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  1. Not in these old recipes. Most of the technique is assumed.
  2. 2 C Corn meal 1 C AP 1 t Yeast flour 3 Eggs 2 1/2 C Milk 1 T Lard 1 T Sugar 1 T Salt I bet you're right. Of course that would be the leavener.
  3. The recipe is from the 1830s for skillet cornbread. It already has a separate line for 1 C AP, so that's not it. What do you think?
  4. gfron1

    Making Tempeh

    Anyone making their own tempeh? One of the best things I've eaten since returning to St Louis is homemade tempeh from Konfluence Kombucha. Grocery store tempeh is disgusting IMO, but this guy's is crunchy and the soybeans hold their shape, but are still soft. We've been trying to make our own, and today's batch turned out pretty good once we seared it off with a good salting, but it was all mush in the middle. I want to figure out how to keep the bean structure in the process. Ideas?
  5. Of course I'll have opinions on other places to eat and can give a better description of each. I'll do that shortly. I have no idea what German place you're thinking of. Rigazzi's is very low quality. If I were heading to The Hill (The historic Italian community) I would go to J Devoti, Tratorria Marcella or Gioia's Deli. For a splurge (but often deals) look at Angard Hotel, Marriott Courtyard Downtown West is where the chocolate workshop stayed. There's also plenty of good airbnbns and traditional bnbs. Feel free to message me if you have questions about neighborhoods. And @Alex I have put the reservation in the system.
  6. My sous, who went to a different school here in town, said that they had to supply their own tools as well for the same reason. Must be a local culinary school culture issue.
  7. Absolutely do NOT let them charge you for parking. It was part of our contract...whether you have a car or not!
  8. I hope everyone enjoyed Bolyards. My favorite.
  9. Bulrush is the term common in Europe. In America few know the word although most are familiar with the word because of Moses in the Bulrush. We work hard at not using jargon or uncommon terms when describing our food (sometimes quite a challenge), but like a little mystery and uniqueness in our name.
  10. I'm desperately trying to finish my sharing chocolates before fills get here tonight.
  11. Anne Reist, Bernie Mueller Gaylene, and Jessica W...I need to give my final numbers to the venue for Saturday's dinner. If you're going please make payment asap. Thanks.
  12. I've taken you off Thursday and will offer that to Annie. Saturday is pre-pay at $75 for na. Thanks.
  13. Robyn/St Croix is having to cancel and is giving up her spots if anyone wants them.
  14. Thanks for the quick responses everyone. The issue was translating screen names to business names to real names to emails, but I think I have that all sorted out now. Please lay eyes one more time. Also, there are a few people who have not paid for the Saturday dinner and I don't want to assume that you aren't interested...so speak now or forever...
  15. There is a HIGH likelihood of mistakes on the spreadsheet, so please gently let me know so I can fix them. These are the folks that show paid for each of the paid activities (The Thursday dinner is ala carte and not paid in advance. We're in the midst of a madhouse here at Bulrush so tomorrow on my day off I'll be going through emails and messages and such to find anything that I might have overlooked. For example, I know David posted a comment that makes me think he's in the Masters Class which we certainly can accommodate. Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week for at least a bit of time before my prep days get racing.
  16. Here are the answers to our equipment questions from the Casey the chef/host: Selmi - is that something we'll be able to use? Absolutely. It has milk chocolate in it. Guitar cutter Have it. Melters – I have two. Enrobing line – You may use – hooks to Selmi. Cooling table – I have three marble tables in the room – no water-cooled tables versus Marbles large enough for tempering Thermomix - no What else might they want to know you have so they don't bring? I have many polycarbonate molds I have induction burners, 12 qt mixer, and 6 qt kitchenaid mixer on every station I have hardening cabinets that hold frozen at -27ºF Unfortunately, I don’t have many simple hand tools like rubber spatulas, hand whisks, etc – they tend to “walk off” with students, so we make our students bring them in their knife kits. I have 12 gas burners at the front of the classroom, and induction on every station. I don’t have kettles. I have marble tables, not water-cooled
  17. I never use mine and I think I have all the various connectors. We should fit your gun on Thursday night. Lunch is, breakfast is not. I can provide options next week but there's ample options en route.
  18. Hardly on either account. And besides, that technique is so 2018.
  19. The only other thing I'd add is apron, comfortable shoes. If there is anything you've been really wanting to learn that you haven't already stated share it here. Many of us do workshops throughout the year and look forward to sharing what we've learned amongst our eG friends. I don't know how much time I"ll actually be able to be on site but I really hope to share ganache balancing and that damn eye technique.
  20. What's internet for "Well for f&*(ks sake!" I did have it in there, and sure enough when I went to save the document the program crashed. Yes, Jon is all set and looking forward to hanging out all weekend after his workshop.
  21. Here we go - final details: eGullet Chocolate Itinerary.docx The most pressing thing is dinner confirmations/payment for Saturday night at the Chocolate Pig. Pyament Links: Paypal.me link or Venmo link.
  22. On my end: EZ Temper GastroVac Spinzall Small melter Tilting melanger California Air compressor Tabletop compressor *I won't bring anything unless someone wants it. I'm happy to deliver, but don't want to bring things that will just sit unused. Shipped to me from others, to bring: Fuji Vacuform (I know I have more boxes than that but can't remember what they are) We'll make it work. I have lots of room to spill out, and as long as the group is welcoming to curious customers we can take as much space as needed, but certainly our 3 two top tables and half the bar.
  23. Ericka asked to be put down for three seats. Can I get a final count to lock in. That night is filling in fast so I want to free up any that aren't being used by you all.
  24. I have a question - Friday night's chocolate trade social. I have a few options that are very low key. I want to offer the bar area of my restaurant which would be more public than the other options, and food and drink would cost (v. BYOB). We've done it all sorts of ways in the past and I don't want anyone feeling obligated since its my restaurant. Part of my motivation is that I want to be there, and I won't be able to if its anywhere else. Seriously, no feelings will be hurt - what do you prefer a private space where you can BYOB or my place which drinks and food would cost (I can certainly put a discount on eG purchases.
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