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  1. I'll tell you what doesn't work:) I bought a large plastic tote, thinking I would cut a hole in the bottom to fit my shop vac hose, then put a furnace filter in the bottom. Turned it on its side. It actually sort of worked, but the only spray it trapped was in the circle of the hose, which if I thought about it, only makes sense. You might turn down the psi on your compressor.
  2. On the water trap---I didn't have one at first. No problems, but thought it would be a good idea. It never trapped any water:). We live in an extremely dry climate and probably isn't necessary for here. I think the problem would be moisture in the CB.
  3. Before I bought my Fuji, I was advised by a European trained chocolatier to be sure and buy a compressor with at least two tanks. Then he told me to just go to home Depot and buy an oil-less compressor, which I did. I eventually added a water trap. It was big and cheap. Main drawback is noise. It is LOUD! I used it with a small spray gun for several years with success, and using earphones to protect my hearing. The compressor had controls to change the pressure. It worked well until I lost the spring in my spray gun and was too cheap to buy another gun ($400) because the part wasn't available. I then converted to an airbrush. It was ok, but too small and slow. I changed the hose on the compressor so I could use either. That's when I bought the Fuji. I have gone back and forth a little, but am solid with the Fuji now and won't go back. It doesn't do as fine of work as I would like, at times, but it is good enough and fast. I might add that I have never used a small compressor. I bought one when I first started, a Grex. I thought it was so cute:). I couldn't get it to spray, but I'm sure that was my total inexperience and not the fault of the compressor or airbrush. I returned it and haven't tried a small one again.
  4. As was mentioned, you need a different recipe. What are you using for a thermometer? Have you adjusted the temp for Las Vegas altitude?
  5. Can't let Yeti get too far ahead of me. I booked tickets this morning.
  6. Need a little more info. Can you post recipe? What temp did you cook it to? Does it hold its shape when cut? Any pix?
  7. I once tried using a neutral oil. Never again. The fats weren't compatible and gummed up the gun.
  8. So happy to be posting here and not on the backroom topic:). Left to right: Amarena cherry, Beehive honey, Strawberry balsamic, Coconut lime, Raspberry rose, Meyer lemon.
  9. While Kerry was enjoying her luxury lounge, I was stuck in the cattle area of Delta:) This is what $11 gets you:) Kerry was still in my head saying, protein, not chocolate and pastries. I had a wonderful time. If you ever get the chance to play with Kerry, do it!! I am too old to keep up with her, but she is very patient. She walks fast, and knows everyone! Had a marvelous time and can't wait until Niagara-on-the-lake workshop in May. Thanks Kerry.
  10. More pix of Kerry with various character/people. Brian from Tomric, Michael Laiskonis, Fran Bigelow of Fran’s Chocolates. And the Cow.
  11. Kerry once again making bath tub meltaway.. She picked up a new New Zealand product. It is coconut oil and avocado oil. This one was flavored with lemon and turmeric. Of course, Kerry immediately thought Meltaway. Back to the room we go. With chocolate left over and milk chocolate donated from FFS, she proceeded. After mixing, she was forced to use ice water bath in the sink to chill, as she had sold her EZtemper and it was gone. Batch was a tiny bit lumpy, but not bad. Set up overnight at room temp. She is cutting now to take back to show and give the guy the finished product.
  12. Kerry with Julian Rose from Moonstruck chocolate. Kerry teaching session on tempering, and her booth.
  13. We did last time. They are here at the show.