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  1. I was watching the baby panners and they went for just under retail.
  2. I went for a few things and they all went too high.
  3. My role would be get things to a shipper, but you would have to do the shipping....for example, I would take it to the UPS store and give it to them to box. I don't have the supplies to pack big items, and I certainly don't want to be responsible if they get damaged in shipping.
  4. *Some restrictions may apply I'm going to try. That's the day our big review comes out so everything is tentative, but I'm going to prep to do my best to be at the auction. I'm going for the guitar so don't bother asking me to get that for anyone.
  5. Kerry shared this with me and so I thought I'd share with the group. The reason Bissingers couldn't participate in our eG gathering in May has now become obvious. They have all of their equipment being auctioned. if anyone wants to buy with a local person on the ground let me know. I'm going to do my best to be onsite for the auction so I can grab a few things, but those of you looking for slightly bigger volume could grab some deals. My point is, if you need someone to move and store items I'm happy to help. HERE
  6. @Chris Hennes are you going to show us which room you got? Every room is different and 100% of the art in the hotel is local artists.
  7. There is nothing left for me to accomplish with Bulrush now. On Twitter this morning:
  8. Center Cross/Tower Grove Ave will be full because of the food trucks and farmers. The roads inside of the park are all one way so you can go around the circle and enter the inner road on the northwest end of the circle...that's the tennis courts. You'll find easy parking then.
  9. The farmers market is on the circle in the center of the park. Since we'll be there at 8 you can find parking relatively easily (worst case park on Magnolia and walk the extra 50 yards, but you can get much closer than that parking by the tennis courts. We can meet on the steps of the concrete/stone pavilion next to (west of) the playground and play fountain. The farmers market surrounds that building...so if you're confused look for the food trucks and then look west 30 yards and it'll all be obvious. I'll look like the picture in my avatar to the left here minus the apron
  10. I go right at 8 before it gets too crowded and too hot. This is a really good one - best in Stl. We've had that since spring. St. Louis is fine. It's really the surrounding country roads that have been a problem.
  11. It's almost time for many of you to hit the road so I wanted to offer some last minute suggestions. Remember that many big attractions are free in St Louis. It's an old historic deal for the land that was given to the city back before the city expanded beyond the riverfront. That means the zoo, art museum and many of the big attractions only charge for special exhibits. The zoo is considered one of the top 3 in the country and has for many, many years. Our Botanic Gardens is also considered top 3 and is doing a special event this weekend - a lighted nighttime event. And while I know many of you are going to Vicia on Friday, Friday night across the street from the Botanic Gardens is Tower Grove Park (I live one block from the garden), and this Friday is Food Truck Friday. It is absolutely the best food event in town - live music and a slew of food trucks with big trees offering lots of shade. Our War Memorial and the Arch are both recently updated and both are spectacular! You need your coffee...Sump is king for snobs (the owner just won some international award for coffee somethingorother). Comet, Blueprint are top tier but not snobbish. Comet is the one that I sent all the eG chocolatiers to and they agreed - great coffee and baked goods. My favorite breakfasts - Egg on Gravois, Kitchen Kulture at the Tower Groves Farmers Market (If anyone wants to go to the farmers market with me let me know because I chat with all of my suppliers on Saturday mornings - you'd get the chef tour of the market. My favorite lunches - Mac's Local Eats & Beast Butcher and Block Best cocktail bar (Besides us of course) - Planter's House Best beer for snobs - Side Project Best beer for hanging out in a beer hall - Urban Chestnut (either location) or Earthbound (our buddies) Lastly, please remember to show up a few minutes early. We start the seating at the reservation time and when folks come late they are served at the point of the rest of the group. Any missed courses are grouped as quickly as possible. Thanks.
  12. Depends on price point. Hotel Ignacio is very close and cute as a button. Angad is extremely hip and cool, and certainly pricier. The eG Chocolate group stayed at Marriott Courtyard West. And there's a Drury that is probably best value and super location. You certainly won't be the only one. It's common and our room is lit such that it's not disruptive to the other diners. We will continue to play it by ear until the moment that we can no longer.
  13. Looking forward to seeing folks. Any questions coming up? Housing? Tourism stuff? Other meals/drinks? I'm happy to share my thoughts...
  14. We buy local, homogenized, organic milk, regular fat.FWIW. I've never really overthought the process...just did it and it works for us. I already passed Andiesenji's comments on to my sous to try the heat and cool method to see if it increases our output.
  15. That's a fair price. We buy the heirloom collection from Cultures for Health and I just looked and they do have a Greek variety. But I agree that the culture is less important than straining to make what most people think of as Greek yogurt. The only reason we use Caspian Sea is that it responds best to our milk and our method.
  16. Our kitchen is always 72-74º We've bought from a few places online. Most of the culture sellers have it. Most often it comes in a packet with other strains as well.
  17. At our restaurant we use the Caspian Sea cultures - gives us the thickest (ie less loss when we drain), and we don't use any of the gadgets and counter space takers mentioned above. We put a gallon of milk in a mixing bowl on the counter, add the cultures and cover with a towel. Wait. Next day it's thickened and ready. Subsequent batches are one cup of yogurt added to one gallon of milk. We've not had one issue in over two years and we've started from scratch maybe six times.
  18. @TdeV We would love to have you join the group. How many people?
  19. Last night Ian Froeb the Post-Dispatch's reviewer paid a visit. That means (most likely) his scouts had already made their visits, which means a written review is coming right before you all come to town. We have no reason to suspect anything other than a good review, although sure as shit if half of our guests arrived late for their seatings last night which really threw us into some chaos. I guess we'll see how much of it he saw.
  20. You beat me to it The editor called and said the reviewer was so excited about his experience that they didn't want to wait for the print edition in Sept, so they did a modified form for immediate digital release. That was very exciting to hear.
  21. It's the musky scent of rotting flesh wrapped around my shoulders...but thanks The media sure loves that pic. Drives me crazy simply from a health code perspective.
  22. You may have noticed I've been mostly absent for over a month! Yes, I've been doing long hours. We're just past the two month mark, which in our area means the reviewers are starting to pop in. All of our lingering construction projects are pretty well wrapped up (bathroom floor). The menu has already had a full turnover plus. That is the most common question we get - how often will the menu change? Well, Of our seven courses, we've switched up 11 so that should give folks a good idea. Our larder is also building and so much so that today I needed to type it out so I didn't lose control of inventory. We're actually doing quite a bit more than this, but these are the projects that have planned usage when they're ready.
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