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  1. 420 for cutlery?? Lol!! Not in the States......hahahaha
  2. Depending on where you live, if there is an Amish community nearby, they can make you new handles and mount them for you. another option is a school that offers vo-tech training, they could turn a handle easily. and, if all else fails, remember, if duct tape won’t fix it, it’s not broken i have a Savage cutter. I’ve used it going on 25 years and it’s awesome
  3. I’m with the majority here.....I am missing seeing the fun at Santas a workshop......
  4. GRiker.....I’m glad it has worked out for you. I’ve made many a caramel in my Presto!
  5. I have put bottles of Chef Rubber colored coca butter in my EZtemper. Intelligence would have allowed me to extrapolate this idea. However "Retired Intelligence" has prevented my creativity from remaining active.
  6. I love this idea, but, how easy is it to give the silk a good stir before using?
  7. But, the entire Chocolate world is waiting with baited breath....what will be The Chocolate Doctors bar of choice?
  8. That’s where I went back in ‘93 for a caramels, toffee and fudge class! had a great time and I agree, lots of great minds to pick.....
  9. I made blueberry scones and my first attempt at making croissants..... it’s obvious I need more practice but, I was pleased with my first attempt....
  10. A friend of ours had a birthday yesterday, he wanted was a “white cake, vanilla frosting and strawberries”
  11. My mother used to make Eccle.....thought I would take the Covid time to try and make one myself.....(I apologize to the admins....I accidentally posted this in the bread thread)
  12. Something my Mother made for us, I made an Eccle Cake.... not really the appropriate design and shape, but, very tasty. Brought back many memories of my youth.....
  13. The “big” players (think Kraft caramels) cook their caramels in vacuum, assuring the same conditions for each batch are the same. They bring it up to temp so quickly that the Mailliard reaction doesn’t have time to develop, so, into a holding tank it goes where it’s kept at temp for x time to develop the color. as for me, I never had such equipment. I cooked in open kettles, in all kinds of weather..... there are moments now where I really miss that. But, those moments pass quickly.....
  14. A long time ago, in a land far away..... I took a class from two men, one a PhD from Cadbury and the other a PhD from Brachs and they introduced me to the kettle. I like the idea of the temperature range on the unit; it’s a great size for a small batch (or a lab size); the cleanup is super easy with the Teflon; can have several batches going at once; and I can use the kettle for other confections. Years later, at one of our Workshops, we were graced by Mark Heim PhD, the head chemist from Hershey’s and in one of his demo’s he used the kettle.... so, if three PhD’s, from thr
  15. I watch over it and stir it occasionally. I’ve had batches where the condensed milk has burned..... as Chocolot said, the pot is super easy to use and clean and does work best for Maillard caramels. I use the small 5 quart kettle but have seen the larger ones used as well to great success. In fact, I think I’ve gone through several of them.....I hate to think back and count.....but, they last a long time.....
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