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  1. I made a Basque Cheesecake for a party......I should have taken a picture of the empty plate ..... not a crumb left.
  2. Rob - I’m in for anything and everything
  3. Sounds like another fun time!!
  4. Rob - call A Specialty Box Company, https://www.aspecialtybox.com/ They sell flat, foldable boxes, but, I'm unsure if they could be put through a printer (see above discussion)
  5. I did....I thought they were quite good
  6. Caeser Salad (not very exciting)
  7. We went to an Italian place (I have friends with me) while the rest of the crew went off.... a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio
  8. Lunch was amazing...... Fresh baked bread, charcuterie, pickled vegetables, turkey neck Terrine, fresh salad and soup. Our host, Donald, prepares an amazing lunch, served outside under the beautiful sunny Southern California sunshine. We even had a guest, Keegan Gerard, join us...(sorry, no pictures).
  9. Beef fat caramel? Chicken fat caramel with crispy chicken skin? Yes......we discussed such things today......
  10. Today was a fun day, filled with lots of information, laughter and......oh yeah, chocolate. Water Ganache; Caramel, chocolate tasting.....
  11. Behind the Green Door, lies a wonderland
  12. we Got to sit at the oldest table in the place - around 80 years old (so we were told)
  13. We drove into L.A. from Las Vegas, and stopped at Philippe’s for a Double Dip prior to heading to the hotel.