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  1. It was an incident better left to our fading memories....
  2. Are you building it to code? Both city and health department?
  3. Always add additional storage, regardless of how much you think you need. Add extra power to your place. Do not install power based on equipment you have, but on equipment you would like to have Really think about your working process, plan it out, and then really evaluate your plan always think about growth, new equipment, new molds, storage of product.
  4. I’m a “bad boy”.....not a cool kid......
  5. Would love a copy of the poppyseed cake formula, we make one at Christmas...it would be fun to compare (and you already helped tweak our formula)....
  6. Soooo....what would be the “new” formulation?? It sounds delicious.....
  7. I do believe there is a law against Rubber Band abuse.....
  8. Sadly, I won’t be able to make that weekend.....
  9. A small foam brush from a art supply/hobby store. Trimmed to the size of the cavities in your mold.....the ones I use have a handle on them, no Dremel needed. I just spin the brush in the mold/cavity by hand. Quick, easy and painless
  10. Have you tried speaking with Madeline Matson at the Missouri State Library? (She is a food historian who has written a book “Food in Missouri, A Cultural Stew”
  11. ........it is so hard to believe this was already one week ago.........
  12. Curls.....who needs ladels when we can use plastic cups....?....lol
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