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  1. Be sure you check temp for your altitude.
  2. Any pre-made fondant is going to be water based. You are going t owant to make your own cream based.
  3. The old See's chocolates were fondant based, rather than ganaches.
  4. Personal takeaways: I can make caramel with the wet method and be happy I think I can now make sponge toffee I can make my own colors I know what to use for small decorations in molds Vegan isn't a dirty word That Rodney is an incredible baker That we belong to an incredible group of people who enjoy teaching each other and learning new things. Looking forward to next year!
  5. Now a word from our sponsors. Tomric was fantastic. What a facility, employees and equipment. Bahvani from Melangers.com was very generous and came and demonstrated his machines and gave great advise. Thermoworks. chocolat chocolat Fuji Chef Rubber Mec 3 Callebaut Guittard chocolate Gouter EzTemper Boiron
  6. Breakfast and lunch were a hit, thanks to Rodney and Patty. So much work to put on one of these workshops! Rodney is a magician! So good. Worth coming to the workshops if only for his pastries.
  7. Our supply table. Some from sponsors, some from Kerry. Had lots of ingredients to choose from. A huge thanks to our sponsors for what they sent. And Tomric was wonderful. What a facility. Brian, Ben and Meredith were terrific help. Brian even got to show us how to change guitar strings:).
  8. Liron piping marshmallow and making a crunch layer. Dave and Donna watching something. Maddie helping Dave. Kerry duplicating a coconut treat that Bob sent us to try. She nailed it on her first attempt.
  9. Haley and Britnee showing how to decorate molds. They are both very artistic. Gaylene showing a pipeable PDF Willow making a vegan caramel
  10. We tried something different this year. We asked various attendees to show us one of their skills. It was certainly optional whether or not you watched. Elizabeth showing us how to make our own colored cocoa butter.
  11. Willow and Gaylene have the same birthday. May 20. Rodney made them each a special cake and we celebrated.
  12. Now, back to business. I will post some random pictures and see if I can remember what we were doing at the time. Bernie showing us all his secrets to making Sponge Toffee.
  13. We were still on the UWS, and we were seeking pastries. Tara suggested Breads Bakery as having really good chocolate Babka, so off we went. We got several lovely pastries there, but must have been too busy eating to take a picture. Next, we walked to the original Levain bakery and went down those steep steps. The cookies are huge! the chocolate chip is the iconic one, but I liked the chocolate peanut butter chip one. We were then on our way to the train, and as we walked by a shop, William Greenberg, I asked Tara if there was anything more we needed. She said, of course, you need a black and white cookie. Who were we to say no? In we go for more cookies. I ordered two so I could take back to Willow and Gaylene. I didn't realize until I got back to the hotel, he had put 4 in the bag. Karen said he told her that it was the end of the day, so he included extra. Just what we needed:). They are huge! Really good, but more like cake than a cookie. This ends our NYC food tour. Hopefully Willow and Gaylene will add.
  14. The next day, Gaylene and Willow went off for their own adventures, and my friend Karen and I did ours. Karen wanted to go to the upper west side as she a goal to get some chocolate Babka. As we walked over from Central Park, I texted a friend who lives there and told her we were in the area. Tara Bench, @tarateaspoon, has worked for Martha Stewart, Ladies Home Journal, is on the Today show and other national shows, cookbook author, food stylist and on and on:). Anyway, we were lucky enough to have her join us for our own short walking tour of food in the UWS. She showed us around her neighborhood, all the produce vendors right on the corners, and the local shops. It is a really nice area. If anyone is interested, check her out. Anyway, we went to Kee's Chocolates. If we thought SWMS was small, Kee's is tiny! The clerk didn't know much about the flavors and referred us to the website. They aren't as flashy as SWMS, but she has really nice flavors. Also, the Creme Brulee has a shelf life of 3 days if refrigerated. The rest are 1 week.
  15. Then on to our real purpose of the day--Stick With Me Sweets! What a cute, tiny shop. The gal helping was wonderful. She explained each piece, and carefully packaged it and added cold packs. Didn't want to leave, but eventually we had to. Not enough room to hang around.
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