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  1. If their charts are any good, I think it's safe to bet that you should be able to use it for anything else they say the 5 droplet viscosity would allow. They seem to have a wide range of fluidities that they deem worthy for enrobing, though, so maybe with this highest fluidity you'd get a much thinner coating than you might expect.
  2. Thanks for the input! That's reassuring. Yeah, 811 is 54.5%. I found a 44 lb case of it for $188, which seems too good to be true, but the site doesn't seem scammy, so we'll see come winter when I order.
  3. Forgot to ask earlier. Is there an all-purpose flavor of Belcolade that you can suggest?
  4. Thanks again for the great info! Also, somehow I missed that link to the other topic the first time. I'll probably save up a bit and opt for the higher quality equipment, then. Might end up being a good thing anyway, since I should probably focus more on delicious fillings than pretty colors to begin with.
  5. Thanks so much for the valuable info. I guess I won't be needing anything more than an airbrush for bonbons, especially since it seems that fat soluble food coloring costs an arm and leg. I'll also at most only be filling a couple molds at a time. What is it about the eye technique that required an Iwata on top of your Grex? Also, How important is a compressor's horsepower in the context of small operation times? Some of the spray guns I've looked at have high HP requirements and I'm wondering how much that has to do with what the manufacturer thinks the customer will be doing with the gun (e.g. applying clear coat to a car) Ideal nozzle size for colored cocoa butter? What about for spraying chocolate itself? Sorry for the barrage of questions, there seems to be *very* little information about spraying equipment in the context of chocolate and pastry online.
  6. Do you find this nozzle size is good for all purpose pastry work or strictly cocoa butter?
  7. I know I won't be able to do it all for that amount, my price range was more describing what I'd like to keep the per-tool cost at. Would be willing to spend more if nothing of high quality is available for that price, though. Currently do have a 3 ish gallon compressor but am eyeing one of the 1 gallon california air tools for the sake of nosie. Will look into those brands, thanks
  8. Well I'm not too informed on the equipment side, but I've just been under the impression spray guns were for spraying large areas at once and airbrushes were for more delicate work, e.g. Dubovik's eye technique, or maybe conserving cocoa butter by coloring one cavity at a time I've got a 3 gallon compressor but am eyeing one of the 1 gallon california air tools for the sake of noise. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what does that grex provide that an iwata gravity feed wouldn't?
  9. I know Fuji is the favorite around here, but I looked up their prices and it's just not feasible for me. I'd like to keep it around $100 for both airbrushes and spray guns each. Any recommendations along these lines for airbrushes and guns that would allow for professional results and a convenient working experience?
  10. I guess that would also resolve my worry of the scraper scratching my marble surface. Would I be able to properly grind it down with sandpaper do you think?
  11. Yeah, I read similar about 2815, but this particular vendor doesn't offer that. I can add 11.8 grams of cocoa butter per pound to reach the same % though, so might try doing that if it doesn't turn out to be fluid enough.
  12. Sounds good. This is all very far in the future since I don't want to order any chocolate in the heat. Probably November. In the meantime, though, would you happen to have any suggestions for similarly priced chocolate that you know to be good for a thin shell?
  13. Would I be best suited with a different chocolate, then? Or should I just thin it out with cocoa butter? Calculated that I'd need to add 11.8 grams per pound of chocolate to get to 4 droplet cocoa butter %.
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