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  1. Jim I literally bought this last week .Well sorry i will stop short there, i bought the airbrush version which was on sale at https://www.thecakedecoratingcompany.co.uk/ here in the UK .It was on offer down to £430 . I really need a spray booth as i am spraying at my mum at the only ventilation for the coco butter is having the windows open .This presents its own problem by changing the temperature of the coco butter .I thought this was the perfect solution to keep everyone happy .As soon as i turned the fan on i couldnt feel much power at all .My brother and i sprayed but it was taking nothing out of the air .I looked on line and then discovered that there was a upgraded version that worked well with coco butter .I had explained to the staff there ,what i was using if for as well and she said this will be fine .It the best booth i have seen . She told me .I do not know what to do as the price then goes up to £750 more than £300 more .However the one i have is a total waste of time
  2. Thank you Jim your replys are are alway appreciated. Could i ask what over compressor you use
  3. Could i ask what compressor your running the grizzly off Thank you
  4. seems to be a hard topic to get a broad opinion on . I suppose thats because most peoples knowledge is chocolate
  5. Still agonising over what set up to get . i want to make sure its big enough for potential growth in the business . i am put of the fuji system with the noice of the compressor .
  6. Hi Jim .Im back again .I have been away in Asia for a few months and now back to work and upscaling our chocolate project .Reading back on the comments .I am now concerned about The over spray of the fuji .However when you convert to a HVLP gun from any make is not a common problem .Today im looking at the SATAjet 1000 B HVLP Air Brush .This looks good as well .How about getting the HVLP thread up .Im sure that would be beneficial Kind regards Spencer
  7. Great idea Jim and your last sentence sums up why i need to get this system .I am ordering it here in the UK on Monday .Super excited and yes plenty of questions will be cropping up for ure
  8. I have asked about the remote but they do not seem to know much about it .The small cup is that plastic or metal Kerry
  9. Just on the verge of getting this set up are there any other items i would need with this kit .Thank you
  10. https://www.bambi-air.co.uk/products/view/professional-system . This a system that has been suggested
  11. Yes the Fuji seems a proven and tested system .However the noice level that you guys have mentioned, definately sounds to loud
  12. A very fair comment Jim .Would love to know what most commercial companies run .Say like the Chocolate lab .Thank you your feed back is always appreciated
  13. https://www.airsupplies.co.uk/bambi-pt50d-oil-free-air-compressor . Im currently looking at this one but still not sure if it will do the job
  14. How many molds could you get through in a session
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