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  1. I'm sending my western PA relatives there, ASAP
  2. Put this together for a party tonight.....
  3. I believe it was Melissa who provided this "doh" moment: if your colored cocoa butter is in temper (32 C) and you're using a finger to make decorations, your body heat can cause the colored cocoa butter to be knocked out of temper and cause problems when unmolding.....
  4. The hardware store can be your friend! PVC pipe to wrap decorations around: drywall taping knives/spatulas for scraping molds and other tools; heat guns; and so much more
  5. Also the scrapings of the colored cocoa butter were chilled and then reused in the milk or dark chocolate
  6. I learned there is that when making caramel, there is no need to slice and scrape a vanilla bean into the hot caramel. Just slicing the bean and putting that into the hot liquid while cooking will burst open the bean and release all of its deliciousness directly into the caramel....
  7. The time we spent with Jin (#jinjuchocoholic) was amazing! She shared so many techniques and ideas the ideas are still swarming around in my little brain. Then there are always those moments when you are watching her and you're thinking..."well....duh....why didn't I think of that?" Thank you to Jin for her time, her expertise, her willingness to share and her hospitality!
  8. The start of a busy day begins with a veggie omelet and coffee (decaf)
  9. Breakfast this morning took us to a little hideaway place that has been rated as one of the top 10 breakfasts in Las Vegas! Eat! We discovered Eat on our last Workshop and I'm glad to say it's only gotten better TikiDoc had the Huevos I had the "special" Prime Rib Hash
  10. Donna and I had a house salad. Ruth had a Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, she said it was very good and ended up taking half back to the hotel.....midnight snack? Donna selected a hot dog with chili....the bun was a little to much for the meal and she decided to just enjoy it without the bread.... I opted for the St. Louis Style Ribs...they weren't bad. A tad to much sauce on them for my personal liking, but, they were tasty
  11. Later on, I decided to take a couple of us to Mt. Charleston, just a short drive North of the city. The Lodge is about 7,600 feet up, Giving it a totally different feel from the desert.
  12. I met Ruth at the hotel and we decided on a "quick" lunch. I'm a big fan of In N' Out Burger but I really think that Fatburger has a slight edge...so, we headed off to Fatburger for lunch! We are both trying to be "good" so we opted for no fries and water....
  13. There has already been a change to the Agenda for this weekend! The location of the Friday night Meet and Greet has been changed! We shall now meet in Building C Room 321, not on the 3rd floor of Building H as previously announced! Same time 7:00 to 8:00
  14. These weekends are organized all by other chocolatiers who volunteer their time. I know it's difficult to keep this page update as well as any other social media used to coordinate the events. It's a time consuming task that at times can be very overwhelming! With that in mind, please make sure you are checking all outlets available for updated information and news. I'm sure that eG will be updated as soon as possible, but sometimes, other social media outlets are a bit quicker to update. I applaud Ruth for coordinating and organizing an amazing and awesome weekend! (With or without Hoot Loot)