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  1. Thank you for your response Jim . I am at th3 end of my tether now with the current set up . I shall look through the threads . I have looked at the Fuji Spray set ups . Could I ask what would you recommend out of the seies in terms of the whole set up with th3 chocolates kind regrds Spencer
  2. Thank you for you reply . I looked at the Grex but it seems the biggest needle you can get is 0.7 not much bigger than I already have . I really do not have any idea about the HVLP guns . The canisters look large to me . Especially to keep the cocoa butter in temper
  3. I have come to the conclusion that my Iwata Eclipse is not really ideal as our demand increases for our chocolates . Also working with the Easter egg moulds has been somewhat frustrating spraying with a O.5 needle . It’s time to move on with a set up that can cover more of the moulds . Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated kind
  4. Thank you Kerry . I will give these guys a try . They are slightly more expensive but they look like really good quality
  5. We have started using the fat soluble powders for spraying our molds . We have been fairly impressed even though is a more tedious process than just buying the coloured coco butters .However i am finding it hard to source the material . I am based in the U.K . I would love to know from fellow members they get on with the powder and what suppliers they use .We are currently using deco relief brand.They seem ok but a little limited on colours Thank you Spennie
  6. Thank you that seems to be a key point that i am coming across .Its summer here in London U.K and is very humid at the moment .We are working from home without any kind of room control .However we need to address this as soon as poss. Thank you for sharing your knowledge guys
  7. Thank you for your reply .It was for that purpose to try to increase the prospects for a better shine
  8. Im interested to know if many of my fellows on the forum spray a thin layer Neutral Cocoa butter on their molds prior to Coloured Cocoa butter .
  9. That sounds ideal . Thank you . Just need to find one in the uk
  10. My Brother has literally just sent me a link about humidity and room temperature . We are in the uk and currently in our summer . Unfortunately we work in a room without aircon and try to work early in the morning or late at night . Can i ask if your running your dehydrator at 40.5c . Is your cocoa butter sitting at that and if so do you put it straight into your airbrush and let it cool through the gun ???
  11. Thank you mate for getting back .That would be perfect .Going to look into that model .We are looking for something as you say to keep both warm .
  12. We are fairly new to Chocolate design and making them. We have been up and running nearly a year . Currently doing bonbons and decorating and spraying the chocolates . We currently temper the cocoa butters in a microwave . However it can be a slow process and sometimes easy to have hot spotting due to overdoing it in the microwave . We have seen that some chocolatiers use Dehydrators to keep the butter in a continious warm environment . I am currently researching which are the best alternative methods . From what i have seen many of the dehydrators start at 35c sorry im obviously from the U.K Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated as our current method is long and tedious kind regards Spennie
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