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  1. Cool! Tnx for the replys What kind of fridge is suitable for storing finished products? I know about the temperatures, air flow etc, but having hard time finding something that meets all the requirements
  2. Thanx @RobertM for the reply and tips Great tips! Yes building it to code, my budget is not the biggest one in the universe, but little by little I want to make it fully functionable
  3. Btw The size of the empty one is around 20m2
  4. Hello all, I am looking for some tips on making a full functional kitchen for chocolate and confections I am making it from scratch so any tips are welcome Cheers
  5. Hello everyone! Glad to see people are interested in croatian food! Some of the most common dishes here include - Zagorski strukli (most eaten in continental part of croatia) - štrukli is actually pastry filled with fresh cheese, fresh butter, made in pillow shapes, and then cooked Lastly they are covered with bread crumbs Štrukli is traditional dish from Zagorje, and can be eaten as a main dish, as well as apetizer - Purica s mlincima - Turkey with mlinci - I guess you all know what is Turkey but the deal here are Mlinci, made with water, flour and eggs the dough is rolled to a thin pastry that is baked first (it gets crunchy), and after that it is boiled and covered with juices that comes from turkey making may be weird for foreign people, but usually when people try it, they fall in love with it Turkey with mlinci is usually eaten for all big holidays here, christmas, easter etc... - Peka Peka includes and some kinds of meat (sheep), or some fish (octopusy ) All the ingredients (fish or meat) are combined together with a lots of vegetables (potato, onion etc) and put in a big "bowl" that is closed and covered with tons of "amber" that goes in a stone bread oven Like that everything inside a bowl is slowly cooked over a few hours, with indirect heat from amber all around the bowl For the result you get perfect meal, people would come to croatia to eat it over and over again and again If you like reading all for now, I'll post some more of them D
  6. Hello everyone! Greetings from Croatia Very cool to see what's happening here, and looking forward to learn more and share a bit what I know, mostly modern chocolate and confections See you all around 😊
  7. Hi all, Any detailed Susanna Yoon cheesecake recipe? I have seen only the ingredients, but maybe cool to see the whole recipe with steps? Tnx
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