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  1. I will tell you my experiences. When I first started, I was advised to go with a Home Depot oilless compressor, which I did. Cheap and LOUD. I have to use ear protectors. I put water filters on it and various hoses and adapters. The pressure is adjustable. I always keep it around 20-25 psi. All connections are quick release. I have a big hose and an air brush hose. I have used various airbrushes trying to find the "one". Badger, Grix, Harbor Freight. Some were gravity and some were syphon. Some days, I liked them, most days, not. They clog easily. The syphon brushes need more pressure to operate than the gravity. I bought a small detail spray gun. It fit my hand, and did a nice job. Gravity feed. It worked great until I took it apart to clean and lost the spring. You would think that is easy to replace. NOT! I tried various ones and finally retired that gun. Kerry introduced me to the Fuji system. A bit pricey, I think around $600?. It is quiet, like a vacuum cleaner is quiet. I really like this system. You can turn down the air and get great splatter. The gun I originally got was large for my hand, but I got along ok. I have since purchased a smaller gun for it. I keep the guns in the dehydrator so they start out warm. Some days I hate all sprayers:). I'm sure it is operator error. Melissa Coppel told me that she just goes to Home Depot and buys an HVLP gun. I tried that, in the small and regular sizes, but it puts out way too much CB. With all of this said, when I spray, I am in production mode, not creative mode. I need a lot of molds sprayed in a short amount of time. If I were only doing a few molds, probably an airbrush would be great. I try to keep overspray at a minimum, but not always successful. After all of this, my Fuji is my choice.
  2. All spots are taken:)
  3. I'll ask, but he charges like $2000 for logo's:). Probably isn't going to happen.
  4. I charge $300 plus expenses. Usually have them work in teams. I only go to kitchens, so would charge more if I had to haul everything. This is for a one hour demo. For a 3 hour hands on, it would be more.
  5. Here is our tentative agenda. There are only 2 spots left!! LAS VEGAS EGULLET WORKSHOP AGENDA Thursday, May 18, 2017 Chef Rubber 6627 Schuster St, 3-5 pm Jinju Chocolates and Pastries 7345 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste 130 Jin Caldwell will show us chocolate decorations and sample bon bons. No charge. 7pm Lotus of Siam 953 E Sahara Ave A5 No host. Don’t be late. Reservations won’t hold. Spouses and guests are welcome. Let us know how many. Places to visit Crunch Donuts 1220 E. Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119 Eat -- Wonderful breakfast and lunch 707 Carson Ave, Ronald’s Donuts 4600 Spring Mountain Rd Friday May 19, 2017 CLASS DRESS: Chef jacket or apron, closed toe shoes, NO HAIR COVERING NECESSARY. 9:30-11:30 am Tasting at Melissa Coppell Studio 9001 West Sahara Ave. She will give a one hour spray demo, a directed tasting of 4 of her bon bons. Cost $20 per person. Please bring cash. Lunch on your own 1-5 Master Class by Jean Marie Auboine 4780 W. Harmon Ave. Ganache 2 ways-slabbed and shelled Caramel Nougat PDF 7-8 Meet N Greet Tuscany Hotel Bring some confections you have made to share with group. There will be about 35-40 attending. We want to thank our sponsors for this event: Tom Polk from TCF sales, Kim from Bakers C&C, Kerry from EZtemper, and Kurt from Glarus Gourmet?? Grab a quick bite before event, or plan on dinner after. Saturday May 20, 2017 CLASS DRESS: Chef jacket or apron, closed toe shoes, NO HAIR COVERING NECESSARY. Breakfast on your own. 8:30 am, Be at JMA classroom ready to go. 4780 W. Harmon Ave. Work on your own projects, or participate in our directed activity by working in teams to make Ganache with water, milk and cream. We will finish on Sunday and taste for differences. Peer teaching: tempering, croquant,, toffee, dry and wet caramel, cocoa butter spraying and other techniques. A sandwich lunch is provided. Clean up at 4:30, leave by 5 Sunday May 21, 2017 Breakfast on your own 8:30 am, Be at JMA classroom ready to go. 4780 W. Harmon Ave. Finish projects or start new ones. Enrobing A sandwich lunch is provided. Photo’s of products we made. Clean up at 3:30, leave by 4
  6. Down to 5 spots left.
  7. Rural restaurants

    Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder Ut. They are James Beard semi-finalists again. Town has population of about 300. Excellent food, mostly grown on their own acreage.
  8. Only 6 spots left. If you have been thinking about, now is the time to sign up.
  9. Welcome Daumas Chocolatier. Looking forward to learning from you.
  10. Welcome Daumas Chocolatier. Looking forward to learning from you.
  11. It has been brought to my attention that we have not been compiling a list of attendees. Here goes, but I don't know the EG name for some, so I will use initials. If you are listed, let me know and I'll put your EG name. Attending: Kerry Beal * Chocolot * Casino Cassidy * Robert M * Curls Lambrecht Gourmet *+1 RM * lebowits * CS * ChocolateMom +2 Tiki Doc * Csar6 * Sam m * Jim D * RoMo * +1 NC * BS * Daumas Chocolatier * means Master Class If you are thinking about it, let us know and we will list. Updated list