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  1. Why, yes, yes it would......and everyone has pronounced them delicious.....
  2. Next.....without wearing it.....lemon tarts with a meringue..... which would probably make them lemon meingue tarts..... extra tart, just as I like them......
  3. RobertM

    Somebody recruit her to eG!

    .....and the one in Vegas prior.....
  4. Laugh.....it’s actually funny now....but,what a nightmare at the time.....
  5. No....the heat was perfect.....the cheesecake crust develops this delicious caramelized crust (and if it looks like it’s going to burn, you can just put a sheet of parchment paper over the top and that will protect it) no....my tale is even worse than a burned cheesecake..... when we were wrapping it up to carry to the party, my wife bumped it and it ended up pushed into my belly.....luckily I didn’t press it totally into me....we were able to salvage some of it.....even though it didn’t look like a cheesecake anymore. We put it into a bowl and served it as Cheesecake Pudding....and the entire thing was eaten.......
  6. This cheesecake raises a lot, but the sides and top create a sweet, caramel crunch. It melds beautifully with the soft, cream cheese Center.....
  7. Thanks gfron, but....the tale of woe outweighs every other aspect...l.l
  8. i made a Basque Cheesecake for a party..... there is great sadness to this tale. Let’s just leave the illusion of what was done right here....
  9. RobertM

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    willow - what type of soap did you use? beautiful shine!
  10. My grandfather died without providing weights for the ingredients to our caramel for apples.... Rather it was “a scoop of sugar” “a tin of milk” “a spade of seasoning”......my nightmare....what size scoop? What size tin, and what kind of milk? A spade full of seasoning?? Come on..... i lucked into a caramels, toffee and fudge class and the instructors sat down with me and we calculated the weights. I was heartened by comments such as “this is a very premium caramel....” when we finished, they looked at me and said “keep this and share it with your family, so they don’t have to go through this in the future”
  11. Hoping you had a quiet night......a very quiet night
  12. We took our (then 7 year old) daughter to a factory tour of Herr’s potato chips. They had ketchup chips for sale and she wanted to try them. She fell in love with them, sadly they are as scarce as hens teeth around where we lived, and live. Friends of ours took their grandchildren to the same tour recently. We asked them to get us a bag.....and when we saw her two weeks ago, as she was presented with a bag of Herr’s potato chips, well, let’s just say that her inner 7 year old came bounding out.....
  13. The EZtemper’s reputation is growing by leaps and bounds, and deservedly so. I saw this from Cacao Barry (a Melissa Coppel creation). Melissa gives the reader some valuable tips for chocolatiers, and one of them is.....well.....dear reader, click on the link to find out exactly what Melissa suggests..... http://wvw.barry-callebaut.com/l/251982/2018-07-24/73x8v
  14. I don’t have any clue what a “cottage ham” is, but my mother would take the ham bone (and some of the meat) and boil it with a head of cabbage and potatoes. Called it “boiled dinner”. (Caveat: this particular has never, and will never be prepared in my home)
  15. RobertM

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    The great artists from the Renaissance used strategically placed oak leafs tomgreat advantage.