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  1. I think in sushi, there should be almost no taste or smell of vinegar. Its all about what it does to the mouth. Like a lot of Japanese cuisine, there are lots of subtle aspects, like presentation, beauty, even mood (relaxation or excitement). The very first time I experienced this "pop" (its actually hard to put into words) it was so different to what I had experienced/tasted before, I was amazed that a chef could actually do that sort of thing. Then I started to understand why there is such a concentration on technique. Even when particular flavors are felt during eating is importan
  2. Isn't the vinegar (of whatever version) meant to give the 'explosive" feel in the mouth. That's why its served in single bite size pieces, so it can be put in the mouth whole. (the whole thing should fill the mouth completely) It is about the experience of the slight acidic hit in the sinuses and why it needs to be very mild vinegar, but then the other flavors actually are enhanced because the sinus are clear. (Sort of like wasabi without the tears)
  3. Oh to be that young again....😧
  4. What was the question? 😀
  5. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    But its on a square Bun! Everyone knows its supposed to be on a round bun! Patties are round, tomatoes are round onions are round. You should not be giving in to the demands of cheese. 😁😁 Seriously I do agree with the Ciabatta roll as the best choice for burgers,
  6. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    Several years ago our National broadcaster (ABC) did a documentary on the sewage system for Sydney. Some of the system is brick lined tunnels, over 100 years old but still in good conditions and in use. The whole system feeds into a sewage treatment works with large digesting ponds and other treatment. That way the sewage is converted by bacteria into useful stuff and water. Well the ponds themselves produce a sludge that is removed and dried and further processed to reduce it further. The video showed this sludge being transported, it looked like dark compost but it was do
  7. Bernie

    Breakfast 2020!

    the most important point about Vegemite is that it is made from the sediment left from the brewing of beer. So it is connected to beer. That alone makes it good! 😁
  8. Bernie

    Sheet pan Dinners

    Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnip, swede mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes all large cubes (not much of any one) Add a slab of pork belly on top, cross scored & liberally salted on the top (covering the veges) cook slowly ending with a grill to get crackling. One pan and heavenly rendering of fat to cook the veges in. (save the resulting leavings for future use)
  9. Bernie

    Dinner 2020

    Surprisingly there is such a diet and it does work. My doctor suggested it. (I have no existing medical conditions so seek advice if you do) Its called the six hour diet. You pick a six hour period during the day (1pm to 7pm for instance). During that period you can eat and drink anything and everything you want in any amount. Outside that time its water only. You should lose about 7~10 lbs a month and you will keep it off, even after resuming normal meals and times. You can use 8hr period but you wont lose as much. It works. After about th
  10. whiskey, glass, me
  11. Bernie

    Breakfast 2020!

    Its off topic but its sort of relevant Click on the link. When it comes up with the paywall message, go to the address bar in your browser and insert a "." (full stop ) after the .com ( report.nyt.com./sssss.ssss.xxx/.xxxx.....) leave everything in place. Do a reload page (usually the circle thing with the arrow) and usually no paywall.
  12. Jackpot ! What do you want to buy? Make sure the partner is always aware that it was their fault (no probables, no maybes). Be firm. Guilt will ensure you can buy whatever you like, watch whatever you like, get taken to the best restaurant...the scope is marvelous 😃
  13. Bernie


    If you sneak in a baguette and you got caught, would the restaurant charge you "crustage" (or crumbage?) You know like corkage, where they put a charge on for glasses you use when you bring your own wine 😁
  14. There is another weird factoid that may well apply to the situation of SV from frozen. What starting temperature water should you use when you make ice cubes in your freezer in an ice cube tray, tap water, cold water, hot or boiling water to get the ice cubes quickest? Well of course it would be cold water, right? No actually it would be boiling water! That can't possibly be right could it? Yep. You see its the temperature difference that is important to the heat flow. You need to remove heat energy from the water and since it takes more than one unit o
  15. In actual fact our supermarket chains sell "chilled fish". This is fish that has been frozen and then thawed to be sold. Its is marketed as "chilled fresh fish" and most people don't know the difference. Being a fisherman, I generally freeze all the fish I catch. I portion it and vacuum seal it. When it thaws, it is as good as fresh. A few things to note. I was a tuna fisherman for the Japanese sashimi market so I learned about treating fish correctly. I put all fish I catch in a tank of seawater to bleed (cut the gills). After 5~10 minutes put them on Ice. The prefe
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