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  1. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    EvergreenDan & haresfur - thank you very much! Excellent ideas..... but, I will hold off on the embalming fluid....
  2. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    I am hosting a Halloween Party in two weeks (average age of attendees would be ~68) - to that end, I have several drink containers that resemble blood bags (for transfusions). I'm looking for a good drink that I could make and serve them to my guests. I also have several "syringes" for shots. If anyone has any ideas for those, along with the "blood" transfusion bags, I'd be forever grateful....
  3. Please put me down as a 2018 participant .....it's already in my calendar ...... (and when you're old like me, it really pays to write things down).....
  4. Yes Jim....a liquid detergent no less. But, I still have them tucked in a drawer somewhere, as a reminder......or, as I say, door stops when needed.
  5. Kerry - beautiful pieces - port wine and tobacco.....please let us know how they go! have a glorious time .......
  6. Someone was asking about a wrapping machine.....(I'm hoping this is allowed) union machinery just emailed me about one, a package machinery Midel K Kiss wrapper - it looks small and compact.....$28,500 it can wrap up to 100 pieces per minute..... http://www.unionmachinery.com/Product.asp?Number=80231
  7. One of my "helpers" put a couple of my molds in the dishwasher, just once. Now they are lovely doorstoppers. Quite quickly indeed
  8. I'm sending my western PA relatives there, ASAP
  9. I believe it was Melissa who provided this "doh" moment: if your colored cocoa butter is in temper (32 C) and you're using a finger to make decorations, your body heat can cause the colored cocoa butter to be knocked out of temper and cause problems when unmolding.....
  10. The hardware store can be your friend! PVC pipe to wrap decorations around: drywall taping knives/spatulas for scraping molds and other tools; heat guns; and so much more
  11. Also the scrapings of the colored cocoa butter were chilled and then reused in the milk or dark chocolate
  12. I learned there is that when making caramel, there is no need to slice and scrape a vanilla bean into the hot caramel. Just slicing the bean and putting that into the hot liquid while cooking will burst open the bean and release all of its deliciousness directly into the caramel....
  13. The time we spent with Jin (#jinjuchocoholic) was amazing! She shared so many techniques and ideas the ideas are still swarming around in my little brain. Then there are always those moments when you are watching her and you're thinking..."well....duh....why didn't I think of that?" Thank you to Jin for her time, her expertise, her willingness to share and her hospitality!