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  1. Do you have a recipe for the nori and soy sauce caramel? Sounds great. Ive been enjoying miso caramel, curious on how soy sauce nori caramel tastes
  2. Try using Titanium Dioxide as that will make your colors more opaque.
  3. @Jonathan What is the general method for getting a cookie into the chocolate like you did for the short bread? I had some ideas for a smores chocolate but wasnt sure how to incorporate. the graham cracker.
  4. Thanks Jim for the help with the part names I was able to find a dealer than ships internationally. California Air Tools 1HP 8Gal https://www.sekaimon.com/itemdetail/174774107557?country=US&title=Ultra+Quiet+Oil-Free+Electric+Air+Compressor+8.0+Gal.+Portable+Tank+Twin+Wheels Grex TG-5 https://www.sekaimon.com/itemdetail/265114389559?country=US&title=Grex+Tritium.TG5+Double+Action+Pistol+Style+%280.5+mm+nozzle%29 Grex TK-7 https://www.sekaimon.com/itemdetail/265040260070?country=US&title=Grex+0.7mm+Nozzle+Kit+(TK-7)+for+Tritium+and+Genesis+Airbrushes+by+SprayGunner AD12 https://www.sekaimon.com/itemdetail/184756196617?country=US&title=Grex+-+Adaptor%2C+1%2F8"M+to+1%2F4"F+-+AD12+-+GRX-AD12 GMAC https://www.sekaimon.com/itemdetail/373513407316?country=US&title=Grex+G-MAC+MAC+Valve+with+Quick+Connect+Coupler+and+Plug My only trouble is finding a 1/4" NPT quick connector, Ill have to visit a hardware store for this as there quite a bit of connectors listed below and Im not sure which one to pick. https://www.sekaimon.com/s/1[s]4" NPT/-/all Its safe to say if Ill have a monopoly in colored chocolates once im done procuring equipment in Japan.
  5. Hi Jim, yes I did read through some pages so Im familiar with some of the equipment mentioned but since there has been 34 pages worth of content its a little daunting as a beginner. Also Since I live in Japan procuring some of the suggest equipment has been a struggle. Overall budget is $1000 so if I could find the suggested CAL compressor and GREX spray at a store in JP I would buy them.
  6. @pastrygirl@Jim D.Yes the goal is to keep the original fruit flavor as much as possible. I did not enjoy some of the fillings I made when I had to dilute it with cream/white chocolate. Ill explore the pate de fruit and pdf guide that has recipes for fruit fillings, thank you.
  7. Does anyone have any advice when creating a ganache with sour flavors such as fruit and you dont want to combine it with cream and chocolate. How would you be able to make a filling thick enough for it to be piped into a shell.
  8. I got these recommendations from a redditor that said this was his setup.. Yes I've read that one of the recommended nozzles is a Trex 0.7mm. This nozzle is only 0.35mm so it might be too fine. I have another question in terms of the specs of the Iwata lite, the recommended HP for a compressor is 2HP on the specs side this is only delivering 1/6 HP I wonder if this will be enough?
  9. Hello everyone. Im making chocolates from japan and im having some issues buying components to do airbrushing for cocoa butter. So far I have been making my own cocoa butter using raw cocoa butter, food safe dye and titanium dioxide, and some cocoa butter silk. Ive been hand painting chocolate but would like to get into airbrushing. For the compressor im thinking about https://www.iwata-airbrush.com/iwata-power-jet-lite.html which is a cheaper version of the pro but where im from the pro version is $1000 so its a bit out of my budget. For the the nozzle im thinking about https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/HP-CR-Anest-Iwata-Airbrush/dp/B007AH0O0W/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=アネスト岩田キャンベル&qid=1621256226&sr=8-8 Does anyone have experience and advice on what I should look for. Thank you for very much.
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