rather be sharing in person than virtual. Enjoy your evening!
  6. Soooo jealous! Keep it coming. I see I have been replaced:)
  7. Why put them in the fridge before filling? I shell, fill, close and then put in fridge for about an hour before popping them out. If you chill first and then leave at room temp, you can have them stick again.
  8. Yup, it was the Winery not Cannery. Didn't we eat at an Irish pub, too? Irish Harp? Too long ago:)
  9. How about going to The Cannery? We ate there last time and I think it was pretty good.
  10. Glad to hear it!! I made the Leaf Croquant that Rebecca showed us in Vegas. While it is delicious, the edges are a bit shaggy. I was debating about bringing them, but now I will. Thanks:).
  11. Chocolot

    Shells cracking

    Is your ganache room temp?
  12. That recipe is from Grewelings at Home book, but he cooks to 238 and uses 1 T lemon juice, not two. I would do it exactly like Greweling says and see if you like that. I have used this recipe for classes, and it has worked well. We have to adjust for the altitude, but the Certo works well when used as he instructs.
  13. I have used both glass and plastic deli containers. With glass, you need to adjust the temp down. With the deli containers, you adjust up. I think it might be problematic to have a lot of different size and material containers in at the same time. I usually put the deli container in overnight, then transfer to the SS containers. I bought bulk CB, melted, tempered and poured into deli containers for storage. Very easy to just pop into the EZ.
  14. Is there a smell or taste to them?