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  1. Have you tried speaking with Madeline Matson at the Missouri State Library? (She is a food historian who has written a book “Food in Missouri, A Cultural Stew”
  2. ........it is so hard to believe this was already one week ago.........
  3. Curls.....who needs ladels when we can use plastic cups....?....lol
  4. We have some AMAZING sponsors to our little group, and to each of them we hold deep gratitude. We truly could not do what we do without their continued support! After dinner, we held our drawing for the things that our sponsors sent to us.....
  5. Saturday evening we had our dinner at The Chocolate Pig.... Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts with a Buttermilk sauce... these (in my not so humble opinion) were the “hit” of the meal.... proclaimed by another eG attendee as “f......ing delicious”.....and everyone agreed (and I don’t like Brussels Sprouts)
  6. Saturday and Sunday at the Community College.... some worked alone, some worked in pairs, or groups, and everyone gave of their time and expertise. We shared ideas, we shared techniques, we talked about concepts and we tested new ideas.....
  7. Before we regrouped at the college, Kerry, Ruth and I headed West to Nathaniel Reids’ bakery, on a quest for Kouign Aman and to see what other delicious delicacies awaited ..... we were not disappointed, and while we were settling up our tabs and “schmoozing” the gal behind the register says....let me see if Nathaniel can take a break and come talk to you.....
  8. Then...off to (back to) Bulrush STL for the ice breaker/meet and greet/grip and grin... I was pulled off to a “special project” and didn’t get to mingle with everyone as much as I would have wanted... as usual, there was some truly amazing things brought to Friday night, which just goes to show how truly creative and amazing our folks are.....
  9. Friday night before the regrouping some of us decided on BBQ, Pappy’s Smokehouse is about 2 blocks from Bulrush STL so it seemed like a good choice..... turned out, it was a great decision As it turned out, if you’re famous, they have you sign a menu where it is put on the wall. They didn’t recognize Kerry or Ruth, so, we need to go back.....
  10. Master Class at Kakao. We were shown their production of marshmallow, caramel, toffee and pate de fruit lunch was from Bolyards....(I had the beef) O
  11. A special thank you to John for the delicious wine selection!!
  12. Corn flower, Sassafras pickled apple & cucumber; Pickled Cattail, Black locust blossom, Amazake broth, Yarrow pickled rhubarb white base, potlicker foam, wild onion, honey mushroom cracklin fried sweet potato pecan hand pie, apricot Trottercheese/sous, Collard greens, Burdock root chips, carrot chowchow, bean miso, candied quince flowers fermented persimmon donut, roasted sweet potato caramel, sweet potato in fermented elderflower honey, kitchen scrap chawanamushi, goldenrod cloud pork, asparagus, ramp/morel sauce Intermezzo: Elderberry pate de fruit Persimmon vinegar pie, rice crisp, persimmon miso ice cream, oyster mushroom petite streusel
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