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  1. Anna, I couldn't help but notice a lack of beer or wine with your lunch. Is Kerry a bad influence or your daughter a good one?😀
  2. I think the workshop would be valuable to someone already in the business that is wanting to go "big". I think you would be better served with baby steps. Get in the business and get confident in what you do before taking a giant step. FFS is fun to walk and see all the new products and talk with vendors.
  3. How is the NEW Lotus? As good as the old?
  4. I rarely clean them out. Yes, that is why I have 3:). Cleaning is fairly easy. You just drain the chocolate-It has a wonderful spigot for dispensing. Then, you have to get above it and just pull the agitator up. Probably 8-10 pounds are needed. It uses 110v. I can barely lift it when empty. It has a water jacket that is designed to be plumbed into cold water line. It heats and then cools with the water when needed. That means you need a drain. I have a water line available, but no drain. I do not have mine plumbed. I just turned it into a closed loop. It takes longer to cool, but I have worked that way for years without a problem. Mine are the old ones that have a dial timer. I adjust the heat to turn off about 3 a.m. By the time I get to work, It has cooled to the preset temp and I am ready to go.
  5. He has a new method of doing laminations that I want to see.
  6. You would love it. I have 3 of them.
  7. Ketchup-must be Heinz- on scrambled eggs, MW on grill cheese, MW AND mayo for potato salad.
  8. Guittard has gone to sunflower lecithin if that helps.
  9. Just a curiosity--Did TSA in STL open your checked bag? I know they opened mine and one of Kerry's. Ever wonder what they think when they see what we pack?:)
  10. Are you having to do it backwards?
  11. I’m on board in Salt Lake heading to STL. Anxious to see everyone.
  12. Don't stress out about what to bring. In the past, there has been plenty. Also, it is a time to experiment. I know I have brought less than beautiful because what I tried didn't work. I think we stress because you think everyone is judging you:). Just bring what you want and don't worry.
  13. They are just under an inch. With chocolate, they are at least an inch. The caramel just pops out. They don't deform unless I have undercooked my batch. They are from Chef Rubber and about $100 each. There are three of them in the pix. They are also great with meltaways. There are 88 pieces per mold.
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