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  1. I would suggest that you’re filling your molds to full with your center. Back off filling so full and try recapping again.
  2. Patris...I’m impressed! Sounds like a great weekend, resulting in lots of goodies, memories, laughter and more....
  3. Going to a Christmas Party tonight, made this Caramel and Chocolate Chunk Tart
  4. Living vicariously through you this weekend! Alcohol or no.....
  5. What Chocolot said......
  6. This is a Cranberry Pudding. No photo of the Butter Sauce. Not a very “pretty” thing, but, oh so delicious
  7. Have a wonderful and successful trip
  8. I made cookies a size smaller than the mould I was using. Would “paint” them with cocoa butter. I would decorate the mould; shell it; pipe in my marshmallow; then insert the cookie and cap the piece. Prior to piping the marshmallow, I took a torch to it and toasted it to give it that “s’mores” flavor.
  9. Jim, you have to coat the cookie with cocoa butter. That keeps the water migration from the marshmallow to the cookie at a minimum. Think of the famous cookie with caramel and chocolate....same principle. If you don’t coat the cookie, it will absorb moisture from the marshmallow and become very soft. Not the texture you’re looking for. for my version of the (famous)cookie, I make a shortbread cookie, coat it with melted cocoa butter, add the caramel layer and then enrobe in chocolate!
  10. Jim....nothing says we couldn’t work on this in Niagra in May! Sounds like a fun thing to experiment with. i previously made a s’mores piece with a piped marshmallow followed by a cookie. As you say, it’s labor intensive. Perhaps I should have done something like that when I had the enrober....?? Oh well.....
  11. WE overshot the temp......didn’t we? It was my fault.....
  12. How to recreate these chocolates

    If I recall correctly (and at my age that’s always questionable) Chef Rubber has (or had) a gold (and silver) cocoa butter. Indeed, I just looked through my stash and found mine...Jewel Collection Gold 620500. Im inclined to say they sprayed (and splattered) the cocoa butter on with a mask then did the other colors and of course, backed off with white
  13. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    EvergreenDan & haresfur - thank you very much! Excellent ideas..... but, I will hold off on the embalming fluid....