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  1. I’ve used Burke Ingredients before and they were good to work with https://burkecandy.com/ also, Albert Uster has some containers of those ingredients that are smaller in size (like the invert sugar). also, contact your state office of small business. When I was in Virginia they gladly provided me with names of businesses that were happy to do business with Small Business Owners.
  2. RobertM

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    Here some photos of Mark Heim demoing using one during one of our workshops. He was making croquant (if I remember correctly)
  3. RobertM

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    It responds fairly quickly, but, what I do is raise the temp slowly as I’m cooking. If I do that, when I get close to the 150 F mark, then I stop raising the temp for about 15 minutes to allow the Maillard to kick in.
  4. RobertM

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    The Presto cooker is a go to for small batches of caramel.....I’ve actually gone through a few of them, wearing one out after another
  5. RobertM

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    If you can control the heat to a specific degree, you can cook the caramel at about 150 F and hold it at that temp for 15 minutes which should be plenty of time to develop the malliard effect. Then, raise the temp to finish the cook.....
  6. I’m not looking for an early exit AND I would like to keep all body parts safe. Please forget the request.......l
  7. Rob, I seem to recall you, Kerry and Jim recently completed a decoration class.....it would be awesome to be able to pick your brain(s) about some new and different techniques.....
  8. If Mark is following this thread.... ”I hope you can make it to next years workshop”
  9. Put me down for the attending list.....and if there is a Master Class, put me on that too
  10. Modified Hummingbird Cake (I added a lot of coconut) and Coconut Rum.....
  11. Absolutely. So, I tend to reference them by their name. Short shit would work....but, then, I’ve been called a little shit most of my life.....first my Mother and then picked up by my wife....
  12. Why, yes, yes it would......and everyone has pronounced them delicious.....
  13. Next.....without wearing it.....lemon tarts with a meringue..... which would probably make them lemon meingue tarts..... extra tart, just as I like them......
  14. RobertM

    Somebody recruit her to eG!

    .....and the one in Vegas prior.....
  15. Laugh.....it’s actually funny now....but,what a nightmare at the time.....