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  1. These things? Size can be whatever you want it to be. For a big mug I’d recommend at least 50mm diameter moulds. You can get polycarbonate moulds that size if you want a shiny finish but silicone will work too if visuals aren’t important. Fill one half, then heat the other to seal
  2. Gorgeous! I'm about to head into an Australian Summer and I predict an absolute nightmare trying to get things to cooperate. 35 celcius + and 80% + humidity is not a good combo for chocolate.
  3. Some salted caramel and butter popcorn bonbons, I’ll try get some better photos once it decides to stop being so overcast outside
  4. @curls The triangle moulds are Pavoni ones. I tried them exactly once and thereafter vowed that I would never put myself through the trouble of having to polish them again haha
  5. After a bit of work I think I’ve cracked it, just had to take the cocoa butter out of temper to increase fluidity and working time (though it means waiting longer for each layer to set)
  6. Correct, similar tl actual acrylic painting. Tried to follow a tutorial for that but found the CB set too fast
  7. That might work, I'd just worry about melting the frame as well or ruining the temper on that. I was thinking maybe glove + body heat on a specific portion but that makes it hard to do the initial colour blending for the background?
  8. Hi guys, practicing my portrait work with cocoa butter (I am not a good painter :/). Any tips as far as it goes? I’m finding blending hard as the working time so short
  9. Going back on it I'd probably add shimmer powder instead of gold leaf (maybe incorporate it to the ganache). Spheres are about 40mm in size
  10. Chai hot chocolate spheres, saw a similar recipe floating around. Honest opinion: VERY style over substance, a nice hot chocolate but tempering the spheres only to melt them afterwards feels wrong somehow.
  11. I remember watching the video and thinking “well this looks simple enough, I can’t find a recipe but I’m sure I can wing it”. 3 hours later “So if I leave off the rings it’s fine right?”
  12. Nowhere near as nice as the original but thanks! I’ll give it a go one day eventually again once my blood pressure settles (those damn bloody rings)
  13. I had a bit of time this weekend so I thought I’d try to replicate Amaury Guichon’s Saturn, a tempered chocolate and blueberry cheesecake dessert. I learnt a lot of things. One, a 60 second instagram video does not a recipe make and two, I hate silicone with a passion. Didn’t really have a recipe so had to wing it based on looks, I’m sure it’s pretty different to the original but happy to write out the recipe if anyone is interested. Nevertheless, the fruits of my labour:
  14. Thanks! Still a bit of trial and error, haven’t had any real formal training but the internet is a marvel these days, I’ve learnt a lot just from browsing this forum and the advise you guys give
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