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  1. I've made about 20-30 of these recipes. First, the book does suffer from editing issues. And the photos don't always match the recipe they are attached to. As to the 96 alcohol, that is for 96% alcohol. Not 96 proof, but 96%. As for the book itself. Love it and have learned so much from it. The section on Aw is very helpful. But as a novice in working with chocolate, I could not have understood this book and how to figure out the editing errors if I had not already read Grewling's C&C from cover to cover. Wybauw is writing for the professional, and as such assumes that the basic tenants of working with chocolate are already known. The only wish I have for the book is that he had given more detail on the finishing and decoration techniques that are illustrated, but not explained.
  2. Water Activity/Shelf LIfe

    I also have a PawKit. Found it on Craigslist for about $500, which was easily paid for considering that would be 15 fillings tested and travel time to the certification lab. Just keep checking, and use ONESCRAIG to do a larger search. Also, if you use Wybauw's book Fine Chocolates Gold, it has the Aw listed for many of his recipes. He also gets into the specifics of modifying recipes to lower the Aw. I've found that using his techniques as I tweek a recipe and then check with the PawKit makes me feel much more secure about offering my chocolates, especially my own recipes, to the public.
  3. Hi there. After the workshop is over, I am headed up to Ottawa. By any chance is anyone in the group headed in that direction that I might bum a ride from? Sunday night or Monday morning? Thanks much and looking forward to meeting all of you!
  4. May I please get a tilting melanger, but have it shipped to my home rather than take it thru CA customs? I have a feeling I'll have a lot to take back as it is.
  5. Yes, I am up for Tomric. Based on you saying there was no real sign up for Tomric I though folks were not going... and yes, I am happy to hear your wisdom on tempering. will never get tired of the magic of EZTemper!
  6. OK, so it all starts on Friday is what you are saying? Just trying to figure out my flight and hotel plans. thanks
  7. Hi Kerry- Thanks for your tireless work on all this. Please sign me up for Thursday, both master classes and whatever else there is. For all. Folks start heading out on Sunday night, right? If anyone is going up to Ottawa, I'd love to hitch a ride.
  8. Hey there, thanks Kerry for all your work on this. I am looking forward to coming and want to make hotel rez's. I'd love to go to Tomric and Master Class. So wondering what nights that would entail to book at hotel? What time do things wrap up on Sunday?
  9. I'm putting this on the Christmas List...