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  1. Hey everyone I am looking to make my own fruit purées to use in my bonbons. Does anyone make their own? Or have recipes? thanks
  2. Has anyone tried to make their own fruit powders? I am going to attempt to make some from Rhubarb this next spring... any tips would be helpful!
  3. Nice! I just sent @Chocolot a message about this! Glad I found it. thanks for sharing.
  4. Shut the front door!!! There is this lady that travels around to local shows selling her homemade fudge! Told me she had a fudge kettle and made each batch from scratch! But she had all these different flavors! I was like “how in the world does she do this??!” As I’ve made fudge before.... and it didn’t look anything like her super creamy, smooth and 50 flavors of fudge... These Egullet Forums are amazing!!! 😁😁
  5. What?! How did I not know this! I have his Professional book. I did go to college for Culinary Arts but not pastry! I’m going to have to find his At Home book!
  6. I will have to do that! Try out various nuts and do a shelf life test... just hate to waste the caramel and chocolate! But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the tasting part!😁😁
  7. No I never did roast them... my mistake!!
  8. They were fresh. Purchased at my local grocery store. I never did roasts them. Would that effect it?
  9. So has anyone had any success with finding the Buttercream filled choclates? Or a fool proof cream filled chocolate?
  10. Hello everyone! Haven’t posted in a while. I used Cashews and Peanuts in my caramel and after a few weeks the caramel didn’t crystallize but it seems to have had all the moisture sucked out of it! The caramels without nuts were fine. Is there a way to prevent this or was it the type of nuts I used ? what I didn’t do before using them? Thanks for the help !
  11. Thanks heading to Amazon right now!!
  12. I would have to buy specifically through a online retailer...I live in the middle of nowhere North Dakota! Thanks for all the help and I will be checking out the sources you all have provided!
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