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  1. I do like it but I still HATE tempering it and the price makes it for certain things only
  2. I’m considering using opalys and this macadamia honey I’ve got which I’ve found less sweet than normal honey
  3. I've got so many single use appliances my home kitchen is getting very backed up (although a dehydrator has always been on the wants list) and after doing some digging apparently it reconstitutes quite quickly (so basically like a sugar version of honey). Still, I might get some to sprinkle on the bases as a finishing touch? The other idea would be to make a syrup so when you split the bars open it runs out just like a baklava? It's a little early (Mother's Day is in May here) but I'm thinking about doing a "Tastes of Home" theme for it and having a selection of desserts from around the world.
  4. I did look into that but it’s absolutely a nuisance to source
  5. Hi guys, thinking of doing a Baklava inspired filling for the next batch I’m thinking of using feuilletine as a filo substitute with a cardamom, honey and pistachio ganache. Would I be right in assuming so long as the water activity of the ganache is low the feuilletine should remain crisp for at least 2-3 weeks?
  6. Weirdly enough for fine stuff like this I used a toothpick
  7. How I wish I had stickers, I hand painted these ones, I'm trying to figure out the sticker thing, I assume cricket cutter and a specific type of tape but I haven't found much info on it
  8. Now that there’s no upcoming events I’ve had a bit more of a chance to play. Tiramisu cats for example, vanilla marscapone mousse and a tia maria and espresso ganache
  9. Salted caramel brown butter pecan cookies. It’s been a while since I’ve baked these and that’s probably a good thing for my waistline since with a scoop of icecream while hot these are dangerous (I have no idea why I’ve got no flaky sea salt anywhere at the moment so I just chucked on some merlot salt I found in the cupboard)
  10. First time I’ve tried to paint a portrait on moulded bonbons and it’s infinitely harder than on a flat moulded block. You’ve got to paint back to front and if you make a mistake it’s lights out... Still, very happy with how these turned out
  11. I had something similar happen in a batch of mine but it was a really high fat content filling (hazelnut) so initially I suspected that. However I’ve been taking the step to polish again after the alcohol polish incase of residue and it seems to have made it a non-issue so I don’t know which one to attribute it to? You’re taking a lot more steps to keep your cocoa butter in temper than I am so I don’t know if it’s that
  12. My bars for lunar new year, the red ones are lotus root and salted duck egg (moon cake) in a gold chocolate shell and the black ones are pu-erh tea with a crispy roasted puffed rice layer
  13. That might work? I'm thinking maybe puree it and reduce it and then fold it through a ganache in a similar manner to a nut paste? I just wonder if the flavour concentration is strong enough... I'm gonna do a paired set of bars (Moon Cake and Pu-Erh Tea). For the tea I'm thinking maybe some roasted puffed rice as a textural layer in the bottom, would I mix it with some chocolate to prevent it going soggy from contact with the ganache or so long as the water activity in the ganache is low enough will it stay crisp for at least 2 weeks?
  14. Hmmm, so I’m making something for Lunar New Years, any advice on making a lotus ganache? I was thinking lotus and salted duck egg to replicate a moon cake paired with a separate oolong bonbon but I’m wondering if anyones worked with similar consistency/stability wise
  15. Gorgeous Muscadelle! What did you use for the copper in the first one if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve finally gotten ahead on Valentines with the theme “Summer Lovin’” and did some Pina Colada bonbons (with the theme of Sun, sea and sky) and some passionfruit ones:
  16. Thanks for all the replies! I wasn’t game enough to try the caramel so I chickened out and went with a flocked chocolate velvet effect instead and served it on a caramel tart with brown butter ice cream (my quenelling was not great but time pressure). I still have 0 idea how the caramel layer is done but it really does look like caramel... maybe he’ll post the recipe in a book one day. If anyone is interested in the recipe shoot me a buzz and I can write it out
  17. Hi guys, I'm trying to replicate (at least visually) Cedric Grolet's apple tatin linked here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGVOYZxJXc1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what the first thing he dips it in (my guess is either a gelatine based glaze or white chocolate but it seems to shatter like chocolate?) and then how to dip it in the caramel afterwards with such a thin shell and without burning the chocolate layer or having the whole thing melt and deform? Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  18. I think it’s relatively pure, I polish all the cavities with it and then re-polish with a clean cotton ball but I’m not 100% sure the second step is entirely necessary? I just worry about streaks or residue
  19. Tried a technique I saw from the very talented Lana Orlova Bauer, I don’t think it turned out half bad but my goodness do I wish Summer here would just end
  20. Hi Chris, I’ve got all the accreditation and approvals done for home kitchen zoning but the main issue is ine of storage space, in winter I’d be ok but I’m nearing capacity in summer in the wine fridge I bought for storage
  21. Hi guys, I've started a small chocolate business and have swiftly found the constraints of a home kitchen quite limiting. I also don't quite have the confidence in my work to drop my day job for this yet. Does anyone based in Australia have any advised on how to expand on a small scale? Ideally a rental kitchen would be a good starting point but as I work full time during the week it would ideally only be for 2-3 days/week which is a little awkward.
  22. Out of interest, when polishing your moulds with isopropyl do you use 100% isopropyl?
  23. Getting ready for launch and the excitement is getting there! Preparing the Christmas collection despite the Australian Summer doing its best to stop me. Black Forest and Pavlova Snowmen
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