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  1. Its a london saying i think . Its where i am from . Yes i take the airbrush apart a bit , unfortunately without the gin xxx
  2. I am from the U.K and get mine from Keylink . I have some coming tomorrow
  3. Yes please Robert i would love to see
  4. Thank you for getting back cant seem to open that link
  5. really . Seems a few people use copper kettles . I have no idea to be honest
  6. Thank you Jim and you have always replied to my questions . I really appreciate it . I havent moved on to the HVLP still . I dont know what happened but for some reason my Iwata Eclipse is working a treat . I m flying through moulds . Strange things is i have no idea why 😂😂😂
  7. Such a great forum . I have been coming back and forward for a couple of years now and always asking questions . I thought i wold pput up some of our work . These where done a fair while back
  8. https://www.mauvielusa.com/M-passion-Copper-Sugar-Saucepan-plu2194.html . Im looking at the 3.7 quartz at the moment but think we could out grow it quickly
  9. Researching the best pan to do caramel in . Its a bit of a minefield .The one we have takes a while to conduct the heat and often splits or burns .Any pointers would be great
  10. I Wanted to ask how to go about piping Jelly or getting jelly into my bonbon moulds . Heated Jelly has a higher melting point to chocolate ,
  11. Jim I literally bought this last week .Well sorry i will stop short there, i bought the airbrush version which was on sale at https://www.thecakedecoratingcompany.co.uk/ here in the UK .It was on offer down to £430 . I really need a spray booth as i am spraying at my mum at the only ventilation for the coco butter is having the windows open .This presents its own problem by changing the temperature of the coco butter .I thought this was the perfect solution to keep everyone happy .As soon as i turned the fan on i couldnt feel much power at all .My brother and i sprayed but it was taking nothing out of the air .I looked on line and then discovered that there was a upgraded version that worked well with coco butter .I had explained to the staff there ,what i was using if for as well and she said this will be fine .It the best booth i have seen . She told me .I do not know what to do as the price then goes up to £750 more than £300 more .However the one i have is a total waste of time
  12. Thank you Jim your replys are are alway appreciated. Could i ask what over compressor you use
  13. Could i ask what compressor your running the grizzly off Thank you
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