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  1. Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought. Products vary in quality when trying to do any one of those things. Doing them all well -- at that price -- is tricky.
  2. Engadget has a story about a maybe-one-day sous vide seal-cook-chill system called Figo. Low proposed price. Crowdfunding already oversubscribed. I'm sceptical. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks Kerry. It's quite likely I overmixed and it was a touch hot. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I like it too, Edward. The CSO is mighty bitey when things get too close. Let it cool a little and enjoy 🙂
  5. Edward, I've also gotta say that, in addition to buying accessories for that thing, you have got to turn it on and use it one day. It looks waaay too clean. I wouldn't dare show here the insides of mine. It's been my only oven for 18 months. I'm jealous of that bright sparkly machine you have.
  6. Welcome to the road to ruin. This is a path I have been on a long time. It takes different twists and I get new companions ...
  7. This might be more of a general baking question but I'll ask it here as it's particularly about the CSO. I very rarely bake cakes but today I made an orange cake in a loaf tin. It split. Here's where you can see I'm not a cake maker: my theory is that it was too hot too early and rose too quick. I baked it at 180c (375f). It split after about 15 minutes. My experience with the CFO in general is (a) it gets to temp very quickly and (b) its temperature is pretty accurate and constant. By contrast most ovens are slow to heat, generally cooler than advertised and fluctuate
  8. Edward, those pictures are probably some illegal combination of pornography and entrapment. You could have got me in if it weren't that in the Amazon Aust store the L2SP3 is $133 sold by Lodge or $282 sold by some other outfit. A pity as that size would be very handy. What do you use it for most? I can't understand the Amazon Australia store. Some items are sold by Amazon, qualify for Prime, have free shipping on orders over $49 and are around $US pricing. Others are nothing but a nuisance. But I'm sure other followers of this thread have just snuck off to m
  9. Thank you, jer_vic, for a detailed and thoughtful reply. I don't need much encouragement to add the L8DD3 to the collection. It might prove to be more than a "make-do". Lodge's technical pictures are great -- down to a thousandth of an inch. Happy baking.
  10. jer_vic, it looks to me as though the lid of the L8DD3 essentially *is* an L8SKL. I this so? If true, buying the L8DD3 is cheaper at amazon.com.au than buying just a L8SKL. With all these savings I could soon be in deeper poverty than ever 🙂
  11. Thank you. That's useful information. You might now have tempted me in to even more castware.
  12. Oh, yes, I didn't imagine it would be useful in the CSO. But it will see a lot of other use. I grabbed it while it was at a good price and with free shipping.
  13. Will do, Jo. Should be here in a week or so.
  14. I found a good deal in Amazon Oz for a two-piece set (Lodge LCC3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Combo Cooker and 3.2-Quart Combo Cooker 10.25" Black) at $37 (two pieces for way less than for just the pan itself). Add the lid for $27 and I thought I got a bargain including free shipping. Thanks all for your help.
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