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  1. Gfron1......I’m in for all! Sounds totally amazing!
  2. Had fun today with marbleizing. Is that a word?  beautiful!!
  3. We had our annual Valentines Chocolate party last night. The white chocolate course was white chocolate ganache, raspberry pate de fruit, Callebaut crispearls and raspberries with a clear glaze. second course was a milk milk chocolate tropical cake, with a passion fruit & orange filling and a passion fruit mascarpone icing (we weren’t quick enough for a photo without a piece missing.....sorry) Third course I called Midnight Passion. A Paul Young brownie, with salted caramel, caramel-peanut mousse, caramelized peanuts and a dash of whipped cream
  4. My niece was named after Skye. Her father (my nephew) was named after Arran.
  5. I’m thinking.....red wine cake? Life just got so much better.....
  6. Tonight’s dessert - Carrot Cake with a piped cream cheese frosting. I put the toasted pecans in the Thermomix for about 15 seconds and mixed the resulting paste in with the frosting. Same great flavor, just a slight smoother non-crunchy texture
  7. No, they didn’t take it, but there was a great deal of concentrated attention directed towards me....including the head of the bomb squad .....and a close (but not quite) strip search......
  8. Just don’t try and take them through TSA ......
  9. I’m all booked! Looking forward to this!
  10. I made a Basque Cheesecake for a party......I should have taken a picture of the empty plate ..... not a crumb left.
  11. Rob - I’m in for anything and everything
  12. Sounds like another fun time!!
  13. Rob - call A Specialty Box Company, https://www.aspecialtybox.com/ They sell flat, foldable boxes, but, I'm unsure if they could be put through a printer (see above discussion)
  14. I did....I thought they were quite good