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  1. You are a corrupter of youth. Fortunately for my bank account, I have no more room until the CSO meets its maker. Mighty tempting though.
  2. Jo, it's about 8 inches so will comfortably fit. I'm drawn to a pan because the perforations create a crusty stipple on the bottom of the roll, which seems part of the platonic ideal of this roll.
  3. Have you been hanging out with @rotuts? He's a man who likes the saw and the grinder.
  4. Is there a recommendation for a baguette pan that will fit the CSO? All those I see are too long. Is a couche the only answer? I'm reluctant to take the snippers to a standard smallish pan but could if sufficiently provoked. I'm in Australia so I'm looking for a recommendation for an internationally marketed brand. Extra points for Amazon Prime. I'm not baking baguettes: I'm doing bahn mi. A near-enough cousin for me to ask @JoNorvelleWalker if I'm likely to be disappointed: I find the CSO generally good for bread in my very limited experience. Why
  5. I had never given it a thought. Until now.
  6. Thanks all for your suggestions. To which I am going to add whipped butter on buckwheat pancakes. Jimb0, I'll gather my courage and give Julia Child's croissants a go.
  7. Now there's one I'd not have thought of. Thank you. Great idea.
  8. Hello all, a friend recently gave me some excellent cultured butter, 500g each of salted and unsalted. I'm inclined to think the highest use of good butter is on great toasted bread. Just toast and butter. Some applied while the toast is hot so it soaks in, a generous amount reapplied when the toast has cooled a little so the butter retains its integrity. I also like whipped butter on pancakes, something I make rarely because my tastes run much more to savoury than sweet. I'd like to make my friend something that uses my beautiful expensive butte
  9. Yes. Best wishes to you for trying to develop what looks like an interesting product in difficult times. It will come down to what you produce and how well v1 is received. Don't rush it.
  10. Paul, I too have the 1961 edition I paid reasonable money for and another from the mid 70s I bought very cheaply. The early one is a gem; the latter one a backward step (from memory there is no recipe for swan). A man of your habits should look to an older, not a newer, edition. They cut down on butter and fat over the years.
  11. Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought. Products vary in quality when trying to do any one of those things. Doing them all well -- at that price -- is tricky.
  12. Engadget has a story about a maybe-one-day sous vide seal-cook-chill system called Figo. Low proposed price. Crowdfunding already oversubscribed. I'm sceptical. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks Kerry. It's quite likely I overmixed and it was a touch hot. Thanks for the tip.
  14. I like it too, Edward. The CSO is mighty bitey when things get too close. Let it cool a little and enjoy 🙂
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