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  1. Great idea Jim and your last sentence sums up why i need to get this system .I am ordering it here in the UK on Monday .Super excited and yes plenty of questions will be cropping up for ure
  2. I have asked about the remote but they do not seem to know much about it .The small cup is that plastic or metal Kerry
  3. Just on the verge of getting this set up are there any other items i would need with this kit .Thank you
  4. https://www.bambi-air.co.uk/products/view/professional-system . This a system that has been suggested
  5. Yes the Fuji seems a proven and tested system .However the noice level that you guys have mentioned, definately sounds to loud
  6. A very fair comment Jim .Would love to know what most commercial companies run .Say like the Chocolate lab .Thank you your feed back is always appreciated
  7. https://www.airsupplies.co.uk/bambi-pt50d-oil-free-air-compressor . Im currently looking at this one but still not sure if it will do the job
  8. How many molds could you get through in a session
  9. i have seen sound proof casing but do not know what they are like
  10. I want to be able to paint a large amount of molds and cover alot of the area of the mold in one foul swoop
  11. i need a whole new set up . Im looking to produce a higher output of molds . So im looking at the HVLP Gun . However i see the fuji appears to be very loud
  12. desperately seeking a quiet compressor . We have neighbours upstairs in our new premises and need to find a fairly quiet compressor for the unsociable hours . Any heads up
  13. Thank you Jim and sorry for the extremely late reply . I would love to know what else you bought and your preferred choice of needle
  14. Thank you for your response Jim . I am at th3 end of my tether now with the current set up . I shall look through the threads . I have looked at the Fuji Spray set ups . Could I ask what would you recommend out of the seies in terms of the whole set up with th3 chocolates kind regrds Spencer
  15. Thank you for you reply . I looked at the Grex but it seems the biggest needle you can get is 0.7 not much bigger than I already have . I really do not have any idea about the HVLP guns . The canisters look large to me . Especially to keep the cocoa butter in temper
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