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  1. I love Halva, chocolate covered halva and chocolate covered espresso beans is what originally lead me to work with chocolate... I have yet to figure out how to make good Halva
  2. ah! so you go the other attachment...now I vaguely remember reading that somewhere. I'll keep looking.
  3. Hi Kerry, I've been enjoying reading this thread, going to look for more. What's your verdict on the DR.ca coating pan for the kitchen aid. I'm looking at getting one to learn panning and make some panned items to fill chocolate figureines. Thoughts, or is there a better link where it has been discussed in depth? I'll keep looking also. Celest
  4. I currently use an Perfect Air 2.0 and have a selmi in storage (yeah, that's sad, I know!) I liked the look of the Cabinets that the Perfect Choco sells, the half size ones I believe you can put 2 bins of 40kgs in each. at 3000 cnd new, its a bit out of my current price range I bought your eztemper last year, and don't know why it took me until this October that to realize I could also use it to hold my coloured cocoabutter...but I want bigger Though I could use the heating cabinet to do both jobs. Also figured that if a bread proofer can hold it's temp too without humidity, i
  5. Good evening everyone, First time posting here, have enjoyed the topics I've read about so far. I am considering purchasing a heating cabinet to speak up production when I switch from one kind of chocolate to another. Usually we would do this at the end of a day and just start the next colour the next morning. Also, feel that it would help continue production if I could add chocolate in the middle of the day that I didn't' have to heat up in a microwave. Also figured I could use it when I was spraying molds to hold my cocoa butter and gun. That being said, could I poten
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