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  1. I lived with the CSO as my only oven for several years but size was limiting. Even a single loaf could get scorched on top. Very pleased to jump to APO. Way more control. If you can afford the APO it's the way to go.
  2. I have a darling friend who likes a salad I make him. It's by Ottolenghi. My friend always calls it the Noppo Spongi salad.
  3. Very off topic, Liuzhou, I had a number plate on my car that ended in 888. Just luck. I was offered non-trivial money for it.
  4. I think, Liuzhou, we are able to call ourselves whatever we want without ridicule. A point off there for uncharacteristic playing-the-man crankiness. I read the Fortune Cookie Chronicles. It was OK. Lightweight and eminently forgettable. I expect that the idiocy ascribed to Jennifer 8 in that article is not her's but the author's. It is an extended tortuous attempt to take the metaphor of grammar into realms in which it does not belong. The writer who can't write is quite capable of making others look like fools. as odd to Chinese diners as an English-speaker hearing a foreigner say “old silly fool” instead of “silly old fool" is just a crap simile by an author out of depth. Relax. I've been much enjoying your series. Best regards, Jack
  5. It's weird Jo. Mine has hds this behaviour from the beginning. As to temp settings, that control is as frisky as a colt.
  6. Jo, I'm using firmware v 1.1.32 and am not having this issue. I know that doesn't help you but it may be that your problem is unrelated to the firmware debacle. One thing that does bug me is that the timer display on the handle is much dimmer than the display of temperature and steam *except if it is displaying the digit 1*. It's as though the whole power budget goes into the two components of that digit. Have you noticed same?
  7. So what was there to think about? 🙂
  8. Ha. That's like my fry pan of the same size. It was better to buy than to own, if you get my meaning. I'll try to resist the cuteness of those little paellas. This might be the first time you've saved me money Jo.
  9. It's a sign. Damnit, I was trying to limit myself to the big paella. Now you have me thinking. To all: I have the largest and the smallest fry pans. I use the big one all the time and would like a bigger one which is why the paella 35 appeals. How useful if the smallest paella? What do you use it for?
  10. Darto is offering free shipping for rest of August.
  11. Ah, same here and I'm a little wary. Better to await reports I think.
  12. Jo you were cleverer than me in doing a factory reset. As I understand you are on 1.1.32. Are you being prompted to install a version higher than that?
  13. No, Palo. As Jo correctly says below, the unit was powering up and down every minute or so. I don't think there was a way to take it off air and/or return to a stable state. Anova has pushed a downgrade that makes the APO usable. It is v1.1.10. The app is prompting me to update to 1.1.23 but I might wait a few days on that.
  14. Jo, I'm mighty unhappy with this. All day my APO was resetting and I put it down to wifi problems. Started it up to bake some buns and ... well you know the problem. Anova posted something to Twitter or Facebook saying there was a problem. We don't need to rehearse the problems with tech companies putting out catastrophic updates. I am pissed of that the QA on firmware is terrible. Seriously wondering if any internet-connected device is a bad idea. Fired up the big oven. Heated. Added ice. Buns good 🙂 Jack
  15. Good for you Margaret. I love 'a tad'. An indefinite quantity north of zero but subjectively definable. My great aunt used to enjoy 'a spot' of sherry well into her 90s. Think large brimming glass. Cheers.
  16. That said, I ponied up many dollars today for the better faster Thermapen. Will pass my v4 to a friend. Might have snuck a few other goodies into the cart to justify the postage. So it's all relative. Damn, that's the most expensive piece of wire I've ever bought 🙂
  17. Palo, thank you for steering me to the Hamilton racks. I quibble in saying that they are a little less sturdy than ideal but they do fit perfectly. A warning to others: Some Hamilton racks come in two packs. When I bought these I thought the high price was for two. Alas, it was AUD45 for one. That's around $US30. Beware. Fit great. $$$ a shock. The Black Beauty is worth it.
  18. Indeed, palo, I have high expectations. I've done pizza, a sourdough boule, chicken Maryland. I'm sure it will take a bit of getting to know. Thank you for the rack recommendation. They are on the pricey side for what they are but if they fit well, they're worth it. regards, Jack PS: After just a few cooks the water tank is already showing signs of crazing. Come on: polymers aren't rocket science!
  19. @JoNorvelleWalker Jo! You made me do it. I bought an APO. What a Sleek Black Beauty. I've only had it a few days so of course I have to buy accessories that suit such a gorgeous thing. I also know you like Team Farr, and I trust your judgement. Will these Team Farr pans work well? I'm concerned about the fit -- it looks like they will just squeeze in but would like that confirmed if you can. The bigger the better but the tolerances are fine. Second, do you have a full-width, slide-in rack recommendation? I can see using the APO for dehydrating and if I'm going to run it for, say, 12 hours I want to make sure it's full. Would like two more racks to maximise capacity. Any thoughts? Best, Jack
  20. Imprecations is a lovely word. Doesn't often enough get an outing. Thank you
  21. No we don't. At least not in middle-class Melbourne. Usages depend on place, time and class. That makes for confusing enough variants. My experience: Breakfast then lunch exceptionally rarely followed by High Tea, preferably at the Windsor Hotel, Spring Street, Melbourne, where the Indian owners preserve Victorian traditions and charge a lot of money for scones, tea and little cakes on multi-layered trays with doilies then dinner; in my Irish catholic working-class childhood this was called tea (and the earlier you ate it the more likely you were in a physically hard job) supper is had late evening, after the theatre if one is lucky (late-night pubs/live music places were sometimes known as supper clubs). If you are older/younger, richer/poorer, live elsewhere YMMV.
  22. Jo is swift to respond. Note to self: avoid closely proximate references to Ireland, food and pink sludge because someone will always suggest eating children. These, as we know, are nutritious but lack flavour.
  23. Chris, great to see you following matters here and you seem to be giving this plenty of deep thinking. Good. Meantime I have more and more products from Thermoworks and InkBird that don't quite do the job. So, um, when?
  24. Not accurate, of course, but it *sounded* true enough. And I'm sure the supermarkets here have some sausages of reclaimed meat product. What was it Jamie called it? Pink Goo. You can buy/make good or bad of anything. I'll eat ćevapi to your health.
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