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  1. The reality is that just about MOST diets fail in the long term, unless you stay on it forever. Even then the body will readjust its long term chemical processes to cope with the change. Weight starts to creep up. You are dead right @weinoo Basically you need to eat less or exercise more Fuel in fuel out. Easier said than done for most people. Trouble is by exercising more you will usually increase your appetite. It is just the way the brain works. Habit brain says " more exercise, more volume more snacks more often" Surprising humans cannot re hydrate just drinking water, we obtain ~40% of our water needs from carbohydrates. If you are on a diet low on carbohydrates, the body will convert some of the fats & protein into carbohydrates. (your personal fat reserves (i keep mine round my kidneys and belly ☹️) and your muscles when that runs out) One of the reasons exercise stirs up the appetite. It makes you thirsty (sweat, increase respiration) which causes the brain to require carbohydrates. Most will remember days of heavy exercise or work where you just couldn't drink enough water to quench your thirst. You keep drinking till you need to pee, but you are still thirsty. If you drink beer though you will quench your thirst (well till the alcohol takes over) On this type fasting diet you will eat less per day and your brain readjusts to the appetite occurring at set times. You will retrain your habit brain to increase appetite at set times, not purely in response to exercise. Variations of this type of diet are actually embedded in some religions. Think strict orthodox & sabbath, Lent for the Christians or Ramadan.
  2. Host's note: this post was moved from the Dinner 2021 topic, so the diet discussion can find new life. A better way to diet. Select a time slot to eat. Same time slot every day 6 hour slot works for me but 8 hour slot is easier. During the time slot, eat and drink anything you want, as much as you want. Outside that slot nothing but water! No biscuits, snacks, no sugar in tea or coffee..... For a 6 hour slot you should lose about 5lbs a month, 8 hour slot about 3 lbs a month. Strangely you will find after the initial gouging (you will feel hungry outside the slot) you will moderate your intake. You can drop the slot to 4 hours but that makes it hard on everyone else and you are going to be irritable and obnoxious to everyone around you for the first couple of weeks.. My doctor recommended this method as far more reliable than restricting intake.
  3. Bernie

    White Sauce Question

    Another vote for hot milk (not boiling!) I do the butter flour bit then take it off the heat. Heat the milk in the microwave till hot (no bubbles just hot) Add the milk and stir. It should only thicken a little but it will mix together smoothly without lumps. You don't have to stand by the stove stirring while it thickens. Return to heat to thicken I add a little nutmeg. It fixes up any residual flour taste if I am not cooking with the sauce. I have used half cream but only in a dish where i will be adding strong flavors, it does make the sauce a little bland.
  4. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    It is bad enough that @Ann_T torments me with her food porn, do you have to do the same? That duck looks so good.
  5. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    The heads turn dark because of oxygenation which starts as soon as the prawn dies. Freezing or cooling slows the process. Commercially, in the cooking process, you add sodium metabisulphate which is a preservative and stops the oxygenation. If the prawns are snap frozen when caught it stops the process, but the process will start again when thawed. No idea whether you can add preservative to fresh prawns without cooking. The black is the evidence of this process and will show up in the head and digestive track. It makes the prawn unattractive and eventually any bacteria present will spoil the prawn. How long after the heads starts to tun black before the prawn spoils is the same as the question "how long is a piece of string?" Unknowable unless you know exactly how the prawn was treated from the time it was caught. An ammonia like smell usually a prettty good indicator that the prawn is "off" Even prawns sold as fresh may have been snap frozen when caught, but that is NOT a bad thing, it preserves the prawn in pristine condition.
  6. Bernie

    Lunch 2021

    Try a spread of VEGEMITE (or Marmite which is the British poor cousin) on the toast then a single cheese slice then the beans on top. It may not be traditional but it takes it to a new level (and yes I do know I am philistine !!) For those that don't know, Vegemite is made from the "dregs" of beer production. being derived from BEER it must be good! 😁
  7. Bernie


    yep a hamburger with the "lot" usually includes beetroot (plus bacon, onions, lettuce, cheese, tomato, egg salt & pepper and BBQ sauce and maybe pineapple). Its oversized on a softish sesame seed hamburger bun. The idea is that you would be traveling in a car in your board shots and white teashirt and you were ALWAYS guaranteed to drop the beetroot out as you took a bite and it drops nicely onto your teashirt. Everyone then knows you are a messy eater and will tease you mercilessly. The BBG sauce is bad enough to coat your face and drip on your shirt but the beetroot just adds that little bit more "DOH!!!!!!"😁 But Beetroot does actually add nicely to a salad sandwich. Fresh beetroot slices goes well on its own in a sandwich made with fresh hot toast, but depends on what yours is pickled in. If its strong vinegar then not so nice but if the vinegar is mild it will work.
  8. Bernie

    Eggstatic about eggs

    isn't this topic becoming eggsaggerated ?
  9. Haven't tried batter but for crumbs I freeze. I coat the (chicken/fish/veg/whatever) in egg and toss in crumbs (or usually panko) freeze on a bed of the crumbs. To cook very light coating of oil and cook from frozen in a dish or solid rack so the heat gets all round. Turn over after a few minutes and even put in a wire basket to finish I have cooked like this without oil but the crumbs dry out more before the inside is cooked. I guess you could cook batter on a rotisserie or use really thick batter that wont run, but it is going to make a mess. Bit hard to freeze raw batter, though i guess it could be done.
  10. I blanch asparagus in boiling water for ~1 minute (in a fry pan water boiling on high heat). That gives them that deep green color. They end up crisp. (remove 1inch from bottom- its usually dry and stringy, save for soups) Take out and dry on paper towel and then quick high heat fry in oil/butter (only a little oil to stop the butter burning) to get that char look. Too long on either step and they will soften. Asparagus must be fresh - week old and they keep the taste but not the crispness
  11. The saline is just a salt. There are lots of other salts, at least calcium, potassium in various configurations. I guess it depends on whether they are present in the various sauces/ingredients and insufficient quantities to effect the transfer of water, thats why I think a chemist might be able to give us some answers. They obviously do other things as well to change the flavor profile but do they make the meat juicier? Osmotic pressure is also a function of temperature so even very week solutions may have some effect at higher temperature. Garlic is an interesting one. You can "infuse" roast beef by adding garlic just in slits in the meat prior to cooking and the garlic flavor will permeate through the whole meat. This suggests that the garlic compound is using some method to move through the meat. Perhaps its just evaporation and cooking at lower temperatures (SV?)doesn't do the job much better than just resting the meat with the garlic inserted for a few hours before cooking. Perhaps it is that the garlic compounds are soluble in fats or oils and the elevated temperature allows them to dissolve more. Is garlic salty? My impression is that for roasted garlic it is, but it is subtle.
  12. It was more a question for the chemist out there. It need not necessarily be salt/brine. I assume there are other salts and chemical combinations that do the same thing (MSG?). By adjusting some of the ingredients or sauces (like soy sauce fish sauce etc) would it be possible to get the same effect as brine?
  13. Have had a few thoughts recently on how dry various meats become with various method/forms of cooking. I have become intrigued by the difference in lean meats in SV. Now I know there are various chemical reactions with the fats & connective tissues, that is fine I sort of can muddle through that. When I brine a chicken the results can be spectacular. I believe the same happens with other meats. I am talking in particular about lean meats. I believe Brining works by a difference in the internal tissues of the meat and the brine. The brine needs to be salty enough for the liquid to work itself inside, but not so salty that the liquid inside becomes too salty. Question: If that is so should the cooking medium used (example in a slow braise or even stews and the like) and the sauces we are cooking the meat in be adjusted to actually take advantage of this chemical process, so the meat never dries out, in fact it should become juicier?
  14. Well i just found this https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1806/1806.08790.pdf Its a bit long winded but there are a few interesting temperature discussions. Then it gets technical and my eyes glazed over and I decided I would have pork instead. Some one might be able to make sense of it all though.
  15. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    Yep if i was meant to eat salad i would have been born as a cow.....
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