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  1. Wow, that's incredibly cheap. I can understand why buying would be the first option at that price. I'm sure I'll be buying some here as well, but probably at least 10x that price. Still cheap, but not incredibly cheap. The reason I want to make my own is just because I like learning new things and skills. Lately I've been fascinated by China's food and its incredibly long, contiguous history. Prior to this, when noodles came to mind I'd automatically think about ramen or pasta. Yet, as it turns out, pasta was only introduced to the western world in the 1300s and ramen to Japan
  2. I like this philosophy. Also, regarding the video, is la mien similar to the Uyghur 'laghman' noodles?
  3. I see haha, that's kind of disappointing. Oh well, I guess that makes my life easier!
  4. Hey, recently I've been super interested in Chinese cuisine, particularly noodles. I was wondering, for maximum authenticity/deliciousness, would it be better to buy all my noodles or make them at home? Are there particular varieties that are better one way or the other? What do Chinese families usually do at home (both in America and China)? Among families, is there a difference between noodle preparation on a daily basis vs during a large gathering/celebration? If there is a difference in tastiness, is it significant? Thanks!
  5. Just took a look -- these molds are beautiful, but what makes them so expensive? They're just normal polycarbonate molds, correct? Are the irregular shapes difficult to form from a production standpoint? That said, definitely going to be picking some up in the future 😜 Also, this 1-post-a-day-for-10-days rule is killin me.
  6. @tri2cook Out of curiosity, what is "this other stuff" that others prefer to work with?
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