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  1. Bernie

    Various Basic Trinities

    whiskey, glass, me
  2. Bernie

    Breakfast 2020!

    Its off topic but its sort of relevant Click on the link. When it comes up with the paywall message, go to the address bar in your browser and insert a "." (full stop ) after the .com ( report.nyt.com./sssss.ssss.xxx/.xxxx.....) leave everything in place. Do a reload page (usually the circle thing with the arrow) and usually no paywall.
  3. Jackpot ! What do you want to buy? Make sure the partner is always aware that it was their fault (no probables, no maybes). Be firm. Guilt will ensure you can buy whatever you like, watch whatever you like, get taken to the best restaurant...the scope is marvelous 😃
  4. Bernie


    If you sneak in a baguette and you got caught, would the restaurant charge you "crustage" (or crumbage?) You know like corkage, where they put a charge on for glasses you use when you bring your own wine 😁
  5. There is another weird factoid that may well apply to the situation of SV from frozen. What starting temperature water should you use when you make ice cubes in your freezer in an ice cube tray, tap water, cold water, hot or boiling water to get the ice cubes quickest? Well of course it would be cold water, right? No actually it would be boiling water! That can't possibly be right could it? Yep. You see its the temperature difference that is important to the heat flow. You need to remove heat energy from the water and since it takes more than one unit of energy to drop the temperature one degree, its better if you can speed up the heat flow. The heat flow is determined by the difference in temperature along the heat flow path. Seems counter intuitive but try it. In the case of SV the same thing happens. It takes longer to heat the food from very close to its final temperature than it does from a much lesser temperature. Again its heat flow, not temperature change that determines its final temperature. Like I said a weird factoid. EDIT: Note that the idea of SV is to arrive at our final internal temperature and along the way progress through various temperatures to allow the various chemical reactions to take place (usually at some specific temperature range), so speeding up the time to arrive at the final temperature is likely to have an effect. So that is another prospective investigation for the experimenters here.😁
  6. In actual fact our supermarket chains sell "chilled fish". This is fish that has been frozen and then thawed to be sold. Its is marketed as "chilled fresh fish" and most people don't know the difference. Being a fisherman, I generally freeze all the fish I catch. I portion it and vacuum seal it. When it thaws, it is as good as fresh. A few things to note. I was a tuna fisherman for the Japanese sashimi market so I learned about treating fish correctly. I put all fish I catch in a tank of seawater to bleed (cut the gills). After 5~10 minutes put them on Ice. The preferred way to do it is bleed them in an ice slurry. They are cleaned/filleted when they are thoroughly chilled. (with tuna, you bleed using 3 particular cuts, one each side or the front fins and one near the tail, (do a google search) it is necessary to "kill" the spinal nerves by removing the brain and feeding something (600lb nylon line) down the spinal column) Now I know you are wanting to deal with excess fish in an attempt to keep it for market. Perhaps you could investigate freezing in portion sizes and selling it frozen (depends on your customers). BUT you will have to do it as soon as you know it is excess to requirements. Consider cooking the fish is flavored ( chilli ) olive oil in the SV and leave it bagged to be consumed or sold later. It wont be "fresh" fish but ti will not be wasted either. I don't think cooking fish on their own in SV is going to be successful. Fish if treated properly (bled & iced when first caught) should have a shelf life of up to 10 days if kept chilled (and dry). That 10 days is reduced by about a day with every hour that passes between catch & chilling. The display cabinet needs to be enclosed so the air inside is cold. Ideally the fish should be on a well drained bed of ice (skin side down or use baking paper) within a display cabinet. Sorry I am not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, but a lot of the fish retailers here have poor quality fish because the fish deteriorates from not being treated correctly. The ice within the cabinet ensures the air in there is moist so the fish wont dry out. If the fish are line caught as apposed to trawler or net caught they will usually be alive when boated. Trawler & net caught fish are usually dead when boated and may have been dead for several hours before being boated. Some of the Japanese coastal fisherman can keep sashimi quality tuna on Ice for up to 30 days.
  7. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    You do need to improve your photography, we can't quite read the wine bottle. At least you have the rabbit food on a separate plate 😀 Actually, I think Rebel looks like he is about to take you on for the steak !
  8. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    Well it doesn't matter about the egg. It only really matters when you have chips! (...hmmm chips dunked in runny egg yolk...)
  9. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    Also because its actually fairly larger crystals, it will not be the same in weight as fine salt for the same volume. There is a table somewhere that says how much kosher salt extra you need for seasoning compared to table salt. I just taste it to see if its enough salt. 🙂
  10. freeze the egg. SV at 65C till the whites are cooked. The theory is that the white will thaw and cook while the yolk is still thawing. The residual heat will warm (cook) the yolk I haven't done it. You need to freeze a couple of dozen eggs then vary the time. When you find the right time you can tell us. I have no idea what happens to eggs when you freeze them. Seriously (I was kidding) Heston has a video on cooking the perfect boiled egg. I think it uses some of the same principle. Do a search but its something like get a pot of water just boiling, add the egg, turn off the heat and wait 6 minutes. The idea is the egg slowly heats through as the water loses heat and the white will reach 71C ? (white coagulates at 70C?) but the yolk wont reach this temperature because the water is cooling and as the egg is heating You probably need to find the video. My memory is fading with the isolation (that's my excuse it has nothing to do with age...)
  11. I went to your link to see what they actually sell. The reason for my curiosity was the contents of the can. It seems to me that half the contents seem to be oil. Is that normal in the US? That maybe makes the price ~$5 per ounce of actual tuna. Seems high to me. Are regular cans of tuna that price? I assume this is being sold as a premium product. I am in no way denigrating it I am just curious.
  12. Bernie

    Potato mystery

    Apparently storing potatoes with whole garlic will cause both to sprout. Who knew?
  13. View this Go from there
  14. What I was thinking is that the filling could cook long and slowly. SV at close to boiling for say 20 mins and then drop the temperature to cook the filling for a much longer time. The other idea was to cook the pastry first. The vacuum bagging with the pie tin would mean it holds its shape without drying out. Time to play, I think
  15. OK here is one from way out of left field. Has anyone cooked pastry in their SV? I started to think about this because I am a fisherman and like to have hot pies. What I came up with was freeze pies and vacuum sealed them in a bag and then just heat them in boiling water. Results are excellent! Pie is hot, the already cooked pastry does not dry out, the water is available to make tea. Longer time in the water doesn't matter. So I started to think. I wonder what temperature shortcrust pastry actually cooks at? If I was to make frozen raw pies vacuum package them and put them directly in a SV would they cook ? It may need to be in a pie tin before vacuum bagging. By freezing, the pastry should start to cook before the filling has a chance to mix and make the pastry soggy. Then the filling can be cooked long and slow.
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