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  1. The small plastic model airbrush I have keeps cooling the cocoa butter so fast that I spend the majority of my time heating the gun (and siphon tube) with a heat takes a long time to do my highly decorated pieces
  2. JohnT - thank you - this is an excellent place to start! Sorry about the cursing.....
  3. I wish I Lebowits indicated it was a post on a Facebook page, but dang, it looks amazing
  4. Just saw this on someone's Facebook page. They called it an Apple Carree does anyone have a formula?? It simply looks ahhhhmazing
  5. So, what formula/ratio,would you use for a base in a bar (like Twix), a shortbread base, a layer of caramel and enrober in chocolate. A layer of cocoa butter would be required to prevent fat migration....
  6. The Bride wanted Buckeyes and Salted Caramels for wedding favors
  7. Chocolate mold heating

    I don't heat mine either
  8. Kerry - you may need that room in the suitcase for the new finds from Vegas.....
  9. I'm in, and may possibly be bringing a surprise guest!
  10. Not very exciting, but it was very tasty. German Chocolate Cake for my wife's birthday
  11. I had the Amish make mine. I put a door on the cabinet where the cutters are stored. Had them put it in 4 wheels so it's super easy to move out of the way when not in use. Still setting up my Florida kitchen, so, it's now more a storage unit ..... but, I will have it set back up soon....
  12. That looks like such a fun day! I'm jealous!
  13. I grew up knowing this as. "Waldorf Astoria red cake" some call it a Red Velvet Cake. Perhaps the difference here is that this does not have a Cream Cheese frosting