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  1. Why not just check out nuts.com and see if they ship to Europe. I also got mine from nuts.com but I live in Canada.
  2. ooooh intreaguing.... I'm going to have to find some of this too when I can get out to a bigger city again!
  3. Thanks for that info. That's pretty interesting. I found, and was also contacted by a cane sugar refinery? in Edmonton, which started me on this journey. They provide granulated sugar but I think their first product was to create liquid sugar for the bee / honey industry. I think Alberta is #5 in the world for honey production. Lots of good research happening here on bees too.
  4. Oh Interesting.... I better check my assumptions and check what the sugar is made out. Thanks for your comments guys and I"ll see if our Costco has that cane sugar instead of the regular Rogers brand.
  5. Has anyone ever used sugar made from sugar cane for their caramel and other confections? Do you have any feedback on how it tastes and works in comparison to regular table sugar (granulated sugar)? Is it more expensive in North America? (I live in Canada). I have noticed that I have liked the flavour of sodas such as the Mexican drink Jarrito which is flavoured with cane sugar. I tried their cola version and that's where I noticed the flavour difference. There is a supplier that I have recently discovered close to where I live (Edmonton in Alberta) and I am contemplating trying it out to see how different caramel woiuld taste using it. (they also happen to make an invert sugar which I am tempted to buy too) Any thoughts or experience? Celest
  6. I've been making the meltaways for about a year now, since I discovered Kerry Posting it on I believe ecolechocolat forums. I also have an eztemper, which DOES make it easier. I have made it both with the eztemper, as well as pre tempered chocolate. I'd say wait until the mixture is under 30C before pouring into shelled molds or paper cups or a frame. I've never poured the mixture straight into a mold, I've always worried that they would never come out. They should set fairly quickly. Meaning if you put them into the fridge they should set in about 10 minutes. If left out they should set and be firm within 30 minutes, but that is individual portions, and not as a slab. I don't slab mine so I don't know how long that takes. If your chocolate is NOT tempered properly, it will take forever to set, AND there will be a weird bumpy texture. As far as my understanding goes, refined cocunut oil has no smell, and unrefined coconut oil has the smell. I use them both because of what I want them to do. This is has been one of my favorite recipes to use because I can change it up depending on the kind of chocolate, kind of flavouring oil I use and if the coconut oil has a flavour or not. Oh, and I prefer to use more mint oil than the recipe calls for.... it will also hid the coconut flavour too. Oh, and it was because of this recipe that I bought the Grewelling book, figured it there were at least 1 more good recipe in it it would be worth purchasing it.....boy was I right! Celest
  7. Omg... I'm TOTALLY going to try this out! Thanks for the recipe! Celest
  8. I love Halva, chocolate covered halva and chocolate covered espresso beans is what originally lead me to work with chocolate... I have yet to figure out how to make good Halva
  9. ah! so you go the other attachment...now I vaguely remember reading that somewhere. I'll keep looking.
  10. Hi Kerry, I've been enjoying reading this thread, going to look for more. What's your verdict on the DR.ca coating pan for the kitchen aid. I'm looking at getting one to learn panning and make some panned items to fill chocolate figureines. Thoughts, or is there a better link where it has been discussed in depth? I'll keep looking also. Celest
  11. I currently use an Perfect Air 2.0 and have a selmi in storage (yeah, that's sad, I know!) I liked the look of the Cabinets that the Perfect Choco sells, the half size ones I believe you can put 2 bins of 40kgs in each. at 3000 cnd new, its a bit out of my current price range I bought your eztemper last year, and don't know why it took me until this October that to realize I could also use it to hold my coloured cocoabutter...but I want bigger Though I could use the heating cabinet to do both jobs. Also figured that if a bread proofer can hold it's temp too without humidity, it also might be a viable option in the price range.
  12. Good evening everyone, First time posting here, have enjoyed the topics I've read about so far. I am considering purchasing a heating cabinet to speak up production when I switch from one kind of chocolate to another. Usually we would do this at the end of a day and just start the next colour the next morning. Also, feel that it would help continue production if I could add chocolate in the middle of the day that I didn't' have to heat up in a microwave. Also figured I could use it when I was spraying molds to hold my cocoa butter and gun. That being said, could I potentially use a dough proofer (without water) for the same purpose. I have never used one, so I don't know their full capacity. Is the temp controlled well? does it fluctuate much? It seems like a good alternative to a heating cabinet specifically made for chocolate, and cheaper. Thank you for your insight! Celest
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