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  1. The saline is just a salt. There are lots of other salts, at least calcium, potassium in various configurations. I guess it depends on whether they are present in the various sauces/ingredients and insufficient quantities to effect the transfer of water, thats why I think a chemist might be able to give us some answers. They obviously do other things as well to change the flavor profile but do they make the meat juicier? Osmotic pressure is also a function of temperature so even very week solutions may have some effect at higher temperature. Garlic is an interesting one. You can "infuse"
  2. It was more a question for the chemist out there. It need not necessarily be salt/brine. I assume there are other salts and chemical combinations that do the same thing (MSG?). By adjusting some of the ingredients or sauces (like soy sauce fish sauce etc) would it be possible to get the same effect as brine?
  3. Have had a few thoughts recently on how dry various meats become with various method/forms of cooking. I have become intrigued by the difference in lean meats in SV. Now I know there are various chemical reactions with the fats & connective tissues, that is fine I sort of can muddle through that. When I brine a chicken the results can be spectacular. I believe the same happens with other meats. I am talking in particular about lean meats. I believe Brining works by a difference in the internal tissues of the meat and the brine. The brine needs to be salty enough for t
  4. Well i just found this https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1806/1806.08790.pdf Its a bit long winded but there are a few interesting temperature discussions. Then it gets technical and my eyes glazed over and I decided I would have pork instead. Some one might be able to make sense of it all though.
  5. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    Yep if i was meant to eat salad i would have been born as a cow.....
  6. Bernie

    Breakfast 2021

    unctuosity: meaning the state of being unctuous DOH!!!!! I cannot believe, someone (well lots actually) actually put this on the net as a meaning.
  7. The thermal mass matters...BUT Consider a brick lined oven. The bricks will retain the heat but they will also transfer the heat to the air in the oven and with a big surface area it will do it nicely. But heat travels relatively slowly through the bricks. You put your pizza in the oven on the bricks and the hot air starts the cooking but the that you are getting quite a bit of radiation from the bricks. The part of the pizza in contact with the bricks initially gets its heat from the bricks but it cools the surface of the bricks and the slow transfer of heat means it cooks
  8. Yep that's the way we always did it. You don't use a knife you break the back leg down low and push the jagged bone through the skin, then use your finger to part the skin from the leg, work up to the back down the other leg. Now grasp the legs and take hold of the skin and pull towards the head. The skin will generally tear across under the tail and come off in one piece. You end up with the skin inside out over the head. You twist the neck to break it and it the head will come away (with a bit of pulling pressure) with the inside out skin. You then use the jagged keg bone on the re
  9. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    well actually the way to use the fruit mentos is to show the kids (to get their hopes up), then throw them (the mentos, not the kid...although...)onto the back lawn and tell the kids to go find them. If the lawn is long enough it will take them long enough for you to enjoy the Malbec. You want the after taste of the wine to linger as long as you can so rather than drink the water and dilute the taste, wash your feet. Q.E.D.😀
  10. Bernie

    Dinner 2021

    Sounds about right....2 fruit mentos to keep the kids busy and 5 bottles of water to wash your feet....😁
  11. Bernie

    Lunch 2021

    Here you go https://news.colgate.edu/magazine/2019/02/06/the-strange-case-of-dr-ho-man-kwok/
  12. Bernie

    Lunch 2021

  13. Pretty sure dry ice is not going to do it. The idea with freezing it down to very low temperatures is to stop any deterioration, but it is not what causes "normal" deterioration in fish used in sushi or sashimi.. Fish like Tuna are warm blooded , sort of. When the muscles need to function in cold environments, the blood needs to be very efficient. To improve its efficiency it is heated a few degrees or so above the surrounding body temperature. This is achieved by chemical reactions involving various enzymes present in the tissue. This chemical reaction is actually
  14. Bernie

    Lunch 2020

    Dumpster You get a clean box and it cost you nothing......🤣
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