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  1. I will confirm the 5 bowls.....
  2. What is.....Yellow C Sugar?

    Certainly sounds like what was described, doesn’t it?
  3. What is.....Yellow C Sugar?

    According to my notes.... yellow C sugar (and brown sugar) are sugars from reboiled syrups. Yellow C sugar and brown sugar are not dried as is white sugar, and contain 3 to 4% moisture.
  4. Ive got a very old formula for a confection, which calls for Yellow C Sugar..... live nit run across this particular sugar before, does anyone have the ability to enlighten me as to what it is? Or a source? Thanks Bob
  5. I’m counting on my fingers.....at least one hand full.....
  6. Hell’s Bells.....now I’m thinking the dipping bowls may be a darn good idea to have in my classes for the students to dip ........ where is my thinking cap???
  7. Chris, you could be like an electrician and work in three phases....bread.....confectionery......and...?? And join us again in NOTL.....it’s been awhile since you have joined us!
  8. Thanks Rodney! OK Kerry, can you switch mine to a tilting version??
  9. It seems I’m the only nontitling melanger.....so, I ask the group, do I want a tilting vs non tilting?
  10. Marshmallows

    Wow....I wish I did.... and will be anxiously awaiting your report and photographs.....
  11. I’m interested in the non tilting
  12. So far, it’s a nice, quiet class and dinner..... can someone please pass the Beaver?
  13. Will the famous Beal Dipping Fork be for sale again?
  14. Count me in for all...