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  1. I also get mine from Mala, and now that I'm a Patreon supporter of Chinese Cooking Demystified I get a little discount as well. Last order I got the regular but also the flowers. I haven't delved into the difference yet, but love them both. I'm using them on all sorts of random foods, including a vinegar ice cream, with the same process - lightly toast, grind, add, finish with some vinegar or acid element. I'm a bit addicted. ETA: As if my computer were reading my posts, Mala market sent a marketing email just as I hit POST, with a new shipment of different chiles and peppercorns.
  2. Thanks Kay, and I know I'm remiss in posting here...but so much has happened over the past year and emotionally it's just hard...but you all get it. Alex, we are already open for in-house dining, limiting to just 6 families a night (normally that means 12-14 in a space the is rated for 100). FWIW, here is my most recent shared info: Here is my road map for 2021: 1. We have been conducting genealogical research on freed slaves from the Coffman, MO area. With the loss of our SLU History interns (due to COVID and SLU moving off campus), we haven't been able to get any
  3. gfron1

    Shake Shack

    Since Danny based the whole idea on his experiences here in STL, especially Steak and Shake, and STL has much evolved and such amazing smash burgers at other places like Mac's Local Eats and F&B (among many, many others - all of whom have better fries that SS)...I go only when I crave their shakes. As for their other sandwiches, well, they've not blown me away.
  4. I do still want to know what you meant by this. Do you not think their recipes and techniques are good? Authentic? Personalities? I'd like to know because if I'm using them as a source for my learning I want to know what critical lens I should be applying since I don't know any better.
  5. True, but... Anyway, as you know how my mind works, I'm already plotting my version. Mine would include Hermé's 24-hour apples as an insert, and the crackle shell...well, I think I would make a dry caramel. Cool it. Throw it in the food processor. Roll the apple in it. Then hit it with a blow torch. That would do the trick - not for restaurant service but for showing off on IG. I might play with that next week.
  6. I thought the video showed the spoon cracking the surface not smooshing. It happens very fast but it looks like a crisp outer layer to me.
  7. I can't imagine that being enough, but possibly I suppose. Even at its coolest, a still liquid caramel would be too hot.
  8. Because if I'm right that the previous layer is tempered white chocolate, then the caramelized sugar would immediately melt the coating, not to mention the apple mousse underneath.
  9. The first dip looks like white chocolate to me - tempered to give the mousse structure. The second is a napage or maybe just a caramel glaze. I think the first shake around is to make the sphere less perfect and more apple like. ETA: The more I watch it, the second glaze is definitely not napage or gelatin-based glaze. The bubbles on the surface suggest something more rigid, but it can't be hot/warm caramelized sugar which is what it looks like. That layer has me stumped.
  10. My holiday collection: From Left to Right: Hanukkah: Ginger, honey Festivus: Black coffee Christmas: Cinnamon, nutmeg Las Posadas: Spicy roasted chile caramel Kwanzaa: Sweet potato pie
  11. I found mine on amazon and purely based my decision on reviews, but I was very happy with both. PEELS. CHERRIES.
  12. I never circled back to share the video I made: HERE ON YOUTUBE And here is my list. Note that just because it's on the list doesn't mean I particularly enjoyed it. Details are in the video.
  13. This is one of the things I've been doing. Once I realized where the thermometer probe was I realized that not all of the chocolate was at temp. So I drop an additional degree and manually test at my spout and also center of the pool. With those three probe points I have confidence that I've hit temp.
  14. Now I'm curious what troubles you've had. Like I mentioned any troubles I have had were related to needing to add or delete moisture levels to match my grains. I'm currently using Great River Milling organic dark (via Amazon).
  15. I've been on a rye kick lately, although my attention span is not allowing me to do a starter. I've been using THIS book which is really, really good. I've mostly done my Finnish rye and Icelandic, but lately have been branching out. Most recently a hard apple cider rye. The biggest challenge for me has been remember, as with all bread baking, that flours vary in their milling and dryness. A few adjustments normally gets me back on track.
  16. They're not MY pantyhose...they're my mom's (seriously)
  17. I'm still in the group that strains through pantyhose
  18. I've been saying for years I need to spend a week in someone else's kitchen, especially someone with a vertical wheel tempering machine who does painted molds. We all have such different circumstances that I have never felt competent, especially since I only make chocolates a few times a year in spurts.
  19. For me it depends on the room temp. If I remember your comment correctly, you keep a cold room like me (no higher than 20ºC). That means my color is set quickly so by the time I'm done painting/spraying I'm good to go on shelling - 5-10 minutes max.
  20. I agree, and I bought the fancy french plums and some seed shards made it in so now I'm eating at my own peril. I would likely just just regular American ones next time.
  21. Still lots to digest (literally and figuratively), but I just finished my ingredient analysis which I can share tonight: FruitcakeIngredients.docx
  22. In a previous life when I was trying to become a professional climber/alpinist, I spent quite a bit of time down in Peru, and my hub was the Comboni monastery where their local cook taught me all sorts of recipes - all peasant food, not fancy. Aji de Gallina was one of the weekly standards.
  23. For those of you on the edge of your seats, here are the ones I tried: Assumption Abbey, Ava, MO Gethsemani, Trappist, KY Sisters of St. Benedict, Ferdinand, IN My own from the NYT, Good Fruitcake recipe June Taylor Company, Berkeley, CA Frog Hollow, Brentwood, CA Abbot's Table, Conyers, GA Date Lady, Springfield, MO
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