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  1. ....and I would suggest bringing an empty box (or plastic Tupperware type container) to bring home samples, as on Sundays we display our work and enjoy being able to take home chocolates from the Workshop. Typically we add any extras we have left from the Meet and Greet. My problem is, I take things home and when people ask what flavor they are, I have to claim ignorance. It's more like Russian Roulette with chocolates.....
  2. I seem to recall at one of our eGullet Workshops, Kerry made PDF in the Thermomix! Still a small batch operation.....
  3. The Friday get together is to allow everyone (and invited guests) the opportunity to meet everyone and to share a couple items you make with others. Oh, and to enjoy a glass of wine for those that indulge. I would just bring one, or two, particular pieces you produce! Don't overthink it....we are a very fun group!
  4. Tonight's Dessert.....simple Lemon Bars but, I have so many extra egg whites I decided to top them off with a meringue
  5. Here is the set up I use, as I mentioned above. I had to play with the settings to get the proper heat to the water, but, it keeps the colored cocoa butter at a nice consistent temp. I also keep my smaller bottles of color that connect to my airbrush in there. And speaking of airbrushed, I keep that in there as well to keep it warm for use.
  6. I have been using a steamer. I keep the bottles in a hotel pan with a lid over them. I also keep/warm up the airbrush in the pan. It took a little trial and error to get the "right" setting for the temp, but, once I found it.....schweet
  7. Anna - I see - while it does look like a "mess" it also looks very delicious! We had not heard of Dyngus day until 3 years ago when a friend from Buffalo, NY invited us to a "Dyngus Day" party. A quick Google search gave us a background on the holiday. This year, the party has grown in size and he has asked me to bring the dessert(s). Last year I found a recipe for Krupnik Staropolski (Honey-Spice Liqueur) which went over very nicely (and I will be taking this again). I also found, and made, Szarlotka (Polish Apple Cake) which also went over well. This year, I will be adding at least one of the formula's provided here (THANK YOU Kasia!!!!)
  8. Oh Wow! Those look amazing!! Thank You so much!
  9. Indeed, there are some wonderful sounding desserts there (thank you); can you point me in the direction of one or two that would typically be associated with Poland? Thank You again bob
  10. I've been invited to a Dyngus Day Party (on Easter Monday) and was told to bring a cake. I'm trying to find an authentic Polish dessert to take with doesn't have to be a cake! If anyone has such a formula out there and is willing to share, I promise, I will share the accolades with you! (Or....if it's a total failure, I shall assign all blame to YOU!). I've done an internet search and come up with a Polish Vanilla Slice (Karpatka) And a Polish Apple Cake (Szarlotka) which I made last year (to excellent reviews). Of course, there is always a cheese cake.....but, I want to WOW them..... Thanks Bob
  11. The small plastic model airbrush I have keeps cooling the cocoa butter so fast that I spend the majority of my time heating the gun (and siphon tube) with a heat takes a long time to do my highly decorated pieces
  12. JohnT - thank you - this is an excellent place to start! Sorry about the cursing.....
  13. I wish I Lebowits indicated it was a post on a Facebook page, but dang, it looks amazing